Kina Grannis + Nataly Dawn = Meghan Trainor "No" / 90s Mashup

Friday, April 29, 2016

From a few weeks ago - this song is catchy...

Let The Debates Begin. Football Names + The Slants

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

This is an interesting side to the debate on The Slants name and their trademark case, and I was all for them doing what they were doing - but you knew there could also be consequences.

Sure, they're both completely different - because one is taking back the name from the group it's meant to slur and one is not (and I'm sure there's other minutia to talk about) - so I don't think it's fair to say "Well - see what you did Slants?" - but the overall topic is up for debate.

Here's some info from the Washington Post article Why the Washington Redskins are using the case of an Asian American rock band to save its trademark:

...the name, "The Slants," which front man Simon Shiao Tam came up with "to make a statement about racial and cultural issues in this country," to "reclaim" and "take ownership" of Asian stereotypes. Its lyrics are in part inspired from "childhood slurs and mocking nursery rhymes," its albums including titles like "The Yellow Album and "Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts." [...] "Redskin’ has a long history of oppression, the football team treats the people as mascots. On the other hand, Asian-American activists have been using ‘SLANT’ to present a bold portrayal of our culture for decades now. THE REDSKINS reinforce stereotypes of savage Native Americans. THE SLANTS breaks stereotypes about Asians Americans, especially in the entertainment industry."

Here's a link to The Slants case on why their cases are dissimilar:

1.Unlike REDSKINS, THE SLANTS is not an inherent racial slur. “SLANT” means a number of different things and the racial connotations are so obscure, nearly every major dictionary publisher removed the racial slur from its list of possible definitions. REDSKINS always has been used as a racial slur and has a long history of demeaning Native Americans. “SLANT” has not. It has been and is a commonly used “neutral” term (according to dictionary experts, it was obscure even during the height of its racial use in 1920-1940). Furthermore, two national surveys showed that Asian American do not find our name disparaging (92%-98% of Asian Pacific Islanders support our use of the name).

2. REDSKINS has a substantial composite of Native Americans demonstrating serious concerns over the name. THE SLANTS has not garnered wide protest from Asian Americans; in fact, quite the opposite. Our band has been supported by lifelong activists, organizations, academics, and other experts who understand the sentiment of our community. We’ve partenered with over 200 social justice and advocacy organizations across North America to focus on anti-racism work.

3. The owners of “REDSKINS” are not members of the “referenced group,” unlike THE SLANTS. It’s important to remember that of the 800+ trademark applications for variations of the term “slant,” only one was denied for being a “racial slur.” In other words, the Trademark Office never considered it to be a slur against Asians until an Asian applied. The Trademark Office clearly expressed that the only reason why they associated our trademark application with a racial slur was because of my race. They wrote, “it is uncontested that applicant is a founding member of a band…composed of members of Asian descent…thus, the association.” In other words, if I were white, like every other applicant in the history of the country, it would have not been questioned to begin with.

Last Call + Time For The Earmuffs: Peter Liang, Addendums, Right Lefties, And I'm Not A White Guy (That's Important)

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Spending a few days up north (and yes, I already am up north - but I was even farther up north) hanging with Baby Slanty in a hotel room for quite some time because K-Wife was doing what she does and I had to be along there, it gave me some nice alone time with more thoughts including those on Peter Liang - and for better or for worse - some addendums, questions, randomness, and doubling down.

