Get Out And Vote. If It's Against Trump. Otherwise Feel Free To Stay At Home (You Mother Fuckers)

Tuesday, November 03, 2020

I'm as worred as anyone else that the silent shy voter or some other unknown piece of data or demographic could make it a solid red band across the country. 

But it won't be a wave. 

This much I absolutely know. 

No way this country and the young and the marginalized - the Color against the doctrines of Racist Whiteness - no way we do this again. I have too much belief that we won't let it happen again. 

And I'm not exactly sure what I'll do if I'm proven wrong. 

I have no Plan B. 

I'm just going to believe in us. That we're putting in the work that needs to happen. 

Our President is Corrupt. Racist. Xenophobic. 

And he emboldens other Racist White Groups (because remember that's where they typically come from - not White Allies). 

We have no choice. 

And I get it - at least so far as in people wanted to take a chance, spin the wheel - we're a young country - we'll have our struggles still. 

But we've had enough. 

So if you haven't already done so - get on out and vote. 

If you wanted to but are still on the couch, and for some odd reason you find yourself here readin this (and who the hell knows how that happened) -- get off your ass and go vote! 

Let the Trump supporters think they have no chance and let them stay at home. 

You go.

And if you happen to find yourself here and you're standing in line waiting to vote - well - I'm giving you a virtual hug right now. 

Thank you.


For those that thought I was going to say something like "I'm tweaking your nipple right now" or "That makes me want to touch myself" A.) Consent is real - take it seriously. B.) My pants aren't down around my ankles and I'm not on Xoom. C.) It actually really does want to make me touch myself - but I'm not, I swear. 

Just a little chubby.

Rest In Peace. For My Korean Irish Bạn.

Wednesday, October 07, 2020


Joel “Jody” “JoeD” Michael Riley, age 48, passed away on Saturday, September 26, 2020. He was born on March 26, 1972 to James and Yong Nan Riley in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Jody married Barb Carrick on 04/23/2001.

From a young age, Jody loved all things cars. After high school, he attended culinary school and worked as a chef for many years. He then changed gears and worked in the automotive industry. He was a Volkswagen enthusiast and was one of the founders of Madspeed and the Dubs in The Valley Car Show. He had an aptitude for mechanical things and if something was broken, Jody would be there to try and repair it.

Those who knew Jody will remember him for his extroverted personality, quick wit and playful sense of humor, fierce loyalty to his friends and his desire to help others. He had a passion for creative pursuits. Jody was a musician, artist, photographer and had a love for food and cooking, both professionally and at home. He loved to snowboard and skateboard and loved the lifestyle that went along with those things.

Jody is survived by his wife Barb Carrick; his son, Dayne Krueger; daughters, Mia and Evelyn Riley; father James Riley (Janet Quinn); mother Yong Nan; brother Jon Riley (Jennifer Riley) along with many other relatives and dear friends.

Services for Jody will be held at 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 3, 2020 at the Pickett Community Center Pavilion. A visitation will be held from 3 p.m. until the time of service. Due to Covid-19, we request that you please wear a mask and social distance. Dress for the cool weather as this location is an open- air pavilion chosen to be safer in this time of Covid-19 precautions.

Please remember you are not alone. If you or someone you know is at risk of suicide, please call the U.S. National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit for more information.
When you grow up in a small town in middle America, and are one of the only kids who isn't white, you somehow just seem to find the other kids like you.

For me this was two other families who weren't white - an Irish Korean family and a Fillipino family. In Jody's house is where I got my first smells of kimchi and Korean food. Sometimes he would proudly open the door to the second fridge in the basement and make me admire the pungent smells of the fermenting cabbage.

We skated together. Snuck cigarrettes together. Talked about the things that young boys do at those times in their lives.

And we ran from racists together. Ducked the pickup that was chasing our 7th/8th grade legs down.

I never met Jody's dad. Just his mom.

Like friends of that age can, we lost touch after I moved back to Milwaukee.

We saw each other again, about 10 years ago and like you do when you're from a small town, you catch up, eat and drink, and in some ways pick up where you left off. At least for the night. We didn't keep in touch much afterwards, but that wasn't anything either. Different lives but if we saw each other again, we'd do the same as before.

