Live Free Or Die Hard You Ass

Monday, July 02, 2007

I’ll just get to the point - the movie Live Free or Die Hard could have been a great action movie, but instead - because of its racist language towards Asians and Asian women - it’s racist moviemaking at its best - and I’m proud to say I walked out of that piece of trash before it was done.

Maggie Q - a great actress in her own right - plays one of the villians in what seems to be a great multicultural cast - but alas the screenwriters - and indeed Bruce Willis himself, just couldn’t resist throwing in some of the most offensive language I’ve heard towards Asians and Asian American women in a major motion picture.

Here’s the rundown of language:

1. When Bruce Willis is relaying to Timothy Olyphant (who plays the movie’s main villian Thomas Gabriel) that he just killed his partner/girlfriend Maggie Q he refers to her as his little bitch Asian girlfriend whom he just killed. Now - while I’m all for the hero of the movie kicking the villians ass - nowhere else in the movie is there a line which refers to someone’s race. It’s just for the Asian villian. The plain fact is that in this context, no screenwriter would have written, and no white actor would have agreed to say something to the effect of I just killed your little bitch black girlfriend.

But if they’re Asian - it’s O.K.

2. And that just sets you up for the most horrible line towards the end of the movie where Bruce Willis says to Timothy Olyphant that he killed his “Asian bitch hooker girlfriend” and that “she was hot” and that “he should’t have a hard time finding another one”.


This is complete bullshit racist language which keeps the ideas alive that:

1. Asian women - and Asian American women - are whores. They deserve to be sold and traded as commodities. Plain simple hookers. Objects.

2. Asians are expendable. Hey - we’re all alike - don’t worry - you can mame and kill a couple of us because there are more of us where we came from. We’re not individuals - we’re all a collective.

Asian women? They are there to be fucked, raped, and killed - and don’t worry - there’s millions more where they came from.

And the audience - they didn’t laugh either - there were hushes and ohhs - and it makes me wonder if the studio executives - like Bert Livingston who called the character Bruce Willis plays an “everyman” - used a group of white racists for the focus group.

BOTTOM LINE - AVOID THIS MOVIE AND DON’T GIVE 20th Century Fox or Bruce Willis any of your money - SPREAD THE WORD.