  1. I would have been fine if Peter Liang got some jail time. I don't think it should have been 15 years - but I would have been fine with 1-3 and his 5 years of probation (which there's a lot to abide by).
  2. The sentence that was handed down - I was still fine with. I wanted a conviction and I wanted him off the force and some sort of other punishment. The fact that he didn't get jail time -- I absolutely can see how some people don't think it was justice served. At the end of the day for me though - I felt it was a fair sentencing. I don't think Liang should take the brunt for all of it. His partner - who was just as negligent in letting Akai Gurley die should have been prosecuted. The police department - who put them in that situation (and they can say whatever they want) should get sued for millions of dollars - and I would assume they will, and I hope they have to pay out. To me it has to be spread around and I think Liang is taking his part.
  3. If Liang should have had jail time how much should it have been? 1-3? 5? 10-15? Life? Just a general question to throw out in the universe.
  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't think this shooting is the same as Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, or Jamar Clark (to name just a few) - or in the same vein as Fong Lee or Map Kong.
  5. It can be said - as anything can - but the argument that Liang got off easy because of having an Asian American judge just falls short. Completely.
  6. K-Wife couldn't believe I was fine with what was handed down to Liang. I added my addendums to it - but she like others - didn't really like that I said I was fine with it as far as being fair (or what I felt was fair enough in light of all the circumstances). She likes Bernie. I like Hillary.
  7. I'm fine if people disagree with me on my opinions - but I'm completely tired of the generalization that me thinking what I do about the Liang verdict in taking Akai Gurley's life, makes me an inept person who doesn't understand about the privileges that we can have as Asian Americans, or that I somehow think he should have gotten off easy because he's Asian American and I'm Asian American, or that I somehow value Black lives less. That type of thinking to me is myopic and it's the type of thinking from what I'll call Right Lefties - the "progressive" left leaners, who really use the same tactics and obtuse thinking that they themselves don't like (and I can't help but think to myself about all the progressive people I know who love their football, baseball, and hockey even though it supports such blatant racism and disregard for Native populations which plays a role in causing a cycle of self hatred, poverty, and death. Some progressive Asian Americans don't have a clue about Native/American Indian populations much less Native people in their sphere of influence - and I'm not saying if you like football you're a bigot - all I'm saying is that there are degrees and things are gray).
  8. Just as Liang shouldn't have had the charges dropped because he was Asian American, he shouldn't get it harder because he is Asian American.
  9. I'm always up for respectful debates on this or any other topic.

I'm Just Gonna Say This Like This AKA Feel Free To Just Cover Your Eyes And Move On

I get it.

We can't even come to a census in my own house on it.

There's a lot to it.

But this tone sometimes - not always - but sometimes - that I may not care about the lives of the Black influences in my life - that I just don't give a fuck about co-workers, friends, teachers, writers, musicians, filmmakers, artists, mentors, neighbors in my community --- people who have and do make an impact on my life --- or that I somehow came to the viewpoints I did simply because I'm Asian American and have Asian American bias and can't see past my own racial and cultural makeup - that's what I'm not good with.

This either or mentality with strings attached.

If anyone ever wants to put me in that box (and I'm guessing other people feel the same way) and tell me, or infer that this is who I am because of my thoughts on this - first they can go fuck themselves - and second - they can go fuck themselves some more. I have people in my life where we do not see eye to eye on this, K-Wife just but one, but it's respectful. There's no shit throwing. They're not telling me I'm a piece of shit who doesn't give a fuck about Black lives. And I say it like that because that's the way it sounds sometimes. That's the way it can come off. And they're blogs, articles, etc. that don't have the same viewpoint as me - but that don't have that either. It may be hot. But it's not making that general statement. It's not using the same language that would be used for clueless White People (and I do find that insulting because in so many ways it completely White Washes the experiences of Asian Americans because you can't judge Asian Americans like White People---because we're not White People). I'm not saying there shouldn't be discussions on race and privilege and the degrees and differences of those - internally and laterally, and outside of communities - because you have to. I just believe it doesn't need to be done in that way. I think there's a middle ground in how it can be talked about.

This Kelly Ripa "Live" Thing Just Reminds Me Of Ann Curry

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

It's not the same - and I actually don't watch "Live" - but just the fact that you have this woman who's dedicated her time to the show - who's half the show and helped carry it after the Regis - be kept in the dark about something so important (and it doesn't sound like Michael Strahan had a choice in what he could say so nothing but yeu there) - well - it all just reminds me of Ann Curry getting the boot from "Today".

No respect.


Damn....and I thought the Ann Curry wound was closed...

Jeremy Lin Goes For 21. Sports Outlets Calling Him Dominant

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

With the what could be the deciding game this Wednesday, Jlin went for 21 last night and gets a crucial rebound at the end of the game to help tie up the series.

Yeah - MJ and everyone is loving it.

What If Hillary Was An Asian American Woman?

Sunday, April 24, 2016

So I realize she's not - and she would be different if she was.

But what if?

What if she was exactly the same as she was now - except just Asian American.

I wonder what (if any) difference that would make.

Just a random Sunday thought.

