In Case You Missed It: PBS + Margaret Cho

Monday, April 30, 2012

From my inbox and now on to you:

Finding Your Roots, which premiered on March 25 and airs through May 20, explores race, culture and identity through the genealogy and genetics of some of America’s best-known personalities. Cho, as well as Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the multiple Emmy-award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN, and media and business magnate Martha Stewart, star in the episode airing May 6. The three guests are all children of first or second-generation immigrants, and share the peculiar burdens of that heritage. In an episode that crisscrosses the planet, from India to Korea to Poland, the viewer catches a glimpse of three distinct, yet oddly overlapping experiences of families leaving their homes and becoming American.

Cho, who co-stars in the TV series Drop Dead Diva, has never explored her Korean roots. As viewers will learn, the research teams trace her ancestry all the way back to her 20th great-grandfather, whose ancestral line connects to a prestigious clan in what is now North Korea. Her ancestors’ individual choices and their country’s political turmoil over the last half-century have cut off ties to Cho’s family’s past.

Saturday Morning West

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Say Sorry Barry (aka Marion Barry Does It Again!)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Geez...maybe Barry just hasn't had a good cup of coffee these past few weeks.

Or maybe it was a bad Yoo-hoo.

Or his bad Yoohoo.

I don't know.

Either way though, he's stepped in more shit this week - and you can make him say he's sorry.

At a hearing Monday on the University of the District of Columbia’s budget, he spoke about the need to train more African Americans to become nurses. In a video of his remarks aired by WTTG-TV, Barry noted a growing number of nurses are “immigrants” from the Philippines. “[I]f you go to the hospital now, you’ll find a number of immigrants who are nurses, particularly from the Philippines,” said Barry (D-Ward 8). “And no offense, but let’s grow our own teachers, let’s grow our own nurses, and so that we don’t have to go scrounging in our community clinics and other kinds of places, having to hire people from somewhere else.”

The National Federation of Filipino American Associations called Barry’s remarks “racist” and “bigoted.”

“We reject this continued Asian bashing by elected officials like Mr. Barry and demand that he apologize for his insensitive and irresponsible remarks,” Ed Navarra, chairman of NaFFAA, said in a statement. “We also call on him to engage in a meaningful dialogue with our community so we can better educate the broader American public about the significant contributions that our diverse immigrant communities have made to this country.”

Say Sorry Barry Campaign

Today, a coalition of DC Asian American advocacy groups launched the Say Sorry Barry Campaign urging DC Councilmember Marion Barry to apologize for his insensitive remarks toward the Asian American community, most recently about Filipino nurses, and to uphold his commitment to meet with local Asian American leaders.

APALC, AAJC, Jim Shee, And That Thing S.B. 1070

Friday, April 27, 2012

Anyone with a clue knows S.B. 1070 is some MFRWBS (feel free to work this one out and see the hint at the bottom of the page) so it's good to see places like the APALC and the AAJC still trying to knock that MFRWBS down where it belongs.

S.B. 1070 has already subjected Asian Americans and other racial minorities to discrimination and racial profiling, according to APALC.

APALC said that Friendly House plaintiff Jim Shee, a U.S. citizen of Spanish and Chinese descent, was stopped twice by local law enforcement and asked to produce his identification documents in April 2010, when the Arizona law was passed.

"I'm part of this lawsuit because racial profiling is wrong and I don't think that people should be targeted, pulled over and questioned because of the color of their skin," Shee, a lifelong resident of Arizona, said in a statement.

S.B. 1070 violates the Constitution, encourages racial profiling and threatens public safety by diverting scarce law enforcement resources and discouraging crime reporting by immigrant victims and witnesses, APALC alleged.

"Our country is in need of immigration reform, but a patchwork of 50 state laws is not the solution," said Jessica Chia, staff attorney at AAJC.

"We call on Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform and the Supreme Court to prevent states from enacting discriminatory laws like S.B. 1070," Chia added in the statement.

*Hint: Bullshit, Racist, MF, White

Jessica Sanchez + Dance With My Father

Friday, April 27, 2012

APICC's 15th United States of Asian America Festival Opening

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012
5:00pm until 8:00pm

The Future is NOW explores the ways in which contemporary Asian American artists explore, engage, reflect and critique their relationship to the past, present and future. The exhibition features works in a variety of media by an acclaimed group of artists: Kim Anno, Michael Arcega, Lenore Chinn, Binh Danh, Taraneh Hemami, Nancy Hom, Justin Hoover, Su-Chen Hung, Betty Kano, Hung Liu, Gabby Miller, Ranu Mukherjee, Pallavi Sharma, Tina Takemoto, Truong Tran, Carlos Villa and Flo Oy Wong.

Curated by Jennifer Banta with Exhibit Consultation and Design by Matt McKinley

Goh Nakamura Webcast

Friday, April 27, 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012
7:50pm in EDT
NYC Secret Location

At sundown, round 7:50 EST, I shall play some songs.
We'll stream it @
There will be an awesome secret guest performer!
If you live in NY and would like to attend as an audience member, please leave a comment and we'll give you the address

Li Dong + Montreal + Model Minority

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Got this sent out my way from Montreal filmmaker Li Dong about a new Web Series called "Model Minority" about the "process of confronting your own human imperfections" and wanted to post it on up.

So You Still Wanna Fuck Johnny Depp?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I get it.

He's a pirate.


Blah blah blah blah blah.

Read Native Appropriations and then tell me if he still gets you hot.

Hipster Racism: Zooey Deschanel Tweets, Stuff White People Like, And Of Course Hipsters

Thursday, April 26, 2012

This is getting a lot of play across the news wire and wanted to post on up a snippet.
"So I'm not allowed to have a genuine interest in another culture?!!?!??!"

