Kim Yun-jin & Daniel Henny: 45th Daejong Film Awards

Monday, June 30, 2008

Kim Yun-jin accepting the Best Actress award for "Seven Days"

Here's a quick list of the winners from the Daejong Film Festival which was hosted by Kim A-jun (from 200 Pounds Beauty) that also included some names like Kim Yun-jin from Lost who won the Best Actress Award, as well as Daniel Henny (Seducing Mr. Perfect) from the upcoming X-Men flick who won the New Actor award:

Best Actor: Kim Yoon Suk (Chaser)
Best Actress: Kim Yun-jin (Seven Days)
Best Picture: (The Chaser)
Achievement in visual effects: Young Goo Art (D-War)
New Actor: Daniel Henney (My Father)
New Actress: Han Ye Seul (Gold Digger Miss Shin)
Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Jun Sang (Return)
Best Supporting Actress: Kim Hye Suk (Open City)
Best Director Award: Na Hong Jin (Chaser)

Here's the trailer for Seven Days:

Here's the trailer for My Father:

Manny Pacquiao: Greatest Asian Boxer

Monday, June 30, 2008

Caught this via my Gmail alerts and it seems everyone is talking about it. Even though I didn't see it myself it's definitely pretty cool. From the Phillipine News where Reuel Vidal gives a blow by blow analysis:

Manny Pacquiao dominated from the first round, beat up his foe for eight rounds before finally knocking out David Diaz in the ninth round to grab the World Boxing Council world lightweight title. Pacquiao won his fourth world title in a fourth weight category to become today’s greatest pound-for-pound boxer. In my book, he earned the honor of greatest Asian boxer of all time. Going up in weight gave Pacquiao five more pounds of power while keeping his blinding hand and foot speed.
Greatest Asian boxer? It has a nice ring to it.

Aurora Austriaco

Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Asian American in the news who's looking to break some new ground in the Illinois government:

Aurora Austriaco is running to represent Illinois' 65th Legislative District. She's knocking on doors four days a week, aiming to become the first Asian American elected to the Illinois General Assembly. To get there, she'll need to knock off a 15-year incumbent--state Rep. Rosemary Mulligan, who represents voters in a district that includes portions of Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Niles, Rosemont and Chicago's Northwest Side.

The district is a traditional Republican redoubt. That would appear to put Austriaco's bid in Don Quixote territory, but the times, they are a-changin.' The Illinois GOP is looking to the November election as a patient would prepare for a visit from Dr. Jack Kevorkian. A mercy killing might be the order of the day.
Get on out and help make a difference if you can.

DVD That Blows: Cadaver (AKA The Cut)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

There's really just nothing else to say.

Leonardo Nam Is In Your Pants

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is coming out in about a month or so and from the looks of it Leonardo Nam (Korean) who plays Brian McBrian, is hopping into bed with someone in the movie.

Watch for his spikey hair.

He's also in the upcoming films Crossing Over, He's Just Not That Into You, and The Two Bobs.

Yi and Yao News

Saturday, June 28, 2008

In what's looking to be a busy summer for the NBA, one of the trades that just happened was the swap of Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons for New Jersey's Richard Jefferson which gets Yi into a bigger market (and he can at least say he lives close to New York, at least closer than Milwaukee):

In a deal first reported by's Marc Stein, New Jersey sends forward Richard Jefferson to Milwaukee for forwards Yi Jianlian and Bobby Simmons. No draft picks are involved in the trade. The swap creates an estimated $10-plus million in long-term savings for the Nets as they continue to reshape their team after trading another mainstay -- point guard Jason Kidd -- to Dallas in February.
In Yao news, apparently he's set to start training with the Chinese national team and seems adament on playing (there was a collective sigh in China):

With pressure on Yao to perform, some have questioned whether he would be pushing himself so hard were the Olympics not being held in Beijing. Yao dismissed such speculation, saying that there were "no 'ifs' about the Olympics, there are no 'ifs' about me."

Yao said he would start light training with the national team on Friday, giving him time to learn tactics and strategies worked out by China's Lithuanian-born coach Jonas Kazlauskas. The Chinese men's team is in a tough group at the Olympics, facing the United States in its first game.

Blog Notes

Saturday, June 28, 2008

News from around blogosphere:

JYP Thinks Rain is a Failure?

The Clouds (Rain's fans) were upset when JYP said, "If you compare the Wonder Girls vs Rain, 1/3 of Wonder Girls music income is more than half of Rain's music income." He continued, "Wonder Girls profits are high with low promotional costs and they have a hit song. On the other hand, you have Rain with high promotional costs and no hit songs at all."
New Asian American Cartoon Premieres on Nicktoons Tonight

Described by the New York Times review as "somewhere between 'Flower Drum Song' and 'Scooby-Doo,'" "Three Delivery" promises to deliver. Apparently, the storylines and characters are set in Chinatown, San Francisco, featuring two boys and one girl who were orphaned and now work at a Chinese delivery (bear with me), but their Asian background almost seems incidental.

We know what you're saying. President Dubya is DISGRASIAN OF THE WEAK? SNOOZER! The man is a walking, never-ending, spit-in-your-face, embodiment of disgrace. What the hell took you guys so long?
Chae Yeon the boss

Korean pop star Chae Yeon has opened her own fashion store at Seoul Fashion Centre on June 24, selling her own brand Bequem (German word for ‘comfortable’).
Kim Sharma - Hungry For Fame?

How far would you go for a photo op? How about posing while eating falafels? What?! That's right B-Town actress, Kim Sharma was out in Lokhandwala at the opening of Falafel Veg Hummus House.
Shuffled! Leonard Shek

Leonard Shek is a product of his environment. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, his politics, life, and language are all a strange multi-cultural hybrid of the famously left and diverse region. As a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none, he juggles life as a writer, cook, graphic designer, restaurant consultant, and filmmaker.
Everyone Has to Play Ball -- Jindal's Latest

It’s dangerous to put politicians we like on a pedestal. Anyone closely watching Barack Obama’s carefully packaged campaign over the past few months must have noticed that he’s not some kind of liberal messiah, but rather a very astute politician, making some difficult pragmatic choices to win — without seeming to sell out entirely.
"It's the Questions...That's What It's All About"

If I can't ask a question on an Asian American blog without pissing off non-Asians, then where can I? Even my close friend (who is white) thinks I was overreacting by asking this question. But I meant to ask it. I wanted to ask it. And I don't think I should be vilified for asking it.
Shekhar Kapur: Second coming

After a decade, Shekhar Kapur is back in India for the long haul to finish his next film. In extensive interviews with Lounge-Mint, he talks about why he’s raising a $1 billion media fund.

