LEO37 + PPF House: Fanfare

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toronto-based artist collective, PPF House, is proud to present their newest release: Fanfare. Courtesy Taiwanese-Canadian emcee/turntablist, LEO37, Fanfare combines producer and multi-instrumentalist, John Poon’s oversized drums and violent synth squeals (imagine Hank Shocklee with a Moog) with LEO37’s poignant, vivid lyrics and aggressive, stylistic cadences to create something that is altogether both big system and headphone worthy.

Having previously been referred to as ‘one of the most original sounds in Canada.’ by Exclaim! Magazine, Fanfare serves as a reintroduction for LEO37 to the Canadian and International music scene. Having spent the better part of the last 5 years touring (including – all self-booked -- 3 Canadian tours, Amsterdam, Ireland, 20 cities across the U.S. as well as 7 countries in Asia), LEO37 felt it necessary to fully hone his skills on stages all over the world before finally releasing the first single and video from his new EP, also titled, “Fanfare”. The video features animation and direction from PPF House head and current Disney collaborator Howie Shia, whose resume has earned him awards from film festivals across the globe (including the Tokyo International Anime Fair Grand Prize and Best Short Film at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival) as well as mentions on Kanye West’s blog for his video with eletronic composer, Deru (Avatar, the Last Airbender: Animated Series). As for the music, all instrumentation on ‘Fanfare’ was played by John Poon with contributions from fellow Housemate, Tim Shia (Drums - The Worst Pop Band Ever, Emma Cook, Milosh). This new edition to the PPF House discography is certainly a refreshing and welcome direction for the crew.

PPF House is a group of like-minded artists who, through varying mediums and genres strive to create forward thinking, yet accessible product. For Saskatchewan born, Toronto bred LEO37, this is his 3rd release. Having just recently moved to Taiwan this November to accept a DJ residency at the legendary Primo club, LEO37 has continued touring Asia with plans of heading home this Spring to follow up the release of his brand new EP. Having previously shared the stage with an eclectic combination of: Aloe Blacc, The Bad Plus, Del the Funky Homosapien, Tittsworth, Swollen Members and Tanika Charles, just to name a few, LEO37 is poised to continue building and looking to be awesome. Really awesome.

Film + Fundraising: Quentin Lee, Stanley Yung, Koji Steven Sakai, Jason Tobin, Eugenia Yuan, And Chink (The First Asian American Serial Killer Movie)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If the title of this post doesn't at least somewhat interest you - I don't know what will (and to be honest I'd be a little afraid to ask).

But serial killers? Asian Americans? And Eugenia Yuan?

What more do you want?


First Asian American Serial Killer Movie Begins Fundraising Drive on New Crowd-Funding Site USA Projects

Los Angeles, CA. December 1, 2011 – The filmmakers responsible for independent hit, The People I've Slept With, are joining together again to make Chink, the first Asian American serial killer movie. It is the directorial debut of Stanley Yung, the film is written by Koji Steven Sakai and produced by Stanley, Koji, and Quentin Lee. The film stars Jason Tobin (Better Luck Tomorrow and The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift) and Eugenia Yuan (Memoirs of a Geisha and The Eye 2).

They are hoping to raise at least ten thousand dollars to cover production expenses on USA Projects, created by United States Artists to expand its mission of investing in America’s finest artists. They plan on beginning production in the spring of 2012.

Chink is about an Asian American man who has internalized the racism he felt as a child and turned it into a hatred of all Asians – including himself. His anger and his desire to be like his hero (Ted Bundy) leads him to violence and ultimately to his dream of becoming the greatest serial killer in history.

The production team of Stanley Yung, Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee have produced more than a half-dozen independent motion pictures. Their films have been exhibited on television, in theaters, and at major festivals such as AFI, São Paulo, Golden Horse in Taiwan, Toronto, and most of the Asian American and LGBT film festivals throughout the world.

USA Projects is a community where America’s finest artists and those that love and support them can share their latest work, discover new artists, enter into a dialog with each other, and make direct donations (of any size, all of which are tax deductible) to new projects created by each artist. This is the first website that allows direct public donations between art patrons and accredited artists on the Internet.

For more information about Chink, visit: http://www.unitedstatesartists.org/project/chink

Because You Want To Be In Politics: Warren Furutani

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who knows - maybe after helping out with the Furutani campaign you too will be asking for volunteers for you own political efforts.


Congratulations to Warren Furutani for making the Jan 17 Runoff Election for Council District 15! But the Runoff Election will be a TOUGH RACE and we still have a lot more work to do! Face-to-face voter contact will make a CRITICAL DIFFERENCE for this special election, so let’s give Warren all the support we have!!!
Warren is the only officially endorsed candidate of the Democratic Party and KADC and the ONLY remaining candidate with political experience. If elected, Warren Furutani would be the only API on the LA City Council and the second API City Council in LA's history. We cannot lose this opportunity! PLEASE MAKE THE TIME TO VOLUNTEER!

Co-hosted by the Korean American Democratic Committee, Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance – Los Angeles, and Local API Leaders


9:00 – 12:00 AM
12:00 – 1:00 (lunch)
1:00 – 3:00 PM
(phone-banking available for those who cannot walk)
395 W 7th St, San Pedro, CA 90731‐3336

Questions? Contact Diane Ujiiye at 323 833 3228; dianeuji@gmail.com or Jan Tokumaru at jantee66@gmail.com
Sign up with MIGUEL CORDOVA: 424.204.2423;miguelacordova@ymail.com
or with Diane through Andrew Ma at: andrewma08@yahoo.com

Home:Word Deluxe Edition In Stores Now + Trailer

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Magnetic North & Taiyo Na release their new album Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] today Tuesday, November 29, 2011 to all online US retailers. This correlates with the release of Home:Word [Japan Edition], which was released on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 to all major retailers in Japan and debuted at #3 on their iTunes Hip-Hop Charts.

Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] is a rerelease of their 2010 US album Home:Word. Remastered, resequenced, repackaged with an exclusive lyric booklet and 6 new, additional tracks, the album was inspired by their recent single and album deal with Japanese hip-hop label Goon Trax (Media Factory). The title song “Home:Word” was featured on one of Goon Trax’s popular compilation albums In Ya Mellow Tone 6, released March 2011. Within a week the song shot up to #2 on iTunes Japan’s Hip-Hop charts and became a song of solace for many who were afflicted by the ongoing Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear crisis. Further moved by this course of events, one of their new songs on Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] is “Fukushima.” Released as a lyric video on September 11, 2011, “Fukushima” is a song dedicated to the victims of the tragedy in Japan as well as others.

Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] is a culmination of 3 years of creative partnership between artists Magnetic North and Taiyo Na. Without devaluing the albums, concert tours, music videos or newfound international success, Magnetic North & Taiyo are proudest of their Holla Benefit Concert Series (2009′s Home for the Holla’Days, 2010′s Home for the Holla’Days II and 2011′s Holla For Japan) which have collectively raised over $35,000 in charity. Collaborating with other like-minded musicians to put on concerts to aid urgent causes have brought their passions for music and social responsibility together in the most fulfilling of ways.

The new songs on Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] feature many of the other artists who have shared the stage with Magnetic North & Taiyo Na at their Holla Benefit Concerts such as singer/songwriters Sam Kang, Cynthia Lin, Scooter Oyama and Ruth Cho, producers Jaron Lum and Chucky Kim and saxophonist Jonathan Lee.

A Search For One's Past + Nisha Grayson

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Got this sent in and wanted to make sure and post it on up as it sounds like a cool project. Check out the video above, the information below, and then help them fund their project down at IndieGoGo.

You Follow A Search for Ones Past is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of You Follow A Search for Ones Past must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Our Story

YOU FOLLOW: A Search for One's Past is a documentary film that follows Nisha Grayson back to India to begin her search for her birth mother. Yes, her birth mother. Nisha was adopted from Goa 28 years ago into a beautiful American family. Since then, she has always dreamed about visiting India, who she physically resembled, and if she would ever get the chance to meet, thank, and hug the woman who gave birth to her.

Before she left to begin her search in 2009, she had no information except her mothers name and the village she was from. You would probably think those details were enough to find someone, but with keeping her safety and privacy a number one priority, Nisha was beginning her search from scratch. After a month of keeping Nisha's identity and purpose for searching disclosed from the the public, meeting with adoption lawyers, exchanging emails with former owner of the orphanage, historians, and artists, Nisha did not make any promising leads until the last couple of weeks when she met met a special family who offered their help with her search. It was then, Nisha released her anxiety and control and felt she was doing the right thing.

Now it is time to travel back to Goa to find out what has happened since Nisha left and to continue to follow the clues to finding her birth mother.

This documentary is not only following Nisha's search and personal journey back to India and the individuals met on this journey, but it is also going to touch on other adoption stories and perspectives.

The Impact

This film will not only share Nisha's personal story, but it will hopefully inspire other adoptees to explore their birth right to find their birth parents and/or birth stories. There is a lot of debate about open records in this country and whether or not adoptees have the right to know their birth families, so hopefully Nisha's personal story will give another perspective on how important it can be for one to have the tools to search for their heritage, birth story, birth families, and medical records.

With adoption awareness on the rise in the last few years, many stories have been told via films, books, and adoption conferences around the US. It is a crucial time for this film to be completed because Nisha's story touches on international adoption that took place in the early 1980's, when the adoption process, laws, education, and views were much different than they are now in the 21st century. Nisha wants to share her story at this time because it is not common for international adoptees to travel back to search.

Even if viewers are not apart of the adoption triad (adoptees, birth parents, adopting parents/families), this film can encourage those to still research their own family lineage and story to pass along to their future generations.

Since this film is a passion project for Nisha and Sharmila Ray http://cargocollective.com/saywhatfoo, this film needs to be completed one way or another. If this campaign does not meet the goal, then the producers will have a tight budget to work with. If all else fails, Nisha and Sharmila will continue to put in personal funds to complete this film. To be honest, the film will take a lot longer to finish if it is only funded with personal income.

What We Need & What You Get

The goal is to raise 20,000 dollars. Why so much you ask, well here is the deal...
The crew will consist of four talented and frugal team members that will capture the best images/footage for the film.

As of now, the American dollar is worth about 49 Rupees (Rs). As a local, that is a lot of money, but since the crew will be tourist, then they will be charged tourist rates for their hotel and transportation, which can come out to be the equivalent of American rates. Prices/estimates are based on the last trip to Goa, India in 2009.

The film crew needs help with their flight cost to the other side of the world in order to follow Nisha back to Goa. Once they are there, then they will need a safe and clean place to rest their heads and set up home base with all of their equipment. Not only that, but the film crew will need to keep their bellies full with the tastiest food. Now keep in mind that, each person can stay full with as little as five dollars a day. For transportation, the crew will rent mopeds/scooters because it will be cheaper and more convenient than renting two rickshaws everyday.

