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Tuesday, January 07, 2020

While this list was published up before (with some easter eggs?) there it was just getting too much to handle from a load standpoint and getting all those youtube videos that were embedded--so the lists have been reformatted as links to the YouTube videos (which spawns a new window).

Thank you. And you're welcome.

250+ Of My Favorite Asian American Music Videos From The Last Decade (Or So...) #201-266

Thursday, January 02, 2020

* Note that videos are randomly ordered and that this list is not a comprehensive list as some videos are no longer available via YouTube links and this is strictly a listing versus an archive resource project.

201. Am I Wrong - Nico & Vinz (Kina Grannis Cover) (2014)

202. 寶兒BoA - 永遠MV (2010)

203. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People (cover) (2011)

204. If You - Big Bang (Cover) | Paul Kim x Jason Chen x David So Remix (2016)

205. Alfa: "The Way You Look Tonight" - Guitar & Kazoo (2012)

206. Yellow Boyz ft. Lyricks "Shawty" Official Music Video HD (Yellow Brick Road Mixtape) (2012)

207. Yellow Boyz "SnapBack Season" Music Video (Yellow Brick Road Mixtape) (2012)

208. That Thang - Jen Kwok x DanAKADan (2011)

209. Rocky Rivera feat. Irie Eyez - GRLZ (2012)

210. Blue Rain Fin.KL cover by Arden Cho (2012)

211. 50 Shades of Grey - THE MUSICAL (2012)


213. Mike Relm: Aziz Ansari Remixed (2011)

214. The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (2009)

215. Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break (Official Music Video Cover by Baiyu) (2012)

216. Baiyu - Fergie's Big Girls Don't Cry Performance on "The Next" (2012)


218. Something - Bambu (2011)


220. Beautiful Night 아름다운 밤이야 BEAST cover by Arden Cho (2012)

221. Silent Night - Jason Chen x Marie Digby x Ana Free (2015)

222. Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (Acoustic Cover) (2009)

223. Noddy - "Black Heart" Official Video (2011)

224. [AZIATIX] "Be With You (Rock Mix)" - FULL MV (2011)

225. Blue Scholars - Hi-808 (Jazzpotato x Basmatibeats Remix) (2011)

226. Blue Scholars "Fou Lee" Music Video (2011)

227. Dawen 王大文 - 美麗 "Beautiful" (Official MV) (2013)

228. "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen - Cover by Arden Cho (2012)

229. Kina Grannis sings Valentine live on TV (2010)

230. The Art in My Heart - Clara C | (Album Teaser & Pre-Order) (2010)

231. Clocks - Coldplay | (Clara C Cover) (2010)

232. Set Fire to the Rain - Adele (Cover by @NathanielTao) (2011)

233. [JL Sessions] Part 1: Presenting: Jay Legaspi (2012)

234. Usher x Justin Bieber - DJ Got Us x Somebody to Love (acoustic cover) (2010)

235. Hide and Seek - Jason Chen ft. Amy & Ellen (2014)

236. 2012 (A @ChrisBrown Cover) - @JRAquino [+FREE DOWNLOAD] (2012)

237. Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly (AJ Rafael, Krissy & Ericka)​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2012)

238. Co-Write with Kina - Part 1 (Verse 1) (2010)

239. DANakaDAN ft. Sam Kang + Yuri Tag - "SPACESHIP" (Official Music Video) (2015)

240. Vlog 39: pretty girl problems (2012)


242. Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound (cover) (2012)

243. 10th Anniversary Showcase: Kollaboration Chicago (2015)

244. Usher - There Goes My Baby (cover) - Dawen (2010)

245. The Moon Song - Karen O (From "Her" Soundtrack) ft. Kina Grannis & Aj Rafael​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2014)

246. Decipher Interview with (2010)

247. Magnetic North Interview with (2010)

248. Diddy Dirty Money Skylar Grey - Coming Home - Acoustic Cover/Remix - RYC Dineen Laurel + More (2011)

249. Reel Big Fish - Take On Me (Official Video) (2009)

250. Dumbfoundead - BRB Ft. Andrew Garcia (2011)

251. Beatrock Music 2-Year Anniversary Celebration / Leo Docuyanan Photo Exhibit - Promo - Otayo Dubb (2011)

252. Up In the Air - New Single (2010)

253. Clockwise - Professional Rap (2010)

254. Atomic Tom - Don't You Want Me (2011)

255. Far East Movement - Artwalk (2011)

256. Far East Movement, Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer ft. Ryan Tedder (2010)

257. Swanky Tunes, Far East Movement - Entertain Us (2016)

258. Far East Movement - Like A G6 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2010)

259. When We Were Young - Adele (John Saga Cover) (2015)

260. Far East Movement: Free Wired Episode 1 - Downtown LA is Home (2010)

261. Far East Movement, Justin Bieber - Live My Life ft. Justin Bieber (2012)

262. Far East Movement ft. The Cataracs, DEV - Like A G6 (Official Video) (2010)

263. David Choi & Kero One - " Forget You " by Cee Lo Green (2011)


265. Awkwafina "My Vag" (Official Video) (2012)


267. UTS: "Thinking About You" - A Frank Ocean Cover (2011)

268. "You're It" - A Gabe Bondoc Original (2010)

250+ Of My Favorite Asian American Music Videos From The Last Decade (Or So...) #151-200

Thursday, January 02, 2020

* Note that videos are randomly ordered and that this list is not a comprehensive list as some videos are no longer available via YouTube links and this is strictly a listing versus an archive resource project.

151. Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder (Clara C & Jayesslee Acapella Cover) (2012)

152. Leejay & Passion's Midnight Medley (2010)

153. Top 10 Reasons To Buy Stairwells (2010)

154. Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn - Can't Go Home feat. Adam Lambert (Official Video) (2016)

155. AILEE - SHOE GAME (2010)

156. Oceans Hillsong UNITED - Arden Cho (2014)

157. Red Mushroom - Big Pirate Tyakasha (Shanghai Restoration Project remix) (2010)

158. Jake Shimabukuro performing Blue Roses Falling (2010)

159. NOTORIOUS MSG - WONTON VIOLENCE [Official Music Video HD] (2016)

160. "Smile" music video by Far-East Movement (2007)

161. Hoobastank - The Reason (Official Music Video) (2009)

162. [AZIATIX] "Slippin' Away" - FULL MV (2011)

163. The Far*East Movement - I Party f. IZ and DB Tonik (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO Directed by Choz Belen) (2010)

164. Otayo Dubb - "So Opinionated" Mixtape Promo (2010)

165. AJ RAFAEL x BLUSH "Miss Out"​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2012)

166. It's All Good (TO's Diner) (2011)

167. Clouds - Dumbfoundead ft. Jay Park & Clara (Free mp3) (2010)

168. David Choi - By My Side - Official Music Video (2011)


170. The CounterParts - What We Do [Official Music Video] (2011)

171. The Good Life - Paul Dateh & Ken Belcher EPK (2010)

172. Jay Legaspi Sessions Teaser (2012)

173. [JL Sessions] Part 2: 10 Past 3 (Original Song) (2012)

174. The Slants - You Make Me Alive official music video (cosplay edition) (2011)

175. Techno Trance - Super Mario (Techno Remix) (2008)

176. (U Drive Me) Crazy - Glee - AJ Rafael x Cathy Nguyen​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2012)

177. STUNTMAN - DANakaDAN ft. Priska (Official Music Video) (2014)

178. "Matchmaker" - AJ Rafael (Official Music Video)​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2014)

179. Rude Cover (Magic!)- Joseph Vincent (2014)

180. Chanelle - Crazier, by Taylor Swift (2012)

181. Dumbfoundead - For You (2012)

182. Tim Be Told - Analyze - (Official HD Music Video) (2010)

183. When We Say (Juicebox) - AJ Rafael - Official Music Video Teaser (2010)

184. "Eyes Open" Trailer (feat. Ryan Bandong of Mitchell Grey) (2012)

185. FourFive Seconds (Rihanna) - Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider Acoustic Cover | Sam Tsui (2015)

186. Pi Song (3.14159265358...) - Alfa (2010)

187. Swag 101 (Blow The Whistle Freestyle) (2011)

188. TGIF (Official Music Video) (2010)

189. "Lego House" - Ed Sheeran (Cover) (2012)

190. Big Bang - Bad Boy (ENGLISH VERSION) - HD (2012)

191. Priscilla Ahn - Vibe So Hot (2011)


193. Rocky Rivera- Bulletproof (Official Video) (2012)

194. Jay Legaspi - Picture Perfect (Official Music Video) (2010)

195. When We Say (Juicebox) - AJ Rafael - Official Music Video - Wong Fu Productions​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2010)

196. "Summertime" Music Video [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na] ft. Conchita Campos (2010)

197. Viennie V - For You (Official) (2011)

198. Vincent Chin. (Fort Minor remix by Model Minority) (2011)

199. "I Got My" Music Video ft. Jin [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na] (2011)

200. Annalé - Roses (Official Music Video) (2016)

250+ Of My Favorite Asian American Music Videos From The Last Decade (Or So...) #101-150

Thursday, January 02, 2020

* Note that videos are randomly ordered and that this list is not a comprehensive list as some videos are no longer available via YouTube links and this is strictly a listing versus an archive resource project.

