In Pictures: Bao Nguyen Is Running For Congress

Friday, May 27, 2016

So I kind of lied - not just a picture - but c'mon - don't you want to see this man in Congress? Ok...sure...looks alone shouldn't make your opinion. Hear what he has to say himself from his site:

Dear Neighbor,

I’m Bao Nguyen, Mayor of the City of Garden Grove. I’d like to share with you why I’m running to represent California’s 46th District in the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress.

I was born in a refugee camp and came to the United States when I was three months of age. I am a proud product of public schools in the cities of Anaheim, Orange and Garden Grove. I earned a bachelors degree in political science from UC Irvine and a masters in religious studies from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Thereafter, I worked as a substitute teacher and became a community organizer for our local churches. I helped to organize senior citizens in Garden Grove to establish a senior transportation program in the city. I believe in people because I know that when we come together to create positive change in our communities, we can win.

I often reflect on my parents’ journey and it is hard for me to imagine the risks they’ve taken to escape an oppressive government and sacrifice everything for a better future. I am grateful to my parents and I want to honor their sacrifices by fighting to make sure that as Americans we have a government that serves the interest of the people.

During the time I served on the school board, I worked to invest funding to modernize our schools, to improve educational opportunities for our students, and to fight against bullying and discrimination.

As an elected city mayor, I fought to maintain local control of our water resources, going against the big corporate interests trying to charge county residents more for less water while destroying our environment. I have worked to help small business owners and local entrepreneurs by partnering with Google. But my greatest achievement was implementing measures to increase transparency and accountability of our local government.

Now, I’m asking for you to join me in making sure that our voice is heard in Congress. I need your support to fight for a federal government that serves the people. Please vote for me in the June 7, 2016 Primary Election and lend me your support.

Yours truly,

Mayor Bao Nguyen
City of Garden Grove

Now don't you want to see him in Congress?

Bad Korean + Shifting Korean + Cooking Shows = An Article On Korean Americans On Cooking Shows (See Identity Navigation And Ph.D's)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

From the article:

Reality cooking and travel shows highlight the limitations of Asian stock characters, a recent study by an Indiana University researcher finds. Korean American contestants on reality cooking shows are active cultural producers, not passive consumers of both Korean and American culture.

Rather than relying on stereotypes, Korean Americans featured on two shows take on iconoclastic portrayals of either a “bad Korean,” a male in his late 30s who exudes an edgy, bad-boy vibe within the Korean cultural context; or a “shifting Korean,” the female counterpart based on Beverly Kim’s character on “Top Chef.” The “shifting Korean” uses racial stereotypes to her advantage to advance in cooking competitions.

The adoption of these gendered tropes creates a new space for diversified Korean American televisual images, according to the study co-authored by Chi-Hoon Kim, a Ph.D. candidate in food studies in the IU Bloomington Department of Anthropology.
Read it in full.

Ice Cream And Awesome People Always Win Out Over Racists

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Happened to catch this BuzzFeed article on this racist whatchamacallit who decided to take out his angry aggression on two Muslim women in an ice cream shop, where much to his dismay I'm sure - the Muslim women and the good folks working at the ice cream parlor put an end to it - which only goes to show a few things:

1. Keep those cameras handy because you never know when you might need to record a racist (and at the same time you'll have some real live footage of what will hopefully become extinct).

2. People may be scared at times, but fuck if good people are gonna let racists interrupt their ice cream time (and again, I'll take mine lactose free please).

3. The words "You suck" and "You're a racist" never get old.

4. Some people just can't comprehend that White doesn't = White Racist MF and I wonder if one day their heads will just explode from that realization.

No Excuses: Interpretations Film Contest Submission Deadline Extended To July 15th

Thursday, May 26, 2016

In March I posted about the Justin Lin and YOMYOMF Interpretations Film Contest (version 2.0) which you can read here if you're not familiar with it.

At the same time, by popular demand, the deadline to submit your short film for the contest has now been moved to July 15th.

One more time.

The deadline for submission has now been moved (almost a full month) to July 15th.

Basically that means if you need more time you have it, and that there really is absolutely no excuse to not get it done (unless your actors decided to bail on you, you broke a camera, you decided you were better off simply twiddling your thumbs, or your mama told you not to).


And There's Still Nothing New On The Investigation Into The Shooting Of Map Kong

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I'm not saying things don't take time, but every check in with the BCA reveals the status is still the same.


Here's to hoping "Ongoing" turns into "Done" sometime in near future.

That's A Hot Video: Dumbfoundead's SAFE + #StarringDumbfoundead (?)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Oh. Hell. Yeah.