Ten Questions For Koji Steven Sakai

Friday, April 22, 2016

Here's a link to a new post down at the YOMYOMF POV section. A quick teaser:

Outside of your work and projects you’re an Asian American dad raising an Asian American son. What is something you’ve struggled with as a dad (and then overcame or made a decision on) from the perspective of being Asian American or as a Person of Color?

Great question. I’ve struggled with “how to” and “when to” talk to my toddler son about the Japanese Americans concentration camps during World War II. I want to make sure he knows what happened to our people—and our family.
Read it in full.

You Can Still Go Tonight: I Hate Big Phony Documentary Premiere

Friday, April 22, 2016

Hosted by Jin Yoo-Kim and Milton Liu
Friday, April 22 at 6:30 PM - 11:30 PM in PDT
The Downtown Independent
251 S Main St,
Los Angeles, California

From The FB page:

A lot of you were wondering what I was doing in Asia last year, and more specifically Seoul. Of course it was the food, booze,(and seeing family), but it was also the opportunity to make my first doc!

About 3 years ago, James Minor introduced me to singer/songwriter Bobby Choy who goes by the name 빅 포니 Big Phony -- I immediately fell in love with not only his melodic and melancholy songwriting, but also was so intrigued by his story of growing up alone in NYC when he was a teenager, starting his music career in his late 20s, and then giving up his life in the States and moving to Seoul to reconnect with his heritage. And in 2015 he not only played at SXSW (solo and with punk band No Brain), but he also had a leading role in the film Ktown Cowboys. I knew I had to document his journey. And then make a scrapbook.

Please join us for the World Premiere of "I Hate Big Phony" on Friday, April 22nd at the Downtown Independent Theater.

BONUS: Many of you are in the film and I didn't get releases signed. (please don't sue).

BONUS BONUS: Bobby will be at the screening -- and we're organizing an after-party to listen to his new DEATH METAL album!

Written & Directed by Milton Liu
Produced by Milton Liu & Jin Yoo-Kim
Edited by Jin Yoo-Kim
Cinematography by PJ Raval, Justin Marshall, Tristan Noelle
Post Sound Mix by Valen Hernandez
Starring Bobby Choy
Featuring Original Music by Bobby Choy


PROGRAM NAME: People, Places, and Things


*Bonus. Bobby Choy AKA Big Phony will be at the screening.

#TBT For A Prince: The Cities Are Mourning You. Long Live Your Music And Legacy

Thursday, April 21, 2016

I wasn't born or raised in MN, so I don't have the connection to Prince like some of my friends or people I know here do - but he still holds a special place in my heart and in the pantheon of music.

Genius and talented can only describe so much.

The cities are mourning you and celebrating your life.

Rest in peace.

Random Ryota Abe And Ryo Sejiri

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Oh yes.

Oh yes indeed.

P.S.S: On Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 + Viet Thanh Nguyen + The Pulitzer Prize

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

All I'm saying is that you have a Viet guy who writes a Viet novel, with a Viet protagonist, with no name.

Viet guy wins Pulitzer.

Then you have a White woman, who creates a Viet character, with the name Dong.

Can I just leave it at that?

P.S. On Viet Thanh Nguyen + The Pulitzer Prize

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Just a random note if you happened to miss the is kind of everywhere though...Viet Thanh Nguyen won a Pulitzer in fiction for his debut novel "The Sympathizer".

Take that White dudes who take Asian names to get published.

The Real got The Real.

The Investigation In The Shooting Of Map Kong Is Still Ongoing

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

At the moment the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has not submitted anything for review to the county attorney as their investigation is still taking place.

I don't anticipate that any different news will come up over the next few weeks, or possibly even months.

While I hope the time serves everyone well - it does make me wonder what is, or is not, on any of the video footage and how much longer the investigation and county attorney review will take.

I Think The Liang Verdict Was Just. I'm An Asian American Who Believes Black Lives Matter

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Liang was sentenced to 800 hours of community service and five years' probation Tuesday after Judge Danny Chun reduced his manslaughter conviction to criminally negligent homicide in the shooting death of Gurley, 28, who was not armed [...] Liang, who was immediately fired after his conviction, on Tuesday apologized to Gurley's family.


