#TBT Kristine Sa 2006: Consequence

Thursday, November 20, 2014

All I needed was a reason to post this.


Awkwafina "Daydreaming" (AKA Chris Christie + Sinbad + Kevin Bacon Get It On...Paper Plates)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I don't think I've ever seen special effects like this.


The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders + The AAPI Bullying Prevention Task Force + #AAPIstrong

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

From The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (With Love)

More than one-quarter of students between the ages of 12 and 18 reported being bullied at school during the 2010-11 school year — nearly 7 million students. Some Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students face bullying and harassment based on their immigration status, such as Micronesian students whose families have recently immigrated to the continent and Hawaii. Others are bullied for the way they look, such as turbaned Sikh youth, or for their English language skills.

Students who are bullied don’t feel safe, and students who don’t feel safe can’t learn. Students involved in bullying are more likely to have challenges in school, to abuse drugs and alcohol, and to have physical and mental health issues. Being bullied endangers students’ academic achievement and ultimately their college and career readiness. And in some areas, bullying of AAPI students is rampant. For example, one 2014 study found that over two-thirds of turbaned Sikh youth in Fresno, California reported experiencing bullying and harassment. And another recent study found that half of the 163 Asian American New York City public school students reported experiencing some kind of bias-based harassment in a 2012 survey, compared with only 27 percent in 2009.

When children are singled out because of a shared characteristic — such as race, sexual orientation, or religion — or a perceived shared characteristic, the issue not only affects that individual but the entire community. Policymakers believe that AAPI students who are bullied face unique challenges, including religious, cultural, and language barriers. In addition, there has been a spike of racial hostility following the September 11 attacks against children perceived to be Muslim. The classroom should be the safest place for youth, but for some AAPI students, it can be a very dangerous environment.

Unfortunately, this issue of AAPI harassment is nothing new. In 1982, Vincent Chin became a household name in AAPI homes when he was attacked and killed because he was mistakenly perceived to be Japanese. To facilitate a conversation on this issue, in 2011, under the leadership of Amardeep Singh, former member of the President’s Advisory Commission on AAPIs, the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI) hosted a Bullying Prevention Summit in New York City.

However, more work needs to be done. Earlier this month, on the fifth anniversary of the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act, the White House announced several efforts to address hate crimes, including a new Interagency Initiative on Hate Crimes. As a part of these efforts, WHIAAPI, in partnership with the U.S. Department of Justice, the U.S. Department of Education, and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is launching the AAPI Bullying Prevention Task Force to proactively address bullying in the AAPI community. In the wake of increasing concerns about the high rates of bullying among Sikh youth and incidents such as the attacks on as many as 30 Asian American students at South Philadelphia High School in December 2009, the AAPI Task Force will help ensure that the AAPI community is aware of federal resources and remedies available to them.

The AAPI Task Force brings together federal experts in civil rights, language access, education, community relations, public health, mental health, and data to find creative solutions to help the AAPI community. These experts will coordinate the efforts of their federal agencies to work closely together with stakeholders to better understand the impediments to seeking relief and support, analyze data regarding the prevalence of bullying in the AAPI community, improve outreach, develop training and toolkits for schools, students, and parents, and explore and recommend policies to address the AAPI community’s growing concerns about bullying of AAPI youth.

Building upon previous efforts and working closely with federal representatives and community leaders, I look forward to seeing the AAPI Bullying Prevention Task Force make much needed progress on this very important issue in the AAPI community and furthering our commitment to improving the quality of life of AAPIs.

Join the conversation on AAPI bullying prevention on Twitter using hashtag #AAPIstrong.

Kiran Ahuja is Executive Director of the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

My Wednesday Soft Covers Playlist

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A little old a little new.

Write It In The Sky - Kina Grannis (Official Lyric Video)

Kina Grannis - "My Dear" (Official Music Video / My Wedding Video)

Story Of My Life" - One Direction (New Heights + Abraham Lim)

KERO ONE - On Bended Knee ft. Sam Ock (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Drake - Hold On We're Going Home (New Heights Cover feat Ally Maki)

April Chase - Time Won't Tell (Live Performance)

Big Phony - Words That Define [Official Music Video]

New Heights (ft. Cathy Nguyen) - Someday (Original)

EMILY ft LK - Nơi Cuối Cùng [ OFFICIAL MV ]

From Leroy Chiao With Love On The Philae's Comet Landing

Monday, November 17, 2014

If you are in the mood for a good science article:

It has been an eventful few weeks for space news. First came the launch failure of an unmanned Orbital Sciences rocket and cargo spacecraft bound for the International Space Station, which started a conversation in the media about the wisdom of relying on commercial carriers for transporting cargo (and later, crew) to the space station. Days later came the fatal crash of Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo during a flight test. The media discussion expanded to include the question of whether it would be ethical to launch members of the general public to space in the future, as nonprofessionals seeking the experience.

Check out more down at CNN and also Leroy's Twitter feed.

Kickstart It: The Unbidden + Quentin Lee + Tamlyn Tomita + Karin Anna Cheung + NaRhee Ahn + Amy Hill + Elizabeth Sung + A Whole Lot More

Monday, November 17, 2014

This sounds like a great project from start to finish:

The genesis of The Unbidden began when I attended James Shigeta’s funeral earlier this year. I directed the beloved James as Karin Anna Cheung’s dad in The People I’ve Slept With. When I saw Julia Nickson (Ethan Mao) and Nancy Kwan at the reception, I thought wouldn’t it be nice to design a movie for more veteran Asian American actresses.