When I heard about his passing, because it's that small town network, I just thought about what a large part of my life he was when I was growing up. Those times that got us ready and helped make us who we would be going into the world.

He was one of the reasons that I felt Asian American growing up.

I wish his spirit well. I wish his family and children an understanding in order to help heal.

Holy Fuckery: An Open Letter To Jennifer Carnahan - A Disgrace To Asian Americans, Asian Adoptees, Minnesota, And Probably Even Cute Little Kittens

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Dear Jennifer,

I don't even know where to start and I didn't even want to bother with a greeting because I don't think you deserve one, and if that sounds harsh, well good for me, because that's what I was going for.

Do you even know what you've done?

You said:

“Our Caucus does not find any of the statements by the president to be offensive,” Jennifer Carnahan, a South Korean adoptee, said, according to Resonate. “When the president refers to the coronavirus as the China virus, he is simply talking about the country it originated in and a lot of other viruses in the past have been labeled as such.”

“I think that people are completely misconstruing his words and it has absolutely nothing to do with racism,” Carnahan added.

I don't know if you've been living under a rock doing who even actually cares, but do you realize that Asian Americans--us (although I use that term loosely for you)--are getting set fire to, beaten, harassed, bullied, losing jobs and places of business, and having to defend ourselves at such an alarming rate that you have to wonder if we've stepped back in time--all because of racism and xenophobia from everyone who's not Asian?

Are you so whitewashed that you plugged your ears so full of white servitude that you didn't get that message?

You didn't hear the news?

I just don't understand how someone doesn't see, that by legitimizing those statements, it feeds into the racist ideology that allows people to think we're less than them. That when push comes to shove--and it happens time and time again--that they don't care if you're Chinese living in China, or Chinese American living in the Midwest.

Or even if you're Chinese.

To them, we're just dirty brown people and an excuse to pour out their frustration on, and by being a mouthpiece for the pillars of society that White Racist Men have always been--you put us all at risk.

You've put Asian American lives at risk.

So What. You Were Adopted By White People.

Don't get me wrong. I have compassion for being thrown into a White Washed Colonized system being a TRA myself--and while who you are isn't necessarily your fault alone--because the environment plays a role--at the end of the day it's your decision what to filter and stand up for.

Do you know how many progressive TRA's--mostly Asian American--I know who stand up to racism? Who fight for social justice? Who may have gotten very similar doctrines of colonization thrown at them, but who came out of it without being filled with so much self-hatred and internalized racism?

Who understand, unlike you, that the Republican Party in it's current form, and with this current President--is truly racist?

You don't get a pass just because you were adopted by White People. It doesn't get you off for a crime you just commited.

It can be information that's used in possibly helping to determine why you might be the way you are, but it's not an excuse--you're still liable for your actions.

I'm not going to let you off the hook just because you're a product of the system.

All right - here's to hoping I just don't run into you because I think it's gonna be awkward,


On George Floyd, These Past Weeks, Being Born Out Of The Vietnam War, Standing Together, Black And Asian, And An Re: To Asian Americans In The Adopted Community

Monday, June 08, 2020

A march and protest finishing up by Cup Foods on 5/30/2020

Why I Stand With Others In Protesting, Shouting At The Top Of My Lungs, And Still Learning

I feel like people should be saying something, doing something, in whatever way they do it. However they themselves take a stand. However they engage.

The George Floyd Mural At Cup Foods

Another Black life, that life of George Floyd, with no uncertain areas of gray, was murdered by police. For passing a bad $20 that he may or may not have known about. His killer a White Man, his accomplices, other policemen, other POC. I can't say for sure all the factors that contributed to this outpouring, this showing of emotion and uprising by the people across the nation and all over the world--but it seems different. It feels different. Maybe it's the administration, this president, the last close to 4 years seeing racism on the rise and the White Power movements that seem to be not so hidden as they once were, emboldened by a sentiment from leaders in this country that POC and immigrants are somehow more expendable than the rest of the population.

Maybe a worldwide pandemic, being quarantined, a new normal of social distancing with our survival instincts already heightened--maybe this was just the course it had to take.

Cup Foods Protest On 5/30/2020

Breonna Taylor. Philando Castile. Eric Garner. Trayvon Martin. Ahmaud Arbery.

