WTH: Backstrom Ep. Called "Ancient, Chinese, Secret" Has Laundry, Prostitutes, Gambling, Chinatown, And More (?)

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I seemed to have the unfortunate luck (or maybe fortunate depending on how you look at it) to have caught this current episode.

No wonder this looks to be getting cancelled - if this is the type of show they produce - they should get cancelled.

Because they obviously are too lazy to come up with something other than just...wth...

Let's just run down a quick list.

1. The title of the episode alone is simply FUBAR.

2. Of course it's set in Chinatown.

3. With a laundry store.

4. And there's underground gambling.

5. In the laundry.

6. Prostitutes (because we're in Chinatown!).

7. And in one scene, the main character played by Rain Wilson, after stating that they have a search warrant (for the laundry/gambling house) looks at an Asian woman working in a red dress and also talks about how it covers strip search too. Basically a white cop molestation fantasy. With an Asian woman.