2365-6397 Review (In Full)

Monday, October 14, 2019

While I posted this up on Twitter - wanted to make an sure and post up here on the blog as well (it needed a workout).

Ivy Lin. APIA Filmmaker. Shown at places like MOCA and festivals here in the U.S. and recently in Seoul, South Korea--hoping to see this get picked up by some APIA festivals.

2365-6397 Review

Ivy Lin’s short film “2365 6397” is an archive of Taipei’s city streets and neighborhood stores, a backdrop for the filmmaker’s own story of her move to the U.S., marriage and divorce, the passing of her father, and how an already small family dealt with loss between two countries.

A mostly split screened endeavor, with Lin largely behind the camera, she juxtaposes (and sometimes meshes together) 1999 through 2018 Taipei--a deliberate cadence to her storytelling and unfolding of intimate familial moments for the viewer--a slow drawl illuminated by the city she’s captured, the dueling images a metronome for the audience and herself to follow.

It’s a fitting way to remind us about the dualities of life, sometimes in opposition, and other times simply a measure of passing moments: crossroads or ennui.

In “2365 6397”, filmmaker Ivy Lin adds to her already impressive vault of films which have been shown at festivals around the country and abroad, except this time with a more intimate and pointed view at her own life and that of her parents, resounding in an engaging and sublime experience in documentary memoir.

Here's the link to the trailer - https://vimeo.com/333401140?fbclid=IwAR0QT6b-iCyekhOcgdhohv9pJY_UgIt8yft8ESXEKu9-effN3diEa0VEI3c. It's a little bit more of a teaser than a trailer per se, but gives insight into the full short itself at least from a visual standpoint.