Best (And Worst) Asian Vlogger

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Peter Chao
Guest Post By The Minority Militant

If Borat had an Asian twin, his name would be Peter Chao. Like him or not, in just less than a year, he's grown a subscriber base on YouTube that is just shy of 200,000.

His accent is Martin Yan on Ritalin and you will never find him without his shades on in a video. If there's any demographic that hasn't been overtly offended by his skits already, he probably just hasn't gotten to you yet.

I can't think of any racial stereotype he hasn't parodied.

Without a doubt, funny or offensive, or both, his online popularity will continue to grow steadily as many of us (especially those that speak out against racially-charged incidents in the media) are hesitant on embracing him. Rightfully so.

Is Peter Chao manifesting negative portrayals of Asians or is he just a silly Asian man with a camcorder looking for shock value?

I'll leave that one to you.

See it for yourself down at Peter Chao's YouTube Channel.