In Retrospect: Some Posts From The Minority Militant Archives

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I wanted to post up some archives/posts from TMM. Since the blog is locked down and some of the individual posts aren't archived, I provided some links to the main web archives for the months I pulled from, and listed the titles and some of the texts. You'll have to scroll and find them in the months listed. I don't exactly know why I picked these, but I picked them - maybe for the language, the content - what they stood for...these were just a few that stood out to me as I re-read through the MM blog.


I consider myself to be no more than an ordinary Joe The Blogger that blogs about things that I feel are important to me and the people that step foot on this site. And when someone up there -- important people that do important things -- is willing to answer some of my questions regarding the AA community, then I think that speaks volumes about them. Granted, I probably said some things that weren't very nice about them in the first place. But this new Obama team, I think I'll be quite fond of them [...] A week later, Mr. Lu emailed me and asked if I wanted clarification on his new role in the Obama Administration. I sent him a couple of questions regarding the specifics of his future assignment as Cabinet Secretary, and how they plan to address the concerns of the Asian American community.

Michelle Rhee Attempts to Revolutionize Public Education
Got this post via the Slanty Slant. If you take a good look at the cover, you know it's gonna sell lots of copies. Not just because it's interesting, because it has an Asian lady holding a broomstick. You know White folks go gah-gah over Asian women holding anything that resembles a stick. At 7Eleven, you might just be able to get a copy of this edition from the same counter you get your Hustler's and Playboy's. If Lou Dobbs had seen the cover, he would've probably thought that "communist China" had taken over our school systems while introducing "sticking" back into the curriculum. Jokes aside, this is obviously great news on behalf of the Asian American community.

I've had ongoing debates with my Asian friends all throughout life about the idea of circumcision. As per my experience, I'd have to say half of the men I talk openly with about guy stuff are circumcised, the other half isn't. Now I'm talking just Asian men, not anyone else. This topic is quite sensitive so I'd have to scale back on some of the jokes for and against circumcision so I don't piss any dudes off, or the girlfriends and wives of any of them.

Yellow Terrorism
"Honey, that Chinaman is taking all our gold. Ain't no mo left no mo. We's gotta stop these chinks from takin' our jew-wels. Hand me that Colt so I could put one right through his little skull." That was the typical attitude of Whites in the Southwest once the goldrush came to a screech. If a Chinese man was shot dead in the dry summers of California, people went about their business as if nothing happened. No crime was committed. Business as usual. Just another dead Chinaman laying in the dirt. Did you know that the Chinese were tortured, lynched, and massacred in those days? Often without protection from the law. When no jobs are available, White America conveniently points to the Chinese here (e.g. Vincent Chin) and the ones being outsourced jobs abroad. Apparently, the blood-sucking, profit-driven corporatists must not ever take the onus for any of the economic misfortunes suffered at the hands of working folks. Yellow Peril is recession-proof.

Full Speed Ahead
[...] From the bottom of my bleeding liberal heart, I thank you guys for all the contributions you've made to this movement. Yes, it's a movement. I declared war on Asian America eight months ago and the war is still ongoing. This is truly, as Larry of Asian American Movement has said, "A fight for the heart and soul of Asian America." It's not us versus them to me, it's a celebration of diversity to the often suppressed voices in the AA community that we're talking about. No longer will we continue to look on as AA elitists steer our community into a shit-hole. This blog will continue to embrace diversity and I have a couple of changes in mind that will take place next week to better suit the needs of everyone. Firstly, TMM will be dual sidebar. As you can see there's one sidebar on the right that goes straight down the page. Since I keep getting events promotions emailed to me on a regular basis, I will have a sidebar on the left to accommodate community events that celebrate AA arts, culture, literature, music, and film. It will be a give and take relationship, I promote your event, you donate a few bucks (just a few!) to the Project X Fund. Secondly, I will do relevant news roundups and blog post links as well on the left sidebar.

What about Facebook and Twitter? I understand the full potential of both these social networking tools. I know they can help boost visibility, page hits, and a whole host of other good things, but I remain committed to keeping this blog underground. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the two. I will continue to network with new and upcoming blogs and the exceptional bloggers and friends I have on the Missile Links on the right. The material here will continue to be raw and unadulterated as always. Nothing is secret on this blog! You know where to find me if you have something to say. I read every single email. Again, thank you all for reading and visiting.

A War Criminal Goes To Die
Those that study 20th century warfare know this man to be the least competent political figure known to the West. Robert McNamara, 93, died yesterday of old age. I know you shouldn't talk bad about people in the middle of an obituary, but this man, the renown architect of the Vietnam War, has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people around the world. I know White folks don't like talking about the atrocities in the Indochina peninsula during the war, so let me take a few minutes to dabble my big mouth in it because no one else will [...] I guess another one bites the dust, literally and figuratively of course. Thanks for the fond memories of Kim Phuc running for her life in the photo without her clothes on. Must have been nice to live almost an entire century with millions of dead people haunting you in your sleep. Only this time, you don't wake up.

The Evolution of Asian Male Porn in America
If it isn't obvious to you already, Asian American male empowerment was also a part of the theme in which this blog was conceived. Sexual politics, an unspoken struggle within the Asian male community here, is a topic that has had its shelf-life expiration lapsed many times over. Not here, not on TMM, not if I can help it. Sex is a multi-billion dollar industry that has spilled over into the mainstream media and cleverly used as a tool to sexualize or denigrate a select few groups. A prime example of that would be Asian men, heterosexuals and homosexuals, who have been asexualized a world over. The purpose of this post is not intended to promote female objectification, chauvinism, nor misogyny -- except to cast a light on it. I know it doesn't make it right, but let's be honest and admit that there are just as many women these days that watch adult films. If this topic makes you uncomfortable, you should cease reading immediately.

Multiculturalism, A Love Story
I've lived here almost all of my life and I still don't feel like I'm an American. I served and I saluted the ensign at 8AM many times in the morning in my dress uniform. Yet, I still don't feel welcomed. This is not at all internalized. In one of my classes I briefly spoke about Asian American issues and the entire class was just baffled. I mean, they were just in shear disbelief. I got the look of disdain, like, "There were worse things that happened in history and you're worried about this?" Just unbelieveable. Facial expressions and gestures tell all. That's the kind of response you get for talking about Asian American issues. Americans just do not care to hear about it because there are bigger agendas they have to finish and other things that require more research and time. Should I just be lucky to be in this wonderful country and walk with my head down because I could've still been in Southeast Asia sewing a sneaker together for two dollars a day or collecting scrap metal from a landfill? Maybe the United States of America should not have stuck its nose where it didn't belong and illegally bomb my father's country back to the stone age. Had that never happened, I wouldn't be part of this conversation.