People Suck AKA Kelly Marie Tran Deletes Instagram Account Because Of Racist Assholes

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Well...I guess this isn't surprising...but yet it is because you would think in some ways that we could get past this in the name of sci-fi...but then again it's not like sci-fi doesn't have it's own issues.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" actress Kelly Marie Tran has deleted all her Instagram posts.
Tran has faced racist and sexist attacks online since her casting [...] Tran faced racism and sexism online surrounding her casting in "The Last Jedi." For instance, in December, someone edited the Rose Tico Wookieepedia page so that her name was "Ching Chong Wing Tong" and her home was "Ching Chong China."

Here's to hoping we see KMT kicking ass for a long long time and one day opening her account back up.

This Is Why We Need An All Asian American Boy Band AKA Backstreet Boys Have A New Single?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Since what was once around, always seems to come back around, it just belies the importance of making sure we have people from our community in all areas of entertainment, and especially for the youngins...because one day, they too might want to move their feet to a new single from an aging boyband...

Damn Jackie Chan...

Friday, May 18, 2018

I knew things were bad for you, and to be fair this was 2016, but since I just saw the listing in

How does this happen?

Fan Bingbing?

And Johnny Knoxville?

Truly the end of the world is coming...

White Women: You Have Some Work To Do!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I'm just going to use excerpts from an article down at Yahoo Finance.

But Siyonbola’s experience highlights the fact that white women play a role in encounters between the police and black Americans, too. Again and again, the news cycle highlights stories of white women who felt threatened by the mere presence of a black person in a public space, and called the cops [...]

Jessie Daniels, a professor at The City University Of New York, notes in the Huffington Post that these incidents follow a well-established blueprint in the US. When the Starbucks employee called the police, Daniels writes, “she was deploying a technology that was designed to protect white women from men like Nelson and Robinson ― one that relies on the constant surveillance, threatened incarceration and oppression of black men.” [...]

White women’s recent choices in the voting booth have also demonstrated how they prop up racial injustice. Exit polls showed that 52% of white women backed Donald Trump [...] Republican Roy Moore, who was accused of child molestation, white women voted overwhelmingly for Moore.

Like I said...

You have some work to do...

Start Your Engines: CAAMFEST36

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Get your tix down @

White Guy On Train Goes Fucking Mad

Monday, May 07, 2018

This is just crazy that the guy - who has headphones on and shouldn't be bothered by you know - other people on the train (because that's just normal as fuck) goes this insane.

Sure his language is racist as fuck - but just the fact that he's got a hair trigger - that already tells us a lot too and apparently he also got in their face as well.

Life must really actually kind of suck to be that angry.

But you know - fuck him because if that's the way you want to live your life I'm guessing a heart attack is waiting around the corner...

Pioneers: Holy Shit. Wong Fu. 15 Years. Damn. That's Staying Power

Friday, May 04, 2018

I hope they get to their goal of 5000.


VIDEO'D: Slant'd - Making of an Asian-American Magazine | Talks at Google

Friday, May 04, 2018

I'm Gonna Beat You NYT Like I Beat My Grandma Because Who Cares That China Could Care Less About Cultural Appropriation In the U.S.? We're Asian American. Fuckers.

Thursday, May 03, 2018

With the headline "Teenager’s Prom Dress Stirs Furor in U.S. — but Not in China" from this crap ass article from the NYT's -

it just washes over everything ASIAN AMERICANS have gone through.

Like we don't exist.

In a lot of ways it's the same mentality that was used for internment. No separation between US here in the US and not US in the Motherlands.

Why is it that no one does this shit to Norwegians?

Or the Dutch? Cause the Dutch are f-u-ck fucked up! I think if you have some Dutch ancestry in you - you gotta go! I don't care if you're a U.S. citizen.

We don't know about those Dutch and we shouldn't find out if we gotta worry about you too!

Which all leads me to believe that saying "Fuck You" to the NYT on this - especially because they had a writer of Chinese decent write it - is completely justifiable.

What? A $68 Bowl Of Phở? Dropping Knowledge With Justin Yu + More

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Khai Vu

Andrew Le

Justin Yu

Kevin Pham

In Case You Missed It: Crazy Rich Asians Trailer

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I want to see this. But I'm also thinking about the movie overall and I have expectations and I hope those don't ruin what could be a really fun film that I could really like, because I'm going to be nitpickery for lack of a better phrase.

I hope I can just sit back and enjoy it and take it in for what it is.

Nice Ellen spot btw.