Kenny Eng: Self Centered

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Indie pop guitarist and singer Kenny Eng just dropped his new CD yesterday at a release party, and while there's no word on when it will be available in stores for the general public (from what I can tell) definitely check out his MySpace page for updates, a sample of his new CD, and some smooth tracks.

DJ PMX featuring MACCHO, GIPPER, KOZ, HI-D, Foxxi misQ

Saturday, June 28, 2008

That's Fly: Sung Kang

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Caught some new pics of Sung Kang and decided to post one, because it's pretty slick.

Check out more down at MySpace.

A Letter To White People Who's Cars Break Down

Friday, June 27, 2008

Dear White People:

If your car or pickup truck breaks down in the middle of the night and you happen to be in my neighborhood, if I stop and get out of my car, it's not to jack you. It's simply to help you.

Now I know you see movies about getting jacked by people of color, but let's get real here and just be honest and say that white people jack as many cars as non-white people, and just like white people who get out of their car to stop and help, so can Asian Americans like me.

I don't want your brokedown pickup truck.

I just want to help get it out of my neighborhood.


Thanks to TCM and the JLC for making me weep

Friday, June 27, 2008

Last night I re-watched the movie The Joy Luck Club thanks to TCM, and a few things stuck out at me as I haven't seen it in forever since I was younger.

1. That movie is way old now.

2. Maybe I'm just a cream puff at heart but I couldn't help but breakdown like the blithering idiot I am, more than once going "That's just so..." - fill in big words like "sad", "great", "touching".

3. I know luminaries like Frank Chin couldn't stand the book or movie, but really - it was a good flick (see fiction) filled with some great flawed characters. And I love my flawed characters.

4. As an Asian American male I get it to a certain degree about the portrayals, but really, it just doesn't bother me. Maybe it's because I know it's fiction. Maybe because since then we've had so many representations of the Asian/Asian American male (although still lacking). I don't know - I'm kind of on a Mocha high right now so I'm rambling like a blithering idiot - but - it just doesn't bother me. Maybe I need to be more militant.

5. I really think I'm in touch with my sensitive side right now.

6. Sleep deprivation will do that, along with tons o' caffeine.

7. Just wanted to give a shout out to TCM for putting on some cool films. My favorite was the Anna May Wong retrospective Anna May Wong ~ Frosted Yellow Willows: Her Life, Times and Legend.

Win A Shirt-Tail Top In Metallic Silk

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I was checking out the ALTRA site for the new re-launch and while it seems to still be in the works, they do have a free giveaway from Vietnamese American designer Thuy Diep. For all the details go to the ALTRA site here.

Jazmin on America's Got Talent

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I had mentioned the group Jazmin before in a previous post but hadn't heard much about them lately - so it's cool to see them on this season's America's Got Talent show which is apparently getting some good TV traffic (NBC says it's the #1 show this summer).

Here's a clip from the episode where they make it to Vegas.

Other than the "The Hoff" oogling them - because that's just a non-tasty visual - it's cool to see the singers, and some Asian faces, on the show.

If you want more music from Jazmin, check out their MySpace page.

Film: That Asian Thing

Thursday, June 26, 2008

This is coming pretty late, but you still have time to watch the documentary That Asian Thing online for free down at Lycos Cinema, as well as - and more importantly - vote for it to become part of the Independent Features Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinemas.

All you need to do is vote for it by going to

Here's a synopsis of the film:

'That Asian Thing' is a culmination of interviews by Jonald Reyes, an Asian-American, who attempts to figure out why there is a low impact of Asian-Americans in mainstream American culture. As he explores his city of Chicago, IL, he finds a growing Asian-American community that continues to educate people on the cultural medium between what is 'Asian' and what is 'American.' Along the way, questions are brought to the forefront: What is mainstream culture? What is Asian-America? and how does this 'model minority' not excel in mediated entertainment? This film exposes performances from amazing spoken word artists, rappers, folk singers, and rock bands. Also, his interviews with actors and comedians spark up thoughts of Asian-American representation and observations.
I haven't seen it myself yet, but caught some clips and while rough, looks like it could be pretty cool. Here's a list of Asian American artists from the film's website at

Random But Cool Asian American Music Notes: Flowsik, miwaLyric, Lyrics Born, IBU, Kawehi, George Shaw, Chops

Thursday, June 26, 2008

There's a new MV you can catch down on Vimeo featuring Flowsik, Decipher, Showgunna, and Reign Era.

miwaLyric has a spoken word piece on the new Symptom of the Free Mind album.

Lyrics Born has a new blog down at blogspot.

IBU is having their pre-release party down at Heat Nightclub (IL) June 29th. No cover charge with RSVP: email your full name and phone number to

Kawehi and her band have a residency down at McMurphy's. When: Every other Wednesday starting July 2nd. Where: McMurphy's Tavern Address: 72 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, CA 91103.

George Shaw released a new CD to his successfull follow up album Marcus: The Film Music of George Shaw. The new CD is called J-ok’el. You can pick it up at MovieScore Media.

Producer Chops remixes lil wayne which you can check out here down at zShare.

Gary King: Dismal

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Here's the latest trailer for Dismal, directed by AA filmmaker Gary King, who's also coming out with New York Lately.

Kollaboration Acoustic 2

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Check out the lineup and info for Kollaboration Acoustic 2 which is being held August 2nd down at The Ford Theater from the MySpace bulletin:

KOLLABORATION ACOUSTIC 2 Sat. Aug.2 at the Ford Amphitheatre in Hollywood (Near Hollywood Bowl).

