Reporter Jonathan Choe Doesn't Take Shit From Drunk Ass U of M College Kids And Calls Them The Idiots That They Are

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Here's a clip from a riot in Minneapolis in the Dinkytown/East campus area a couple days ago after the U of M lost to Union College.

Drunk kids getting in his way?

Yeah, gotta stiff arm that shit.

And as you can tell from the video, it's mostly White College kids who mess up the camera and surround Choe who has to get off the air because they're drunken idiots who have no clue. You may ask me why I point out that they're White kids and I'll just say that I notice when drunk testosterone filled White kids, actually, young men, surround the Asian American reporter.

Just something I really can't help not seeing.

I was hoping that out of the corner of the screen I would see members from the Asian American Student Union form an invincible barrier around Choe so he could finish his reporting but that's just my vivid imagination going wild...

h/t kmoj