Watch It On iTunes: Seoul Searching

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I didn't get to see this when it was playing around at festivals and I'd imagine I'm like other people, and then I'd imagine that just like everyone else who hasn't seen it that I want to see it and so the fact that its on iTunes now, I would imagine, is like a big scoop of lactose free ice cream on a hot summer day. least when I'm in the mood for ice cream.

I Want This General Tso'Boy Po-Boy

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

There's a story...Chinese American...Jessica and Gary Wu, opening new restaurants...success story, etc., etc...

I just want a Po-Boy now.

Shit We Should Know About If We're Not Dead

Monday, May 23, 2016

Diversity @HuffingtonPost (That Pic): Kind Of, Maybe, Maybe Not, Let's Test It, Well...

Monday, May 23, 2016

So there's been this small thing that popped up on some feeds in regard to the Huff where the executive editor tweeted the above pic and asked "Notice anything about this @HuffingtonPost editors meeting?" and people came up with some of the following:

As you can see, answers all over the board. Some expected, some guessing, some stupid - and what's funny to me is that while it's great for people to call out diversity in a liberal outlet much like you can do elsewhere - some of the callouts can't quite see anything other than white - not even shades.

You have to zoom in a little to get a better gander I think to truly make a good guess (because at this stage in the game, since no one's background is being put out there, you just have to make the guess).

Let's do it (and I'd download the pics or click on them to see them bigger).

Quick note: I'm not trying to vanillafy or becky-fy anyone. White people. You have you heritages too. But in this context - you're all standard White.

Quick second note: Not everyone has the chip - and that's a part of the point. Give me guff - but I'm just human and why don't you try and give it a shot.

From front to back: White, White, White, White. Asian, Black/Blasian, Asian - and no to comments that this is the Chinatown portion of the section. That totals 7.

From front to back: This is the tough row, but outside of #4, #6, and #7 (I'm numbering from front to back) which I go with White - I'm not betting the house on anyone (#1 and #5 I thought could go White but that's a 50/50 bet). I'm going with (and not in order) some Hapa (although maybe it's Winnie Cooper syndrome), maybe some Latina, South American, and maybe Iranian mixes.

Again - mess me up all you want - 'cause I have things to learn and be better at too - but give it a whirl with you and your friends.

It's Futile But It's Not

When a liberal outlet like The Huff puts out a pic and asks that question - be ready. Be ready for it all (Whiteness, ageism, and of course - mac elite, or maybe I should say pc'ist). And if we look at that out of 14 women sitting at the table that we can clearly identify 7 as White - that's 50% - and if we push it up to 9, now we're getting into the 64 percentile range, which is only 1 White person away from 71%.

At the same time - I can't say who is, and who isn't Native American and American Indian. Maybe there could be two (of which I've already given the White label to).

All of which points to the fact that guessing what race and ethnicity people belong too isn't as easy as we can make it out to seem and if we're going to talk about diversity - let's make sure we're trying to be inclusive of true diversity and not count all fair skinned people as White, or that fair skinned isn't actually fair skinned at all.

Cause there are shades.

Other questions/comments remain

1. Is 50% too much Whiteness? I think we can all agree on 71% being too much and I think 65% is pressing close to an absolute answer as well.

2. Doesn't it say something when technically it doesn't necessarily do anything for the status quo because it's not like we're playing let's try and find the White people?

3. Where are the Black women? If I go with there's already one, and then I say there are two Asians and one Happa - I feel like I should at least see the same amount of Black women.

And that's all I have right now.

One Of My Favorite Lines From Drake's "Views"

Monday, May 23, 2016

Why You Gotta Fight With Me At Cheesecake
You Know I Love To Go There

Drake - Views - "Childs Play".

Timothy DeLaGhetto Is Freestylin With The Homies

Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's A Free Concert With Dumbfounded, Awkwafina, Joseph Vincent, And More From LA City Hall

Friday, May 20, 2016

If I wasn't teaching myself how to be a better person through satanic verse only heard by spinning a record backward (because I like to go old school as I feel the needle better enhances the messages of beelzebub which I typically like to shorten to just beelz) - I'd be there.

May 27-28, 2016: Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival

Thursday, May 19, 2016

There's a ton of great films and panels to go to including Breathin': the Eddy Zheng Story, Persona Non Grata, and My America…Or Honk if You Love Buddha to name just a few.

#Beautiful And #Inspiring: When Muslim American Kids Read WW2 Letters By Japanese Americans

Thursday, May 19, 2016