101. Spencer & Hill and Nadia Ali - Believe It (Cazzette Remix) (Official Music Video) (2012)

102. Tori Kelly - Nobody Love (Nate Tao Cover) (2015)

103. Need You Now - Lady Antebellum cover by Arden Cho x Jason Min x Koo Chung (2012)

104. New Heights - Peaches - Live at Compound Studios (2012)

105. "New Love" Music Video [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na] ft. Heather Park (2012)

106. Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing (Official Music Video) (2014)

107. Nothing on You/Boyfriend Cover by Arden Cho (2012)

108. NOTORIOUS MSG - Red Tonight [Official Music Video] (2011)

109. Alex Wong feat. Ximena Sariñana - Oceanside [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (2012)

110. KERO ONE - On Bended Knee ft. Sam Ock (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2010)

111. Weak - SWV - Jen Kwok *69 Cover (2016)

112. Paul Kim - "Until You Come Back to Me" (2015)

113. Officially Missing You - Tamia (Remix) | Paul Kim x Gina Darling (2016)

114. Baiyu: Style Star [Photo Shoot and Interview] (2011)

115. Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) - "At it Again" [Official Music Video] (2012)

116. Take A Number - Baiyu ft. Fred the Godson (2010)

117. Even If I Don't (Official Video) (2011)

118. Even If I Don't (Official Video) (2011)

119. Asobi Seksu - Trails [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (2011)

120. [AZIATIX] "Top Of The World" MV FULL MV (2015)

121. Deep Foundation & Hydroponikz - "Generation ILL" (2011)

122. OTS: "Somebody to Love" - A Justin Bieber Cover (2010)

123. Steve Aoki ft. Lovefoxxx - Heartbreaker (Official Video) (2012)

124. ICONIQ / Change Myself(Short Ver.) (2010)

125. Jessica Sanchez - "THIS LOVE" [Official Music Video] (2015)

126. My Heart Is Yours (2010)

127. The Slants unplugged: Who Shot the Radio? Acoustic show from Anime Oasis 2010 (2010)

128. If I Was You (OMG) (On Campus Remix) (2011)

129. A Thousand Miles (Vanessa Carlton Cover) by Jeremy Passion & Andrew Garcia (2012)

130. Lydia Paek-UNTHINKABLE(Alicia Keys ft. Drake) (2010)

131. BAMBU || RENT MONEY (with Rocky Rivera) (2012)

132. Baiyu ft. Paul Kim - Make Believe [Music Video] (2012)

133. Far East Movement Performance at Street Lab (2008)

134. snacky chan feat singapore kane - street legends (2010)

135. El Gambina and Marie Choi @ Sulu Series, March 16, 2008 (2008)

136. Adele - "Make You Feel My Love" (Cover) (2011)

137. The Kim Sisters sing Goin' Outa My Head (2010)

138. Daniel Ho Performs "Lia" (2007)

139. Numb/Encore [Live] - Linkin Park & Jay Z (2009)

140. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - "Everything With You" Super 8 (2008)

141. 98 - Ivy Rose - Zombie (The Cranberries Cover) (2011)

142. Rocky Rivera TRICK HABIT (Music Video TEASER) (2010)

143. Rocky Rivera - Slick Talk (2011)

144. Saigon Electric - Teaser (2010)

145. Crazy [Cover] - Sam Ock (2012)


147. She Was Mine (Original) - AJ Rafael & Jesse Barrera #RedRoses​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2015)

148. The Slants - How the Wicked Live (Battle Royale edition) (2011)

149. Little Light - Clara C & Sam Ock | (Official Video) (2010)

150. Baiyu Music Video - Together [2011 MUSIC VIDEO] (2011)

250+ Of My Favorite Asian American Music Videos From The Last Decade (Or So...) #51-100

Thursday, January 02, 2020

* Note that videos are randomly ordered and that this list is not a comprehensive list as some videos are no longer available via YouTube links and this is strictly a listing versus an archive resource project.

51. Kero One - Shortcuts ft. Sam Ock (Official Music Video) 2012 (2012)

52. Sam Ock x Kero One - Pieces (Sex Slavery - Gang Violence) (2011)

53. Kero Uno - Only When ft. Michael Blume (2016) (2015)

54. Kero One & Tuomo - Love and Happiness *Al green* (Live) (2012)

55. Kero One - What Am I Supposed to Do? ft. Suhn (Official Music Video) (2012)

56. Kero One - Making of MUSIC VIDEO - ON BENDED KNEE (2010)

57. KERO ONE - Making of "FAST LIFE" feat. ESNA (behind the scenes) (2010)

58. Kero One - Keep It Alive (12 Inch Only Jazz Remix) (2010)

59. Kero One - To the Top ft. Jane Lui (Color Theory 2012) (2012)

60. Kero Uno - Journey Together (Official Music Video) (2016)

61. Meghan Trainor "No" / 90s Mashup (Kina Grannis & Nataly Dawn) (2016)

62. In Your Arms - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) Stop Motion Animation (2011)

63. Valentine - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) (2010)

64. Melissa Polinar "Off Guard" (original) (2012)

65. The One You Say Goodnight To - Kina Grannis (Official Music Video) (2011)

66. Kollaboration Acoustic 4 - Take Me There (Acoustic Cover) feat. Hippie Hippie Hoorah & FlowEthics (2010)

67. Kollaboration SF 2012 - I'm Glad You're Close to Saving the World (2012)

68. Big Phony - Short Intermission ***OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO*** (2010)

69. API and YouTube, featuring "Legaci" on NBC Bay Area News (2010)

70. LEO37 - FANFARE (2011)

71. DFD - "She don't care" Live at the Troubadour (2012)

72. Far East Movement, Snoop Lion, Snoop Dogg - If I Was You (OMG) (Explicit) ft. Snoop Dogg (2011)

73. Super Bass (Remix) - Thai (Music Video) (2011)

74. Stitches Cover (Shawn Mendes)- Joseph Vincent (2016)

75. "Loves Gonna Getcha" Ft. Dynamic Duo, Kero One and Dumbfoundead (2012)

