Note To Music Companies

Friday, June 06, 2008

Just an idea - but I think it would work - and don't worry - you don't have to give me credit for it, but you certainly could (cause I'm like that).

If you truly want to make more money - and what music company doesn't - and have music reach a broader audience - especially Asian tunage here in the U.S. - just do what film companies have been doing for years now, except do it with music videos:

Add subtitles.

I mean there's so much incredible Asian music out there but it can't reach a worldwide audience in the way that it truly could because of simple language barriers.

But we love visuals. We love stories. We love music.

Just take any great foreign film that's won an Oscar and it's proof enough that even if people don't know the spoken language, as long as it has subtitles - they'll watch it.

Especially on DVD.

Think about a great compilation of Asian music videos with subtitles - stuff like Koda Kumi's Hot Stuff (one of my favorite vids by her) - or artists like Foxxi misQ, BoA, Utada, Lee Hyolee (Lee Hyori), Dragon Ash, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Chae Yeon ---- it just gives that much more of an incentive to actually buy an artist's work while also expanding their audience.

Really - it's a no-brainer.