Come watch the best Asian Singers in America battle it out for $1700 in total cash prizes in front of Celebrity Judges and 1,250 people! Featuring Special Guest: PAUL DATEH & KEN BELCHER - (millions of views on youtube)

Comedians: Edwin San Juan and Ali Wong

And Competitors:

Benny Mao
Jaewon Choe
Jane Lui
Jason Arimoto
Jennifer Chung
Ken Oak Band
Lady Danville
Million Dollar Babies
Richey Lam
Sam Geunjin Kang
The Shinobies

That's a sick lineup.

You can bring a picnic and eat before the show. Make it romantic. or Bring your family. For those 21+ you can bring drinks. VIP tickets will include some free drinks and free entry to the afterparty.
Get tickets here.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

News from around the way:

Asian activists head to Hill, call for bilingual ballot bill

Carrying signs bearing slogans like “I’m a Citizen, Protect My Voting Rights” and chanting in Cantonese about the importance of bilingual ballots, a group of over 100 Asian men, women and children flocked to Beacon Hill Monday for a “civil rights march and speak out” sponsored by the CPA, a Chinatown-based grassroots organization.
Being Chinese American and embracing the "Twinkie"

I was born in Evanston and grew up in Buffalo Grove. Both of my parents were born in Chicago. My maternal and paternal grandparents were born in Asia. When I was younger, my siblings and I didn't speak Chinese in our home as many of my Chinese-American friends did. My parents didn't teach us Chinese. Neither did they make us attend Chinese school. I didn’t mind this because my friends always complained about going since their parents forced them to go.
Filipina receives NAAAP award

"It’s a wonderful and unexpected honor. Being the first Filipina awardee, I feel even more fortunate to have received this recognition. The awards traditionally highlight young scholars from area high schools and those in business, government and not-for-profit who are more seasoned and can offer lessons of experience.
Obama Names AAPI Outreach Director

Charmaine Manansala, a former Pelosi advisor and White House AAPI Initiative staffer, is going to be joining the Obama campaign as AAPI Vote Director. AAA Fund Advisory Board Member Betsy Kim will also be departing the DNC to serve as Deputy Director of AAPI Outreach.

They will be working to outreach to Asian Pacific American Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.
Do you racially stereotype?

"That remark shocked me because why would our arguments which in my opinion had nothing to do with my Asianness and only to do with my individual character flaws be somehow connected to 'other Asians' she might meet in the future? And since our 'racial differences' or my being Asian were not the content of the quarrel that broke us up, I was surprised that she would mention my 'Asianness' out of the blue.

Cool Times 3: Shu Qi, Joan Chen, and Gong Li

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Gong Li snapshot

Louis Vuitton collaborated with Soundwalk, a company that specializes in audio walks for travelers, to produce three audio guides for the cities of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai - each with famous actresses who walk you through the city, where there's also a back story for each guide.

Shu Qi narrates Hong Kong, Gong Li narrates Beijing, and Joan Chen narrates Shanghai, and if you check out the site at you'll get treated to some great visuals, music, and trailers for each of the audio guides which you can download to your mp3 player.

Definitely cool.

Shanghai Super Girl

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I haven't seen the Super, Girls! documentary, but VBS.TV has been running a series called Shanghai Super Girl which follows around past finalist Yang Lei (a 24 year-old school teacher) from the now defunct Super Girl contest which is like China's version of American Idol.

Here's the first episode:

Check out more at VBS.TV.

At The Movies: Real Asian Versus Fake Asian

Monday, June 23, 2008

Real Asian

Real Asian helps nab the #1 spot at the box office securing about $40 million dollars - already half way to reaching profitability in its first week. With DVD sales added in later on, we'll probably see a lot more of Real Asian in a sequel.

Fake Asian

Fake Asian gets #4 slot, bombs like the Yellow Faced Disgrace it is, barely makes $14 million, and even with DVD sales will probably fall short of making half its $64 million dollar budget back. Fake Asian sees the writing on the wall and decides he should adopt a white baby and paint it yellow so he can look more fashionable in public.

Linked: 155 million and Kung Fu Panda

Monday, June 23, 2008

With the movie still roaring in theaters staying at #2 this weekend and grossing $155,596,000 domestically so far, here's a quick snippet from a Journal of Interesting Tidbits post on why it's not so much the movie, but the same old same old that can get you:

Kung Fu Panda, one can immediately grasp the essence of the movie before even watching it. Having a cute panda with Chinese Kung Fu would surely make a Hollywood block-buster. But the movie is pretty much confined within Hollywood's self-defined, so called "main-stream", perception of Asian Americans.


My point wasn't quite about racism, it was more about exploitation of a culture that is routinely treated as "exotic."

And since Asian Americans aren't always as mobilized as black Americans, they sometimes don't throw down over these sorts of things, even if they annoy them. This obviously wasn't worth a full assault. It's more of a minor infraction.

So my point really wasn't so much about the film, but how Asian Americans don't see representations of themselves as just people, not kung fu masters or cartoons, but just people in cinema.

That doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad movie, but it is part of a cycle that continues to only dramatize the parts of Asian culture western audiences are most fascinated by.
Clean. Clear. To the point.

Get That Certification

Monday, June 23, 2008

I was skimming this article in the LA Times about minority owned businesses and the Southern California Minority Business Development Council Inc., and this section gravitated towards me:

How does minority certification help?

It's like the princess in the castle. Yeah, [big corporations] would like to do business with minority businesses, but minority businesses have to fight through the bramble and brush and get there. They have to do what businesses traditionally do, which is to know their market, know the value they can bring, build relationships. If they get to the point of a bid or proposal, they have to be competitively priced and they have to meet credit requirements and have sufficient capital or resources to allow them to perform the service.

Then, if they can jump over all those hurdles like any other business, toward the end of that process, you say, "By the way, we are a certified minority business." Maybe it gives the corporation a chance to say, "We think we can get equal value but this minority company also allows us to be a good corporate citizen and allows us to meet whatever our internal [diversity] goals might be."
Completely agree. I think the bottom line is that if getting that certification helps you get business, you should go for it - forget about thinking you should go without it because you might feel like you don't need it, or you may feel like it's a handout -- it's not.

It's just part of the way the game is shaped to help make things an even playing field and I think if you're getting into business, you should use every advantage that's offered to you because in some ways, people have been using every advantage they have against you.