76. Baiyu ft. Paul Kim - Make Believe [Music Video] (2012)

77. Someday - May Ling (2009)

78. Mayda Miller - Panthers (2011)

79. MIKE RELM: REMIX EARTH (Mass Effect 3) (2012)

80. G+ Hangout On Air - May 25 (2012)


82. Waiting For The End (Official Video) - Linkin Park (2010)

83. Rehearsing Hazel (2011)

84. 'Money Makers' by MM$ & YBZ (2011)

85. A day in the life of Triangle Offense: Part Two (2010)

86. Where'd You Go? (Invisible People) - Model Minority official rap video (2011)

87. This Town by Niall Horan | Cover by @TheFuMusic (2016)

88. Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are [Official Video] (2010)

89. T-Pain - 5 O'Clock ft. Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen (Official Music Video) (2011)

90. Far East Movement, Ryan Tedder - Rocketeer ft. Ryan Tedder (2010)

91. Power Struggle - "Mr. Sagittarius... A Proletarian Path to Enlightenment" (2012)

92. LEO37 - FIRE DANCE (2012)

93. The Reason This Season (original) by Jennifer Chung & The Fu (2015)

94. River - Joni Mitchell // Cynthia Lin ukulele cover (2015)

95. MUSIC SPEAKS 2012 - Save The Date! 11/3​​​ | AJ Rafael​​​ (2012)

96. Talking Body - Tove Lo (Cover by Travis Atreo) (2015)

97. 빅 포니 Big Phony - "Hanging on a Thread" - ["Official Music Video"] (2016)

98. That Girl - David Choi - Official Music Video (2010)

99. FATGUMS X BAMBU Peddlin' Music (Official Music Video) (2010)

100. Clazziquai - Love Mode (Feat. Tablo) (2006)

250+ Of My Favorite Asian American Music Videos From The Last Decade (Or So...) #1-50

Thursday, January 02, 2020

* Note that videos are randomly ordered and that this list is not a comprehensive list as some videos are no longer available via YouTube links and this is strictly a listing versus an archive resource project.

1. Into You - KOLAJ & Eric Nam (Joseph Vincent & KOLAJ Cover) (2016)

2. Beatrock Music Anniversary Celebrations! Dec 10th and 11th. Long Beach and San Francisco. (2010)

3. KERO ONE - On Bended Knee ft. Sam Ock (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) (2010)

4. Sharam - "The One" ft. Daniel Bedingfield- OFFICIAL VIDEO (2008)

5. DFD - Growing Young (2012)

6. Heartstrings (Official Music Video) (2012)

7. Prometheus Brown & Bambu (The Bar) - "Lookin' Up" [Official Music Video] (2012)

8. Home For The Holla'Days II Redux [1 of 4]: The Cause (2011)

9. Mark Mejia - Love Yourself (Cover) - Originally by Justin Bieber (2015)

10. Home:Word (Deluxe Edition) Press Release, Sampler & Lyric Video [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na] (2011)

