From The Mouths Of White People: TIME Says Your Baby Is "Racist" But It's Okay. Hmmm....

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here's my quick list of what's wrong with this article:

1. Constructs of racism are more than this. Dilution of the word minimizes the oppression of People of Color.

2. Even if we take the title as truth (which it's not) it's okay for your baby to be racist? I don't even get the play here...

3. Of course this was written by some White Guy who only winces when his White Kid says to the Black Woman "Are you sad that you don’t have light skin?" and lets the Woman Of Color respond.

4. The whole tone of the article is laughable anyway. Kids are bad. But did you know how bad? Not a problem! Seriously...was there a deadline pending?

Play Nice - Chasing Lovely (Unplugged)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Cover: Hide and Seek - Jason Chen ft. Amy & Ellen

Friday, April 18, 2014

Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women’s Human Rights

Friday, April 18, 2014

You really actually don't have a lot of time for this, but if you want to be a part of this exhibit/project, you have until April 30th.

Don't miss your chance! International Museum of Women, now part of Global Fund for Women, is still accepting submissions of any media type for our upcoming online exhibition Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women’s Human Rights. However, time is running out, and the call will close on April 30, 2014. Submit your work today >>

Imagining Equality: Your Voices on Women’s Human Rights shines a light on the state of women’s human rights around the world today. As the UN prepares to create a new set of international development goals, we want these voices and ideas to spark a global conversation about a new decade for women’s human rights. Will you help us generate this important conversation?

Tell us what equality is to you. What are your hopes for the world’s women and girls in the decade ahead? We welcome work from around the world, including photography, video, audio, journalism, creative writing and more. Submissions can fit within any of the project’s online galleries, including Power, Poverty, Violence, Education, Work, Health, or a topic of your creation.

Share this opportunity to contribute to our exciting exhibition! Tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Retro Baiyu + Paul Kim

Friday, April 18, 2014

Still love this jam.

Comedy For A Cause + Coalition For Asian American Children And Families

Friday, April 18, 2014

The CACF keeps on bringing it, and definitely get on down for this if you can. Comedy + supporting your community = goodness.

Here's the lineup and more about the show:
MC: Ramzi Bautista, host of Redrum Comedy
Sheng Wang, from "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon", Comedy Central, and the John Oliver NY Stand Up Show
Sachi Ezura, from MTV Comedy Showcase, the New York Comedy Festival, Laughter in the Park, and producer of MTV's Girl Code
Joel Kim Booster, writer for the critically acclaimed "live news magazine" The Paper Machete in Chicago
Subhah Agarwal, from the New York Comedy Festival, Women in Comedy Festival, Bridgetown Comedy Festival



$15 pre-sale tickets (first 35 only!)
$25 at the door

Action Council, the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families' young professionals group, is hosting a stand-up comedy show to 1) Raise money for the organization so it can continue to improve the health and well-being of Asian American children and families in NYC, and 2) Raise awareness about these issues. We hope to speak with potential interns and members at the fundraiser while putting on an entertaining show featuring Asian American comedians!

*All proceeds benefit the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families (CACF), the nation's only pan-Asian children's advocacy organization.

CACF site:

New Addiction: Viddsee BUZZ

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sounds like a place I could get lost in for a while.
Viddsee, an online video platform that helps independent filmmakers throughout Asia distribute their work, has launched the beta version of Viddsee BUZZ, a new site that is meant to help content reach a wider audience on social networks. The site, which launched last year, also announced that Viddsee has hit five unique million viewers.

Viddsee currently serves artists from Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Thailand, while about 30% of its viewership comes from outside of Asia.

Read it in full.

AALDEF vs Philadelphia City Commissioners

Thursday, April 17, 2014

When I read about the AALDEF and their filing of a complaint against the Philadelphia City Commissioners for refusing to provide language assistance to Asian American voters, I just can't help think about how some people might say that it's a drain on resources and why should they be giving their tax dollars for people who need language assistance - and then I just want to flick 'em in the nipple and invade their personal space.

You live in America. I don't care if you like it, because America, at least the way it's supposed to be, is to open its arms to everyone, give a foundation and structure to grow, and invest in its people because a better educated multilingual community is powerful for everyone.

The Muslims Are Coming + The Asian Women Giving Circle

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Benefit screening for Asian Women Giving Circle

Featuring filmmaker Negin Farsad

6:30-9 pm
Helen Mills Theater

139 West 26th Street | New York City

6:30 - Doors open
7:00 - Screening

8:30 - Q&A with Negin Farsad/Reception

$60 Ticket

$100 Double Happiness (2 tickets)

All proceeds will benefit the Asian Women Giving Circle's 2014 grant making pot.

Fair market value of the ticket is $20 and the remainder of your contribution is tax-deductible.

For more information, contact

Nice Girls Crew 2

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Creating Home, A Storytelling Program For Young People

Thursday, April 17, 2014

This is a great project that's trying to get some Kickstarter funds to get up and running and is a pilot project of COMPAS and Land of Gazillion Adoptees trying to connect tens of thousands of adopted persons, many Asian American and transracial, with local and national artists - definitely get on down and check it out here.

From the Kickstarter:

Creating Home, a pilot program of COMPAS and Land of Gazillion Adoptees (LGA), will connect adoptees and world-class artists.