In an earlier post I wrote that the family of Akai Gurley absolutely should get justice for his death, and that Liang, the department, and Liang's partner, should be held accountable. In the verdict, while there was no jail time:

  • There was a conviction
  • Liang has 5 years of probation (and will have to abide by all conditions of probation)
  • He was fired from the police force

While it may not be the verdict that some people wanted, or would look at as justice being served because there was no jail time - I think it was balanced - and it had to be.

I think this quote from the CNN article above speaks to that:
But Chun said that for manslaughter to stand, the prosecution had to prove that Liang not only "created a substantial and unjustifiable risk that a death would occur" but also that the the officer "was aware of and consciously disregarded that risk."

Peter Liang was a rookie. His partner Shaun Landau was a rookie (and has also been terminated from the police force). If we argue that police departments and officers have hard tasks at hand in their jobs - where they have to think in split seconds at times - there has to be room for how you would treat this incident and the overall experience of the officers because experience does matter.

I truly don't think you can argue on face value that this was an instance on the same level of a Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, or Jamar Clark - and I think it's important to make that distinction, because if not - they don't get the justice that they deserve in how we look at their cases.

At the same time - something I think worth mentioning - is that I don't think it's an either/or situation. I can still be an AAPI who stands for the rights and lives of Black Americans, but still be in disagreement with others on the verdict.

I just don't think it's as binary as that.

Tina Huynh + The Vietnamese Children’s Songbook

Friday, April 15, 2016

A doctoral candidate in the Music Teaching & Learning program, Huynh will release a book of Vietnamese children’s songs this summer, collected during her graduate research.
Get More
Tina Huynh is a Vietnamese-American who, like many children of immigrants, grew up with the emphasis on American. In the last three years of her DMA studies at USC Thornton, she is putting the emphasis back on the Vietnamese. In June, she will complete The Vietnamese Children’s Songbook, an illustrated children’s book (with an accompanying album) of traditional Vietnamese children’s songs, a love letter to her family’s cultural homeland. Huynh, who earned a masters degree at Thornton in 2014 and is a current DMA candidate in the Music Teaching & Learning program, has turned to children’s songs as a reflection of Vietnamese-Americans’ bridge into their language and culture while raising their children so far away.

Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival

Friday, April 15, 2016

The second annual IPAAFF is on!

The second annual IPAAFF will take place April 15–17 at Ithaca College. Students and faculty have worked together to create a weekend filled with films and discussions along with writing and theater workshops that will help people to understand and recognize the stereotyping and culture of Asian-Americans. The first day of the festival will have a featured film followed by a dinner; the second, a set of short films, a writing workshop, more short films and then a featured film; the third, a theater piece, followed by two films and a gala in the evening to celebrate the event.

Random Megan Lee

Friday, April 15, 2016

Nice write-up on the 20 year-old from XO-IQ/Nick's Make It Pop.

“It’s amazing and inspiring to see other fellow Asian actors and artists in Hollywood. They are super talented, and we definitely need to see more of them. I am so happy to see more projects and roles available for Asians than when I started acting 10 years ago,” Megan noted. Yes, Megan started her career as a child when she was only 10 years old. Prior to becoming a household name in “Make It Pop,” she has made guest appearances on Nickelodeon’s “iCarly,” “BrainSurge,” “Disney’s Get Connected” and the “3 Minute Game Show.”
Read it in full.

Because It's Friday And You Need Some Retro Clazziquai

Friday, April 15, 2016


Have To See It: BAD RAP @ The Tribeca Film Festival

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Bad Rap follows the lives and careers of four Asian-American rappers trying to break into a world that often treats them as outsiders. Sharing dynamic live performance footage and revealing interviews, these artists make the most skeptical critics into believers. From battle rhymes of crowd-favorite Dumbfoundead to the tongue-in-cheek songs of Awkwafina, the unapologetic visuals of Rekstizzy to conflicted values of Lyricks, the film paints a memorable portrait of artistic passion in the face of an unsung struggle.

