An Open Letter To The White Lady Who I Picked Up A Birthday Cake From

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dear White Lady,

When someone picks up a cake from the store that you work in and it's an Asian American name, or any other name for that matter, that apparently is not "normal" to you because your sphere of influence must be lacking in diversity, I would suggest that instead of the WTH face you decided to give me while you were looking through your little cards of orders, you might just want to control that a little more and simply smile and ask what name it was again so your customers don't feel offended and uncomfortable and that maybe they shouldn't be shopping in your store/location (instead of me having to look at your Pastry White Face and taking it upon myself to spell it out for you versus you asking - because if I wouldn't have I think I would have spent the whole day there).

Hugs And Kisses From The Dirty Asian American Man Who Didn't Feel Comfortable In Your Store,


I think your Princess Cake sucks ass and if it was my birthday I'd just get some cupcakes from SA.