Crazy Rich Asians: Sellout!

Thursday, August 09, 2018

Deadline is reporting the sneak preview Wednesday pretty much sold out.

Warner Bros. held sneak previews last night for Jon M. Chu’s Crazy Rich Asians literally a week before opening and sold out most of its 354 locations. What’s important to note here is that the previews were paid, not free, thus underscoring moviegoers’ want-to-see for the movie based on Kevin Kwan’s bestselling book[...]

In addition, Crazy Rich Asians on tracking is looking to play beyond its core demo to all female audiences with a 5-day opening between $18M-$21M. The pic opens next Wednesday.


Crazy Rich Asians: The Reviews Are In, Go See It (Tonight If You Can) Or When It Officially Opens Next Week

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

At your own risk start reading the reviews (which probably don't have spoilers, but I can't say for sure either because I don't read in that far right now):

Crazy Rich Asians isn’t about money, it’s about entitlement—and that’s a good thing
The emotional experience of watching Crazy Rich Asians.
By Stephanie Foo

When I texted my Singaporean aunt that I’d seen the movie Crazy Rich Asians, she immediately wrote back: “Terrible portrayal of Singaporeans. Was given the book — couldn’t finish. So materialistic.”

She has a point. The film, set mostly in Singapore and Malaysia, is about Rachel Chu (played by Constance Wu), a young Asian-American woman who discovers that her hot boyfriend, Nick Young (played by Henry Golding), is secretly a billionaire when he takes her home to meet his Singaporean parents.

I’m Malaysian, and nobody in my family is a billionaire. We do okay, but the only designer item I’ve gotten from my family is a knockoff ChloĆ© handbag from Petaling Street. Which is why, if Crazy Rich Asians is all about money, it was a little surprising for me to burst into tears 10 minutes into the movie.

Again - read at your own risk...

Just See It

I don't think much more needs to be said for that, and sure we can split some differences on what it's about, etc. - but shit. If White People get to have Pretty Woman - why the hell can't we have this?


So - let's do us all a favor--SEE THE MF MOVIE.

P.S. I Still Love You Mika Nakashima (AKA Kiss Of Death)

Tuesday, August 07, 2018


Jeff Bezos Funded Amazon With White Family Money. That's Okay. Get Yours. Make Brown People Rich.

Friday, August 03, 2018

It's not just a White thing. It's a class and family inheritance thing.

But it is also a White thing.

When you look at all the advantages that White People have had--to compound that interest--you can see why White People own a lot of shit.

That's why we need to keep on making money, pushing and advancing.

So that we can pass that on--some mom invests in the next Bezos.

But she's brown.

And now other brown kids have someone to look up too--and I'm not saying there aren't great brown and black business leaders--but you know what I mean.

Compound that interest and fund the next Bezos.

Identity LA Recap + Does It Happen Anyplace Else?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Pondering that first question....


I think...

It has?

Damn: Shiva Ayyadurai Calls Out Elizabeth Warren Amid Racist Attack By Supporters

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Damn is right people:

Shiva Ayyadurai, 54, who is running Independent against powerful incumbent Elizabeth Warren from the Democratic party was attacked last week by her supporter, reported.

Well - I hope she at apologizes from her supporter view.

Let's see....

Shut The Fuck Up: 'Terrified' Roseanne Barr. We've Heard Enough.

Sunday, July 29, 2018

From the mouth of the WWP (Whiny White People).

Touching on topics that ranged from Barr’s devout Zionism to her incentives behind voting for President Donald Trump, the actress and comedian, 65, detailed her feelings amid the public backlash, receding to her mother’s basement in Hawaii, where she spent two months. “I was afraid to go out, and also because when you’re called a racist and you live on an island full of brown people, it’s kind of terrifying,” she told the rabbi. (Ten percent of Hawaii’s population is “Native Hawaiian,” meaning of Polynesian descent. The majority of Hawaii’s population is Asian and white.)

Is there anything else that needs to be said here?

It's a no btw...

BTS, Fake Love, I Could Have Been The Viet Backstreet Boy, We Need The AA BBSBTS Combo

Sunday, July 29, 2018

While I'm always glad to see any Asians get some love from the music sphere, as I watch some boy bands from the K, I can't help but think back to a simpler time when I was much cooler and younger and I had the hops.