Hot Track: Nando mo

Monday, June 23, 2008

Asian American Showcase: Declare INDIEpendence - July 3rd, Chicago, IL

Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is for my Chicago Midwest peeps - and it sounds like it should be a pretty cool time - so get on out and support some cool Asian American music.

More info on the bands and the event:

Chicago, IL – DAWEN WANG PRODUCTIONS and COCOHEADMUSIC present: Declare INDIEpendence: How Sweet the Sound, an Asian American showcase of four Chicago singer songwriters.

July 3rd, 2008 at Subterranean, 2011 W. North Ave.
Show starts at 9p.m. Doors open 8:30p.m. 21 and over. $7 cover.

Kick off the holiday weekend with music from four of Chicago’s indie singer songwriters. Music includes David Wycoco’s blend of live loops, projections and rock/pop, and Dawen Wang’s socially conscious neo-soul and r&b. With Mia Park, of Chic-A-Go-Go, hosting.


Dawen Wang: Neo-soul and R&B with socially conscious lyricism; single “Wake Up” featured on 93.1 FM WXRT.

David Wycoco: Rock/pop with multimedia projections and live loops

Paolo Escobar & the Prescription: Soul/r&b with acoustic guitars

Imelda de la Cruz: Folk/pop multi-instrumentalist

* With Chic-A-Go-Go’s Mia Park (Miss Mia) as Master of Ceremony

Film: Open City

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kim Myung-Min as Jo Dae Young

I caught Open City last night, a SK film that came out earlier this year, and it's worth checking out especially if you're a fan of crime dramas, or you're a fan of Kim Myung-Min (Return, Fake Family, The Great White Tower) or Son Ye-Jin (who makes a big leap forward in breaking out of the romantic dramas/comedies that she's usually associated with).

Son Ye-Jin as Baek Jang Mi

The movie centers around the world of international pickpocketing organizations where Son Ye-Jin plays one of the ringleaders (Baek Jang-Mi) who runs a tattoo parlor by day as a cover-up, and Kim Myun-Min who plays a criminal investigator (Jo Dae-Young) trying to bring the gangs down - each with their own secrets about their past and their family which are revealed throughout the film, and each playing their own cat and mouse game with each other after they meet (Dae-Young learns later that Jang-Mi is a prime target in the investigations).

The organized crime might not be as harrowing as something like Johnnie To's Election - and at first I still couldn't shake the good girl image of Ye-Jin from her previous roles (which left after I saw her getting beat down in an alley by a rival gang) - but it ended up being grittier than I thought - and with some added twists and subplots, it definitely kept me watching (although I think I liked it more than other people did).

Here's the trailer:

Devon Aoki And "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead"

Friday, June 20, 2008

While there's no date for a release yet, I'm hoping one comes pretty soon because this doesn't look half bad. Check out the latest trailer:

Check out a recent article down at CHUD as well as the film's site.

Japanese Wagyu Beef And The Most Expensive Burger

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I have to admit that if I was in South Kensington right now I'd probably get one of these burgers - which is being billed as the most expensive burger at $185 and has, among other ingredients, massaged Japanese Wagyu beef - just so I could say I ate it:

The Burger, it is selling at 95 pounds ($185) at a Burger King in the exclusive district of South Kensington on Wednesday.

The limited edition of the burger, which can be bought for two days only and has so far sold 50, is challenging the current Guinness Record for the most expensive burger, currently held by the American Double Truffle Burger which cost just 65 pounds ($127) in 1994.
Makes me feel like a rub-down.

1/2 A Man: Charlie Sheen Goes On A Racist Rant

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dear Charlie,

I think your time is done now. In a way it's too bad because I actually liked that show you were on, and while I could only hope they would replace you with someone else who doesn't go into racist rants, they probably won't, and might just ride it out or cancel the show altogether - either which way - you'll be off the air soon enough as you should.

At the same time, I wanted to thank you as well, because you're just another shining example that no matter how many people of color someone may have in their life - and ones that they probably point to so they can say "Look at my friends" to prove they don't have a racist bone in their body - that they can still go off on racist rants.


Tiger Has Season Ending Surgery

Thursday, June 19, 2008

So after Tiger endures sudden death to win the U.S. Open (which according to an NPR report was the most watched golf tournament on cable) apparently Tiger is out for the rest of the season because he's going under the knife to help rehabilitate his knee:

Woods said he tore the ACL while jogging at home after the British Open last July. He chose not to have surgery and went on a run that included seven consecutive victories, including the Dubai Desert Classic in Europe and his Target World Challenge, an unofficial event.

He did not play overseas late last year for the first time since 2003, hopeful that rest could allow him to play more this year. But the pain intensified through the Masters, where he finished second, and Woods said the cartilage damage developed from the ACL injury.
Talk about being Asian tough.

Is Gillian Chung out of Chen Kaige's "Mei Lanfang"?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Chen Kaige's new film Mei Lanfang which is set to hit theaters this in December 2008 is apparently already causing some controversy as China Daily is reporting that her scenes may be cut out of the movie:

Some media reports have suggested that all scenes featuring Gillian will be deleted. Such a suspicion was caused by a promotional booklet released by China Film Group Corporation, the movie's producer during the Shanghai International Film Festival.
I'm not sure I'm really buying it - but it does give the movie, which also stars Zhang Ziyi - some extra hype between now and its opening.

Nha Trang, Miss Universe 2008, and I'm not sure it will help

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Miss Vietnam 2008 Nguyen Thuy Trang

In a previous post Vietnam: Economy 1, pageant winners 0 I couldn't help but notice how Vietnam's beauty pageant winners haven't really won anything on the global stage - and you know you wanted to know about this - and even though this year's Miss Universe pageant is going to be held in Nha Trang on July 14th, I couldn't help but think that it's probably not going to help their cause for winning something major (because the talent contest is apparently a dead heat this year according to Las Vegas bookies) - but it's at least nice to get some more tourists into the country - and hey - whatever you think about beauty pageants - can't really help you there because while I don't really watch them - I don't really have any problem with them either.