11. Home:Word - Magnetic North & Taiyo Na ft. Sam Kang - Official Music Video (2011)

12. Do or Die - The Vox Merger X Far East Movement (FM) X Illmind (2010)

13. POWER STRUGGLE: ArtOfficialFreedom Music Video by JUST BOMBIN FILMS (2010)

14. We Were - Derek Siow (2010)

15. Yuna - Someone Who Can (2013)

16. JRA, Andrew Garcia, & Jeremy Passion - I Don't Trust Myself (Cover) (2011)

17. Vlog 6: Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Georgia (2014)

18. PaperDoll - If Nothing Happened (Music Video) (2010)

19. Justin Bieber -That Should Be Me (Cover by Marie Digby) (2010)

20. Michael Nhat Practice (2014)

21. Baiyu Music Video - Take A Number [2012 MUSIC VIDEO] (2012)

22. Isn't She Lovely - Stevie Wonder (Clara C & Jayesslee Acapella Cover) (2012)

23. Melissa Polinar "Overjoyed" [Stevie Wonder COVER] (2010)

24. Kollaboration 11 Featuring G.NA Promo Video (2011)

25. Perfect - One Direction (Cover by Travis Atreo) (2015)

26. Baby Good Night Cover/Remix (GD & TOP)- J Reyez & Joseph Vincent (2012)

27. CAAM Presents: Jake Shimabukuro Performing "Bohemian Rhapsody" Live (2010)

28. Budapest - Live Band Cover (George Ezra) (2017)

29. Eminem - Not Afraid (Ukulele Cover) (2010)

30. John Lennon - Imagine (Dawen x James Kyson Lee x Esna) (2010)

31. Original: Illusionist Boy (Live take on Zurich rooftop) (2010)

32. Hotline Bling (Drake) - Jason Chen x Marié Digby Cover (2015)

33. It Girl - Jason Derulo (cover) Megan Nicole and Jason Chen (2012)

34. No Distance - Jason Chen (Official Music Video) (2012)

35. DTR (Define the Relationship): The Music Video // jason chu (2012)

36. R.I.P. (Pvt. Danny Chen) // jason chu (2012)

37. Picture Perfect Music Video Preview! (2010)


39. Journey - Don't Stop Believing (Glee Cover) ft. Legaci (2010)

40. Jessica Sanchez: Dance With My Father - Top 6 - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11 (2012)

41. Shut Up by Jhameel (official music video) (2012)

42. "Angels" (Official Music Video) - Jin (2010)

43. Missing Harmony (Original)- Joseph Vincent (2010)

44. Paramore - The Only Exception (cover) by April Chase (2010)

45. The A Team Cover (Ed Sheeran)- Joseph Vincent (2012)

46. As Long As You Love Me Cover (Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean)- Joseph Vincent ft. Toestah (2012)

47. Can't Help Falling In Love Cover (Elvis Presley)- Joseph Vincent (2016)

48. Justin Bieber - Baby (Kollaboration Houston 2010 x Problem Solvers Cover) (2010)

49. Like I'm Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainor (KAYE CAL Acoustic Cover) (2015)

50. Kero One - Fast Life ft. Esna (Official Music Video) 2011 (2012)

I'm Gonna Blog More Next Year...Well You Know...

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Why do I still blog up here?

Honestly - it's kind of like, if I stop, if I put it down - in some ways - it just means defeat.

So I'll march on, even if it may not be the same as when I started out.

Because it still matters--and if I stop believing that, if I forget that one voice can still make a difference, if I forget the reasons why this space even existed in the first place--

I don't just lose, but I succumb to the forces around me that try to tell me what to believe, what to think, what matters, and what is deemed as a voice of action and change.

In that way it's like why not just Whitewash myself, lay down, and peacefully massage my golden and lovely Asian American ballsack while speaking incoherently (and sure, I may do that latter part anyway, but that's beside the point).

All right.

That's it--just needed a quick workout to you know - work it all out.

R.I.P big WOWO. Thanks For The Memories

Thursday, December 19, 2019

This post is a little late, but I wanted to make sure and give a shout out to big WOWO for all the years of blogging, and adding a voice and a space that in a lot of ways is what blogging is all about. Unlike this blog, big WOWO was really about creating a community of voices through its comments. The dialogue at times sparked conversations across multiple blogs, sometimes this one, and no matter what--agree or disagree--it provided another avenue to explore Asian America outside of the mainstream and for that I was, and am, thankful for the space that was filled.

To be honest I just learned about the closing--going gently into the night--I hadn't made my rounds in a bit and in the blink of an eye--it was gone--just a headline from a last post I never got to read.

In that way, other blogs have shut down--YOMYOMF, A Fistful of Soundtracks, Militant's before them all, and now (or recently if you may) big WOWO.

All a part of the Asian American blogosphere that embraced who were are, what we've been through, and where we're still going--no matter what you may think about the merits of the blogosphere in a world of social media.

At the same time, I do feel like we're getting short changed in some ways from this trend that is happening to blogs closing down: The files are gone, the domains are redirected (for some not all), and I feel like we're losing not just some great content--but a piece of history--these opinions, discussions, great writing, journalism in its most naked form, voices that have had no place in the eyes of mainstream media.

Out of all of them above, only AFOS has its blog posts still available (and check out Accidental Star Trek Cosplay).

One out of four.

All that content lost (and yes, you can hit the wayway but, it's not quite the same you know?).

I get it though - everyone has their reasons - but I still can't help but feel what I feel about - just that I wish there was another way.

So R.I.P big WOWO--thanks for the time and the space.

3X: Random Asian American Goodness In Time For The Holidays

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

It's the Holidays and regardless of whether or not impeachment actually happens--I'm not going full on Grinch just yet (I'm going to wait to see what Santa got for me first)--so in the meantime, here are some heart-warming and positive stories as we enter the holidays.

Braille Institute Wakes Up RRN

Honestly. I'm just gonna ask what the fuck you do for the Holidays besides wish for shit you don't need, and then point you to the band Run River North who partnered up with the Braille Institute and taught kids how to play instruments, inspiring and fueling their creative talents. You?

