Monday, January 30, 2017

Who: Adam Chau (aka Slanty)

What: Asian American blogger and writer from the Midwest with posts @ Slant Eye For The Round Eye, MPR, YOMYOMF, Gazillion Voices, Hyphen Magazine, MyxTV, A Fistful Of Soundtracks, BCB, and referenced from USA Today, NBC News, CNN, as well as other APIA blogs/sites/social media. I'm glad that I've been able to be a part of or contribute to different places online and off, larger and smaller, or indi and not so indi, because there is something to be said for that.

What 1: I've had the pleasure of sitting on different boards, committees, and speaking on panels at different conferences, and working with great community members locally and nationally. From helping to organize and program events (like AAPI and Transracial film festivals or writer readings), or just supporting and lending a hand to other's projects - I've learned a lot from the passion of our communities.

What 2: Been helping to publish books as an independent publisher to help get marginalized voices out there in the printed form.

What 3: I have a full time non-related to blogging, writing, etc. job. This is why you sometimes see gaps here and there because I still like to be lazy and I figure it really is a marathon and not a sprint.

What 4: I'm generally pretty liberal. For the most part.

What 5: I sometimes use phrases like "White People" or "White ______ " (fill in the blank good or bad). We need everyone to eradicate bias and good White People are okay with calling out the bad ones. If you don't like the way I use "White People" maybe that says something.

What 6: This blog is obviously against racism and xenophobia.

What 7: In some way or another I've been a writer, publisher, journalist, blogger, or documentarian throughout my life. In that sense I do write and post from a place of free speech, first amendment rights, ethics, and due diligence. While I do joke, I do take care when it comes to fact versus fiction and doing what I can to not spread false or misleading narratives.

What 7a: But I'm still a blogger too which gives me latitude in what and how I say things.

What 8: Sometimes I do channel my inner WTF - because sometimes it feels good to do and why can't I? Why do you want to shut an Asian American man down like that?

What 9: Plausible deniability under any circumstances. Shout out to hot biscuits. Yes. I did take a break and then started back up. It's a marathon.