Sure, I still have them, but it's not like you can tell anyone that either--they just don't believe me until I break it out, and then they're like DAMN.

And then I'm like. YUP.

But that's beside the point.

All I'm saying is that if people would have RECOGNIZED I could have been the Viet Backstreet boy and then it just makes me wonder how come we can't get us some ASIAN AMERICAN boy bands?

We dance.

We sing.

We kick ass.

We're cool as MUTHERFUCKERS.

And I just think everyone should love us (and by us, I mean the younger, cooler, better looking but only by a small amount musical talents in our community).

One day.



Damn I'm A Shitty AA Blogger...

Sunday, July 29, 2018

At the same time I can't but think that I'm actually not slacking--but I'm just...lazy...which is different from being a slacker.

And then I have to answer the question of if an Asian American can actually be lazy...

And the answer is yes.

So maybe I am a slacker....


Sunday Sunmi - Heroine

Sunday, July 29, 2018

This video and song has been out on my playlist and wanted to make sure and post it up.

Good Sunday vibes.

Stylish and catchy - what more do I want?

I'd Say Happy 4th Of July...But We're Still Living How We're Living

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

And in that way, we all know too well that we're still not getting it our way.

So happy least from the British...

Because we're still stuck where we are.

Re: Travel Ban From Above...NPR, Fred Korematsu, And Just...Damn

Thursday, June 28, 2018

We all know it's bullshit. And while I have a rant deep inside...I've been busy trying to get the lint out between my toes (cause I'm a bad Asian MF's) so here's at least one link to a story on NPR...

And yes...WTF indeed.

In Travel Ban Ruling, High Court Repudiates Notorious Japanese Internment Case

In the sharply divided decision over President Trump's travel ban, the Supreme Court repudiated a notorious case from the last century: one that justified the internment of Japanese-Americans during World War II.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor pointed to what she called "stark parallels" between the 1944 Korematsu decision and Tuesday's ruling, which upheld Trump administration restrictions on would-be visitors from Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.

In both cases, "the Government invoked an ill-defined national-security threat to justify an exclusionary policy of sweeping proportion," Sotomayor wrote in a dissent joined by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. "As here, the exclusion order was rooted in dangerous stereotypes about ... a particular group's supposed inability to assimilate and desire to harm the United States."

Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote for the majority in the travel ban case, dismissed the comparison. While the forcible relocation of Japanese-American citizens to concentration camps was "objectively unlawful" and "morally repugnant," Roberts argued, "it is wholly inapt to liken that" to the travel ban, which he described as a "facially neutral policy denying certain foreign nationals the privilege of admission."

Even as he rejected the parallels to the travel ban, though, Roberts took the opportunity to expressly disavow the high court's 74-year-old decision.

"Korematsu was gravely wrong the day it was decided, has been overruled in the court of history, and — to be clear — 'has no place in law under the Constitution,' " Roberts wrote, quoting from Justice Robert Jackson's 1944 dissent.

People Suck AKA Kelly Marie Tran Deletes Instagram Account Because Of Racist Assholes

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Well...I guess this isn't surprising...but yet it is because you would think in some ways that we could get past this in the name of sci-fi...but then again it's not like sci-fi doesn't have it's own issues.

"Star Wars: The Last Jedi" actress Kelly Marie Tran has deleted all her Instagram posts.
Tran has faced racist and sexist attacks online since her casting [...] Tran faced racism and sexism online surrounding her casting in "The Last Jedi." For instance, in December, someone edited the Rose Tico Wookieepedia page so that her name was "Ching Chong Wing Tong" and her home was "Ching Chong China."

Here's to hoping we see KMT kicking ass for a long long time and one day opening her account back up.

This Is Why We Need An All Asian American Boy Band AKA Backstreet Boys Have A New Single?

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Since what was once around, always seems to come back around, it just belies the importance of making sure we have people from our community in all areas of entertainment, and especially for the youngins...because one day, they too might want to move their feet to a new single from an aging boyband...

Damn Jackie Chan...

Friday, May 18, 2018

I knew things were bad for you, and to be fair this was 2016, but since I just saw the listing in

How does this happen?

Fan Bingbing?

And Johnny Knoxville?

Truly the end of the world is coming...