The Asian Search Engine Algorithm And Not Being Suitable For Work (Which Should Tell You Something)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

For some odd reason I thought I would go to the top four search engines including Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask, type in the word "asian" and compare/contrast what came up under Images and Videos to see what I would find with all the filters turned off (because I wanted to see what they - meaning the algorithms - or the deep dark mind of search - really thought).

Let's Go Straight To The Results

1. Google:

Out of the 21 results returned on the first page 10 of them were XXX-rated with full on sex shots - backdoor, blowjobs, cowboy, dildos, ass shots, masturbation - all Asian women and coming from places like megawank, planetclimax, sexasianxxx, and other sites of that ilk. Nestled in between the porn (which I'm not judging in and of itself quite yet) was a picture of Kazakhstan, a lion, noodles, an elephant, koda kumi, some cradling clothed boob shots, an upskirt pic from, a picture of four asian americans from MIT, and the cutest picture of two kids (albeit right underneath the picture of the girl getting herself off with the brightly colored dildo).

Related search was for "asian art".

Page 2 was less X-Rated and a little more varied (only 3 pictures of people getting the F & S on) and more family pictures.

When you switch out to videos, out of the 10 shown on the main page, 4 are varied including one about Asian parents, crazy asian mom, etc., and the rest are something resembling "Asian fucking huge cock", and "Asian schoolgirls gangbang".

2. Bing

Of the first 21 results on Bing, none are XXX-rated. There's the 4 pic of the MIT'ers, a landscape picture, couple baby shots, a dude, Gong Li, some pears, someone in a maids outfit and someone showing off their booty. The same types of results hold true for the next 21 results as well.

In their related searches (which serves 8), the first related search is "girls" and when clicked on give varied non XXX-rated results.

When you switch to videos where they show a total of 20 (where they also have auto-preview I found out when you mouse over them) they have 6 hardcore videos from places like and featuring videos with names like "Small Asian Teen", "Charmane Star", "Asian Girl", and four videos of the in between kind like "Asian Girl With Big Boobs On Webcam", "Sexy Asian Girls 2", etc.

3. Yahoo

Of the first 21, there are no hardcore XXX pics. Out of the 21 pics all but two are of women in various poses of pictures from places like "asian beauties", "bunny cute asian", etc. with one being of a little asian girl as a motivational poster and a Sims picture. When you switch to page 2, 10 of the pictures are sexual in nature with Asian women with 5 of them being hardcore, and the first picture (for this post in looking at results) of a facial cumshot.

Related searches are "Asians", "Asian beauty", and "Asian hairstyles".

When you switch to video out of the 25 video thumbnails listed 10 are for sexual content (I didn't actually click into them to watch them) featuring titles like "Busty Asian Boobs Fondled and sucked", "Hot Asian", "Asian Pantyhose", and "Destiny Asian Ass Shaker".

4. Ask

Out of the first 21 images, there is no XXX-rated material, and the images are varied with chickens, elephants, t-shirts, the Kim, a dog, some kids, and two bathing suit show-you-the-cleavage pics. In the next set/page 2 you can find more of the same, a little more sexual here and there, and the first pic (for this post of results) of an Asian man with his shirt off.

Related searches are (first two from top down) "Beautiful Asian Ladies" and "Asian Bathing Beauties".

When you switch over to videos, out of the 24 listed, the first video is of Kev Jumba, there's one of Aung San Suu Kyi, one titled "Crazy Asian Goldfish", "Asian Hannah Montana", "Extreme Asian Science", and from what I can tell, no XXX-rated, or semi-softcore videos.

There's Nothing Wrong With Getting Your Porn On

Hey - get your sex on any way you can. I'm all for it and pass absolutely no judgements whatsoever - I mean why would I? Mutual masturbation, backdoor, frontdoor, some cosply - whatever you're into as long as it's between two or more consenting adults - that's you're right, and you should enjoy yourself while you can - and sometimes, or maybe more than you want to admit - that includes catching some skin.


What I have/will continue to find offputting is that when you put in phrases like "European", "Caucasian", "African American", "African" no one else is sexualized as much as we are - and not even all of us - just Asian women (although I did plug in the words "German" and Bing has the lockdown on German sex, and "Russian" also brings up somewhat comparable results in a couple of the engines).

So the question I ask myself is why does the word "asian" automatically equate to sexuality of Asian women in most Image and Video searches versus bringing up a varied representation of the Asian community as News and Web searches do?

What is it about the engine algorithms that decide this?

Is it just a reflection of what people want the most when they type in the word "asian"? Or is this pre-defined and are the engines giving people what the engines think they want according to steadfast rules of stereotyping?

Or is it a little bit of both and to what extent does being in the U.S. play in the result set?

Is There A Responsibility By Search Engines?

Like I've said above - nothing wrong with getting your HD XXX image on - but searching out adult fare is far different from typing in the word "asian" and automatically getting in many cases, sexualized images.

So another question I wonder is:

If search engines, when taking off all filters, still make an almost singular correlation between being "asian" and being a sex object when looking at images and video, contributing to the stereotyping of Asian and API Americans by what is and isn't shown - to what extent do, or should they have, in being stewards of the overall community in helping to combat those stereotypes in regard to social justice?

If corporations like them comply with other countries in what they may show or in giving information to government agencies - is this any different on a social consciousness level?

But Slanty...I Already Know This, It's Nothing New

And so do I, but I was interested to see if there was a variation in results - and in some cases there were - and would there be anything that surprised me.

But I also find myself asking the question of how much I take these types of results as being normal and how much I might think to myself "It's just the way it is..."

That search+images+video+asian = nothing new?