As for the equipment, what is needed to complete the most beautiful film...

Canon 7D with lens and batteries
Lighting Kit
Sound- renting vs purchasing- which ever is more cost effective
Storage- Fantom Drives/ Green Drives Pro 2TB
32 GB CF cards(3)
Film/Photo Development
Final Post Edits - Color Corrections/ Sound Mixing
Marketing - Website/ Film Festival Submission/ Misc

Please keep in mind that Brad is currently working on fiscal sponsorship so this film project will have another platform to raise money if this campaign does not reach its goal of 20,000 dollars. Every little bit helps, as a donator, you are not only putting into the production of the film, but you are also receiving special gifts in return. It is a Win, Win situation!

As you will see to your right, the gifts are AWESOME. Depending on how much you can give, you can receive a unique 5x7 photo of Goa, a stylish t-shirt you could wear everyday, a hand screened poster to hang in your livingroom, a CD to play at all of your house parties, a special edition copy of the film to share with your friends. You can also receive credit for helping the film get completed. Who wouldn't want their name viewed on a popular website or during the credits of a film that will be shown around the world? More than the physical gifts, you will receive the deepest gratitude from each and everyone of the team members. Many thank you's are sent in advanced for your time and support.

Watch Now (Maybe): Chanel Iman

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Well, if you're into things like the Victoria's Secret Fashion show you're probably already watching, so I guess there's not much more to say except 1/2 Korean on your mom's side is better than no Korean at all.

Vacations Are Good

Monday, November 21, 2011

Not that anyone reads this thing anymore (well, thousands do check in for porn, and my dear grandmama also checks in to see if I've done that post on ass licking yet) but just a quick note that I'm off for the week, or at least that's my game plan (but that shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone since I've been 1/2 time blogging this year which is actually more like 1/4 blogging).

Happy Turkeys. Time Off. Self Love. Self Destructive Family Dinners. Black Friday. Naked People Dancing For Money. Playing In The Snow. Playing In The Sand. Playing Under The Covers. Peeping Out The Window. Drinking Hot Chocolate. Loving Everything About Nothing. Sitting On The Porcelain God With Too Much Time On Your Hands. Checking Out The Louvre. Bad Movies. Even Worse Turkey.

Or Just Sleeping For Four Days Straight.

Stephen Colbert + Forever 21

Friday, November 18, 2011

Jump to 4.32 to see the footage.

On one hand you know what he's doing and it's great that he's making people aware of racist fashion in the mainstream - at the same time - I can't help but wonder how many people don't get that he's actually making a mockery of it all...

2 Years: Beatrock Music

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thailand Floods

Friday, November 18, 2011

Links to more information

In Theater's Soon: L'Arc-en-Ciel

Thursday, November 17, 2011

All I have to say is this is going to be good.

Damn good.

AAPress, Dr. Hei Kyong Kim, And That's A Lot Of Colors

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reading my local aapress.com I came across this article featuring therapists of Korean descent and while this section did catch my eye:

“I understand what it may be like to be invisible, stereotyped and misunderstood as an Asian woman, mother and professional,” Dr. Kim said. “I strongly believe that clients need the opportunity to share their narrative accounts, towards healing. It is my goal to offer a safe place where clients, from diverse backgrounds are able heal and move toward a more promising future.”
I have to admit that I really just got drawn in by all those colors - which I'm sure means something btw, because from what I understand talking with people I know who are psychologists, blue is never just blue, and a peach on a unicorn is always something more than just a peach on a unicorn.

Hmmm...I'll have to see if Dr. Kim has any openings.

Random CSI + Roopashree Jeevaji Note

Monday, November 14, 2011

If you're a fan of Roopashree Jeevaji as well as CSI, than this pairing is for you.

On Wednesday, November 16, 2011, Roopashree "Roopa" Jeevaji appears in the hit CBS drama "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation".

In "Crime After Crime," Jeevaji's character portrays the receptionist of a hospice facility, where everyone is quite fond of the suspect (who is dying of cancer).

"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is a fast-paced drama about a team of forensic investigators trained to solve crimes by examining the evidence. They are on the case 24/7, scouring the scene, collecting the irrefutable evidence and finding the missing pieces that will solve the mystery.

Tune in to the episode "Crime After Crime" on Wednesday, November 16, 2011. The show airs on CBS, at 10:00 p.m. / 9:0 p.m. central time.

Community Action Against Racism: REGISTRATION for Anti Racism Training Dec. 3

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sounds like a good thing to me.

In partnership with Facing Race, CAAR is pleased to announce that it is hosting a FREE anti-racism training for volunteers and supporters. This is a rare opportunity to shake internal racism and oppression in the Hmong American community. The training will happen Saturday, Dec. 3 from 3-5:30 pm. Location will be announced for those who are pre-registered. Limited spots available so register today! Refreshments will be provided during the training.

REQUIREMENTS: Hmong American, any age, must be willing to facilitate 2-4 conversation circles after the training.

More info:

The New Conversations®: Uncovering the 5 Myths That Support Racism dialogue explores five of the broader cultural myths prevalent in our society that contribute to difficulty in gaining traction around dismantling racism. Based on the work of Dr Peggy McIntosh, this interactive workshop explores some of the myths that help to preserve white privilege; meritocracy, manifest destiny, white racelessness, monoculture, and white moral elevation. The dialogue starts with the premise that racism is systemic/institutional. Whole group and partner exercises are utilized, and participants are asked to consider specific actions they can take to end racism. Special attention will be paid to how these myths affect the Hmong experience in the United States.