First of all, privileged dickweeds wearing Urban Outfitters "Navajo" panties, I didn't realize that you excavated those in your anthropological field work. My bad. Carry on. And second of all, again, you "can" do whatever the fuck you want. You "can" wear whatever you want, say whatever you want, and think whatever you want about whatever you want. All the time! Yaaay! But if a group of people comes to you and says, "This thing that you are doing is hurting us," and you keep doing it for fun, then you are a dickweed! Like, you know we had an actual genocide here, right? A deliberate extermination of human beings? Right where your house is? So maybe just err on the side of sensitivity.

Read it in full.

Heart To Heart With David So Episode 1: Jayesslee

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hyori Wants To Expose Herself

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Okay again.

J Reyez & Joseph Vincent: Baby Good Night Cover/Remix (GD & TOP)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Be Racially Insensitive If You Say Things Like

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"If I wore 'fish-flops' I'd have a 100 Chinese people following me around."

"That new Mexican restaurant got us in and out in 30 minutes. Talk about Speedy Gonzales."

"Not my fault. It's those Indian programmers."


I think I'd classify you as a dumbass.

Issa Rae + Racist Comments For Awkward Black Girl

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

From the article down at CNN:

After “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl," won the Shorty Award for best webshow last month, creator Issa Rae saw racist comments and the N-word lobbed at her via social media. The show hadn't won the popular vote, but the judges selected it to win; some commenters said media attention around the death of Trayvon Martin was at the root of the win.

“The backlash was pretty intense,” Rae said about the comments made by fellow competitors. “I’m glad they didn’t win, they didn’t deserve to, by any means."

Although negative comments are nothing new for the 27-year-old actress, Rae said, what others had to say never bothered her until now, especially with the recent social media furor over some of “The Hunger Games” characters being black.
Read it in full.

Spooky Asian Art Museum

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You may not be able to go to the media preview - but when it opens - sounds like it'll be a really is a Wednesday.

Phantoms of Asia: Contemporary Awakens the Past - The first large scale exhibition of contemporary art organized by the Asian Art Museum—explores the spiritual and supernatural roots of Asian art and culture through a compelling interplay of more than 60 contemporary artworks in dialogue with 80 historical objects from the museum’s renowned collection. Spread over 40,000 square feet throughout—and even outside—the museum, the exhibition encourages visitors to view traditional objects not simply as relics of the past, but as vibrant and insightful connections to the present.

Did You Know?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That this month is National Minority Health Month?


Me neither.

Karen X. Cheng + Microsoft

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

You might have already seen this - but in case you haven't - it's awesome.

Fawn. Phan. Photos.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sounds like it could be promising.

APICC's 15th United States Of Asian America Festival Opening

Monday, April 23, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012
5:00pm until 8:00pm

The Future is NOW explores the ways in which contemporary Asian American artists explore, engage, reflect and critique their relationship to the past, present and future. The exhibition features works in a variety of media by an acclaimed group of artists: Kim Anno, Michael Arcega, Lenore Chinn, Binh Danh, Taraneh Hemami, Nancy Hom, Justin Hoover, Su-Chen Hung, Betty Kano, Hung Liu, Gabby Miller, Ranu Mukherjee, Pallavi Sharma, Tina Takemoto, Truong Tran, Carlos Villa and Flo Oy Wong. Curated by Jennifer Banta with Exhibit Consultation and Design by Matt McKinley

Viennie V EP

Monday, April 23, 2012

Aurora Records is excited to announce the release date for pop artist VIENNIE V’s For You EP as May 1st, 2012.

VIENNIE V, a local to the Los Angeles area, embodies a sweet and sultry sound showcased in her latest release- her strongest piece of work to date. The captivating 5-track EP features VIENNIE V’s powerful vocals paired with edgy dance beats.

For You opens with enchanting and upbeat lead single “For You.” The title track is followed by contemporary new tracks “Could This Be Love,” “Remember Me,” and “I’ll Hold My Breath.”

The EP is rounded out by a bass-pounding remixed version of “For You.” Lead single “For You” has garnered national airplay on top music stations including Sirius XM, San Francisco’s 92.7 REV and Las Vegas’s 104.3 Now. At the release of this announcement, the single is #52 on the Mediabase Top 40 Chart, a nationally recognized music industry service that monitors radio play on major stations. With the success of “For You,” VIENNIE V has established herself as one of the music industry’s newest pop stars on the rise.

“My latest work was created with all my fans in mind. Love is a common theme that everyone can relate to, so I wrote these songs based on my own experiences as well as on the experiences of others. I put my heart in to creating this album, so I hope you enjoy this EP that I made For You!” – VIENNIE V

For the latest updates on VIENNIE V, check out and follow @ViennieV
Vote Viennie V

And if you're so inclined - request her single down at your local stations.

Sarah Lian, Osric Chau, Jennifer Thym, And Mister French

Monday, April 23, 2012

Heard from filmmaker Jennifer Thym about some of the new things she's doing including the new Web Series Mister French which starts April 30th on KoldCast TV (and she's also got an action short called "Bloodtraffick" making the rounds at film festivals).


The Ho's On 7th Avenue

Monday, April 23, 2012

I haven't had a chance to watch all of these yet, but got it sent in and wanted to post it on up.

LEO37: Gorgeous

Monday, April 23, 2012

Got this sent in from Leo37 and wanted to make sure and post it on up.

More Info

After a dozen dates in Canada, the Philippines and Taiwan, Canadian-Taiwanese artist LEO37 (PPF House, The Blast) has returned with his 3rd single from his newest EP (Fanfare) entitled Gorgeous. With Fanfare receiving nearly 2000 downloads in its first week, this song, which features producer John Poon in his rawest form and LEO37 at his most poignant and crude, seemed to resonate with listeners enough so that they ultimately decided Gorgeous as the next single.