Andrew Yang Is The Only POC And Asian American Who Made The Final Cut

I still have issues with his MATH. I still have issues with some of his stereotyping of the Asian American community. I still have issues. But--it doesn't take away the fact that Yang has done what no other Asian American has done up to this point. In that way, it is kind of, just a little bit, of an Asian American Christmas miracle. We can still do without the math though. We have computers to take care of that.

Little Fires Make Big Fires

Hulu just released the trailer a few days ago for their original miniseries "Little Fires Everywhere" based on Celeste Ng's 2017 bestseller of the same name. In a stark comparison, nothing here on this blog will ever get turned into a miniseries by Hulu. Or Apple. Or Disney+ (and WTF if Disney+ anyway?). It's good to be Ng.

Ken Watanabe, Octavia Spencer, Monsters, Cookies, And My Questions On Roles People Play (Obviously Spoilers)

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Sometimes you just don't always get a chance to see the movies you want to see, or as strange as it sounds, when you have the time, you may not actually be in the mood to see the film you've been wanting to see. It's like that same oddity of when you have the time to travel you may not have the money to, or when you have the money, you don't have the time (and yes, we all make decisions and live with our consequences but this is a post on movies, so just go with it).

And then you have those times, where you're just lounging around and happen to catch a film because it's playing on the TV and you're kind of interested, a little lazy, and you start watching movies you never set out to do.

Down the rabbit hole you go.

Recently this happened to me with Godzilla: King of the Monsters and Blumhouse's Ma and while I finished them, I just have to ask some questions and make some observations.

Both of the films have their flaws, and in a lot of ways, while I may watch them if they're on again, let me say they're no Little (and this was another film which I just happened to catch...because I was lazy...and it was really funny--and make sure to see Thalia Tran in the upcoming NBC show "Council of Dads" who'll be dealing with life as an adoptee).

The brief overview

So let's just get this part out of the way. Both movies in their own way had something to offer, even if it was just a few morsels of goodness in comparison to what they could have been. I enjoyed the fight scenes in Godzilla. I like Ziyi Zhang. Ma looked like it could scare me and it was coming from Blumhouse. Octavia Spencer had some great moments.

If finishing a movie says something, I at least feel like I did a little more than mumble my way through a soliloquy.

Moving on...

Q + A

From a character standpoint G:KOTM wasn't great. We all know this. And yes, we should expect more. But with these remakes, versus something like Shin Godzilla, I'm just not expecting much.

But wholly bucker fatman--WTF was with Watanabe's Dr. Serizawa? I truly feel, he just took a backseat to every White person there and he actually--no fucking lie--had this really nice dialogue about Godzilla, and then the main White Guy, Kyle Chandler, asked him if he just made it up (or something close to that) and Watanabe was like " it from a fortune cookie".


And what makes this worse is that according to Cinemablend, Watanabe actually changed a line from being spoken in English to Japanese.

So he changes the line to Japanese, because sure, I can see it too - why would he speak in English when he's ready to sacrifice his life, having a heart to heart with the big G?

I'd change that too.

But he didn't think to change the line about a fortune cookie? Was it because he was already taking the CHINKY BACKSEAT to all the White People already so why care about a CHINKY FORTUNE COOKIE REFERENCE?

And no one else thought this was an issue when they did the reading either? Vera Farmiga, Bradley Whitford, O'Shea Jackson Jr.?

No one?

I'm not trying to deny all the good of Watanabe, but maybe I shouldn't be surprised either because he was in Isle of The Dogs too right (because we can all forget "The Last Samurai")?

Didn't that dog turn out to be White in the end?

And Then Ma

I feel like this could have been a lot more interesting--but it wasn't done by Jordan Peele, it was from Tate Taylor, you know--from The Help. And other people have talked about this already--this isn't quite new, but in some ways I'm more mad at this film because I felt like it could have given me something a lot more meatier from a race standpoint, but instead, it goes like this:

The White Girl of one of the mothers, who back in the day helped completely humiliate Spencer's Ma sexually (and I don't know if they can call that rape, but if you think about it, maybe there's a case for something like that and at the very least sexual misconduct)---

Well - this White Girl, at the end of the movie, stabs Ma after a struggle. Even after she finds out her mom did do something to completely humiliate Ma back in high school, where Ma was I think the only Black girl there (although the daughter didn't know the extent of the humiliation).

Ma's Black daughter can be seen getting away from the evil that is Ma, and hugging the White Girl's White Mom, while the house is burning up in flames.

What happens to Ma?

She goes up in the bedroom where she's tortured her White high-school crush and lays down beside him (because he's either dead or very close) and then we see the house burning from high-above.

And that's how it ends.

Ma could have killed everyone in the name of revenge. Her daughter could have tried to understand and help out even if she knew her "Ma" was crazy.

But instead, the White People didn't understand when the Black person they DEMORALIZED had wanted some type of revenge and closure (because of the racist sexual "prank" they pulled on her).

The Black woman abandoned her daughter.

The Black woman put it all on the line for the White Guy (and her first marriage--presumably to a Black man--didn't work out).

I mean--how was I supposed to feel? Happy and content?

That would be a no.

