Intel apologizes for Slave Recruiting Ad…I mean racist product Ad…I mean, I’ll stick with AMD processors...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

If you haven’t already seen the ad from Intel you can see it now:

You can give credit to Intel for being very open about this and putting a nice apology on their website from Don MacDonald the vice president of sales and marketing which you can read here, as well as commend them for taking shots via their blog here, and for calling the advertisement “culturally insensitive” and “insulting”…

But really - what the hell else could they do? Deny it? Let it ride and hope no one noticed?

If they wanted to correlate something in the real world like a sprinter for their processors - why not instead use a real sprinter with some name recognition? What about a simple campaign like “Who holds more world records, Michael Johnson or Intel’s new Core 2 Duo?” and have them battling each other in different tasks - I mean Intel could have made it into a fun campaign and one that said ”We have some of the fastest processors, and we’re cool”.


They decided to not have any historical perspective whatsoever and have 6 faceless black men breaking their back and sweating their asses off so that the white man gets all the recognition and credit and stays in power. Basically what I like to call a Slave Recruiting Ad.

If advertising sends a message, this message basically says “Buy Intel and you too can have black men at your disposal just like in the good old slave days.”

Yeah - I think I’ll stick with AMD processors for a while…