The Amy Coopers of the world. The Barbecue Beckys of the world.

In that way, I think it was the final straw.

Cup Foods Protest On 5/30/2020

I was thinking about it the other night--the anger, the frustration--I didn't realize how angry I was until that first Wednesday, where along with others, I couldn't help but use the most vicious of voices that came from deep within my body to denounce what had happened.

Reflecting on the events over the last two weeks, I realized that in some ways, being born out of the Vietnam War, it's outcome making me lose everything familial I would never truly know, that this also played a part in those feelings. A War orphan summoned to a new land under the same guise and the same tenets that brought the U.S. to Vietnam, while opportunity granted like others in the Vietnamese community who came to the U.S. (albeit a different perspective and a different set of experiences), there is a dichotomy in my life that will always need to be reconciled, a Vietnamese family lost, an American family that eroded over time slowly evaporating from normal existence--a legacy of loss that will continue on with my daughter who will bear that loss as well.

In that way, that loss, that sense of everything being taken away by a structure of colonialism and Whiteness--in many ways, I just can't help but feel the way I do. I can't help not using my voice for George Floyd, his family and his daughter, even though I never knew him. As a Vietnamese American, who's existence in the U.S. is leveled with politics, racism, xenophobia, and the fact that we may never truly belong in the eyes of some--because can you imagine this country electing a Vietnamese American President in your lifetime?--while different--there's a shared experience of loss. As an Asian American, an immigrant, an adoptee who can never truly trace their paperwork back to the beginning, there's a shared distrust and fear of government and law enforcement.

That I can easily be lost under a pile of paperwork and bureaucracy.

They are wounds that last a lifetime.

At the same time--while I stand with the community, while I stand for justice, while I stand to take down a corrupt system, a system that murdered George Floyd and countless other Black men, women, and children--while I understand the need for change in part because of Vincent Chin, Fong Lee, Map Kong, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Japanese Interment--just a few of the injustices brutally handed down to the APIA community--while I hold those in the back of my mind, like individuals from other communities of color out now in protest and in solidarity that have also experienced shared racism and injustice at the hands of a White system bent on using POC for their own purposes--I remember that I am still not Black, still do not experience the same disparity in regard to police killings and overt racism that the Black community does, and that I too, like others, need to remember when to shout, when to raise my voice--and when to listen--to support the young Black leaders and activists out there today so their voices are heard among the noise.

To remember that while this is my fight, it is also not my fight.

That I still have learning to do.

A Symbol Of Unrest: The Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct. It Can't Always Be Peaceful And That's Okay

The 3rd Precinct In South Minneapolis

At one of the protests in St. Paul near the capital, one of the speakers, like others who've said the same, talked about how in no other city where this has happened, was a police station burnt down to the ground. While I will always subscribe to the fact that opportunists will always be opportunists, and that small POC and immigrant businesses should remain to flourish--I have no issue with a show of force from the people. I have no issues with peacefully protesting but shouting at the top of my lungs when needed, when appropriate--when the anger is so much that it demands it. Should it be complete chaos? No. But as I've heard from young Black men and women--it can be replaced, it's just a building--and some I've talked with have said that they don't think this would have been covered by the media in its totality, or sparked as many protests around the country and the world, if there would not have been what many have called "civil unrest".

In that way, I remember the first protest I ever went to for the Gulf War, since then giving my voice, my feet, and my body, to many other protests and movements--and while they do create change, they can create change on many different levels--it's not always the case. It doesn't always change from a structural level, and at times, there has to be what people, many outside of the communities affected, call "civil disobedience". A letter, an essay, a post--this one included--they can fall on deaf ears from a larger perspective.

The 3rd Precinct?

Who cares if it burned to ground. It was a symbol of a racist structure that has taken the lives of too many Black men and women, and that has helped to undermine and keep down so many marginalized communities.

I was happy to see it burn and be taken over.

I was happy to see a symbol of hate be torn to the ground and taken over by the communities it has long helped to suppress.