If a movie can be compared to a meal and a dining experience, I'll just say that neither movie made me feel satiated.

If anything, it was like all I got for dinner was a soggy fortune cookie.

2365-6397 Review (In Full)

Monday, October 14, 2019

While I posted this up on Twitter - wanted to make an sure and post up here on the blog as well (it needed a workout).

Ivy Lin. APIA Filmmaker. Shown at places like MOCA and festivals here in the U.S. and recently in Seoul, South Korea--hoping to see this get picked up by some APIA festivals.

2365-6397 Review

Ivy Lin’s short film “2365 6397” is an archive of Taipei’s city streets and neighborhood stores, a backdrop for the filmmaker’s own story of her move to the U.S., marriage and divorce, the passing of her father, and how an already small family dealt with loss between two countries.

A mostly split screened endeavor, with Lin largely behind the camera, she juxtaposes (and sometimes meshes together) 1999 through 2018 Taipei--a deliberate cadence to her storytelling and unfolding of intimate familial moments for the viewer--a slow drawl illuminated by the city she’s captured, the dueling images a metronome for the audience and herself to follow.

It’s a fitting way to remind us about the dualities of life, sometimes in opposition, and other times simply a measure of passing moments: crossroads or ennui.

In “2365 6397”, filmmaker Ivy Lin adds to her already impressive vault of films which have been shown at festivals around the country and abroad, except this time with a more intimate and pointed view at her own life and that of her parents, resounding in an engaging and sublime experience in documentary memoir.

Here's the link to the trailer - It's a little bit more of a teaser than a trailer per se, but gives insight into the full short itself at least from a visual standpoint.

Militant. I've Been Thinking About You.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Hey Militant,

I was thinking about you last night and decided I should write you out an update. I figure while you might be seeing it all from wherever you are (and I figured you'd like that cause who knows where you ended up xD), you're probably busy writing, getting to know the answers to really big questions that we can only hope to understand, and doing what people do after they've left this place (chasing beautiful things perhaps?).

So honestly--we're still in the shadows--things are changing no doubt, we're getting some exposure, but we're still there--the unpolished ones. The survivalists. The foul-mouthed. The dirty.

We're under-represented.

I'm not saying things haven't moved, and I'm not saying I don't do what I have to do and sometimes that involves the polish--but like everything else--it'll wear off--and it's kind of like we talked about in the past - where's our representation? The fallen, the corrupt, the ones w/o all the connections, the ones who have to hustle it out day in and day out to make it work (or at least that's how it feels, but data-wise I think I can still say that).

In that way, honestly--I miss your voice and what you had to say, and that piece of a larger whole--standing together even at opposite ends, individuals just representing from their own side--in that way, I still miss even just the idea of you.

Because that was something.

I think I'm writing this to you too because man--as far as I think I've come in ways--it still feels like an uphill battle. It's like I can suit it up, chat the chatter, walk the walk, but in the end, it's like I'm walking up the hill with 100lbs of meat on my back with a stench that grows deeper each day--and I don't know if I've gotten used to it.

As far as we've come, we aren't. The brown SE Asian American man, still has to take it. In all my years professionally, and I'm supposed to be in my prime, I've really only seen a handful of us reach at least some rung in the ladder, and sometimes when that happens--it's all a wash. They're the outliers. I've noticed that White Folks--they're happy to do the professional dance with Asians from different countries, and obviously to a certain extent us--but there's a difference.

It's kind of the same thing over and over--speak your mind, do the same things the WF's do--and they don't know how to deal with it.

They're afraid and scared if those Brown men are smarter, quicker, or simply more determined than their privileged-got-too-used-to-control-even-though-they-got-lazy selfs. I've actually seen some of the worst of the worst lately and it's taken me for a ride.

And there's still the ladder of Brown versus Brown. Asian versus Asian.

Probably didn't catch this as you wander and chill--but this Korean guy filed a lawsuit because he said he wasn't getting promoted because he wasn't Indian American. The model is still out there to divide and conquer. Off-shores and outsourcing. Professional caste systems. Fear and Visas to keep the rungs hung as they are...


But onto other things--I became a dad--can you believe that shit? It's crazy. Married, daughter, step-kids. A family man in some ways. And honestly--I never knew how much I'd love someone that looks like me--how much I can't help but want to make sure she's a strong, wonderful, smart, and determined Asian American girl who grows up to be an amazing Asian American woman. I get scared though too--am I being too hard, am I being too soft. Does my inter-generational trauma, born out of the war in Vietnam and all the subsequent aftermath, that need to survive--what will she have to deal with? Will it make her harder than she needs to be? I worry too that I don't get the time I need with her. I feel guilty sometimes. But I have to grind, and I can't lose myself either--self shamed guilt wrapped up in the selfishness of creating a little human.

Sometimes I still feel like I don't know where I'll land. Like I'm close but I'll die not close enough, and I wonder how I'll impart that to my daughter.

And then I know I'm still who I am.

I cope.