Internationally, Fanfare has received overwhelming feedback from virtually every continent on the globe:

“The result of the collaboration is an effort that is both classic and fresh and that is musically, aesthetically, stylistically refreshing.” - Illume Creative Studio (Rwanda)

“Packed with power and purpose, Fanfare is an album that represents reinvention. It’s musical rebirth.” - Far East Vibes (New York)

“Fanfare sees him bring a darker and more contemplative sound than previous, all the while maintaining the same wide sprectrum of influences – think Miles Davis, the Soulquarians, Radiohead, Bjork and Del the Funky Homosapien engaged in a slowed-down knife fight and you’ll be on the right track. - From the Feet Up (Saskatoon)

“Fanfare is definitely worth checking out!” - Taste Kulcha (Lebanon)

As a result, this newest set of visuals, shot entirely in Taipei’s world renowned Shilin Night Market by decorated photographer, Joe Russo, is less narrative and more a visual documentary on LEO37’s most recent escapades around the world.

Having now settled into his Taiwanese surroundings, the PPF House and Blast co-founder can be found bouncing around the globe performing, creating and spreading his art. With tour dates constantly popping up, be sure to check to find out when he’ll be in your neck of the woods.

Kollaboration DC 3 Auditions

Monday, April 23, 2012

For all you aspiring musicians and artists, got word sent down from the good people down at Kollaboration about their DC auditions.

Kollaboration DC 3 Auditions Announcement!

The 2012 Kollaboration season is underway, and with new productions in Dallas and Hawaii, as well as the movement’s first truly global finale show in the fall, the Kollaboration Movement is now bigger than ever before. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the biggest showcase of Asian and Pacific Islander talent in North America. Kollaboration DC is seeking auditions from talented musicians, rappers, dancers, poets, and other performing artists to perform and compete in the third annual Kollaboration DC.

Kollaboration DC 3 will be held on Saturday, September 22, 2012 at the George Washington University’s Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC. Accepted contestants will have the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience of over 1000 attendees while competing for a grand prize of $1000. In addition, the grand prize winner will also be given the chance to receive an invitation to compete against winners of other Kollaboration shows at Kollaboration 12, the season finale to be held this fall in Los Angeles, CA. All contestants will also have their talents showcased on Kollaboration DC’s social media network.

Kollaboration DC 3 Auditions Schedule:
Round 1 – Live Auditions @ University of Maryland, College Park (MD)
Date: Saturday, May 5
Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Location: University of Maryland – Rekord Armory, room 0117
Free weekend parking in lots C1 or C2 (

Round 2 – Live Auditions @ Jammin Java (VA)
Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Time: 10:00pm - 12:00am
Location: Jammin Java
227 Maple Ave E, Vienna, VA 22180

Round 3 – Live Public Auditions @ Fiesta Asia 2012 (DC) – FOR SOLO OR DUO ACTS ONLY
Date: Saturday, May 19, 2012
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Fiesta Asia 2012 – Kollaboration Acoustic Lounge Booth
Pennsylvania Ave. between 3rd and 6th Streets, Washington, DC – audition live for judges in front of an audience

Round 4 – Live Auditions @ the George Washington University (DC)
Date: Sunday, June 3
Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Location: TBA

All performing artists are welcome to audition, however certain rules will apply. Rules for the audition as well as application information can be found on our website

Although live auditions are preferred, if you are unable to make it to the audition in-person, video auditions will be accepted along with a completed online application form. The video submission deadline is May 31, 2012.

Question(s): Contact

Caribou Coffee's Attractive Asian Girls (Before And After)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting a quick coffee with K-Girl yesterday, we happened to run across what someone had written in regard to "What the perfect day would be" ...I'm not really sure how long it was up for, and I didn't take the time to ask (because I'm kind of lazy), but I couldn't help but at least do my small part in taking away the geisha-foot-binding-me-so-horny attitude on display.

And yes, if you have no idea why it was so wrong than you have absolutely no clue.


It kind of looks like the person couldn't even spell "Asian" right the first time...go figure.

In Pictures: Cat And Carm

Friday, April 20, 2012


Call Me Maybe + Arden Cho

Thursday, April 19, 2012

You're 25, APIQWTC, And Vuong Nguyen

Thursday, April 19, 2012


A quarter century ago a small group of queer and transgender Asian women's organizations came together and created the annual API Lunar New Year Banquet to network with each other. The banquet eventually evolved into what is now APIQWTC, an all-volunteer umbrella organization that produces political and social events and supports queer Asian women's and transgender activism. APIQWTC provides the space for an estimated 1,000 queer women and transgender individuals of Asian descent to gather and celebrate who they are, said co-founding members Crystal Jang and Koko Lin.

Oftentimes, even today, many queer women and transgender Asians live in the closet in fear of losing their family and community, the women said about APIQWTC and its importance. Celebrating means honoring the women who have given to the community and supporting rising stars. APIQWTC organizers have given out the Phoenix Award since 2002 and scholarships since the beginning, except when lack of funds halted the program for a while. Organizers reinstated the scholarship program six years ago, Jang and Lin said.

This year, Vuong Nguyen, founder and organizer of "Song That Radio," an LGBT Vietnamese American weekly radio program that celebrated its 20th anniversary last year, is being honored with the Phoenix Award.

Vietnamese American Woman Gets Sexually Assaulted And Police Do Nothing

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I was reading this article down at The Post and it just begs the question of what the hell they're doing in Falls Church Virginia.

In January, a Vietnamese woman who owns a day spa in the heart of Falls Church reported she was sexually assaulted at knifepoint inside her business. She flagged down a cab and chased her attacker, several people got good looks at the man, and the woman said her color surveillance cameras inside the store captured the man fairly clearly.

