News Roundup

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some new from blogosphere and across the way.

PNOY Apparel Proves That Lolo is More of a Badass Than You’ll EVER Be

We get links to Asian American-owned clothing companies all the time — no, seriously, all the time — but it’s this splash page from San Diego based PNOY Apparel that won me over. Man, why can’t we get awesome jackets? If my dad ever gets me anything when he returns from Taiwan, it’s sportswear with the year “2003″ on it.
New scholarship directory for aapi students

Friends, when it comes to paying for college, we all know students could use a little help these days. That's why State Farm, OCA, the Japanese American Citizens League, and the Asian American Studies Program at University of Maryland have collaborated to present the 2009-2011 National Directory of Scholarships, Internships, and Fellowships for Asian American and Pacific Islander Students.
Anthony Kim hits spectator in the ass

I was watching on Sunday as Anthony Kim and Tiger Woods entered the final round tied for the lead. Kim took the lead early but then faded from hole 5-10. He just couldn't get any putts down to chase Tiger on the back nine. But on 18, at least he got something right :)
Guaranteed Not to "Sour" Your Weekend [AWESOME VIDEO]

You may have seen this music video ("Hibi no Neiro," or "Tone of Everyday") from the Japanese band Sour already. If so, we're guessing you want to watch it again. If not, we're sure you'll want to watch it again and again.
Q and A

Hey dozens of readers. I'm toying with the idea of doing a video post in which I answer your questions. What kind of questions? Any kind! It can be Asian American or race/gender/media related (my usual schtick) or it can be totally random and ridiculous, such as (to steal blatantly from Will Ferrell) "If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?"
Guest Post: Rick Lee On Asian Male Empowerment

Porn in the google age is something you can't ignore. To him, the Asian male struggle starts right here, right in front of your monitors when the lights go out at night. Recently I asked Rick Lee of to do a guest post and he responded with this comment on the thread a couple days ago. I'm just reposting it here to make it visible to all the readers.
Hiep Le and Trang Vo Visit Summer Course on Global Pop

We had the pleasure of having guest performers Khanh Hiep Le and Diem Trang Vo in our class MUSI207/307 Global Pop this week. A song-writer, guitarist, and vocalist, Khanh Hiep Le now works an electrical engineer in San Diego. Le also played professional soccer when he was younger. Vocalist Trang Vo now works as a realtor and lives in Northern Virginia. Both Le and Vo came to the United States from Vietnam in the 1980s.