$36 Million Man: Jeremy Lin Headed Back To NY With A Trade To The Brooklyn Nets + Shade Getting Thrown Already?

Friday, July 01, 2016

Add up the money - nice work if you can get it.

Add up the playing time - great views for lots of Asian American kids hoping to hoop for a living.

Add up the fact that he gets reunited with Kenny Atkinson of the Linsanity days - and maybe Linsanity spreads like wildfire again.

Biggest contract to date.

Averaged 11.7 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.0 assists last year.


Apparently - or possibly rather - maybe not everyone was happy about it including former Nets' point guard Jarret Jack who was just released by the Nets (because they couldn't trade him):
Now, to be fair, we don't know for sure that Jack's tweet was about Lin getting $12M per year -- nearly double what Jack has ever made for a season during his 11-year career. He could have been catching up on "Veep" on his DVR. Or maybe he was in a hot sculpting class and his instructor made a funny joke. But based on the 3,000+ retweets on Jack's tweet, it's safe to say the Twitter audience thought it was about Lin's contract.

Jack has since said he was not tweeting about JLin's contract.

Giraffe Bear | TigerBelly 46

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Bloody meat patties, alligators, and gender lines.

Get Your Panel Recaps! Get Your Panel Recaps! No Money Down! No Credit Needed!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Who Did It Better: Taeyeon Or Mariah?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Swings and singers...I can't tell you why, but it seems to be and I wondered as I was watching the new Taeyeon video for "Why"..who did it better - her, or Mariah?

It's tough for me...Mariah is over a lake, but Taeyeon is eating ice cream.



Yes - this was in fact important.

An Asian Dad Tries On Skinny Jeans

Monday, June 27, 2016

How do you feel free in skinny jeans?

There is no freedom.

There is only captivity.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Hope there are a lot of good vibes and all have a great time and get some awesome community around them.

I've seen some of the pictures and all I can say is - next year.

#Justice4MapKong: All Police Officers Cleared Of Shooting Map Kong In The Back + The Worth Of An Asian American Man's Life

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Apparently there has been a lot going on behind the scenes with the shooting of Map Kong that was not made aware to the general public until this week and these include the following:

1. The bodycam video was finally released after the grand jury.

2. The grand jury which was in Dakota County decided to clear all the officers of the shooting.

If you look at the video (and there is youtube video as well which is easier to watch), Map Kong is doing exactly what people described - acting erratically and waving a knife. Obviously he wasn't in a good state of mind. As police officers tried to calm him down, trying to get a better look at what was inside the car they decided to break the window and to tase him. Map Kong then tries to flee with his back turned to police.

And then they shot him multiple times.

In the back while he was running away.

So let's get this straight. He wasn't a threat when they were close up to his car and tasing him - they didn't feel threatened enough to shoot him in the car.

But then he runs - and he doesn't try and run towards any traffic or cars - but away - and that's when he posed a threat?

When his back was turned to everyone?

Not everyone will agree with me - but I stand by the same argument that I've said over and over still after seeing the video: With all of those police officers there and multiple cars they could have - and should have - not shot him.

There ABSOLUTELY was a way to take him down without firing on him.

And think about all the other times you see White People try and get away from the cops and try to outrun them.

Do they get shot in the back while running away?

The answer is typically no.

When hundreds of White Men defend their land with armed weapons - not a knife - they don't pose an imminent threat - but an Asian American man with a knife - who's running AWAY from the police?

Apparently he does.

And it begs the question of what is an Asian American man's life worth?

Rest In Peace Vincent Chin

Thursday, June 23, 2016

It does amaze me if people don't know who Vincent Chin was but at the same time, maybe they just didn't for whatever reason. That's why you still have to remember year after year.

Vincent Jen Chin[1] (simplified Chinese: 陈果仁; traditional Chinese: 陳果仁; pinyin: Chén Guǒrén; May 18, 1955 – June 23, 1982) was a Chinese American man who was severely beaten in the Detroit suburb of Highland Park, Michigan in June of 1982. The beating led to his death four days later.

The perpetrators were Chrysler plant superintendent Ronald Ebens and his stepson, Michael Nitz. The lenient sentencing of these two men in a plea bargain generated public outrage over the murder attack, which included blows to the head from a baseball bat and possessed attributes consistent with hate crimes. Many of the layoffs in Detroit's auto industry, including Nitz's in 1979, had been due to the increasing market share of Japanese automakers, leading to allegations that Vincent Chin received racially charged comments attributing to the layoffs while being beaten.[2]

Ebens and Nitz initially faced a charge of second-degree murder, but were convicted in a county court for manslaughter. Ebens was convicted of violating Chin's civil rights and was sentenced to 25 years of prison, but the conviction was overturned on appeal. They were both sentenced to three years of probation.

The case became a rallying point for the Asian American community, and Ebens and Nitz were put on trial for violating Chin's civil rights. Because the subsequent Federal prosecution was a result of public pressure from a coalition of many Asian ethnic organizations, Vincent Chin's murder is often considered the beginning of a pan-ethnic Asian American movement.

So When A White Kid Dies And The Animal Is Killed No One Says Shit?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Holy fuck me people.

So when a Black boy gets away from his mom and gets into harms way and a gorilla gets shot with the boy being alive - people make petitions and call for investigations into the mother and family and all these animal activists come out, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah and a TON of people blame the mother (who just happens to be Black).

But when a 2-year old White kid dies because the 2-year old was allowed to wade in the water which was clearly not allowed (because it was dangerous) by his White dad, there's GoFundMe pages and outpourings of public support?

Again...Holy fuck me America.

Speaking Of My Testicles...(AKA Agent Orange And Little Ricky)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rick Tyler pictured below (an independent candidate for Congress in Tennessee),

who put this sign up,

isn't even fit enough to be the sweat dripping to the ground from my testicles on a hot and humid day.

In fact - I would actually be horrified if droplets of "little ricky" came out of my balls.

I think I might have to chop one off...

Thank goodness I have that third ball swinging in-between #1 and #2...

Agent Orange - you might have done something good after all!


Feel free to boycott his restaurant.

Can I Get Me Some More Randall Park?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Just a random thought as I think about all the press people are getting these days and sometimes - I just want me some more Randall Park.

Cause he's sexy as a MF.

And he can make me laugh.

And cry (well maybe not cry per se, but I feel it deep).

I mean put all that together, and I want me some man meat.

Randall Park man meat.

Meet me in the park and I'll give you a 'daller?

Oh...if K-Wife ever divorces me...I know what the next tattoo will be that I'm getting on my right testicle...('cause I still have a little room on that one - my left one - I really gotta stretch it out to even read anything...).

Mashable + Eight Asian Americans Talk Candidly About Their Experiences In Hollywood

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

That's just one big ass article down at Mashable.


Ditto to Mashable as was to City Pages.

Mu Performing Arts + The Dream + Err City Pages...Can You Drop The Hyphen?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Article at a local paper on a local theatre and I just couldn't help but think to myself why they can't drop the hyphen? Don't they know? Has no one told them? I'll still check out the show sometime.

Quotes: Constance Wu + Vulture

Monday, June 20, 2016

I'd rather lose all my stuff than lose myself, because I've done that before, and that feels way worse. I don't have the best family life. I'm not going to have a sob story and be like, my parents abandoned me, because they didn't. But they also are not that present. When I’m alone, I’m alone. I don't have anybody to call, and so I have to create meaning from myself. That's why I don't give a fuck, because I can't lose anything. What I have I make myself.
Constance Wu

Happy Belated Birthday Aung San Suu Kyi

Monday, June 20, 2016