Four days later, a Falls Church police officer showed up at the woman’s Venus and Mars Spa and charged her with operating an unlicensed massage parlor. The woman said she didn’t run a massage parlor, but her business permit was immediately revoked by the city and the spa shut down. At her arraignment, the woman received a trial date of April11 and hoped to win her case and get her permit back then.

Instead, after a host of the woman’s witnesses and supporters waited for hours, Falls Church city prosecutor Daniel Conway asked for a continuance. He told the substitute General District Court judge he wasn’t expecting a “trial by ambush” by the defendant, that the officer was on vacation and that the city wouldn’t be ready for the misdemeanor trial for 10 more weeks. Conway’s request was granted, and the woman’s spa has now gone out of business. Her attacker is at large.
Get sexually assaulted.

Police shut down your shop.

Talk to you once.

Don't seem to take an interest in you.

You go out of business.


That seems par for the course.

Ted Nugent: Dumbass

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I don't need to even say anything because the video speaks for itself.

Uwajimaya + Bank Of America

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So this has been out for...well months now...but I just saw it via an ad for Bank Of America and wanted to post it on up for no reason whatsoever.

Jeremy Lin: You're One Of Time's 100 Most Influential People In The World + Random Thought

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Jeremy Lin's story is a great lesson for kids everywhere because it debunks and defangs so many of the prejudices and stereotypes that unfairly hold children back. He's dispelled the idea that Asian-American guards somehow couldn't hack it in the NBA — and that being a world-class athlete on the court is somehow at odds with being an excellent student off the court. Contrary to what you might read, Jeremy, 23, is no overnight sensation. In fact, he achieved success the old-fashioned way: he earned it. He worked hard and stayed humble. He lives the right way; he plays the right way.
Read it in full here.

Thinking Out Loud

I haven't really posted much on Jeremy Lin - just watching and listening to a lot of other people smarter than me put out the good word on all that's surrounding him including everything from R to IST.

But I do wonder - what if Linsanity was a little more Bad Boy? What if he was tatted from head to toe and had an entourage and had some off the court drama even in the short time he was in the spotlight? Would people stay he was still breaking stereotypes? Or does the fact that he is humble, was good off the court - personally and academically - also still fall in line with what people think about Asian Americans? What if next year after he signs a decent contract he goes out and gets a tattoo on his neck and gets some funky ass green hair?

Just wondering.

FM + Jay Leno

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So I couldn't find a video of FM playing the Leno show this past weekend, but if you didn't see it - trust me - it was good - and since I couldn't find the LML video I'll just post the original.

I'm Not Proud Of It But I Did It Anyway (Kung Fu Panda)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Conflicted about the movies - cartoon Yellow Face I sometimes wonder which is sometimes an inane thought if I think about it, and yet other times seems so oddly right to me - I did in fact play the video game Kung Fu Panda for hours on end until I finally beat Tai Lung's ass to the ground.

A Quick Letter To My Inbox

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hey Inbox,

I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I've been kind of neglecting cleaning you. I still love you like the first day I created you (does that make me your Dad btw?). I also did want to say sorry though for all the beatings I've been giving you - archive, delete, archive, read, delete, select, select, select, delete, WTF was that?

Hugs and kisses (I'd do more to you but since I'm kind of like your Dad I guess that would be weird).


Triangle Offense, Mitchell Grey, And Romeo + Juliet

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Here's a teaser trailer for the Triangle Offense/feat. Ryan Bandong of Mitchell Grey release "Eyes Open" (and for the record, I really do like that remake of the film).

And yes, in case you were wondering Mitchell Grey does indeed have a brand new album out.

List It: LA Asian Pacific Film Festival Documentary Feature Films

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

  • SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE - directed by Debbie Lum (United States)
  • PLANET OF SNAIL - directed by Yi Seung-jun (South Korea)
  • PAPA MAU: THE WAYFINDER - directed by Na’alehu Anthony (United States)
  • I.AM – SM TOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR - directed by Choi Jin-sung (South Korea)
  • CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT - directed by Yung Chang (Canada/PRC)
  • GIVE UP TOMORROW - directed by Michael Collins (Philippines/Spain/United States)
  • MR. CAO GOES TO WASHINGTON - directed by S. Leo Chiang (United States)
  • RESTORING THE LIGHT - directed by Carol Liu (China/United States)
  • UPLOADED: THE ASIAN AMERICAN MOVENT - directed by Kane Diep (United States)
  • WHERE HEAVEN MEETS HELL - directed by Sasha Friedlander (Indonesia)
  • GOLDEN SLUMBERS (LE SOMMEIL D’OR) - directed by Davy Chou (Cambodia)

Hirokazu Koreeda's "I Wish"

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

You Still Have Time To Make It To The Asian Hip Hop Summit LA

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Negin Farsad + Jen Kwok + Sheng Wang

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012, 6:30PM

Come join us for an Asian American all-star comedy festival! AAWW favorite Jen Kwok, the velvety voice that brought you Date an Asian and Ballad of the Tiger Mom, will bring her ukulele and extraordinary talent. Relish the sharp stylings of Sheng Weng, who won top honors at NBC Universal's Stand Up For Diversity. Enjoy the brains and beauty behind Nerdcore Rising, producer Negin Farsad, who has been named one of the top 50 funniest women by The Huffington Post. You'll be treated to three rousing belly-aching sets followed by a moderated discussion.

@Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library
Queens College
65-30 Kissena Boulevard
Flushing, NY 11367-1597
$5 suggested donation
Open to the public

Abraham From The Glee Project Season 2

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting to know you

Age: 24
Hometown: Queens, New York/San Diego, CA

Abraham, a true newbie to the performance world, indefinitely postponed his admission into law school to pursue his dreams of taking on the entertainment industry by storm. Oftentimes, he finds himself relating better to women and believes that it is due to the absence of a father-figure in his life. When not performing, Abraham works as a legal aid and a bartender in San Diego. Although he has only been performing for a year, his most rewarding performance was on the streets of San Diego when he played for homeless people. With lots of hard work, determination, and a bit of sass, Abraham was discovered for “The Glee Project” through an online video submission.

Links And Stuff From People That Aren't As Lazy As I Am

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

From around the way.

Aziatix: Speed Of Light (Full MV)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bruce Lee's Testicles

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Just in case you were wondering.

People Of Color: You've Got Some Pulitzer

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In no particular order:

1. History: The late Manning Marable for "Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention".
2. Criticism: Wesley Morris from the Boston Globe.
3. Drama: Quiara Alegria Hudes for "Water by the Spoonful".
4. Poetry: Tracy K. Smith for "Life on Mars".
5. Public Service: Philadelphia Inquirer staff for their series on school violence.
6. Breaking News Reporting: Tuscaloosa (Ala.) News staff.

Thank you Washington Post.

Random Asobi Seksu

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Anthemic: Rocky Rivera feat. Irie Eyez - GRLZ

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ed Bok Lee And The 24th Annual Minnesota Book Awards

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Congratulations go out to Ed Bok Lee for winning the MN Book Award for Poetry.


Feodor Chin + Keye Luke + Timothy Tau + LAAPFF

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Caught this down at the Examiner and wanted to post a little bit of the article up here:

Actor and writer Feodor Chin portrays Keye Luke in a new biopic about the legendary Asian American actor and artist premiering at this year's Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. Directed, Produced and Edited by Timothy Tau, the biopic short film will be presented as part of a shorts program that combines projects from UCLA's Video Ethnography Workshop and Visual Communications' Armed with a Camera Fellowship for Emerging Media Artists. "Keye Luke" was an Armed with a Camera Fellowship film.
Read it in full to catch the interview.

Kim Noonan + Pepper

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Monday Night Gerald Ko

Monday, April 16, 2012

White House + North Korea

Thursday, April 12, 2012

From the White House Press Secretary and now on to you.

Statement by the Press Secretary on North Korea’s Missile Launch

Despite the failure of its attempted missile launch, North Korea’s provocative action threatens regional security, violates international law and contravenes its own recent commitments. While this action is not surprising given North Korea’s pattern of aggressive behavior, any missile activity by North Korea is of concern to the international community. The United States remains vigilant in the face of North Korean provocations, and is fully committed to the security our allies in the region.

The President has been clear that he is prepared to engage constructively with North Korea. However, he has also insisted that North Korea live up to its own commitments, adhere to its international obligations and deal peacefully with its neighbors.

North Korea is only further isolating itself by engaging in provocative acts, and is wasting its money on weapons and propaganda displays while the North Korean people go hungry. North Korea's long-standing development of missiles and pursuit of nuclear weapons have not brought it security – and never will. North Korea will only show strength and find security by abiding by international law, living up to its obligations, and by working to feed its citizens, to educate its children, and to win the trust of its neighbors.

Soon To Be Released And At My Doorstep

Monday, April 09, 2012

Kero One ft. Suhn: What Am I Supposed to Do?

Monday, April 09, 2012

Got this sent my and wanted to make sure and post up.

What Am I Supposed to Do?, the lead single off Kero One's forthcoming album (coming this summer), is a song with a call to action. Composed, arranged, and performed by Kero One featuring the soulful vocals of Suhn (The Tones), this song, along with a self-directed music video, reminds us that there is something everyone can do against human injustices.

As written in the song:
There’s a war outside that's taking so many lives | What's left to do but cry | But we got to believe in something, don't just stand for nothing | Fight for your rights and let's end this war!

50% of all proceeds from the sale of this song in the first month will be donated directly to Free the Slaves (, a charity focused on ending slavery for women, children and men aro und the world.

Download on iTunes:
Download on Bandcamp:

The White House Champions Of Change: Nine Asian American and Pacific Islander Leaders

Thursday, April 05, 2012

From my inbox and now on to you (and yes, technically this over but you can still see the goodness).

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Thursday, April 5, the White House will honor nine Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) leaders and organizations as Champions of Change. The nine champions were chosen as part of the White House Initiative on AAPIs “What’s Your Story” Video Challenge.

In the Fall of 2011, the White House launched the “What’s Your Story?” video challenge. The challenge aimed to highlight the personal stories of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders across the country who have impacted their community through their dreams, experiences, and dedication to a cause. The White House received over 200 videos and 35 essays. From these entrees, the nine inspiring leaders were chosen to represent their communities as part of White House’s Champions of Change program.

The Champions of Change represent the millions of AAPIs who are making a difference in their community, many of whom continue to make a difference without being formally recognized. The nine leaders and organizations have stood out as demonstrating exceptional leadership in civil rights, immigration, community empowerment, LGBT engagement, anti-bullying, health, and the arts. Their work has been an integral part ensuring that the underserved among them are given a voice.

“These nine champions have demonstrated what it means to be a force of inspiration and change in their communities. It is because of their work that the AAPI community is as strong as it is today. And it is their leadership that will enable us better address the various needs of the underserved,” said Director of the Office of Public Engagement Jon Carson. “We are delighted to have them here at the White House to honor them for the work that they do.”

The Champions of Change program was created as a part of President Obama’s Winning the Future initiative. Each week, a different sector is highlighted and groups of Champions, ranging from educators to entrepreneurs to community leaders, are recognized for the work they are doing to serve and strengthen their communities. On April 5th, the nine AAPI Champions will be honored for their work, and engage in a discussion about the work they have done to inspire their communities.