And since - are you really going to deny a Vietnamese woman the chance at a Miss Universe crown after her country was Agent Oranged not even a blink of an eye ago?

Yeah - that's what I thought.

So You Still Don't Get Kevin Garnett?

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

This is the way I see it.

It's the way I feel it.

If you can't get what Kevin Garnett was saying after he won his first championship I can't really help you - because it's a vibe thing you know?

It's raw emotion that if you can't feel it you've probably never been in a losing situation where everyone around you tells you that you can't, even though you know you could, and you eventually did.

You've probably never felt hard blacktop on your feet, dribbling the ball at midnight, going against someone who said to you "You shoot pretty good for a half breed or Oriental, or whatever you are" the look on his face saying "I can't lose to this guy because I should just be better than him."

You've probably never been pulled over by cops at the drive-thru window for no reason except that you looked out of place, because you were in a car that people just didn't think you should have, even though it was nothing special, the cops saying to you "I drive American" before they drove off, you just happy they didn't take you in.

You've probably never had to out-run a Ford Mustang and a group of guys shouting to you and your friends that you should go back to where you came from, screaming every possible racial epithet in their drunken state as you ran as fast as you could for as long as you could, getting a reprieve because of the red light and the bushes around the corner, holding your breath as the car stopped in front of you, slowly making it's way past, getting ready to run the moment you heard a car door open.

You see what I'm saying?

You probably care more about who you know, what you wear, what you drive, what names you can drop, where you live, and how many times you can tell your friends how much you gave to the cause of the day you decided to get onto so you could look like you were down, even though you don't know the first meaning of that word, and even though you don't embrace anyone who's not like you.

You probably never had to be escorted to use something as simple as a restroom because people were afraid for you because out of the blue a group of skinheads decided to show up at the venue you were at, looking you up and down - but you stayed, you stood, because you had every right to be there too.

You probably never got starred down by a cop you were filing a complaint against because he was too aggressive the night before as you made the long walk to the entrance of the station, each step forward wondering if you were doing the right thing, if it really mattered, in the end not caring if you got any justice, because it was just about doing what you thought was right.

You've probably never been beat down by white hands, blond hair, and blue eyes while you were defenseless, because you didn't know how to defend yourself. Because it was two against one. Because you didn't know it could be that way. But in the end you came back. You got it done.

You've probably never been on the side of the conversation with HR and managers telling you that you should let those racial statements go - that you should put down your head and just do your work, otherwise they'd find someone else - the last time this happens to you, unlike the other jobs and the other places where you let people like them impose their will on you, you instead imposed your will on them. You didn't get money, you didn't get newsworthy, you just got respect.

You got the respect from yourself that you wondered if you'd ever get.

See - if you didn't get Kevin Garnett and his raw emotion, letting it all hang out, making sure he gave it up to everyplace and everyone that's helped make him who he is throughout his career - to shout at the top of his lungs that anything is possible - you probably never will.

Parminder Nagra, Gotham Knight, Marathon, And The Sequel To Bend It Like Beckham

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

So Parminder Nagra is going to be in the new Batman: Gotham Knight animated flick/anthology (which is supposed to be kind of a bridge between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight) as the voice of Cassandra - and according to IMDB it should be coming out on DVD July 8th.

At the same time she also just signed on to a UK movie called Marathon which is about six strangers who compete in the London Marathon (where I'm assuming somehow their lives become intertwined).

But good as those project sound - I still can't help but keep on waiting for a sequel to Bend It Like Beckham. I mean who didn't love that movie? Who wouldn't want to see Bend It Like Beckham II?

And maybe in the sequel - which they should do, because it's a good idea - Parminder and that blond haired chick who's been in all those pirate movies and in that epic romance which I never saw - they could actually go to LA, kidnap Beckham, take him back to the UK where they put him through some type of English punishment which restores his fading game and at the same time, just for fun, they also kidnap Beckham's wife - that brunette haired chick - give her a face lift so she's unrecognizable, and then her and that blond haired chick sail away together and then Beckham - after a grueling 1/2 year of waiting for his wife who never returns - asks Parminder to marry him - she accepts - and then there's a really bitchin' song and dance number at the end.

I'd see it.

Linked: The Megumi Yokota Story

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Was checking out Asiance Magazine (because I'm like that) and caught this interview on Abducted: The Megumi Yokota Story which is going to be airing June 19th on PBS.

Check out a few lines from the article:

Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story premiers on PBS, June 19th. ABDUCTION is the true story of a 13-year-old Japanese girl kidnapped by North Korean spies in 1977, and her parents' 30-year battle to bring her home. It was directed by Chris Sheridan (Director, Writer, Producer) and his wife Patty Kim (Director, Writer, Producer).
Read it in full here.

DVD: "M"

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

When I posted about this movie before, around the time of it's theatrical release date in SK (and it'll be playing down at this year's 2008 NYAFF) the one piece of information that stuck with me from people's reviews was about the film's colors, the images, its dream-like quality - and after sitting down and watching it this week - it definitely comes through on those levels.

At the same time - as perfect as certain pieces of the film were - from Lee Yeon-hee's acting as the peculiar girl who seems to be getting stalked by an unknown (while at the same time following Kang Dong-won), to the bold colors and great imagery - somehow as good as the movie was, there were a couple pieces that just didn't seem to fit - especially from one scene in particular.

One scene shouldn't make or break a movie - and it doesn't - but in a movie like M, which almost seems to be perfect in a lot of ways - that one scene - which really has nothing to do with the movie whatsoever, really stands out.

Overall though - it's still a good flick to check out - and definitely see it at the NYAFF if you get a chance.

Asian American Express: Kicking With Asian Fetish And The Model Minority Myth

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Posting some videos which are segments from Du the Fu that I found online and wanted to post just because it's always nice to hear from the students hitting the books.

For more vids go on out to utapida.

And yes - I'm doing a lot of video posts this morning/today/right now because - well - I'm a lazy S.O.B.

Concept of Asian Fetish

Model Minority Myth

Video: AAI 2008 Milestone Dinner Highlights

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just a plug for the Asian American Institute (Chicago):

The Asian American Institute was established in 1992 as a pan-Asian not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization. Its mission is to empower the Asian American community through advocacy, utilizing research, education, and coalition building.

