Movies I Don't Need To See To Know They're Bad: The Asian Connection (AKA Another Steven Seagal Crapfest)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Perusing Redbox I stumbled upon the DVD cover and couldn't resist finding out a little more - and with an "endorsement" like this (among other things) the film speaks for itself:

If you're reading this review of the Steven Seagal vehicle "The Asian Connection," it is probably too late to dissuade you from seeing almost any other movie. I get it: you want to see a movie with a vaguely racist-sounding title starring the has-been star of cheesy action films like "Hard to Kill," "Marked for Death," and "Above the Law." These films are bad, but in an endearingly disastrous way. The same is basically true of "The Asian Connection," a lousy bank heist flick and one of Seagal's most engagingly tacky recent efforts. I want to defend this movie, but it's so bad that I must warn you: if you watch this film knowing that it is Steven-Seagal-wearing-a-du-rag-and-glowering-impassively-at-attractive-young-women bad, you will get what you pay for. That's both an endorsement and a warning.
Err...bloated, old, racist, pervy Seagal for 100 please?

Broken Wrist = A Few Less Posts

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Should be self explanatory, but probably not a ton of posts for the next couple of weeks as my left wrist is broken and it needs time to get casted and get into a healing rhythm.


P.S. Matt Lauer #currygate

Friday, September 09, 2016

I didn't like you anyway and apparently people behind the scenes aren't so fond of what you just did either (that's why Lester Holt has upstaged you):

Behind the scenes, NBC execs concede Matt Lauer forum performance was "disaster"

And you remember why I didn't like you don't you?

#currygate #imstillinvestigating #youlose

Vote Now: The Interpretations Top 15

Thursday, September 08, 2016

Oh hellz yeah.

Top 15.

Gotta watch 'em.

You should too.

Watch. Vote. Spread the word.

A list of the finalists:

DADDY DAY directed by Faroukh Virani
HIT OR MISS directed by Kristine Gerolaga
ICE CREAM DREAMS directed by Shea William Vanderpoort
LILY directed by Angela Park
NUTS directed by Leon Cheo
PAPER CHILDREN directed by Jeff Gadigan
PREY directed by Matthew King
REAL directed by Hiroshi Hara
SCARE ME directed by Elaine Loh
SINGULARITY directed by Tom Choi
SKETCH directed by Jason M. Klein
SOCKS FOR YOU! directed by Rommel Andaya
SWING directed by Andrew Pang
THE MAJESTIC MR. JESSE directed by Lawrence Chen
WINGMAN directed by Julia Chang

In Pictures: Nước Short Film

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Too Proud + Mental Illness + Vietnamese Americans

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Good (but sad) article down at the OC Register, and mental health and therapy - gotta be true to what's real and deal with it - versus burying down deep inside.

Four years ago, Lanie Tran was broke and homeless. The single mother was living in her car with an adult daughter and a son who was going to middle school. “I felt stuck, like my hands were tied and I couldn’t move,” she said. “I felt ... paralyzed.” That’s what it took for Tran to eventually seek help from the Vietnamese Community of Orange County – a clinic in Westminster that provides comprehensive health services to the county’s Vietnamese population – to treat her daughter’s, son’s and her own mental health issues, which ranged from depression to schizophrenia [...] Tran was a war orphan who grew up with adoptive parents. In Vietnam, she watched people with mental illnesses stigmatized in school, in public, even within families. Tran did not want that for herself or her children [...] Tran is just one example of how mental health stigma devastates Vietnamese American families, a majority of whom have been affected by the multiple traumas wrought by war – imprisonment, torture in concentration camps – uprooting their families, fleeing by boat as they fended off pirates and braved turbulent seas, and eventually reestablishing their lives in a different country.

Read it in full.

Subject: Travel Pool Report 9 - Hawaii

Friday, September 02, 2016

Honestly, I have no idea how I got signed up for these White House Press Office reports, but yet I still don't unsubscribe even though I just see the headlines for the most part, occasionally click on one, and then delete everything else. For some odd reason I decided to post one.

Subject: Travel pool report 9 - Hawaii
The pool reconnected with POTUS and the cartcade just after 16:50 Midway time, making the very short trip to the landing strip. On the way we passed canaries, terns and officers' quarters which were designed by Albert Kahn.

Arriving on the tarmac, Cart Force One pulled up to the bottom of the stairs and POTUS jumped out eating a snack. He thanked some of the aides who helped organize the trip, shook some hands and made his way up the steps.

Air Force One departed Midway Atoll at 16:56, gliding over the reef and climbing into the clouds.
The flight was largely uneventful.