To watch this event live, visit at 11:30 am ET on April 5th.

The White House AAPI “Champions of Change” are:

Terisa Tinei Siagatonu

Siagatonu is a spoken word artist/arts educator and community organizer from the Bay Area. A graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, she is currently the Project Director for PIER: the Pacific Islander Education and Retention project at UCLA, an access project that exists to combat the low matriculation rates of Pacific Islander students into higher education by offering services ranging from free tutoring, mentorship, and peer advising to Pacific Islander high school students in Los Angeles. Her emergence into the spoken word world as a queer Samoan women and activist has granted her the opportunities to perform on stages ranging from Boston’s Cutler Majestic Theatre to the Women’s Stage at the 2010 Oakland PRIDE Festival. She has worked as a poet mentor with Youth Speaks, the leading nonprofit organization for spoken word performance and literary arts education in the country, as well as on grassroots levels with groups such as One Love Oceania, a queer Pacific Islander women’s organization from the Bay Area, the Samoan Community Development Center of San Francisco, Empowering Pacific Islander Communities of Los Angeles, and Engaging Education of the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her devotion to her Pacific Islander people and her work with college access and spoken word poetry helps her to drive the development of Pacific Islander youth, advocating for self-empowerment so they can create sustainable impact in their communities, starting with themselves.

Harry Leong and Rebecca Chin of The Philadelphia Suns

Leong is the president of the Philadelphia Suns, a volunteer-led, youth organization, which focuses on community building by offering educational, cultural, social, athletic, and service opportunities for Asian American youth. The Suns serve more than 500 Philadelphia youth annually in teaching teamwork, building self-esteem and learning leadership skills, through a variety of activities and programs including sports, volunteer opportunities, and participating in traditional Chinese lion dance performances. Harry is currently an outreach center director, and has formerly taught in inner-city elementary schools and worked as a public accountant. He has led the Suns since 1989 and has fostered the philosophy of servant leadership in helping to develop productive community members and leaders of tomorrow.

Rebecca Chin has been a member, leader, and creative talent within the Philadelphia Suns, a volunteer-led, youth organization, which focuses on community building by offering educational, cultural, social, athletic, and service opportunities for Asian American youth, since high school. The Suns' use of sports and service to develop personal responsibility and a culture of teamwork and healthy competition left an indelible impression on Rebecca. As an avid athlete and University of Pennsylvania graduate, she has experienced firsthand the correlation between cultural identity, sports and personal excellence, and the tremendous positive impact on both the individual and community. The strong relationships forged from the organization can be summed up in a commonly echoed phrase, "Once a Sun, Always a Sun." Rebecca is dedicated to creating opportunities for the Suns' members, especially young women, to challenge society's notion of themselves through sports and community leadership, and to help them develop the confidence that will carry over into all aspects of their lives.

Elena Chang and Suma Reddy, The Asian Pride Project (APP):

APP aspires to foster greater visibility, pride, acceptance, unity, and harmony for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Asians & Pacific Islander (API) people in our families, cultural communities and beyond, no matter where we are. We believe in the power of sharing, connecting, and relating to give API families and communities the support they need when struggling with the challenges of our sexual and gender identities in the API cultural context. Asian Pride Project is led by a small group of dedicated and passionate leaders of New York City's Asian American LGBT organizations, including Q-Wave -- an Asian and Pacific Islander group for those who identify as lesbian, female bisexual, or transgendered, GAPIMINY -- the Gay Asian and Pacific Islander Men of New York, and SALGA-NYC -- the South Asian Lesbian and Gay Association of New York City.

Chu Huang, The Chinese Immigrant Student Leadership program (ChISL)

The Chinese Immigrant Student Leadership program (ChISL) is a pilot leadership program for Chinese immigrant students in the Chinese-Sheltered English Instruction Program at Charlestown High School in Boston, MA. The program seeks to help the students develop as leaders by focusing on building the students' capacity to effect positive changes in their school. The program is the result of a partnership between Charlestown High School and the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center (BCNC), a non-profit community-based organization.

Paul (PK) Kim

Kim is the founder of Kollaboration, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the community through entertainment. Its main annual event is a talent show which takes place in 15 cities and draws over 20,000 people annually. He is also a standup comedian, a regular at The World Famous Laugh Factory in Hollywood, and has performed at over 70 universities.

Nidhi Chanani

Chanani is an artist who creates illustrations that capture the everyday romantic and whimsical moments in life. In a fast paced society that is saturated with a variety of media, her work reminds people to recognize those moments. As an Indian-American in the field of art and she actively creates work that represents diverse communities. Nidhi connects with a wide audience that is eager to be represented, which demonstrates the need for strong female Asian voices within the arts. Her work inspires aspiring artists young and old to pursue creativity and to recognize that art can be their voice and path in life. Nidhi was born in Calcutta and currently draws and dreams in San Francisco with her husband and two cats.

My Linh Vo

Currently a doctoral student in clinical psychology at John F. Kennedy University in California, Vo is developing her skill set to provide culturally-responsive services to underserved, underrepresented, and marginalized individuals and families. She is passionate about her profession, rooted in her Vietnamese American immigrant background, and proud of her family history. She hopes to honor her family, teachers, mentors, friends, and many others who have come into her life through her community involvement, leadership, and advocacy work.

Shanghai Calling, Daniel Henney + OMG That Trailer Better Be Fucking With Me

Thursday, April 05, 2012

First let me just put this out there: White women - fuck all the Asian and Asian American men that you want. Grab a hold of their dicks, slobber those MF's up, and grease that shit in to whatever place is feeling the need. I have no issues with anybody fucking anyone they want too - group it, grope it, fist it, fuck it, femdom it - more power to everyone.

But fuck me.