Video: Conference on Asian Pacific American Leadership

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another plug - this time for CAPAL:

CAPAL is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-partisan, educational organization that was founded in 1989 by APA professionals in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Its mission is to promote APA interests and success in public sector careers, to provide information and education on policy issues affecting the APA community, and to serve the APA community at large.

P.S. iPhone 3G

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hey iPhone 3G:

I know you came out a week or so ago, but I'm not an iPhone user, so really, I just don't keep tabs on you like everyone else.

But I did want to write you a quick note - as well as to people who've been crunching the numbers on their monthly data plans thinking about getting you - that while I know you have a little cute browser and sizing out images like you're squashing someone's head can be fun - you really don't bring much else to people's lives except the "Look at me, I got an iPhone aren't I like really just so so cool" feature.

And let's face it - unless they're one of my friends who just likes to have multiple phones and check stuff out - your owner is most likely a dumbass.

I gotta go - because this is way too long of a note to you - but I just had to say that I can't believe in your newest model you still don't have extra storage, MMS, or even the ability to take some video - I mean what good are you?

You have some 3G and some GPS - not really that ground-breaking you know?

But like I said, I have to go.

You'll be better next time.


I Guess It All Can't Be Like Grey's Anatomy

Monday, June 16, 2008

I have to admit that out of all the professions out there, nursing is one area where I just don't think about racism as much, and I guess in some ways you can chalk it up to the human element - the "do-gooder" piece of the job that should trump anything having to do with racism - that human interaction - but like everything else, there's the side we sometimes don't see.

Check out some of the snippets from an article up at

... Smith Williams has heard professors voice assumptions that black nursing students could not conceptualize or formulate abstract thoughts from their learning and experiences ...

... For example, nurses and physicians [from other units] seek out Caucasian RNs when looking for the person in charge ...

... There's a long history of some institutions treating Filipino and other foreign-educated nurses differently ...

... To admit to the presence of racism in health care is something that most in nursing do reluctantly ...
I don't know about you, but I'm thinking they have some work to do sooner rather than later.

Asian Americans Giving Back

Monday, June 16, 2008

There's a good story in the LA Times about some great Asian Americans - and specifically Chinese Americans - who are giving back to the communities here and abroad:

Pasadena resident Ming Hsieh made a fortune from fingerprint identification software that helps U.S. authorities catch welfare cheats, guard the border and assist police in cracking cases.

Cyrus Tang built a Las Vegas-based business empire of specialty steel, pharmaceuticals and furniture. And in the heart of Silicon Valley, Jerry Yang developed one of the largest Internet search engines in the world -- Yahoo.

All three wildly successful entrepreneurs are Chinese immigrants, and now they and others like them are giving back to their adopted homeland in a new gold rush of philanthropy that is bringing hundreds of millions of dollars to U.S. universities, think tanks and other nonprofit groups.
Giving is good. Check out more from the article here.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Even though I'm a Kim Ki-duk fan, I just sat down this weekend and caught his 06/07 film TIME (Shi gan), and for the most part it was pretty much what you would expect from Kim - and the performances by Park Ji-Yeon (pre face-lift) and Seong Hyeon-a (post face-lift) were pretty convincing (although even for a Kim Ki-duk moviegoer who knows what they'll get, the time twist in the beginning and the end does kind of leave you going "Are you sure?").

Recommend checking it out if you need something to watch on DVD and you dig the arthouse flicks or are into Kim Ki-duk's previous films like 3-Iron or Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring.

FOX Channels moves into Korea

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sounds cool not only in part because it adds more media to the landscape, but also because one would hope that it keeps on adding to the connection entertainment execs should be making between Asia and Asian Americans - but then again it's probably just wishful thinking on my part:

Fox Intl. Channels will launch South Korean subsidiary Fox Ventures Korea this year.

FIC revealed the plan Wednesday at KCTA 2008, a digital cable TV showcase in Busan organized by the Korean Cable TV Assn. Ward Platt, prexy of FIC Asia, attended the show as a speaker.

A recent report by Hong Kong research outfit Media Partners Asia identified Korea as one of the most promising markets for pay TV expansion despite the emergence of regional giants India and China.

Korea is expected to see a boom in new TV services as regulatory change paves the way for cablers and IPTV service providers to battle it out for dominance of the living room (Variety, April 21).

Fox Ventures Korea will likely be established by July and rapidly expand into a range of new-media businesses in the country. It aims to provide digital video-on-demand service, launch an Internet advertising agency and offer new-media channels, digital games rentals, interactive service supply and theatrical movie distribution.
I know what you're saying - it doesn't really sound like it much - but the more global we get, the more we should see the crossover appeal from culture to culture.

I blame this post on it being a Sunday.

New York Asian Film Festival: 6/20 - 7/6 2008

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The New York Asian Film Festival is about to get going, and this year they'll be showing 43 films and two short programs - and the lineup is looking pretty tight.

The trailer/promo for the film festival

The list of films they'll be showing this year

ACCURACY OF DEATH (aka SWEET RAIN) (Japan, 2008) Japan Cuts
ACTION BOYS (Korea, 2008) guest
ADRIFT IN TOKYO (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts stylejam
ALWAYS: SUNSET ON THIRD STREET 2 (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts
ASSEMBLY (China, 2007)
ARCH ANGELS (Japan, 2006)
BODYGUARD (Thailand, 2004)
BODYGUARD 2 (Thailand, 2007)
THE BUTCHER (Korea, 2007)
DAINIPPONJIN (aka BIG MAN JAPAN) (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts
DOG IN A SIDECAR (Japan, 2007) stylejam
DORORO (Japan, 2007)
FINE, TOTALLY FINE (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts stylejam
HAPPINESS (Korea, 2007)
KALA (Indonesia, 2007)
KING NARESUAN (Thailand, 2007)
KING NARESUAN 2 (Thailand, 2007)
L: CHANGE THE WORLD (Japan, 2008)
LIKE A DRAGON (Japan, 2007)
LOVE ON SUNDAY (Japan, 2006)
M (Korea, 2007)
MAD DETECTIVE (Hong Kong, 2007)
MSFF KOREAN SHORT FILMS - Program 1 (Korea) guest
MSFF KOREAN SHORT FILMS - Program 2 (Korea) guest
PUBLIC ENEMY RETURNS (Korea, 2008) Centerpiece Presentation
THE REBEL (Vietnam, 2007)
SAD VACATION (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts stylejam
SASORI (Hong Kong/Japan, 2008)
SHADOW SPIRIT (Japan, 2007)
SHAMO (Hong Kong, 2008)
SPARROW (Hong Kong, 2008)
SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts
THEN SUMMER CAME (Japan, 2008) Opening Film stylejam guest
THIS WORLD OF OURS (Japan, 2008)
UNITED RED ARMY (Japan, 2007) Japan Cuts guest
X-CROSS (Japan, 2007)
YASUKUNI (Japan/China, 2008) Japan Cuts

