Joe Jonas: More Dumbass White Kids Do The Chink Eye

Thursday, March 19, 2009

And here's the latest dumbass famous white kid doing the chink eye just like all the other people he's seen do it as of late who also got some press.

Pau Gasol and the other NBA players from the Men's Spanish Basketball Team?

Still around and playing.

Fuck you.

The plethora of other Olympic Teams and the idiot motherfuckers who said "Don't be so fucking sensitive you dumbass chink motherfuckers. You got high ass SAT scores so what the fuck are you complaining about"?

Still around and fuck you too.

Miley Cyrus and her Disney Ass company that didn't say shit when she went chink eye?

Still Grammy worthy.

And now this dumb fucking kid? Like he didn't see the Cyrus news?

I guess it doesn't matter though because when you're white, young, famous, on the cover of Rolling Stone, and selling pop filled shit to women in their 50's who still think they're 16 and just wanna give you a hand job so you can keep your purity, it means you can do no wrong and everyone around you is just going to say "He's just a kid. He was just having fun." - so really - who cares anyway (and fuck the Asian kids who have to grow up around this shit).

And you know what - now that I think about it - I shouldn't really blame any of the Nazi Youth for spreading hate back in the day because they were just kids - they didn't know what they doing. I mean fuck - I think you gotta kill a few people before you really understand that it isn't quite right - and seriously - hey - if you're white, young or old, I guess I gotta just give you the benefit of the doubt that you really didn't know what you were doing anyway because it's not like White People have ever done anything to fuck with POC right?


Fuck you too Disney.