If Daniel Henney ends up going with the White chick in this MF I'm just going to be kinda pissed because WHY THE FUCK IS IT SO HARD TO SEE SOME ASIAN ON ASIAN CELLULOID LOVE?

God I hope I'm MF wrong on this fucker.


This film will have its world premiere at the Newport Beach Film Festival May 3 and then play the opening night of the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival on May 10.

P.S. x2

Who the hell is going to choose Eliza Coupe OVER Zhu Zhu?

P.S. x3

They've gotta be fucking with me.

Pacific Citizen's "Extraordinary APA Of The Year" Awards

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Definitely check it out if you get the chance.

We are pleased to announce that animator Willie Ito, NFL star Hines Ward and the trio behind the Jubilee Project are among the Asian Pacific American (APA) leaders to win the P.C.'s second annual "Extraordinary APA of the Year" Awards, which honor an individual's positive and headline-making achievements in the Asian Pacific American community.

This year, the "Extraordinary APA" award winners are more diverse, but connected by their achievements in 2011. The winners, which include an independent film director and his team and the head of a non-profit working to raise awareness about the Chinese Exclusion Act, will be featured in the May 4 issue of the P.C., celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

This special recognition honors community leaders who have positively impacted the APA community and whose stories were reported in the P.C.

"This year the Pacific Citizen editorial board had a difficult time selecting our winners since there were so many worthy nominees," said Caroline Aoyagi-Stom, P.C. executive editor. "The group of individuals who are being honored this year are truly leaders in the APA community and we are proud to bring you their stories."

Get Your 72 Hour Shootout Spring Filmmaking How-To Series On

Thursday, April 05, 2012

And that's a wrap!

Yeah...I know...

Thursday, April 12, 2012
7:00pm until 12:00am in EDT
The Azure Lounge, 333 E 91 St., Manhattan (possible video option)

To enable our members to put their best foot forward in this year's 72 Hour Shootout and maximize their marketing potential at the 2012 Asian American International Film Festival, in conjunction with Asian CineVision, Film Lab is rolling out a spring series of how-to filmmaking seminars! Come, learn, network, and start putting together your shootout teams!

Seating will be limited. RSVP to or here on facebook.

For those not in NYC, please email to inquire about seminar video footage and written materials.

Our first two events will take place April 12 and May 10, 7:00-9:00 pm, so mark your calendars now!

We'll also be offering early bird discounts for filmmakers who pre-register to compete in the Shootout. The seminars are, thanks to AAFilmLab, FREE to attend. Here are all the details (SCROLL DOWN FOR ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SHOOTOUT FILMMAKING COMPETITION):

April 12:
Making Your First Short Film -

Tips and Strategies for the First Time Filmmaker

With the 2012 72 Hour Film Shootout soon approaching, writer/director J.P. Chan will share his thoughts and experiences on getting your first short film off the ground. This audience-led event will answer your questions (and then some) on how to get started and include a screening of some of J.P.'s short films. This evening is geared towards those with little or no previous filmmaking experience and will provide an overview of the filmmaking process.

J.P. Chan ( is a self-taught filmmaker and playwright living in New York City. J.P.'s award-winning short films have screened at film festivals around the world including Slamdance, SXSW, Tribeca, and Comic-Con. He also teaches DON'T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB, a popular filmmaking workshop based on his experiences making films while holding down full-time employment. J.P. holds a graduate degree in urban planning from NYU and was born in New Jersey to working-class immigrant parents.

May 10:
Adding Production Value to a Low/No Budget Film

Money. Obviously the more you have the better. But you've got no money and barely any time to complete your short film. How do you hide the fact that your short film is low or no budget? How do you make people believe what they are watching is real and is happening at that very moment?

Low/No budget films are notorious for things like bad acting, bad locations, bad lighting, etc. It's also hard on the morale of your cast and crew when they walk onto a set knowing that a bad film is an inevitable fate.

In this workshop, we'll discuss how to increase the quality of a film that is running on practically no budget. We'll cover our experiences in all aspects of production from producing and acting to location and sound. Half of the discussion will be technical and the other half will be "big notes to think about." We'll field any questions you guys have along the way and try to find a solution or offer some alternatives on the spot. Feel free to network with us too.

Descendant Films is a narrative film production company based in New York City and Philadelphia. We've been active since 2010, and a lot of what we do involves working with Asian American artists from actors to models to musicians. We want to share the Asian American experience and hope that these stories can reach a wide audience around the world. You can check out who we are and our work at

What is the Shootout?
The 72 Hour Film Shootout (“Shootout”) is a nationwide competition organized by AAFilmLab in which filmmaking teams have a total of 72 hours to write, shoot, edit and produce short films up to five minutes in length on a common theme. The competition creates opportunities for Asian Americans to demonstrate their talent, gain exposure in the entertainment industry and significantly impacts the visibility of Asian American stories and characters in film and television. At least one key production member and a lead actor from each team must be of Asian descent. The top ten finalists films will screen at the Asian American International Film Festival in New York City. The festival runs July 25, 2012, through August 5, 2012.

What if I don't have a team?
Come to the filmmaking panels, meet people, network, and put together a team. OR register for the shootout as an individual and email a request to explaining that you've registered as an individual and would like to be hooked up with other individual registrants for a shootout team.

More Details Soon To Come. . .

Kyrs Lee, Chris Grace, Alfa, Giant Robot + More Stuff

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Because you wanted to know about some cool things going on this week.

6:30pm until 10:00pm
Giant Robot 2 (GR2) presents: They Are Us
Solo exhibition by Ako Castuera

Ako Castuera often shows at Giant Robot in group exhibitions. This will be her first solo effort at Giant Robot. Castuera’s work involves a look into the past which has brought us into the present. Along with her sweeping watercolor hills and valleys are dinosaurs and prehistoric animals. Castuera relays their significance as a dreaming point as well as their contribution in our ecosystem. Also in this exhibition will be sculptural work also depicting prehistoric animals captured in a modernistic style. Castuera’s work is colorful, dreamy and captures a concept that explains who we are and where we came from.