Women have been the core characters and audience for psychological thrillers and horror films. It’s sort of the tradition. There are so many talented Asian American actresses around, so why not make something genre with my favorite Asian American actresses?

I completely agree.

Go now and help this film become real @ https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/quentinlee/the-unbidden-an-asian-american-horror-psycho-thril

Ferguson + Crackers + Racist "Reverse Racism" + Yeah...This Isn't Racist (Because It's From A POC)

Monday, November 17, 2014

I was reading this article about a teacher who was fired for her "racist tweet" that she resigned over and I'm just going on record again that POC can't be racist - prejudiced, bigoted, nationalistic and xenophobic sure - but not racist.

And calling someone a Cracker isn't racist. To give credence to a mythical absurdity that epithets like n****r and ch**k are the same undermines all of the work that's been done to help overcome institutional racism (and it's not like we're out of the woods on that one yet).

Should you call someone a Cracker at your workplace?

Probably not (at least I would steer away from that).

But should you be fired for using it on your personal twitter account in response to what you feel are racist and threatening attacks?

I don't think so.

Here's a little more from the story:

In the statement, Hedgewood said her tweet was a reaction to "a series of threatening and racist attacks" made toward her on the social media site during a debate over the Fergusion controversy involving the shooting of Michael Brown by Officer Darren Wilson.

"My reaction in no way reflects the standards to which I have held myself and my students for the last 20 years of teaching," she wrote. "I accept full responsibility for my actions, and I regret the embarrassment that it has caused the school district."

The tweet was written Friday, Nov. 7 and sent from her personal Twitter account.

"Who the [expletive] made you dumb duck ass crackers think I give a squat [expletive] about your opinions about my opinions RE: Ferguson? Kill yourselves," the tweet read.

I can't speak to any of the previous tweets, but this story, as well as the headlines, just reeks of racist "reverse racism".

To the victor go the spoils?


Telly Leung + #OUT100 + George Takei

Friday, November 14, 2014

Known to many fans for his musical theater roles on Broadway (or those times he appeared on Glee as a Warbler), Telly Leung took a new direction in 2014 as the producer of his latest project, Grind: The Movie, a musical short film about what it’s like dating in today’s online hookup culture.

Things I Like That I'm Sometimes Ashamed Of #345: Frasier

Friday, November 14, 2014

Sure. It's been over for years but it has a warm spot in my heart.

Flawed characters, funny dialogue, it had that right mix of comedy and drama, lowbrow and highbrow.

It was just a good show.

But the APIA representation...?



Representation either in the form of Yoshi the gardener or spoken to as sex with Martin Crane reliving his days back from the war (albeit in some ways the audience seeing his absurdity).

As a POC, it's a white show - not in a bad way - but it's also not George Lopez or My Wife and Kids.

A good show that could have been a little bit better.

Film It: Brahmin Bulls, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Roshan Seth, Mary Steenburgen, And Asian Cinevision

Friday, November 14, 2014

Opens Friday, Nov 14, AMC Empire 25, New York.
Primetime screening: 6:55pm

Director Mahesh Pailoor, actor Sendhil Ramamurthy, co-producer and co-writer Anu Pradhan and producer Yoshinobu Tsuji attending the 6:55pm screening on Nov. 14.

When Ashok makes a surprise visit to Los Angeles to visit his estranged son, the two begin a journey to mend their relationship until Sid discovers that his father has actually come in search of an old flame. Starring Sendhil Ramamurthy, Roshan Seth, Academy Award winner Mary Steenburgen, Justin Bartha, and Academy Award nominated Michael Lerner, BRAHMIN BULLS is a heartfelt and humorous exploration of the ever-evolving relationship between a father and son, the women in their lives, and the powerful secrets they keep.


Young Asian Professional Mentorship Program

Friday, November 14, 2014

Nov. 30 Deadline

Opportunities to meet with this year’s Martell ICONS, Stephen Liu and Chris Tashima and be inspired by their success stories, and gain access to a wider network in your aspiring industry

· Networking reception events in Los Angeles and you will find yourself in the presence of many influential community and business leaders

· Grand Finale Event at a major venue in Las Vegas where you will get to meet and mingle with the ICONS, other key influencers and fellow professionals

· Complimentary trip to Paris and Southeastern France for a Martell Cognac tour

· Itinerary includes: over-night stay in Paris for fabulous meals and sightseeing, staying at Martell’s own chateau in an idyllic Cognac region of France to explore the area and experience an exquisite Cognac tour to learn about Martell, the oldest Cognac house that has been making Cognac history since 1715.
Get more @ http://apex.org/martellicons/

Sahra Nguyen + Jeff Chang On Hip Hop, Street Art, And Racial Justice in America

Friday, November 14, 2014

From the article down at NBC:

Asian Americans are dead center. Asian Americans are the least segregated group. Our relatively small numbers don’t explain it by itself. It’s the fact that we tend to be in these spaces where we’re the minority group on the come up or the minority group on the bottom. And so what that tells me is that in terms of alignment, the question is really crucial. How are we gonna align? Are we gonna align with anti-black, anti-brown notions of whiteness, or are we gonna align with a society that’s gonna be seeking racial justice for everybody?

P.S.: I'm Sucking At Emails And Stuff...

Thursday, November 13, 2014

But I peeked...

Just a little.

At emails and stuff.


Let's end this with some 50Cent.

Everybody loves fitty!

AJ Rafael - Brand New (ft. Jenn Im)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Because Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Awesome

Wednesday, November 12, 2014