The Policing Of Peaceful Protesters, Intimidation, And The Use Of Force

Protest At The 3rd Precinct In Minneapolis 5/27/2020

That first night I was at the 3rd precinct, when the Autozone was set on fire, that night was filled with anger and frustration and at the same time, it was fueled by police that shot at protesters 30-40 ft away with their "non-lethal" guns. Weapons were pointed at me, I was pepper sprayed, and the looks--the looks from police in uniform who wished they could be set free to unleash at us, that same mindset that killed George Floyd--I saw that too many times, underscoring why we were all there--underscoring why after stumbling around for 20-30 minutes after catching pepper spray, I went back to the same area to stand in protest again.

Protest At The 3rd Precinct In Minneapolis 5/27/2020

The second night I was in St. Paul, seeing its own unrest and voices of protest as it too has seen Black Lives and other POC lives taken too early from the community and stood in solidarity with it's twin city in denouncing the murder of George Floyd.

Protests And Tear Gas In St. Paul On 5/28/2020

That night was met with more weapons pointed in our faces, tear gas let go 2-3 times in two different areas, shot at with their flash guns as we were pushed farther up the streets in residential neighborhoods, and a police presence that wasn't warranted--but was used to intimidate--some of the officers clearly wanting to simply get into it.

Too many times their weapons were pointed at people that only had cell phones and cameras. That weren't interfering with any first responders and firefighters (in one location) but making their voices heard. Too many times throughout that night, like many others there, I had to yell to put down their weapons, to step in front of their guns because there was no reason for them to have them up, to have them aimed at someone unarmed (because the police were afraid, because of their own racism, they're own prejudice, their own fear).

They needed to be presented with a choice--shoot, or put it down.

Avoiding Their Flash Gun Shots In St. Paul On 5/28/2020

They needed to understand that we weren't afraid.

By the end of that 2nd night, when I got back to my car, I stood in an alley for about 20 minutes--pacing, talking to myself, just needing to be--the weight of those two nights compressing on my body and my mind.

I was tired. I was sad. I felt at times afraid--every emotion just coming out as I waited to start my car, turning my back as people started to walk by.

"There’s a difference between those calling for peace and those calling for quiet." - Al Sharpton

I say all of this because it speaks to the point that the initial gut reaction by law enforcement and the those that govern them--after the institution and its police officers killed George Floyd--was to be afraid of the people, to use force against the people--instead of protecting the small POC and immigrant businesses, the places where people in the community go for basic needs--instead of protecting those and protesters exercising their 1st amendment rights--they helped to let the city burn.

It was, as I've written so many times already, the same mindset that killed George Floyd.

The Days Going Forward

Over the next few days I stood with so many others, shared ground with them in protests--law enforcement while still a presence and still making bad decisions, at least in some ways was turned down more, with the eyes of the world watching, the leaders of the cities trying to protect it, but also falling into a narrative where they spoke of peaceful protests, the right for the people to be angry, but enlisted curfews and a police presence stifling those rights--out of fear and in many ways prejudice. I imagine many others like myself, those much closer to the ears of the Governor and Mayors--versus a tweet--I like to think they helped show them the error of their ways.

I've been glad to talk with so many people, listen to their voices, standing and sharing space with them, and was so thankful to the young voices, the young Black voices, helping to lead the way, taking their time to dialogue---everyone, instead of a fist bump or handshake--an elbow bump, an understanding, in some ways so much more pointed and deliberate. Some of the conversations I've had, those interpersonal moments, talking about raising children of color, protesting with them because they want their voices heard--because they are old enough to understand the gravity of these moments--they have been both sobering and uplifting and I'm thankful for all the conversations I've had. I'm thankful for all the strength and support.

Below are some pictures from other days of protests and the memorial for George Floyd.

Black Power And Asian Support + Asian Power And Black Support

I've been writing this post over the last couple of days, taking breaks, I think in some ways trying to get it right in my head, and I think when it comes down to it, for me personally, I want to make sure I put another voice out into the world that clearly states I don't believe we should be talking about anti-Asian sentiment in regard to other communities of color in the same breath as George Floyd.

All communities have their own in-house broken pieces to cleanup.

It serves no purpose.

At the same time, some are using the opportunity to divide, to misdirect, or even with good intentions still feeding into stereotypes and pushing a message out of fear.

