Sao Lue Vang Update

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

In case you were wondering or hadn't caught up on the news, yes there have been protests and yes, Kevin Elberg, 43, was charged with Aggravated Battery-Intending Bodily Harm and False Imprisonment, and the preliminary hearing was two days ago. He's out on bond right now coming back to court in about a month. Here's to hoping that this gets resolved quickly for the family of Sao Lue Vang and here's also a link to the Justice for Sao Lue Vang FB page.

Crazy Funked Up: A Little Gabe A Little Bondoc And Why Not Another Blank Space Cover (Because This Is Pretty Damn Sweet)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I think this is my favorite so far.


It's close.

Damn this is good.

500,000 Views And Counting: Blank Space Cover By Image Suthita (AKA That's Really Really Good)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If there's one person I'm hating right now it's Taylor Swift because of her catchy pop tunes, did bring me the cover by Voice Thailand contestant Image Suthita who has one of the most popular covers on YouTube.

Here she is on The Voice Thailand with "Falling Slowly".

Monday Morning Kina

Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm Cheap As Fuck Ben Edelman But I'm Not An Asshat Like You

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dear Ben,

Listen man. I get it. I don't want to be overcharged for shit or pay more for what I thought was going to be less. One time I got some pasta noodles that were kind of suck ass so I called them up and got a $5 credit (one phone call btw).

I get it. I'm cheap.

But you're an asshat. I'm not. That's the difference.

I could go into it a lot more - race, class, the perpetuation of the sneaky chinks who want to rob you blind stereotype - but really - I just want to call you an asshat.

And btw, just between us, can't you do some simple math in your head when someone gives you the total? Didn't you go to Harvard?

I know being as cheap as I am I do that shit in my head at the register or when they give me the total over the phone...


Like so many other things, I just have to shake my head and give you a swift kick to the nuts.

You're An Asshat

Well That's Some Juicy Racist Crazy Shit From The Sony Email Hacks

Monday, December 15, 2014


It really must be a studio executive's assistant's dream to have this happen if they hated their boss or just wanted to see them go down in flames.

One (of the many items) I found interesting was that a lot of people below Kazuo Hirai made more than him.


Put us up.

Bring us down.

And do it behind closed doors.


WTF: Delta Gamma + University of Maryland + "Suck a n****’s d**k"? WTF I Ask Again

Monday, December 15, 2014

I expect that kind of language from Chris Rock but not on a Delta Gamma birthday cake:

The racist slur, made by Delta Gamma students at the University of Maryland, came as they had the phrase ‘suck a n****’s d**k’ emblazoned on a birthday cake given to celebrate a girl’s 21st birthday. After being posted on Instagram, the post caused outrage. Before it photo was taken down from the social media site, it had notched up 77 'likes'.


Let me check out their FB page and their cover photo...


A little suspect...

The Delta Gamma's put out a statement:
We have become aware of an unacceptable Instagram post by a member of our chapter. The Fraternity volunteers and staff are working with our chapter at the University of Maryland at this time to hold this member accountable. Delta Gamma Fraternity is a dynamic organization committed to diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious affiliation, color, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or physical disability. All efforts are in place to guarantee those selected for membership are committed to living our values. Delta Gamma stands for high ideals of friendship, promoting cultural and educational interests, a true sense of social responsibility and developing the best qualities of character.

Well...I guess that settles it then.

This Is How I Keep My Little Guys Fresh And Good

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Say what you will and some people might, but I believe that I should share some of the knowledge that I've acquired while on this earth, because if nothing else I should at least be able to do that for my community, and I think this is one of those conversations that just sometimes needs to happen, because no one really talks about ball maintenance. We talk about abs, hair, wrinkles, clothes, et al., but I'm not going to the local store and seeing "12 Fabulous Ways To Make Your Balls Smooth And Succulent" on the cover of People.

But it's important.

Because everyone wants nice, good, smooth, fresh loving balls.

So, without further ado, and to the best of my ability...

Tips On Good Ball Maintenance

I really have a two step regiment, one in the shower and one after I get out. I like the Olay in the shower after I get done with the soapy goodness, and the Vaseline after I get out of the shower, and sure, it could just be that the marketing department did their job well, but I do in fact feel that my balls are more supple and radiant.