At 20:38 Air Force One Landed at Pearl Harbor.

POTUS left the plane and loaded into the motorcade, which is now moving through very light rain to Kailua, whence we came.

Stir Friday Night + 8 Angry Asians + Starring Scarlett Johansson

Friday, September 02, 2016

Oh hell yes.

Stir Friday Night presents their newest sketch comedy revue:

8 Angry Asians
Starring Scarlett Johansson

*The role of Scarlett Johansson will be played by 8 Asians.

Written & performed by
Brooke Montoya, Dacey Arashiba, Elyse Ahmad, Jonald Reyes, Loreen Targos, Nic Park, Ray Hui, & Scott Hanada
Directed by Jay Steigmann

Music Direction by Katie Foster

Stage Manager: Dujuan Pritchett

Stir Friday Night is a 21-year-old Asian-American comedy group. Some of our alumni include Danny Pudi from Community, and Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead.

P.S. Joseph Tran From "Last Samurai"

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Good lookin' out.

Hope you defend the title next year.



"Six of the eight competing dance crews featured one to two members of Asian descent — for a total of nine — whose ethnic backgrounds included Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Filipino, Khazakstani, Bangladeshi and Taiwanese."

I feel like it should have been more.

Re: Vietnamese Gangs AKA More Than Nails And Rings

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Why is it that everyone reports on Viet gangs and MF nail salons or the people that work there but you don't see them post shit about anything else?

'Cause that's all we are?

Yeah - that's all I'm saying - 'cause that's all that needs to be said.

An Open Letter To My Young Asian Americans Who Like To Drop The N-Word

Monday, August 29, 2016

Dear Youngins,

First off, I am going to refer to you as youngins, because you are. And no, Grandpa doesn't have one foot in the grave, in fact, you can just call me Big Daddy. Unlike you, Big Daddy doesn't lose it early when someone takes off their jacket on a date, and yes, by "lose it" I mean cum early.

I just didn't want to startle you.

And sure Mrs. Big Daddy might have some other things to say on those nights when apparently Big Daddy can't make anybody happy, but who the hell knew I was marrying someone who had a phobia about open closet doors and I was so good at not closing them?

But this isn't about me - this is about you.

I feel you. I get you. I understand in some ways you feel a brotherhood because Black men are men of color, men who've overcame things when faced with people who looked at them differently because of the color of their skin. There's a culture and history there that you can relate to and as POC, communities of color, we share some of those same bonds and shared inequities.

But my youngins - my Asian American youngins, dick and no dick alike:

You're not Black.

You can't call me your n___a.

You can't say hey "What's up my n____a?".

Because again - you're not Black.

That's just the way it works.

You're not down with the Black community. You're appropriating from the Black community. The same community in ways that you're trying to pay homage to in your own way, and again,

I get it -

But you gotta find your own language.

You have to be true to who you are.

--BDS Signing Off--

4X: Random Parry Shen And General Hospital

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) GH Episodes 14-19

Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) GH Episodes 26-34

Brad Cooper (Parry Shen) May & June 2014 - GH Episodes

Brad Cooper (2016-03-21) - Brad & Griffin's Jobs Are Threatened

I can't say I watch GH on a regular basis mostly in part because it's in the day and while I'm not averse to the Soap Opera - I typically don't watch them (and I'm still in the process of working a good DVR solution, but I'm a procrastinator). But I have to say the clips I have seen of GH with Parry Shen are really good.

Real real good.

MIN: Take Me Away (AKA I Can't Help It. There're Just Too Many Great Viet Music Videos This Month)

Saturday, August 27, 2016

MIN always seems to have a different look while retaining that sense of self, but the 28 year-old never seems to step out of her comfort zone - and the music is there. Definitely becoming one of my favorite singers.

That's A Chill Sexy Viet Song + Video + "Chỉ Là" By Trang Pháp ft. Dj Xillix + Close To A Million

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Snakehead + Kickstarter

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Snakehead is a feature film about a woman's rise in the international underworld of human smuggling set in New York Chinatown.

Here's a part of the project bio from director Evan Jackson Leong:

I humbly present SNAKEHEAD, a passion project that I've been working on for over 9 years.

Inspired by true events and based in New York's Chinatown, we follow our anti hero, Sister Tse as she rises to one of the most sought after human smugglers in FBI history. From the moment she lands in American waters she quickly learns that the American dream wasn't what she was promised. We will explore the reality of the modern American immigrant through the lens of the Chinatown underworld.

Ultimately, this is a story about a Bad ass Asian woman who finds her community as a feared and respected boss.