I saw this post on a FB group I was in and it talked about a case here where some teenagers kicked an older/elderly Asian American lady in May--the racism that exists from COVID-19--and then made a statement like "Who marched for us?"--such a brief statement--but it demands untangling because at its core it's trying to shame communities, and because in the same breadth as George Floyd, within that context, seems directed at the Black community, saying that they don't care about Asian American causes so why should we care about Black causes?

Instead of offering support and talking about the ways that the Black and Asian communities have come together to support each other, statements like those choose to divide.

I've seen some posts in various places that have shown images of looted restaurants in Chinatowns with statements like "Nothing matters until #AsianLivesMatter" and during a time when the country is protesting against the killing of a Black man from the Black community by law enforcement, which disproportionately kills Black men more than any other community--I feel like this statement says the two are mutually exclusive. That you can't protest and mourn for George Floyd and care about the Asian American community--that you have to choose.

At the same time, it also clearly states that nothing else matters, including the murder of George Floyd, the anger and frustration, the sadness--what's brought people out into the streets--that none of that matters until "#AsianLivesMatter".

I don't stand with that.

I saw an article talking about the support of police reform and standing with the Black community--but at the same time talking about the fear of the Asian community because one of the officers was Hmong--the statement in many ways portending there would be retaliation, and not specifically said, but I feel it's inferred--from individuals within the Black community.

But up to that point, and since then either--I haven't heard of a rash of crimes against the Asian American community at large in Minneapolis or St. Paul because of the murder of George Floyd and one of the policemen being Asian America. If anything--the concern was out of town White Supremacists.

I'm not trying to dismiss any histories or those feelings, or where that might come from--but it also feeds into a larger narrative of fear--and holding onto that fear.

Even though in the here and now in this particular moment--there has been nothing to fear.

When I look back at history and in my own life (the advantages of being an old head), locally and nationally, online and offline, individuals in the Black community have come out in support of Asian American causes, businesses, art, entertainment, lending their voices and support to the Asian American community, just like individuals in the Asian American community come out and support Black causes, businesses, art, entertainment, lending our voices in support of the African American community.

What we've done together as communities, some of what we've shared together, worked on together, prospered together in--those are beautiful moments to treasure and build upon.

As A War Orphan. As A Member From The Adopted Community

I've seen posts/heard thoughts in regard to whether or not Asian Americans (and other nationalities) who belong to the adopted community, primarily via transracial and transnational adoption into White families--if they should speak their voice on what's happening with George Floyd because of their proximity to Whiteness, because of the privilege they received, or worried about possibly appropriating the moment, or in other instances, defending the capacity of POC adopted into White families to be allies and accomplices for the Black community.

I think by not standing up, by not saying anything--and in whatever way that is done, on whatever level that is (one not higher than another)--that umbrella of White Privilege is being used.

At the same time, by voicing those questions, that dialogue, I feel like that's something to go forward from and in a lot of ways, shows that regardless of proximity to White Privilege, there is no choice--it's whether or not those feelings are suppressed--and I think not because of White Privilege, but because of White Oppression.

In some cases, that White Oppression can come from a familial perspective. From family members who don't understand because they are not POC. Because they are not Asian American. And I understand that it can be exhausting.

That it can be easier to say nothing and avoid specific topics--much like other individuals in the Asian American community dealing with different mindsets from different generations and countries.

At some point though--it has to be broken. A new cycle, a new way needs to be put forward.

It is easier said than done at times--for me personally, I no longer deal with that type of exhaustion or dichotomy as much from a familial level in regard to immediate family because the family I was placed with via adoption hasn't been a large part of my adult life in totality--and while there are drawbacks to that--one of the absolute benefits is not having to fight against a White perspective.

In that way I understand--it's not always easy to go against those systems.

But it's worth it.

At the same time, I push aside that notion that because someone from the Asian American community was transracially and transnationally adopted into a White family--that this means they don't know how to relate as POC or from the Asian American community. That somehow, a system which they had no part of, that we had no part of, that was exercised on babies, toddlers, and children--that this somehow takes away rights as a Person of Color, as an Asian American, and as an immigrant.

Voices From The Memorial In Minneapolis

I think a good way to end this post is to listen to some of the people I talked with at George Floyd's memorial in Minneapolis. To hear their words and what's brought them out.

