Random Search Fun

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Occasionally it's interesting to see where this blog comes up for a specific search phrase - or what people are searching for - and I thought I'd share a little bit of this sometimes fun and interesting pastime with you.

  • When you type in the words john dowdy racist I'm result #1...and apparently #9 as well. I'm sure this warms the heart of John Dowdy and his future PR team.
  • I wonder if I'll be included in UC Berkeley's admissions information because when you type in uc berkeley admissions I'm #5 and I think I'm exactly the kind of PR they're looking for, so if anyone from admissions or PR is reading this I think you should pay me - and by pay me - I mean suck it. And suck it hard.
  • Us ugly people can't help but live it up a little when we get some even it's from people that can't spell, so when I see I'm the #1 result for the phrase who is the sexiet asian man I'll still take it.
  • I can't help but feel laughter and arousal when I see the search terms korean female politician sex movies and wonder woman porn.com - although not necessarily in that order - and when I searched for "wonder woman porn.com" I couldn't even find myself so I'm still not exactly sure how they got to this blog - but I am #8 for KFPSMs, which I think could be a whole new fetish category if only because it acronyms well (and yes, deep down you too wish that you could have used "acronym" like a verb before I did).
  • Take that IMDB! When someone types in the people i've slept with movie I'm #1... however when you type in the more reasonable the people i've slept with+film I'm under a Paris Hilton post, right underneath its cache, and that just makes me feel claustrophobic and that I really should go to the clinic for another check-up.
  • When someone does a search for foodie Sarah Gim, they don't get Sarah Gim right away - they get me - and I think - at least according to Google's Magic 8-Ball - it means she's destined to have my lovechild. Or that I'm going to be hit by oncoming pastry in the coming months, get amnesia, wake up, and then actually think I'm the real Sarah Gim and then I'll be carrying my own love child (after I get a womb of course).