Register here.

Thing To Do On A Friday

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hug a Vet (ask first).

So Close In 2011: Gwendoline Ruais

Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you were hot on the trail of the Miss World 2011 pageant you probably already know this - but if you weren't (because you were out drinking for a straight week trying to drown out the sadness you were feeling from losing Gnome Lingerie And Snack Packs #1 The Collector's Edition) - now you know:

Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais was so very very close (and yes, some would say so very very close to an old school misogynistic and barbaric practice - I'm 50/50 myself).


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Helping others really does get you awards.

Boat People SOS (BPSOS), a national Vietnamese American community organization, has been awarded the sixth Asia Democracy and Human Rights Award (ADHRA), said Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng, the TFD's chairman. The annual award was established in 2006 to honor individuals or groups in Asia that have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of democracy and human rights. BPSOS has been active in providing assistance to Vietnamese refugees in Vietnam, at sea, and in refugee camps or to new emigrants just arriving in the U.S., Wang said. About one in 10 Vietnamese Americans have been helped by the organization, which was founded in 1980, with its reach extending to other countries, including Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia, Wang added.

Read it in full here.

You're A First: Mayor Ed Lee

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Maybe you've heard. Maybe you haven't.

It's a first.

Thank you SF.

Interim Mayor Ed Lee won a four-year term by a solid margin, a vote tally Wednesday showed, making him the first Chinese American elected to lead a city where a fourth of the voters are of Chinese descent.

Rachael Yamagata + Fine Line

Thursday, November 10, 2011

She's everywhere.

Fine Line Music Cafe
November 11 2011 at 8:00 PM

Venue Info:
Fine Line Music Cafe
318 First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN

Check out all her tour dates.

Gabe Bondoc + Thinking About You

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Home:Word (Deluxe Edition) Press Release, Sampler & Lyric Video [Magnetic North & Taiyo Na]

Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Asian American supergroup Magnetic North & Taiyo Na will release their new album Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] on Tuesday, November 29, 2011 to all online US retailers. This release will correlate with the release of their album Home:Word [Japan Edition] on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 to all major retailers in Japan.

Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] is a rerelease of their 2010 US album Home:Word. Remastered, resequenced, repackaged with an exclusive lyric booklet and 6 new, additional tracks, the album was inspired by their recent single and album deal with Japanese hip-hop label Goon Trax (Media Factory). The title song "Home:Word" was featured on one of Goon Trax's popular compilation albums In Ya Mellow Tone 6, released March 2011. Within a week the song shot up to #2 on Japan's iTunes Hip-Hop charts and became a song of solace for many who were afflicted by the ongoing Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear crisis. Further moved by this course of events, one of their new songs on Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] is "Fukushima." Released as a music video on September 11, 2011, "Fukushima" is a song dedicated to the victims of the tragedy in Japan as well as others.

Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] is a culmination of 3 years of creative partnership between artists Magnetic North and Taiyo Na. Without devaluing the concert tours, music videos or newfound international success, Magnetic North & Taiyo are proudest of their Holla Benefit Concert Series (2009's Home for the Holla'Days, 2010's Home for the Holla'Days II and 2011's Holla For Japan) which have collectively raised over $30,000 in charity. Collaborating with other like-minded musicians to put on concerts to aid urgent causes have brought their passions for music and social responsibility together in the most fulfilling of ways.

The new songs on Home:Word [Deluxe Edition] feature many of the other artists who have shared the stage with Magnetic North & Taiyo Na at their Holla Benefit Concerts such as singer/songwriters Sam Kang, Cynthia Lin, Scooter Oyama and Ruth Cho, producers Jaron Lum and Chucky Kim and saxophonist Jonathan Lee.

Additional updates and information can be found at http://www.magnetichiphop.com

Photography by An Rong Xu [The Three-Half Collective]
Photo Post by Allen Wong [The Three-Half Collective]
Video Edited by Derek Kan

HOME:WORD [Deluxe Edition] Track Listing
1 WE BELONG [ft. Chris Iijima]
2 IT'LL WORK OUT [ft. Sidney Outlaw]
4 SUMMERTIME [ft. Conchita Campos]
5 LA LA LA [ft. Ruth Cho]
6 NEW LOVE [ft. Heather Park]
8 COLD [ft. Sam Kang]
13 HOME:WORD [ft. Sam Kang]
+ I GOT MY [ft. Jin]
+ HOME:WORD (Acro Jazz Laboratories Remix) [ft. Sam Kang]

HOME:WORD [Deluxe Edition] will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and http://www.magnetichiphop.com on 11/29/11.

HOME:WORD [Japan Edition], by Goon Trax is available for preorder now.

SAMPLER MP3 is available for free on the bandcamp page!

Lee Herrick + The Loft + Open Mic

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

If you're in the neighborhood and want some Lee Herrick + Open Mic.

The Loft
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Featuring Lee Herrick
and open mic
7:00 p.m., Free

Event co-sponsored by AdopSource, AK Connection, and Adoptees Have Answers

Kina Grannis: In Your Arms

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

It Must Be Dumbass MF Tuesday (AKA A Racist Rants On YouTube)

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

From Lac Su to K-Girl and now on to you.