Now in the shower with the Olay, I really like to get a nice handful, spread it into both hands and then just start going to town on all of it. Right side, left side, cup my guys with one hand while the other gets to the head of the household, and just massage it all in. I'm not trying to get off, but just tenderly clean (although if a detour is necessary a detour is necessary). At the same time, I also like to pay attention to the inside of my thighs and what I sometimes like to refer to as the butt cheek continuum, because I want those to be fresh and good too because it's all connected (and no one's focusing on new rims if the engine is smelling kind of funky...). Once I'm done getting it all in and I feel like it's good - a few minutes - then I water it off and step on out of the shower (usually the last thing I do).

Once I'm out I like to dry off and then get a little of the Vaseline cocoa radiance (about two quarter sized dollops) and then go over my guys in the same way that I did with the Olay moisturizer. I just work it on in, take a little time, not too heavy, but enough to give it all a good shine - that being said - I cannot say that I've done a picture to picture comparison in different shades of light to truly test this statement, but, I feel like they're spiffier.

And then I'm done. That's it. Easy.

They're clean. They smell nice. They Feel nice. They're good to go for even the harshest of environments (because the Midwest can be harsh on the skin). And just knowing you're walking around with supple radiant goodness truly does give you a lift in your step.

*** While this may or may not work the best for you, or your skin type (be careful with skin allergies or irritations you may have), or region and weather - or you may already have your own regiment - I hope it at least gives you a few ideas and if nothing else gets the dialogue started for your own ball maintenance program, initiative, or upgrade.

I'm Convinced Selfie Is Just That Awesome Because Now It Turned Into A K-Drama And Who Doesn't Like John Cho Singing? Harmony Indeed...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Latest Episode (total of 3 new on Hulu so catch up before watching)

Note: Random Spoilers.

I was watching the latest episode of the Hulufied Selfie and I'll just say that they can take me anywhere they want to and it will be all right with me because I just wasn't expecting that (and maybe I should have).

Eliza after Henry? Henry after Eliza? First nakedness in the elevator and now a semi-musical episode including a Tove Lo Selfie video remix, John Cho karaoke version of Wide World + more?

Oh yeah.

It really is Solid As A Rock.

R.I.F: Jack Linshi + Why Ferguson Should Matter to Asian-Americans

Friday, December 05, 2014

Just a good article @

Finally Something House Speaker Boehner And I Can Agree On

Thursday, December 04, 2014

And I quote (from the WP):

Clearly both of these are serious tragedies that we’ve seen in our society. I think the American people want to understand more of what the facts were. There are a lot of unanswered questions that Americans have, and frankly I have [...] I do think that the American people deserve more answers about what really happened here and was our system of justice handled properly

70's, 80's, And 90's Connie Chung

Wednesday, December 03, 2014




Wow. Some People Just Amaze Me With Their Comments

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

All I would say is great for Nicole Maines and WTH to everyone else commenting on this MSN page.

Family Of Assaulted Hmong Hunter Sao Lue Vang Speaks Out

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

There's a video of the family of Sao Lue Vang, and a member from the Coalition for Community Relations, speaking out and asking questions on WQOW about the assault by Kevin Elberg on Vang.

While we technically still have to hear from Elberg (because he's been tight lipped so far) when you beat down a 64-year-old man for what seems to be nothing more than a land dispute over hunting, I can't help but think to myself that yeah, criminal charges are looming (or at least they better be and according to this story they could be).


Supposedly one of the people commenting in the above story knows the family, and while trying to "defend" Elberg is just showing what a complete ass they are:

So I think Patty pretty much hit it all in her comments when it comes to standard racist/xenophobic lingo.

1. Go back to your country? Check.

2. "Real" Americans don't include Hmong Americans? Check.

3. Being an American citizen by birth makes you "truly" an American? Check.

4. Throw in a comment about learning English? Check.


My Random Viet Post For The Day

Monday, December 01, 2014

Some days I really do think to myself that since I survived getting bombs dropped on me back in the day in Vietnam and everything that it encompassed with so much loss and tragedy and new endings and beginnings being written in a fluid state that I really can do whatever I want and no one can tell me any different because that's just the way it is. If I want to live on the edge every now and then in my own way doing whatever I do, to do what I do, because in some ways it's all about chance, timing, and the gamble - who am I to deny it?

Visceral, faded, fated, and sometimes ill-fated, I'll grab it all.