Japan Cuts = Films co-presented with JAPAN CUTS - Festival of New Japanese Film
stylejam = Part of Focus on Stylejam program
guest = indicates festival guest appearance; see details for individual film for more information

Blogo Newsbytes

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Some news from blogosphere and beyond from the last few days or so:

Where Obama’s Nomination Fits into the Larger Racial Context

As I’m sure all of you already know, last week Barack Obama officially secured the Democratic Party’s nomination to be the next President of the United States. As many commentators, journalists, and bloggers have been saying, his status as the first non-White Presidential nominee of a major political party is truly historic in many ways.

I would like to place his historic accomplishment in a sociological context and specifically, how it fits into the larger landscape of American race relations.
Shuffled! Michael Kang

Michael Kang is a Korean American filmmaker trying to get comfortable with the idea that he is based in Los Angeles. His feature film directorial debut “The Motel” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and is currently on DVD through Palm Pictures. “The Motel” is the recipient of the Humanitas Prize as well as the top jury prizes from numerous festivals.
Summer Has Just Gotten Sweeter

And now, NBC is bringing the show back, but in an infinitely superior form: "Celebrity Family Feud". It starts July 1 and features four celebrity families duking it out per episode. Episode 1 features Margaret Cho and family v. Corbin Bernsen and family.
When to Confront a Stranger: A Question of Authority

The odd thing about the word “n***er” for me is that as much debate as I’ve heard about the term, my exposure to it in adulthood is fairly limited. I grew up in the Chicago area in a mostly African American family, but a few of my black relatives, all transplants from the South, insisted on complaining about “no-good n****rs” and such, despite the fact that I took issue with their use of the word
Only Time Will Tell

2008. Reality star Tila Tequila takes credit for the good news in California: "“It is because of me. I definitely think (my show) has helped the movement..."
happy (belated) birthday, jin

Rapper Jin recently celebrated his 26th birthday... and seven years in the music business. All growns up. The former RuffRyders recording artist and world reknown freestyle battle veteran has come a long way since those seven straight victories on BET's Freestyle Friday.

The Happening Pulls In $30 Million

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last month I posted up on M. Night Shyamalan's The Happening and I guess while the reviews aren't that great it still pulled in $30 million. I have to admit that I've liked a lot of his movies that he's come out with lately - and I liked Lady In The Water even though it's been universally panned by critics.

Here are some links to reviews on the flick:

Slants Kick It On NPR

Saturday, June 14, 2008

If you've been a regular reader of this blog you know I dig and support The Slants, and I got this sent down to me via The Slant's PR this week:

Portland, Oregon-based Asian dance-rock outfit The Slants - Simon Young (bass), Aron (vocals), Jen Cho (keyboards), Gaijin (keyboards), AC (drums), and Jonathan (guitar) ­ were featured on NPR's All Things Considered yesterday, June 11th.

You can hear the entire story at:
Here's some of the transcript:

The Slants: Trading in Stereotypes
By April Baer

All Things Considered, June 11, 2008 - In the 20th century, younger members of many minority groups repurposed offensive words that had been used as slurs and insults. African Americans and gays, in particular, transformed hateful brands into badges of pride or belonging. Now, in the 21st century, a few Asian-American musicians are trying to do the same, particularly in the name they chose for their band: The Slants.

It all started as kind of a practical joke. Simon Young had been playing bass in bands for years, but what he really wanted was to front an all-Asian lineup. Now, with The Slants, he's almost done it.

Young, both Chinese and Taiwanese, met The Slants' lead singer, Vietnam-born A-Ron, and later formed the band with drummer AC and guitarist Johnny, who are both Hispanic and Filipino. "Together, they make up about one Asian," Young says with a laugh.
If you want more Slants check out an interview with Simon here.

Sam Smith, By The Numbers, and KG Comes Up Big In The Playoffs And Finals

Saturday, June 14, 2008

I was reading this article by MSNBC expert Sam Smith - and I just have to shake my head and wonder where we're going when a journalist leans on the sensational versus the actual facts strictly for headlines (see Smith's article Garnett keeps coming up small in big moments).

Let me just break some things down for you throughout this year's playoffs to show you how off Smith really is on this particular topic:

Atlanta Game 5: In this swing game with both teams tied, KG goes for 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 7 assists, and in the 4th quarter goes for 8 points resulting in a Celtics 110-85 win, being one win away from winning the series.

Atlanta Game 7: This was a blowout game and was over in the first half. KG goes for 18 points, 11 rebounds and 3 assists.

Cleveland Game 1: When Pierce went 2 for 14 it was Garnett that set the tone for the first game and the series against Lebron's Cavs with 28 points and 8 rebounds. In the 4th quarter with the Celtics up by just one point it was Garnett who laid in 8 points in the 76-72 win while Pierce and Allen went for a combined 0 points.

Cleveland Game 5: With both teams up 2-2 this is a pivotal Game 5 for the Celtics to take the lead in the series and be one win away from reaching the Eastern Conference Finals. How big does Garnett come up? 26 points and 16 rebounds. In the 4th quarter Garnett goes for 6 points and 8 rebounds, 4 of which are offensive rebounds.

If Garnett doesn't have these two games (among the many others) do you think Boston even gets to a game 7 where Pierce can go off for 41 (and KG did have 4 points in the 4th quarter which totalled Allen's entire point total for the Game 7).

