Worst Jay-Z Song And Video Of The Year

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Run This Town

There's nothing wrong with saying that you want to kick it with some hot women.

There's nothing wrong with hitting the club and getting your groove on.

Hell, there's nothing even wrong with saying that instead of kicking it with hot women and getting your groove on that you'd rather just stay home and make some kick ass biscuits (and if this seems out of place I just thought it was an opportune time to give a shout out to homemade biscuits and the goodness that they are when they come out fresh from the oven).

But you know what is wrong?

It's still using the dumbass phrase "No Homo" as we're on the verge of 2010.

It's old, it's tired, and it creates an atmosphere where people get killed simply because of who they are and what turns them on - and to any of you asking the question - the answer is no.

The phrase "No Homo" doesn't make you a real man.

Being a real man means taking care of your business - your work, your studies, the people around you - making sure that you're being responsible day in and day out.

What parts of Anatomy 101 that you happen to love?

No bearing on that status whatsoever.

P.S. To The Jay-Z Klan

If you're going to have people on your tracks throwing out the phrase "No Homo" - maybe you should think about changing your record label's name because if you haven't noticed already - it's called Roc-A-Fella.