A racist message from a resident left on Bee Kevin Xiong's voicemail who is running for the City of St. Paul City Council seat in Ward 6, which is on the Eastside of St. Paul.

In some ways I can't help but laugh at this simply because this guy is such an old school stereotype - at the same it's a voice out in the world that persists behind closed doors.

Semi-laughable racism for a Tuesday.

PFP, ReAct, Yellow Face + Awards

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Kudos to all.

BroadwayWorld Seattle has released their nominations for best of 2011 and YELLOW FACE has snagged four nominations!

David Hsieh for director, YELLOW FACE
Moses Yim, Best Leading Actor in a Play (Local), YELLOW FACE
Jeremy Behrens, Best Featured Actor in a Play (Local), YELLOW FACE
Maggie Lee, Best Lighting Design (Local), YELLOW FACE

What's more...YOU, the general public, will select the winner!

Voting is open until December 31, so go to http://seattle.broadwayworld.com/vote2011region.cfm?region=Seattle and vote for David, Moses, Jeremy and Maggie! (What? Stuffing the ballot box? Me? OF COURSE I AM!!!!). You have to given them your email, but let's show them how much YELLOW FACE touched and moved Seattle!

The Korean American Democratic Committee Fall Networking Mixer: Celebrating Women in Politics

Monday, November 07, 2011

When: Thursday, November 10, 2011
6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Where: Izakaya and Bar Fu-Ga
111 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles CA 90012

Admission: $10 for members, $15 for non-members, $25 for membership and admission. Free parking with validation.

Appetizers will be provided.

Special Guests: LA City Controller Wendy Greuel, CA State Senator Carol Liu, former CA State Assemblymember Cindy Montanez, and LA Community College District Board Trustee Tina Park

Despite great inroads made by women, U.S. politics remains overwhelmingly male-dominated. Women currently hold 16% percent of the 535 seats in Congress and less than 25% percent of the seats in state legislatures. There are 6 female governors; and of the 100 big-city mayors, all but eight are men. Under-representation of women in American politics raises grave concerns over the quality of democratic governance and political legitimacy. Studies reveal women are less likely to run for office and less likely to be recruited, despite having the same professional and educational qualifications as men.

With that in mind, KADC believes that in order to move towards representational parity, women must be inspired at an early age to take an interest in public service and develop leadership potential.

KADC formally extends its warmest invitation to you to attend our Fall Networking Mixer. Our hope is that you will join us as we take the opportunity to honor and recognize the achievements of female elected officials who have overcome the odds. Be inspired as you hear these dynamic female role models share their experiences, challenges and accomplishments.

Girls' Generation, The Boys MV (English Version) + 5 Things You Didn't Know

Monday, November 07, 2011

From MTV.com

Nine-member Korean Pop group Girls' Generation are making a name for themselves in the U.S. The girls recently played an "epic" Madison Square Garden show, they're releasing their first Stateside single later this month and their new music video for "The Boys" has nearly 15 million YouTube views after just two weeks.

But although the group has had enormous success overseas, they're still relatively unknown in America, which is why when MTV News sat down with Girls' Generation (a.k.a. Soshi or SNSD to their international fans), we asked them to tell us what they thought new followers needed to know about them.

You're A Dumbass Of Epic Proportions: James Schugel + WCCO

Monday, November 07, 2011

James Schugel

This isn't the first time WCCO has fucked it up (see this post) and if not for the good folks down at Next Media Animation who sent this my way, I wouldn't have even known (oh wait, there was a NY Post article on this too...).

Apparently WCCO reporter James Schugel was on the hot track of a story about a puppy mill selling sickly dogs when he discovered *gasp* that some of the dogs had been shipped to a Chinatown meat market and like the crack ass White Reporter he was decided to call the Dak Cheong Meat Market to ask if they sell dog meat and *gasp* misunderstood the person he was talking too because they thought he said "duck", so naturally they replied yes because who in their right fucking mind wouldn't sell duck if they were Chinatown meat distributors.

But if Schugel had actually done his reporting CYA style up front - due diligence - apparently he would have found out that the dogs getting shipped to the meat market should have never happened anyway (because they were supposed to go to a pet store).

Funny huh?

Schugel just ran with the story though because it was everything he wanted to believe about us - and WCCO his employer - well - they believed it too.

So they published it on their site.

Then realized what a colossal fuck up it was and promptly took it down.

No apology.

No thoughts on how the story and the 4th grade editing and fact checking plays into racial stereotypes or the relationship between the media and communities of color.


Just a blip on their radar.

Like it never even happened.

Random Sexual Things I Like #1 (SBAHB)

Monday, November 07, 2011

I'm not exactly sure how long this will go on, and who even knows if this is appropriate, but here's part of a random list of sexual things I've liked throughout my lifetime and while you might think...well...I don't know what you might think - if you've been a reader of this blog for any amount of time, you know that at the end of the day that it doesn't really matter.

Sloppy Balls Are Happy Balls

I don't care what you say, how much you deny it, or the fact that you might not even be able to admit to yourself - if you have balls - skinny balls, fat balls, smooth balls, rugged like Grand Canyon balls, or in that rare case - three balls (because you just might be that special) - sloppy balls are just happy as hell balls and I don't know about you (but I'm taking a guess) - we all want happy balls.

And let's just say it. Let's just put it out there right or wrong, that if the one you're with isn't giving you sloppy balls it begs the question of why you're with them, because if you can't love yourself enough to ask for sloppy slicked-up lip smacking ball love you don't love yourself, and if you don't love yourself how can you expect anyone else to love you?