They Are Us – New Work by Ako Castuera
April 7 – May 2, 2012
Opening reception Saturday April 7th 2012, 6:30-10pm
GR2 – 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025
310 445 9276

Giant Robot was born as a Los Angeles-based magazine about Asian, Asian-American, and new hybrid culture in 1994, but has evolved into a full-service pop culture provider with shops and galleries in Los Angeles as well as an online equivalent.

For more information about Giant Robot or Ako Castuera, please contact:

Eric Nakamura
Giant Robot Owner/Publisher
(310) 479-7311

Monday, April 9, 2012
7:00pm in EDT

KRYS LEE’s debut short story collection, Drifting House, explores the heartbreaking forgings of Korean identity in the wake of war and economic collapse. Haunted their tragic past, Lee’s cast of characters include a spurned wife who seeks to rescue her kidnapped daughter in America and a tenant who believes his mother has been reincarnated in his pet goose. The much heralded Drifting House is a portrait of the enduring grief of contemporary Korea and its diaspora. Krys will appear in conversation with Whiting Award winning novelist ALEXANDER CHEE, the blogger behind Koreanish.

@The Asian American Writers' Workshop
110-112 West 27th Street, 6th Floor
Between 6th and 7th Avenues
Buzzer 600
$5 suggested donation


KRYS LEE was born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in California and Washington, and studied in the United States and England. She was a finalist for Best New American Voices, received a special mention in the 2012 Pushcart Prize XXXVI, and her work has appeared in the Kenyon Review, Narrative magazine, Granta (New Voices), California Quarterly, Asia Weekly, The Guardian, The New Statesman, and Condé Nast Traveller, UK (forthcoming). She lives in Seoul with intervals in San Francisco.

ALEXANDER CHEE was born in Rhode Island, and raised in South Korea, Guam and Maine. He is a recipient of the 2003 Whiting Writers’ Award, a 2004 NEA Fellowship in Fiction and residency fellowships from the MacDowell Colony , the VCCA, Ledig House, the Hermitage and Civitella Ranieri . His first novel, Edinburgh (Picador, 2002), is a winner of the Michener Copernicus Prize, the AAWW Lit Award and the Lambda Editor’s Choice Prize, and was a Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of the Year and a Booksense 76 selection.

Friday, April 13, 2012
8:00pm in EDT

We know- we can't believe it's time for another one of our lavishly funny Open Mics! This month we are delighted to host talented singer/songwriter CHRIS GRACE as well as sassy documentarian MANSEE KONG. Chris's seductive vocals will knock you flat and ManSee Kong’s sharp chops will glue you to your seat. Our favorites and yours, comedienne JEN KWOK and novelist ED LIN will be MC'ing and pumping you up! Booze, books and you; our perfect Friday night!

@Asian American Writer's Workshop
112 West 27th Street, Suite 600
Between 6th and 7th Avenues
Buzzer 600
$5 suggested donation

Sign up for Open Mic slots at 7:30PM!


CHRIS GRACE is a familiar face on Cold Soda, The Faculty, Starkey & Grace, Hello, and Baby Wants Candy. He’s a contributor for College Humor and McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. In days of yore, he was a founding member of the PIT house teams Boldfaced LIAR and Fancy Dragon and went to the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

MANSEE KONG Currently an MFA Film Candidate at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, ManSee Kong is best known for her documentary, Here to Stay, which portrays the effects of Manhattan Chinatown's gentrification through the lens of tenants awaiting the results of an anti-eviction lawsuit. Mansee aims to create films that expose the struggles and beauty of underrepresented communities as well as the inspirational commitment of organizers fighting for justice.

Friday, April 13, 2012
10:00pm until 2:00am
Friday April 1

Our resident DJs

LIVE Performance by
Performing his new single "Just Do Me" and "Don't Need Nobody"
Leslie will be doing meet 'n greet & CD signing after her performance!

CD & Poster Giveaway
SHINee 4th Mini Album "SHERLOCK"
Download now in itunes:

CD Giveaway
She's back with MORE ENERGY and tight, dance-pop sensibility fused with an electro-vibe! The NEW single from the forthcoming CD "Supercharged" coming this Summer 2012.

$5 Drink Special or $150 Bottle Service Special ~ all night

Doors at 10pm til late ~ continuing into The EndUp's FEVER Party
Free entrance before 11pm.
For FREE GUEST LIST signup, please send your FULL NAME to (one name per email address).

POPST★R is every 2nd Friday of the month at the famous
The EndUp
401 6th Street (x Harrison)
SOMA, San Francisco, CA

Friday, April 13, 2012
9:00pm until 10:30pm in PDT

Hey friends!

Our musical pseudo-powers are combining on the spookiest night of all - Friday the 13th - and we'd love to have you join us for some fresh tunes, scandalous dance moves and heartfelt confessionals. It will be a night to remember!

Love and music!
Alfa & Andrew

Alfa: "First Sight of Land" at The Living Room NYC

Andrew Figueroa Chiang: "Jilly"

$8, All Ages

Thursday Sunny Afternoon Dumbfoundead

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Jennifer Chung ft. New Heights: Set Fire To The Rain

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Tuesday Night Paul Kim Big Bang Remix

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Oakland Gunman

Monday, April 02, 2012

Since tweeting out this afternoon on the gunman and the different media reports, I've just now gotten back to reading more about this - and honestly - I'm not even sure to say.

It's just crazy...

Just in case you need a link if you haven't already been reading one: LA Times.