Tickets Are Going Fast

6:30 PM - SAT 4/16
Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 7

9:30 PM - MON 4/18
Regal Cinemas Battery Park 11-1

3:45 PM - WED 4/20
Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 5

2:45 PM - SAT 4/23
Bow Tie Cinemas Chelsea 7

Headlines: Wrestling, Losing FB Friends, And Snoop Dogg

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I lost my friend because I talked about racism on Facebook

We have all heard the stories or lived them: that person on Facebook who is a loud, bigoted, uneducated and ignorant voice — a racist friend you haven’t talked with in years or an embarrassing homophobic cousin who makes posts that are contrary to another person’s lifestyle, simply because they do not agree with that person’s humanity. For me, it was different. My best friend from high school dumped me for being an activist. This is someone with whom I went through the awkward transition of middle school to high school — boyfriends and breakups, acne and algebra.
Wrestling tournament bars volunteers for racist remarks
The comments, which could be heard on a webcast set up for competitors' family members, were made about a 6-year-old Sioux Falls wrestler, Nokosi Ringing Shield. The boy's grandmother posted about the comments on Facebook, igniting a wave of outrage. The volunteers, who were tracking scores at one of the state tournament's 25 mat stations, could be heard making fun of Native American names, commenting about the boy's ponytail,and making references to Native Americans relying on government assistance.
Snoop Dogg rails on ‘racist piece of s--t’ Arnold Schwarzenegger for cutting sentence of Calif. pol pal’s son
The rapper railed on California’s ex-Governator early Tuesday on the heels of 27-year-old Esteban Nunez, the son of ex-California Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez, walking free Sunday after serving less than six years of his 16-year sentence. “Look at this s--t I’m witnessing right here. Read this s--t,” Snoop said of a news article about Nunez, who with a friend knifed an unarmed college student to death in 2008. “Arnold Schwarzenegger’s a straight b---h. Punk motherf--ker.”

4X: Tuesday Morning BoA

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just felt like vibing to some BoA this morning with some Korean/Japanese/English singles from 2012-2016.

Meet Your Sundance Institute Asian American Fellow

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Asian American Fellowship recently selected Eliza Lee as its third annual Fellow. With support from the A3 Foundation, the Fellowship aims to further the presence of Asian American voices in independent film by supporting a writer or writer/director on the development of their feature screenplay. Lee, whose most recent credit includes the screenplay for A Beautiful Lie about crime novelist Patricia Highsmith, recently attended the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Intensive and spoke with us about her creative origins, inspiration culled from the Hong Kong New Wave, and how she hopes to balance the scales when it comes to women on screen.

Read more here where you can also apply online for 2017!

Yeah - I Feel This Remix: If You - Big Bang (Cover) - Paul Kim + Jason Chen + David So Remix

Friday, April 08, 2016

And that's a Friday.

Well almost...

Here's a P.Keys (Paul Kim) Original

In Case You Missed It: BABYMETAL's U.S. Television Debut On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Friday, April 08, 2016

The intro was priceless and even though the stage was small (compared to their sold out stadium-like venues) - they rocked in the most adorable way that only little minions of the underworld can.

Best quote (from Vox) "It's like Megadeth adopted Hello Kitty."

And Here's The Original Plus "One" More

Indiegogo That: 2016 Asian American Theater Conference & Festival

Friday, April 08, 2016

From the Indiegogo page:

The Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists (CAATA) is an organization that supports the vibrant, growing and changing field of Asian American theater. We organize the National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival (ConFest) and preparations are underway for the fifth convening at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) from October 1-8.

Since the first national gathering in 2006, CAATA has rallied Asian American theater artists and professionals to dive headfirst into the deep, challenging conversations that surround what it means to be engaged in American theater as a person of color.

This year’s ConFest at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is a historic partnership with one of America’s largest theater companies. The theme Seismic Shifts: Leading Change in the American Theater will engage people in passionate dialogues about social injustice and inequality in American culture and what we, as theater practitioners, can do about it.

Over the course of eight days in Ashland, Oregon, the 2016 National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival will bring theater productions, panel discussions, plenary sessions, new play readings, workshops, special events, and most importantly, a space for Asian American theatre practitioners and our allies from across the country to connect and build the relationships that help keep the community vibrant and alive. It will be an opportunity to see some of the amazing work being presented by theater artists across the country.

YOMYOMF + On the Shooting of Map Kong, Media Bias, Police Force, the Star Tribune, and Due Process

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I wrote up a new post on the shooting of Map Kong for the YOMYOMF POV section which goes in a little different direction than some of my other posts.