That's just not fair to the person you're with and if anything - you should be in a relationship that's fair.

And as long as I'm on this topic, let's just also put it out there too that if you want your balls to feel some love, the love you deserve, you should also be washing your balls and if possible - maybe your ass too - because as we all know - in the whirlwind that is the sexual explosion you were hoping for, sometimes that tongue kicks it underneath - sometimes on purpose - sometimes not.

Just be prepared is all I'm saying.

Elect A Mayor SF. Elect A MF Mayor. And Let Them Be APIA.

Monday, November 07, 2011

It's not like I'm asking too much here.

It's not like it's North Dakota.

It's MF San Francisco.

San Francisco already has an Asian-American mayor in Ed Lee, who was appointed in January. But the Nov. 8 election is being seen as an historic moment in a city that has the largest percentage of Asian-Americans in the continental United States and boasts the nation's oldest Chinatown.

While the candidates are from diverse Asian backgrounds and differ on policy, all agree that the community's time has come.

And it's not just in San Francisco. The race "is just a glimmer of what's to come for Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities across the country," said Gloria Chan, president of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies in Washington, D.C.

If an Asian-American candidate wins, San Francisco will be the largest U.S. city with an elected Asian-American mayor. There are 35 Asian-American mayors nationwide, including Lee, according to APAICS.

Monitor Those Asian Americans (No Really - Do Monitor Please)

Monday, November 07, 2011

It's not like someone watching over your back is bad thing all the time and while most of the time you should be cringing when you hear the words "monitor" and "Asian Americans" in the same sentence - in this case - I'm thinking it's a good thing.

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund said it will send attorneys, law students, and community volunteers to document any voting barriers faced by Asian American voters in Tuesday's municipal elections.

The group wants make sure Asian language ballots, interpreters, and voting materials are available. The group also wants to monitor voter identification requirements and whether provisional ballots are offered to individuals whose names don't appear on voter lists.

Damn straight.

Vibe So Hot: Priscilla Ahn

Monday, November 07, 2011

Forever 21's "Oriental Girl" Necklace

Monday, November 07, 2011

Saw this down at Disgrasian and BCB and wanted to post up a little bit of it here.


Clothing giant Forever 21, owned by the Chang family (who BTW are devout Christians…check the John 3:16 printed on the bottom of each bag), is no stranger to controversy. They’ve been boycotted by factory workers for poor working conditions and back payroll, featured in the sweatshop documentary Made in L.A., and even sued by Gwen Stefani for ripping off her Harajuku Lovers designs (O, the irony!).

Forever 21 committed another “Allergic to Algebra”-type gaffe this week when fashion bloggers discovered the Korean American-owned company was selling an “Oriental Girl” necklace.

You're Mr. Hyphen 2011: Terry Park

Monday, November 07, 2011

To be Mr. Hyphen...you've wondered too...let yourself know here.

John Cho + 8 Asians

Monday, November 07, 2011


Thanks for all the great questions posed to the stars of A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas. Here are the answers to the questions John Cho selected in our exclusive 8Asians Reader Q&A!

1. How did your family respond when you told them you were interested in pursuing acting as a career? – AnnPantaleon

JC: They weren’t super enthusiastic, but they were understanding. No one ever forbade me. They were just worried that I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent!

Billboard, KPOP Masters + Get Some Free Tickets

Monday, November 07, 2011

About the event

The city of Las Vegas announced today that November 25, 2011 will be declared “K-Pop Masters Day” in honor of the inaugural Billboard K-Pop Masters events, taking place on November 25 & 26 at the legendary MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. These star-studded live music events, produced by KPMA, LLC., will bring fans together to celebrate and spotlight one of world’s fastest growing genres of music.

The 2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters will feature performances by some of today’s biggest Korean pop stars including 4Minute, BEAST, Sistar, G.NA, Brown Eyed Girls, MBLAQ, SHINee and TVXQ. Kicking off with a red carpet event on November 25, these concerts will be state-of-the-art productions and exciting music experiences for fans that are riding the “K-Pop wave.”

“Las Vegas is known as the entertainment capital of the world, so it is only fitting that Billboard has chosen our fabulous city to showcase the top Korean pop stars,” said Mayor Carolyn G. Goodman who has presented the events with a proclamation marking November 25, 2011, as “K-Pop Masters Day” in the city of Las Vegas. “We have long been proud of the Korean entertainers who have performed in our city over the years. I welcome the events to Las Vegas, and I know they will be a great success.”

The 2011 Billboard K-Pop Masters events will also help expand Billboard’s and Billboard Korea’s coverage of this popular music genre, as they are being held shortly after the launch of the Billboard K-Pop 100 chart, which ranks the country’s top songs according to digital sales via leading websites in addition to downloads from mobile service sites. The chart has been well received by both the industry and K-Pop fans, and currently appears on Billboard Korea’s website, billboard.co.kr, in the international chart section of Billboard.com and Billboard.biz, and in Billboard Magazine.

Busan West Asian Film Festival + The Host 3D

Monday, November 07, 2011

You know you want to see it. You've been waiting to see it more than the Lion King in 3D (which you already saw because you have daddy issues).

Wait no longer.