Protests, George Floyd, Using Our Voices

Saturday, May 30, 2020

I'm out here for George Floyd. And then Eric Garner. And then for Fong Lee. For Map Kong--who died at the hands of police running away and if White would still be alive. The systematic oppression of a system that works against communities of color. To document. To show truth. Send that truth in clipped videos to government officials because you can at least try--George Floyd being brutally MURDERED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT was a tipping point. Another Black Life taken. Honestly, I'm fine with burning down the Police precinct. I'm fine with some chaos. Some fire in the streets. Residential neighborhoods, small businesses, POC owned businesses though--that's bullshit. Opportunists are bullshit. But if the death of George Floyd taught us anything--in order to be heard sometimes there needs to be a different way--because we've been protesting for years. We've been shutting shit down for years. Working to make change on all different fronts. But this still happens. Why were there more cops protecting Derek Chauvin's house then protecting businesses along University Ave--POC owned businesses--from opportunists? We haven't come that far. In the last two days--like many other protesters--I've had weapons pointed at me. Pepper sprayed. Tear gassed. I've seen that look in someone's eyes when they want a piece of you. And for what? Protesting? Because they don't care. So let's see what happens next. Let's see what happens as the WHOLE NATION comes out for George Floyd and for their own city's injustices that have come at the hands of a system against them.


Use your voice. Stand up. Do it any way that you can, no matter what it is.

You don't have to be out in the streets protesting if that's not your thing.

Run for office. Help change laws.

Do work in the community online or offline for racial equity.

Use your voice in your personal life to help work against bias with those you can.

Because we have to take a stand.

Minneapolis Officer Tou Thao: You Helped Kill George Floyd. It's Time To Pay The Price

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Right now Minneapolis and the state of MN aren't in the news for the right reasons.

A video taken by an onlooker Monday evening shows a Minneapolis police officer keeping his knee on the neck of a motionless, moaning man at the foot of a squad car. The man, who was later identified as George Floyd, later died. Tuesday afternoon, Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo announced that four officers involved are now "former employees" with the department, CBS Minnesota reports. Mayor Jacob Frey tweeted, "Four responding MPD officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been terminated. This is the right call."

One of those officers, is being identified as Tou Thao by multiple news outlets:

A source with knowledge of the investigation identified two of the officers as Derek Chauvin and Tou Thao.
The source confirmed the officer seen holding Floyd down in a video of the incident is Chauvin. The other officer in the video is identified as Thao.
The two other officers that have been fired were not on camera. They have yet to be identified.


Not only does the simple fact of police brutality---killing innocent men of color, primarily BLACK MEN--need to stop--but this officer--this ASIAN AMERICAN OFFICER Tou Thao--there's no gray here.

There's nothing you can even remotely defend.

He stood there, along with those other officers--AND WATCHED George Floyd DIE.


In broad daylight.

As an ASIAN AMERICAN OFFICER who SHOULD be doing better for the community because he was from a community of color and immigrants, he was supposed to understand.

He was supposed to be different.

He wasn't supposed to buy in to the WHITE RACISM THAT ALLOWED ANOTHER BLACK MAN TO BE KILLED from atop a perch of OPPRESSIVE POWER structured by racism.

He should have said something.

He should have stopped him.

He should have done anything other than WHAT HE DIDN'T DO.

But this wasn't the first time either he'd been involved in a case with these same undertones:

In 2017, Lamar Ferguson sued Thao and another officer, Robert Thunder, for excessive use of force. According to the lawsuit, Ferguson and a woman who was eight months pregnant were walking home when Thao and Thunder stopped and searched them without cause. The officers handcuffed Ferguson, and Thao threw him to the ground and began punching him, while Thunder kicked him, according to the allegations.

Should have...

Could have...

But didn't.

And now another Black Man is dead by the hands of the police.

#InSolidarity #BlackLivesMatter

#APIAHeritageMonth #DontForget 290+ Links About Asian American and Asian Bias During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Links and data from the a new project (in beta) where the mission is to document and keep a historical record of bias, xenophobia, displacement, and injustice, against the Asian American and Asian community during the Covid-19 pandemic, and to share that data with all communities via open source technologies, where no single entity or individual owns the historical archive, helping to ensure that it can never be erased (see the FAQ/Data) section for more information on data sharing via GitHub).

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