When looking at his death, we should ask the question of if police used excessive force, because that question isn’t just a privilege for those we deem credible, or under the age of eighteen, or that we would defend as people we would want to associate with, or who are of any specific color, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

Those same rights and dignities are for everyone, and they should be extended to Map Kong as well.
Read it in full here.

David Hua Is In The Weeds AKA It's A Pot Filled Unicorn AKA Well Not Now But It Could Be?

Wednesday, April 06, 2016

I was reading some techcrunch tonight when I came across this article on Meadow - which is a medical cannabis delivery system - and how they recently got $2.1 million in seed financing to build out sales software specific to the cannabis industry. This was the first time I had heard of the company or of co-founder David Hua and if you haven't already read the article - it's a good read:

I’ve been smoking since high school, and it’s always made me feel great” co-founder David Hua tells me. The expectedly super-chill entrepreneur explains that “it’s helped me in so many different ways,” and now he wants to help others provide everything from psychoactive euphoria to pain relief in pot form.

Hua was the head of platform at Sincerely, which let people turn their camera phone photos into gift cards and other physical products. But after Sincerely was acquired by Provide Commerce, he craved more of the startup life, and left with some co-workers to devise a new venture. They brainstormed everything from landlord-tenant software to shift management for small businesses, “but ultimately those ideas petered out. We weren’t totally passionate about it.
Read it in full.

Conan's Going To Korea (Teaser Tonight)

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Depending on where you are - you may be able to catch the teaser for the April 9th show where Conan "takes his show to Korea to learn the language, visit the DMZ, and make some sweet music."

And yes, in case you didn't know - Steve Yeun will be there as well.


Hear It From Maybe The Only Asian American Donald Trump NYU Student Supporter?

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Let me just go on record as saying that I support the right to vote and that I hope, maybe, in some way, there's still time for this wandering soul.

From The Gothamist

"There are definitely a decent number of Trump supporters at NYU that are hiding in the closet," freshman Daniel Hyun, who wears his "Make America Great Again" hat around campus, told NYU News. "When I tell people I’m a Trump supporter, they just laugh it off. They don’t like to believe that there are non-white Trump supporters. But once you wear the hat, you accept the fact that people aren’t going to like you, but it feels pretty weird to hide my political beliefs in a place that is so diverse."

"Like me, most of [the other Trump supporters on campus] don’t even support absolutely everything Trump says, like building a wall and deporting all 11 million illegal immigrants," he added, leaving one to wonder what exactly he agrees with Trump about.

I second that.

The part about wondering why he's voting for Trump.

I'm Just Going To Post This Trailer Because It Makes Me Think About Alzheimer's Which Makes Me Think About A Moment To Remember (And There's Your Semi Non Sequitur For The Day)

Meiko + Marié Digby: One Picture Is Worth A Transcribed Interview? Coming Shortly?

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I wanted to post this picture of musicians/artists/singer-songwriters, Meiko, and Marié Digby, who passed through my neck of the woods on the Hapa Tour, and sat down with me to talk for an interview at the Cedar Cultural Center.

Sometimes it's just nice to listen about what other people are doing in the AAPI community and it was great to hear about the Tour, what they were both doing afterwards, and just to get know a little more about each of them as people and as artists.

Hopefully soon - because they had really great things to talk about - I'll be posting up the Q & A. It's about 20 mins and I'm not actually that great of a

Guess I should probably go...

P.S. McDonalds Just Seems Better With Yuka Kinoshita

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

I have nothing else to say on this matter except two all beef patties on a sesame seed bun.


The South Metro Star Tribune Editor Is A No Show (AKA Liz Sawyer, Tim Harlow, And Their Editor Casey Common Can't Defend Their Coverage Of The Map Kong Shooting)

Monday, April 04, 2016

I've waited (as of Thursday night) for a response from the South Metro Star Tribune Editor - since the South Metro Reporters Liz Sawyer and Tim Harlow haven't responded to any of my inquiries - and as it's about 8:35 PM on a Monday night - I think that's pretty reasonable for a response.

Any response.

Even a response that says "We'll get back to you" or "Are you crazy? We defend our reporting".

Here's the main portions of my email to the South Metro Editor Casey Common (edited out the previous letter for brevity).

Dear Mr. Common,

I left you a voicemail in regard to the Star Tribune's coverage of the shooting of Map Kong, and as I stated in my voicemail I also wanted to leave you an email.