WHO: Bong Joon-ho – Writer/ Director (Mother, The Host, Memories of Murder)
Bob Bassett – Dodge College of Film and Media Arts’ Dean
Carolyn V. Cavecche – Mayor of Orange
Sukhee Kang – Mayor of Irvine
*More names are scheduled to be announced

WHERE: Marion Knott Studios, Chapman University 326 W. Palm St., Orange, CA, 92866

WHEN: Friday, November 11, 2011
6:00 PM

Red Carpet Arrivals Busan West Asian Film Festival, hosted by Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, in continued partnership with Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), Asia’s largest film festival, presents an exciting and unique filmmaker showcase that brings Asian films and filmmakers from BIFF to the U.S. to create a new platform for heightened recognition outside of Asia.

Bong Joon-ho will receive the Busan West Icon Award and present his hit film “The Host 3D,” which will make its U.S. premiere, to open Busan West on Friday, November 11th, following the Icon award ceremony. Busan West 2011 will feature eleven feature films from five countries: China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Three of those films will make their North American premiere at Busan West including Bong Joon-ho’s “The Host 3D,” the Korean animation feature “Leafie, A Hen Into the Wild” directed by Oh Seong-yun and Filipino drama “Niño” directed by Loy Arcenas, winner of the New Currents Award from BIFF 2011.

CAAM's Filipino or Not? Launch Party

Monday, November 07, 2011

Sounds like a good event.

Please go.

Please please please go?

Come celebrate the latest version of CAAM’s game about race and the media – play the free app and challenge your friends while enjoying happy hour drinks and eats! WHEN: Thursday, November 10WHERE: Mercury Lounge (1582 Folsom Street, SF CA)6:30pm to 8:30pmFREE with RSVP! We hope that you will be able to join us. Our event is co-hosted by our friends at the Mercury Lounge as part of Mercury Matters where 10% of all food and drink sales will be generously donated to CAAM. Feel free to RSVP by responding to this email directly or emailingmalegre@caamedia.org; and please forward this email to any of your constituents who you think may want to join us!

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=172131836210002
Event page on CAAMedia.org: http://caamedia.org/blog/caam-events/2011/11/02/you-are-invited-to-the-filipino-or-not-launch-party/

Soju Wanna Make A Video? KoreAm, Hite, Videos, And Unforgettable

Monday, November 07, 2011

Just in case you were wondering - that portion of the title wasn't me.

On December 3rd, the Korean American community will once again be gathering at the legendary Wilshire Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles for the 11th Annual ‘Unforgettable’ Gala.

A “Night of Entertainment and Awards,” Unforgettable Gala is a black-tie, red carpet, soju-filled event that celebrates Korean and Korean American celebrities and their strong presence and influence in mainstream Hollywood.As Presenting and beverage sponsors for 6 consecutive years for the biggest Gala of the year, Hite Beer and Jinro Soju will be hosting the hottest After Party to end the year in good spirits. To kick of ‘Unforgettable,’ Hite and Jinro are sponsoring a video commercial contest with KoreAm Journal, starring Hite Beer, Jinro Soju, and you!

This is a huge opportunity to showcase your talents, or even just to have fun and tap into your wild and creative side. Meaning, you don’t have to be a professional videographer to enter and make your very own commercial! And the best part? The prizes include: $1,000 cold hard cash, 2 entrance tickets to “Unforgettable” ($500 value each), a public viewing of your video at ‘Unforgettable,’ and/or a private party for the winner with Hite Beer and Jinro Soju products and materials provided and hosted by Hite and Jinro.Grab your video cameras, your cast and crew (or your friends) and start rolling the film! Submissions accepted until November 26th 11:59 PM!For guidelines and rules on how to enter the contest, check out “Soju wanna make a video” at:


PAAFF + Saigon Electric

Monday, November 07, 2011

Nice award if you can get it.

SAIGON ELECTRIC just won the BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE AWARD at the Philadelphia Asian Film Festival! Writer-director Stephane Gauger was in attendance for the screening and accepted the award, which was announced on Friday, November 4th.

Ending it’s first run in theaters, the film is set for a theatrical tour in the coming months across the country, and a VOD launch in December, so check back here for the full announcement!

Monday Night Covers, 5 O'Clock, ZAMN, And 91DENDEN

Monday, November 07, 2011




Submit Now: Anthology Of South Asian Erotica

Friday, November 04, 2011

Help people get their groove on.

Be still when you have nothing to say; when genuine passion moves you, say what you’ve got to say, and say it hot. – D. H. Lawrence

Sex. You think about it, dream about it, watch it, do it, wish you were doing it, wish you weren’t, but you’d rather not write it, because it’s not respectable. Because you’re concerned it won’t be taken seriously. Because even when you do try to write about it, you find yourself holding back, out of modesty, or shame, or fear. Because you worry about how your parents or even your friends will react when they read it. Because you think you have nothing to say.

We believe you have something to say, and we want to hear it.

This call for submissions is for the second anthology of South Asian literary erotica to be published by India’s Tranquebar press. Tranquebar’s first erotica anthology, Electric Feather, was a best seller and helped erotica gain recognition in the subcontinent as an important and influential literary genre. With this second anthology, we hope to continue the success of the first one while including a greater diversity of voices and sexual experience.

What we’re looking for: Stories that are thoughtfully written, visceral and honest, involving South Asian characters, settings, and/or themes. Stories can be titillating, dark, shocking, humorous, experimental, subversive; they can involve sex with others, sex with yourself, imagined sex, sexual fetishes—it’s entirely up to you. We’re also interested in translations of erotica written in regional languages.