Although Minnesota is the home to tens of thousands of adopted persons, the state nevertheless has struggled to offer meaningful services and programming, especially to young adoptees during their most formative years. Teen and college age adoptees, who according to recent research struggle with issues of identity and the ability to express how they truly feel, do not have resources designed specifically for them, let alone resources that appeal to them. To address this need, COMPAS, Land of Gazillion Adoptees (LGA), and Kyle Tran Myhre, aka, Guante, have teamed up to develop Creating Home. The Twin Cities pilot and first of its kind program will connect young persons who identify as adoptees with world-class artists.

“A program like this is really promising because adults in the adoptee community have been so influential in helping me come to the place I am in my adoption journey. And art is a fabulous thing, and so I feel like if you put them together it’s bound for greatness." - Grace Newton, student at Macalester College

Creating Home is a multidisciplinary storytelling program for teen and college age adoptees, and is driven by the idea that finding one’s voice through the arts can be an empowering experience. The three month pilot program will feature world-class teaching artist mentors (like the artists, actors, and writers featured in our video), interactive workshops, performance opportunities, and much more. It will serve as a space to affirm identity and build community in whatever ways that makes sense to the participants. Whether through spoken-word, visual art, dance, or other forms, the teen and college age adoptee participants will be given tools and resources to tell their stories and talk about their thoughts and perspectives on their own terms.

"It's wonderful what the arts can do to unlock your potential and to give you a feeling of agency and a voice...The feeling that you deserve to be heard and that you can make a difference by telling your story" - Sara Ochs, Actor & Arts Educator

Overview of Creating Home

Creating Home is a three month pilot project, which COMPAS and LGA hope to eventually turn into a state-wide and national program. Here is an overview:

Kickoff: The event will feature a mix of youth performers and locally and nationally recognized artists. It will give participants the opportunity to see the work of up-and-coming and established artists and also to meet some of the program’s artist mentors.
Workshops: Lead by Kyle Tran Myhre, a veteran teaching artist mentor, the workshops will have core faculty/facilitators and guest artists who will work directly with the participants in various mediums. The workshops will be a mix of structured lessons and activities, as well as open space for participants to create.
Regular Exhibition Opportunities: Participants will have ample opportunities to showcase their work at open mics, art galleries, and theaters.
Online/Magazine Exhibition Opportunities: Gazillion Voices, the online magazine of LGA, will feature participants who are interested in showcasing video and photography.
Closing Ceremony: The event will be a final exhibition that will be open to the public. Participants will show their final works to friends, family, and the Minneapolis/Twin Cities arts community.
Inaugural Creating Home Book: The participants’ creations will be published in an online and print book, with proceeds going back into the program.

Magnetic North & Taiyo Na live at the Brooklyn Museum!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Clear your calendars and get on down!
Magnetic North & Taiyo Na with the Home:Word Band & special guests live at the Brooklyn Museum on Saturday, May 3 at 5pm.
Reunion time for these OGs in celebration of arts, activism & Ai Weiwei. You don't want to miss it!

Target First Saturdays at the Brookyn Museum

Note To Self: That's Director Dennis Liu In That Catchy Justin Timberlake Video For "Not A Bad Thing"

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Don't blame me for not being up on everything (because I still try to live under a rock when I can) but as I've been listening to that JT song and then finally catching the video (released a few weeks ago) I was wondering who that Asian American guy was - part of the filmmaker team searching for the couple on the LIRR in the video - and if you were wondering too - well you actually should already know from the title of this post who it is...

Here's a little more on Dennis Liu:


And now for a little sweet and romantic video (featuring a lot of POC).

Submit To NBC's White Comedy Playground!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I'm not saying that this isn't a good idea to go on out and look at different places to find ideas and stars for shows - and it's great to see people like Aziz Ansari, Mindy Kaling and Craig Robinson on the board and hopefully they'll have more weight - but NBC's advisory committee is still about 70% White, so it's not really a game changer in my eyes.

Just the same old same old.

Napalm B'd for profit under the guise of diplomacy.

Click on the image to go larger.

Re: The Response To The White Woman Who Told Asian Women To Stop Dating White Men (AKA An Asian Woman Needed To Smack Her Down)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A little bit ago I got into a conversation about this craptacular article Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men and it and then tell me you didn't want rant for a while too.

Ahh...but what's better than a good rant?

Reading this response by word junkie and writer Mei Mei titled "If You Think Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men, You Need A Reality Check":

Are there fetish-driven white males out there who seek out submissive Asian females because of their fantasy-driven ideals provided through anime and porn? Sure. There’s plenty. But that’s not enough of a platform for you to assume that every Asian female/White male couple was originated off of that. That also gives you absolutely no grounds or lucidity into how Asian women think, operate or make decisions. So to immediately assume we’re victims because we’re being “fooled” or “tricked” by the almighty white man is not just insulting, it’s completely and utterly ignorant.

Can I get an Amen up in this MF?

Oh Yeah.

After your done reading her response in full (see the link above) check out some of her other articles including "10 “Reasons” That Shouldn’t Stop Women From Being Sexy" and "11 Ways To Treating Women Right".


I want to be a dexterous purple unicorn...