Clippers + Sterling + I'm hoping For A Walkout Or A Championship (Or A Pay Per View Castration + Dick Chopping)

Monday, April 28, 2014

There're just too many levels to this whole thing and I can't really decide what I'd like to see.

So here's my list of things I'd like (in a perfect set of multiverses).

1. Donald Sterling Gets Castration + Dick Chopping On Pay Per View. Sure, I don't want to see those nasty looking old whitey ballsacks, but I'd still pay per view it just to know it happened.

2. Clippers Do A Walkout For One Or More Games. I know there would be penalties and contract issues and I wouldn't want to see any of the Clipper players lose any money that they can take away from Sterling, but the other side is simply - who wants to take money from a racist boss? Money aside - I'd love to see that playoff series stop because of this and then let all hell break loose - because then you have take some drastic measures - and sure there would be an asterisk next to the final winner - if they can figure that out anyway - but it's not like the Spurs don't have one either...

3. Clippers Win The Championship. Sterling Gets Fined $100 Million And Loses Franchise. Nothing more on this one.

4. All Of The Above. Hear me out and just remember it's my multiverses and I can still have contradictions. Clippers walkout for one game. Series stops. They go back and decide to finish it out, move on, and win the championship. Sterling loses the franchise, goes completely broke, but gets an offer to make $1 million dollars by getting castrated + his dick chopped on PPV. Broke, shitting himself, and in dire need of anyone to touch his balls, decides to do it where after "the big night" gets a letter from the IRS saying that he owes them a million. Mmmmm...smells like chopped dick and justice.

What more could I want?