Detroit Game 3: With Detroit winning Game 2 taking away Boston's home court advantage and Boston not having won on the road yet, KG goes for 22 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists ensuring that Boston takes back the home court advantage in Boston's first road win of the playoffs.

Detroit Game 5: After Detroit wins Game 4 and can take the lead in the series with a win in Game 5 Garnett goes for 33 points and 7 rebounds to give Boston a 3-2 edge in the Eastern Conference Finals. Oh yeah - in the 4th quarter, he goes for 10 points including 2 clutch free throws to seal the game in the 106-102 win.

Detroit Game 6: In the closeout game of the series with Boston down by 8 points starting the 4th, KG goes for 8 points and 4 rebounds in the quarter in the decisive 89-81 win making Boston the Eastern Conference Final winners and earning them a trip to the NBA Finals.

If Garnett doesn't come up big in the Detroit series which he did - it means Boston never gets to the finals (where Ray Allen is playing some of his best ball).

NBA Finals Game 1: Not taking anything away from Pierce's heroics, but it was KG who led the Boston Celtics in both points and rebounds with a series starting 24 and 13 - 4 rebounds which were offensive.

NBA Finals Game 2: In the 102-108 win, Garnett goes for 6 crucial points of his 17 total in the 4th quarter. Leads team in rebounds with 14, 3 which are offensive.

NBA Finals Game 4: Coming back after a poor game KG goes for 16 and 11 in the 97-91 win. Trailing by 2 points in the 4th, Garnett comes up with 6 key points in the quarter helping the Celtics go up 3-1 on the Lakers, one win away from their 17th championship (and throughout the NBA finals so far, he's led his team in rebounds in every single game controlling the boards which has been a key aspect to winning the series).

Sure. Garnett has had to 2 games in the NBA finals where he's shot 36% and 28% in games 2 and 3, but in Game 1 he lead the team in scoring with 40% shooting and in game 4 shot 50%, so while Smith laments in his article about KG shooting a "woeful 35.4 percent" in these first four games, it doesn't nearly tell the whole story (and he's averaging a team best 20.5 points and 10.3 rebounds in the playoffs overall being Boston's most consistent player in the playoffs - and 17.4 points and 12.5 rebounds in the finals).

Put it all together and I just have to ask how can anyone in their right mind can say Kevin Garnett doesn't come up big when it matters.

Just look at the numbers in the context of the games and you'll clearly see you can't.

Tim Russert, 1950-2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Somedays I would turn on Meet the Press not just because I was interested in who would be on a particular program, but because in an almost inexplicable way, I knew it was what I needed, what I craved in a visceral sense.

More than anything else to me, Tim Russert and his voice, heard in so many different political arenas, represented the unapologetic search for the truth, for balanced dialogue and conversation, and for holding people accountable for what they said, and what they did, versus letting them slip by unnoticed, and under the radar:

On Tim Russert

In an era of celebrity journalists, Tim Russert was at the pinnacle of both halves of that rarified universe. What set him apart was the sheer exuberance he brought to his profession, the incredible energy he poured into everything he did, the amazing knowledge he had of American politics and the insatiable curiosity he had to know more. He could go nowhere without drawing a crowd; he went, not to play to that crowd, but because he knew they could teach him something that he didn't know.
'America's most influential journalist' dies

The man widely viewed as America's most influential political journalist, Tim Russert, the probing host of NBC's Meet the Press, died suddenly yesterday.

Russert, who was 58, suffered a coronary embolism while working at the NBC Washington bureau. The consummate Washington insider, Time magazine had named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world.
Political Journalism Loses A Legend

The death of NBC’s Tim Russert has stunned the journalistic and political worlds. And his loss will reverberate through them - and our political system itself - for a very long time.

In over 15 years as moderator of NBC’s "Meet the Press," Russert grilled candidates, congressional leaders, cabinet members and political activists of all stripes with a style that was respectful and fair but also confrontational. His show became a measuring stick for anyone seeking elevation to higher office, a gauntlet of sorts that had to be run by presidential candidates to prove their chops - the "Russert test."
Politicians, Colleagues Praise Russert as Institution in Journalism

NBC anchor Tim Russert's death Friday stunned and saddened his colleagues and the many politicians and other guests who had appeared on his long-running show "Meet the Press."

Condolences poured out of Washington for his family, as those who knew him praised him as an institution in political journalism.
Appreciation: Tim Russert, 1950-2008

It only adds to the sadness of Russert's death that he passes away in the middle of a suspenseful presidential election, and one that again affirmed his standing as possibly America's most influential political journalist.
Tim Russert’s Turnaround of ‘Meet the Press’

For more than 16 years, Tim Russert served as the moderator of “Meet the Press,” the award-winning Sunday public affairs program on NBC.

The program is, in some ways, the flagship brand of the network’s news division. It is the most popular show of its kind, and also the most influential. And since 1991, its identity has been intertwined with that of Mr. Russert’s, an anchor with a booming voice and a seemingly inexhaustible vault of political knowledge.
Tim Russert and New York Politics

Years before he entered the world of political journalism, in the mid-1980s, he was intimately involved in the New York political world. From 1977 to 1982, he was the first chief of staff to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a New York Democrat elected in 1976. He was instrumental in Mario M. Cuomo’s election as governor of New York, in 1982, and was counselor to the governor in 1983 and 1984.
Overpowering and sudden loss

He was "one of the premier political journalists and analysts of his time," Tom Brokaw, the former longtime anchor of "NBC Nightly News," said in announcing Russert’s death Friday afternoon. Brian Williams, managing editor and anchor of "NBC Nightly News," called his death a "staggering, overpowering and sudden loss."
The Gold Standard: Tim Russert's legacy—in politics and in life

And I tell this story to ask a question: After Russert, the deluge? Not to canonize him, but he operated in a way, and on an assumption, that seems all but lost in modern America: the ability to debate, to argue, with a reverence for the frail humanity of all.
Pre-eminent US journalist Tim Russert dies

He was a relentless interviewer and wielded such clout that when he declared that Barack Obama had wrapped up the Democratic nomination last month, his view was treated as a news story in itself.