I still love to get lost among the trees. I still love the feeling of not sleeping, my body feeling the rush.

I'm still dirty.

I still love to fuck.

And I know that I'm still broken--that piece of the Vietnamese diaspora that an individual of the community still knows, even if 3rd gen+, the piece of pieces, the aftermaths, different for each individual, but the pain in the collective still there, no matter how far we come and go.

I still love all the things that made me who I was and who I am--

and I try to reconcile that with trying to be polished.

Because I'm also cognizant of what it means to be an Asian American Brown Vietnamese SE dad--that perception alone I don't care about--but for my daughter--I have to polish it up some days.

But maybe I'm getting old too...

because I'm okay with that too,

even if I can still be out of control.

A dog still knows its master right?

It still heels when needed. When it feels suffocated. When deep down, it knows it needs to survive, because it still wants to play when it can.

Is this the dichotomy of being who were are?

But I'm's's small, but in a lot of ways that's all I care about--those little ripples for the community and myself even though I still talk about us being in the shadows--I don't mind the shadows--but I also wonder about the perception and the reality for us as a whole--what I already talked about.

But I can only do so much right?

Resist In Peace,

Are Asian American Men Still Getting The Shaft Post Crazy Rich Asians?

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

I don't want to start the all too familiar war of Asian American men versus Asian American women - but - I do have to wonder if post CRA - Asian American men - at least visually and from an artistic standpoint - aren't getting their due.

Think about all the movies coming out with some hype featuring Asian American men.

And those NOT NAMED KEANU (because let's face it - as much as we love us some KR - he's an outlier).

Tell me.

And I'm talking mainstream.

Like HOW THE FUCK does Randall Park and John Cho not get more play?

Is there actually going to be an Asian Teen Heartthrob in To All The Boys Part Gazillion?

And can you name me an Asian American MALE actor getting as much play as The Wu and the AWKWA?

And - no - don't read into that last statement that they don't deserve it.

But can you do it?

I highly fucking doubt it.

An Open Letter To Trump Supporters

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Dear Trump Supporters,

Listen - I understand - you feel like we just don't hear you.

You feel like we don't understand your plight.

You need jobs.

You need a home.

And immigrants, POC, Asian Americans - like myself - are just taking it all away.

And you don't feel like you have any power.

Because the numbers are against you.

So you needed a proxy.

Someone to lift your voice of oppression to the masses.

So you could be heard.

So you could go back to days where Asian Americans couldn't testify against White People in court.

To those days, when Asian Americans couldn't marry a White Person.

To those days when you could just use Asian Americans and other immigrants and POC to get what you needed, because you deserved it.

Because no one was worth was much as a White Person - and why would they, no matter what they accomplished, no matter how hard they worked, no matter what they did - they should never be as much as a White Person right?

And when no one is worth as much as a White Person, it just hasn't made sense to you that your voice has been trampled upon.

That you were silenced.

That no one was giving you, your due.

I get it.

It's the same reason I want him out. It's the same reason I want us to take a step backward and go back to the Obama days, when at least it looked like we had a chance.

I get it.

I really do.

So These 2 White Guys From MN Created A Vietnamese Heroine?

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

While I'm late coming to the book release party for "SHOOT THE BASTARDS" - because apparently that happened this summer in June...

Here's the setup from the article down at

When her good friend goes missing in South Africa while exploring rhino-horn poaching and international smuggling, Crys gets an assignment from National Geographic to pick up where her friend’s last email came from and continue reporting on this dangerous trade.

Nguyen travels from South Africa to Mozambique to Vietnam, never knowing whom she can trust among the government officials and rhino-protection groups she meets. What she does learn is that there is mountains of money to be made with these horns, and men of several nationalities won’t hesitate to kill anyone who interferes

Is there anything inherently wrong with this plot - not really I guess (however I wouldn't trust any government official - least of all one from the Trump administration) - but, you know - it's just - I mean - and no - I haven't read the book - but...


Why not a new heroine called SUZY FROM ALABAMA?

Why's she Viet?


Does that make sense? Most non-Viet people in MN probably can't name me 5 Vietnamese American authors, but yet there's a celebration of a book (small or large I DON'T CARE) written by two White Guys, with a Vietnamese heroine?

It just feels incongruent to me.

And I get it - writers write. Art is art. Fiction is friction is fucktion.


But isn't there also the tenet "WRITE WHAT YOU KNOW"?

Even if it's still fiction? Even if it's still made up?

Don't you still have to have that base?

I mean why choose a Vietnamese woman?

Does someone have a Viet wife? Maybe an adopted grandkid? Did they give money to the overseas coin tappers to help save the children and the people? And these books are to honor the Viet people?

I'm not trying to be a dick - that's legit (because maybe I'm just getting soft in the prime of my life) - but again - it just feels incongruous.

It's like when you were a kid and you accidentally peed down your leg.

You knew it wasn't right. You did it anyway. And it did feel good to get it out.

But it still wasn't right...