On The Use Of The Word Round Eye

Monday, November 30, 2009

I've had a few questions since I started this thing - what I loosely call a blog - about the name - and while a lot of times I say something like "I think it just speaks for itself, and I think you either get it or you don't" - for some odd reason I just felt like posting up on it.

Slant Eye - just taking it back - you really do either get it or you don't (and hey - my eyes are Slanty so it's kind of apropos that I sign my emails that way - although in person I'll just say "You can call me _____" - however if you decide to fill in the blank yourself - at least come up with something original).

The phrase "Round Eye" though?

I do use it as a pejorative to describe mass media, government, social structures - everyone and everything that looks past who we are as a community - as individuals - who only see our color, hear the way we talk, and never look past the stereotypes they've collected to see and acknowledge what we do bring to the table - how woven we really are into the American tapestry.

In that way I'm just telling it like it is - what it's really about - using a term that I think more than adequately describes where a lot of people and organizations still are in terms of seeing the Asian and API community.