Please note that all of your responses will be on the record.

I sent an email to the two reporters of the article on Map Kong (

Below is the email which I sent to them (no response to the original email and follow-up)

[original email edited out for brevity]


Can you answer the following questions:

1. Why that piece was added to the story and what relevance did you feel it had as an editor, when other news outlets reporting on that same story did not include that piece of information (and in all of the coverage I've read up to this point - from NPR to Kare 11 to Twin Cities Local, etc. - no one else has mentioned Map Kong's past arrests)?

2. Are you able to confirm how the reporters came to the decision to look into his past arrests?

3. Do you feel that the coverage - and that specific piece in the article - was biased since there was no other information on the arrests and there was no other information on any of the police officers involved in the shooting?

If the reporters looked into Map Kong's history - why was there not any investigation into the police officer's histories? For instance: Other shootings they have been involved in, civilian complaints - or no complaints at all? Isn't that the duty of the press and specifically news organizations like yourself to give balanced information and to not skew the information for one party or another?

4. In conjunction with question #1 and #3 - can you explain the difference in the coverage (and the information on the past criminal records) between Map Kong and Michael Kirvelay? I've looked at stories on that specific shooting and there was never any mention (that at least I could find or see) on if Kirvelay had a criminal record/past arrests, etc. from the Star Tribune.

Do you think it makes a difference that Kirvelay was (at least from looks) White and Map Kong was not - to readers who see this discrepancy in reporting?

5. Are you aware that people who've read that Star Tribune article are using that specific passage of the article to defend the shooting of Map Kong - even though the investigation is not over and no other information has been released on what the officers knew or did not at the time of the shooting? Here's at least one example of the aforementioned if you look at the comments (you'll be able to scroll fast as you can see the Star Tribune's logo pretty good or a screen shot of the article [as] well):

Shouldn't the Star Tribune be held accountable for this (based on the premise that it is biased - and I would add bad journalism in this case)? Shouldn't the Star Tribune have higher standards than that?

6. Would you consider retracting that portion of the article?

I look forward to your responses.


Obviously they either:

a.) Don't feel there's anything wrong with their reporting and don't feel like they have to "stoop" to a level of responding to someone like me (a reader of the Strib, someone who lives in the Twin Cities, Asian American, person of color, blogger).

b.) Can't defend it - at all.

c.) Are on a long vacation picking tulips as they try and recreate the Sound of Music

Let me say right away though that technically I have no issues with c because who doesn't want to recreate musicals (sure the Sound of Music may not be the one I would recreate, but to each their own...).

But if you're a journalist and someone asks you the questions I have and you feel you're in the right - just answer the questions - say how you understand my concerns but you felt that your reporting was in the best interests of everyone, etc., etc., etc. Sure, I may disagree - but two reporters and their editor can't respond? You don't have enough conviction in what you wrote to be able to respond to some questions about the article "facts" (because facts and truth are completely different items)? Call me crazy, but if a reader has some questions and concerns on your reporting of a human being who's lost his life - aren't you a little obligated to say even just a little bit on the matter?

The fact that no one from the Star Tribune up to this point can defend themselves against my questions - well - draw your own conclusions.

Right now - I'm going with the fact that they know something doesn't quite smell right and they have no idea how to deal with it.

The fact that two White reporters and their White editor can't respond to the concerns of an Asian American man on the death of another Asian American man - and I've given them ample time and ways to get a hold of me and respond --

That's what they call Minnesota Nice.

Berrics BATB9: Denny Pham

Monday, April 04, 2016

Hailing from Germany it's Denny Pham versus Paul Hart in BATB9.

Who wins?

Guess you'll have to watch.

Going On Now (April 1st - 14th): 21st Annual Asian American Showcase

Monday, April 04, 2016

Late night JK: It's The Asian Guy Who Won't Wait For The Cops To Take A Photo

Friday, April 01, 2016

You can watch this over @ Hulu where on Jimmy Kimmel they did a test to see how long people would wait for two cops to take pictures - blocking the sidewalk.

The one to speak up and cross in front of their way?

Yeah - you know who it is - 'cause we got places to go.

I like how he even asks for their ID once he's crossed in front of them (because he can smell the B.S.?)