Sometimes I Joke I Can't Tell White Women Apart From Each Other. Is That A Little Racist?

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Not all White women of course, but sometimes those platinum blondes - like stand them up side by side and who knows who's who?

I was even watching The Voice and they had these two blonde women on them, and we were trying to figure out who was the famous one and who was the contestant, and I just couldn't help but think they looked a lot a like and it just gets tough to tell 'em apart.

I know - it sounds a little laterally racist (maybe? maybe not?) - but you know - I'm all about starting the dialogue?

88rising + The New York Times

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Most likely you've heard of 88rising (if you haven't, I feel for you).

Anyway - there's a really good on article down @ the NYT on them:

In just two years, 88rising, which also has an office in Los Angeles and a small team in Shanghai, has become an authority on how to create Asian and American pop-culture crossovers. The company understands how to sell Asian artists, like Wu, to American audiences. Similarly, it offers a vision of Asian cool to industries—music, advertising, fashion, television—that are desperate to be cool in Asia. Jonathan Park, a Korean-American rapper who performs as Dumbfoundead, has been associated with 88rising since its beginning. “Everybody wants to get into Asia,” he told me. Miyashiro, he added, had been “pulling that card early on and selling people on that Asia dream.”

Probably one of my favorite passages from the article was this:

Miyashiro believed that Wu had a rare chance to penetrate the American rap charts, as long as he was careful. Wu’s team had initially wanted him to appear on shows like “Good Morning America.” Miyashiro told me, “I’m, like, ‘Bro, that’s not gonna mean shit. That’s not gonna do a goddam thing for you, bro.’ ” Instead, he had a strategy for getting Wu all the “dope press looks” at hip-hop-oriented outlets like XXL and Complex.

Because that's what killed Utada's English release (or at least that's what I keep saying to myself).

Finally - more people who agree that going on Good Morning America won't really do much for you.

TV Shows + South Asian American Representation

Saturday, April 07, 2018

But while several South Asian-American actors have been cast to play sidekicks on this year’s crop of pilots—and even more of them are playing doctors, another stereotype—other roles are breaking the mold. Mouzam Makkar is a lead on ABC’s The Fix, a traditional law drama from the mind of Marcia Clark. Sarayu Blue leads an NBC sitcom about a video-game storyboard artist trying to “have it all.” Vinny Chhibber plays a gay teacher in CBS’s Red Line. Kosha Patel was cast as a lead in ABC’s “comedic soap” False Profits, alongside Vanessa Williams, Bellamy Young, and newcomer Kapil Talwalkar.

The crop also includes CBS’s Pandas in New York, the rare domestic comedy about an Indian-American family—yes, they’re all doctors—and ABC’s The Greatest American Hero reboot, which has been rejiggered to feature TV’s first female Indian-American superhero, played by New Girl’s Hannah Simone.

Read it in full here.

Random News To Read: Asian American Monuments, Jenny Yang, And Sex Selection

Saturday, April 07, 2018

From my news readers to yours:

Asian-Americans, a Sleeping Political Giant

In the last midterm election, in 2014, the nationwide turnout for Asian-American citizens was dreadful — just 27 percent, according to the census. That’s far below the rates for whites and blacks and virtually identical to the Latino rate. In Virginia, however, turnout has been significantly higher — the highest Asian-American turnout in the nation, Desai writes — thanks to a deliberate strategy that has included...

Missouri’s Quiet, Racist Battle to Take Reproductive Rights From Asian American and Pacific Islander Women

Sex-selective abortion bans operate on the racist assumption that Asian immigrants in the United States will exhibit the same sex preferences for male children that may have existed in their countries of origin. The impetus behind this legislation is that Asian American women—in particular, immigrant Chinese and Indian women—will prefer sons over daughters and make reproductive care decisions based on the sex of their child. Not only is this an outdated and dangerously xenophobic belief, it is downright false. In fact, analysis from the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum has shown that foreign-born Chinese American, Korean American, and Indian American women are having more daughters than white American women, on average.

How one Asian-American woman’s comedy dreams came to be

In her comedy, Yang asked the audience two questions. In the first, she asked audience members to consider their typical response when someone asks what career they would like to pursue after finishing college. Second, she asked what they would pursue after finishing college if they felt no worries regarding money, skill sets, the expectations of others or time [...] “She brings a very unique Asian-American, female perspective to comedy that you don’t typically see,” said Asian-American studies professor Gena Lew Gong. “I think it’s good to put voices like hers out so more people – like students – can hear from other voices.”