Project Runway 5 "Oriental Ching Chong": Part Deux

Monday, September 08, 2008

Hmmm...since my YouTube video got taken down, I've uploaded it up here at Blogger instead where I'm hoping I shouldn't have any more issues (who knows though, maybe my whole blog will be taken down in one fell swoop and you won't see me here for a while and if that happens you know why).

I have to keep on asking the question of how videos like my mine (the two that I've put up) - which use clips according to Fair Use Guidelines for social commentary, continually get taken down with a broad stroke of a brush.

I mean seriously - was someone who did the ching chong ning nong a winner of Project Runway 5?

So it's O.K. for Bravo TV to have clips upon clips of Project Runway 5 material up on YouTube, but once I post two of their contestants doing the ching chong ning nong offensive towards Asian Americans bit, they pull me down?

That's messed up.