  • Writers should be from South Asia or the South Asian diaspora
  • Accepting fiction and narrative non-fiction
  • 2,500 – 7,000 words
  • Contributors will receive a one-time payment
  • Please attach your submission as a Word document and include a brief bio in the body of the email

Email submissions to erotica.southasia@gmail.com by January 15, 2012.

NAPABA + General Coral Wong Pietsch

Thursday, November 03, 2011

From the PR department to my inbox and now on to you ('cause you know I'm semi-lazy and this is just the best I can do).

NAPABA Applauds the Nomination of General Coral Wong Pietsch to the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

WASHINGTON - The National Asian Pacific American Bar Association (NAPABA) applauds President Obama for nominating Brigadier General Coral Wong Pietsch, USA (Ret) to the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. If confirmed, General Pietsch would be the first Asian Pacific American to sit on that court. General Pietsch delivered the 2003 NAPABA convention keynote address in Hawaii.

"We are proud to see another first in Asian Pacific American history with the nomination of General Pietsch," said Paul O. Hirose, President of NAPABA. "She has been a trailblazer in every step of her career, and we are confident that she will continue to distinguish herself as the first Asian Pacific American to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims."

General Pietsch was born in Waterloo, Iowa, to a Chinese immigrant father from Canton, China who had come to the United States to start a Chinese restaurant. She currently serves as the Senior Civilian Attorney and Special Assistant in the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate for the U.S. Army Pacific. She is a retired Brigadier General in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's Corps, where she was an active duty member of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General Corps from 1974 to 1980. While a member of the U.S. Army Reserve, she was promoted to Brigadier General and became the first female General officer in the Judge Advocate General's Corps as well as the first female Asian American General officer in the U.S. Army. She holds a B.A. from the College of St. Teresa, an M.A. from Marquette University, and a J.D. from the Catholic University of America.

Established under Article I of the Constitution, the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims has exclusive national jurisdiction to provide independent, federal, judicial oversight and review of final decisions of the Board of Veterans' Appeals. Judges are confirmed by the U.S. Senate and serve for a 15-year term.
NAPABA congratulates General Pietsch on her historic nomination and thanks President Obama for nominating her.

South Asian International Film Festival 2011

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Because you know you want to see some great film South Asian style.

Now in its 8th year, the South Asian International Film Festival (SAIFF) will present the premieres of 19 exciting new films from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh, all created by emerging talents and made outside the Indian studio system that often dominates production in the region. North Americaʼs premiere showcase for the best in new cinema from India and throughout South Asia, SAIFF will take place from November 9-15 at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Auditorium on Broadway, located at 1871 Broadway at 62nd Street.

This year’s bold line-up explores cultural taboos such as sexuality and corruption, as well as examinations of society in South Asia from diverse points of view. Featured as the opening night film is India’s selection for this year’s Academy Awards®, Abu, Son of Adam (Adaminte Makan Abu), the directorial debut by Salim Ahamed. The festival will also feature a Conversation Series with Shekhar Kapur (Bandit Queen, Elizabeth and The Four Feathers) on Saturday, November 12th at 2.30pm, during which he will discuss the evolution of his esteemed career from Bollywood actor to Hollywood director.

The jury for the Dramatic and Short Film competition sections consists of Richard Lorber, President & CEO of Kino Lorber, David Kwok, Director of Programming of the Tribeca Film Festival, Paul Rachman, Co-Founder and East Coast Director of the Slamdance Film Festival, Cindi Rowel, DVD Producer of New Yorker Films, Grady Hendrix, Co-Founder & Programmer of the New York Asian Film Festival and Mark DeFrancis, Head of Acquisitions of Indiepix Films. For full program information, schedules, tickets and press downloads, visit www.saiff.org

Notorious MSG: Red Tonight

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

20th Anniversary Gala: The Coalition Of Asian Pacifics In Entertainment

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

You know this is going to be a great event - so there's not really much more to say except get your tickets and check out all the action at capeusa.org.

THE COALITION OF ASIAN PACIFICS IN ENTERTAINMENT (CAPE) Hosts Their 20th Anniversary Gala Honoring the Cast of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0, Maggie Q, The Creators of Nickelodeon’s Supah Ninjas and Youtube’s Ryan Higa

Hosted by Jamie Chung (SUCKER PUNCH) & Alec Mapa (“Ugly Betty”)


CAPE (The Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) will be hosting their 20th Anniversary Gala held at Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. A full course seated dinner will be catered by Beverly Hill’s Crustacean restaurant. LXD (The League of Extraordinary Dancers) including Harry Shum Jr (“Glee”), and YTF Global (the most popular celebrity entertainers from YouTube) are confirmed to perform.


Saturday, November 12th
5:00 p.m. Media check-in
6:00-7:00 p.m. Red Carpet and VIP Reception
7:30 p.m. Dinner Begins
7:45 p.m. Awards Show Begins
9:00 p.m. Show Ends
11:00p.m. After Party at J-Lounge


Union Station
800 N. Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012


Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE or CAPEUSA.org) advances diversity and cross-cultural awareness by educating and promoting Asian Pacific Islanders for key artistic and leadership roles in entertainment and media. CAPE is one of the largest Asian-American professional entertainment industry organizations in Hollywood. Its members include studio and network executives, agents and managers, production executives, actors, writers, producers and directors.
For additional details on The Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment (CAPE USA) please visit, http://capeusa.org/


Maggie Q (“Nikita,” LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD), Daniel Dae Kim (“Hawaii 5-0,” “Lost”), Brian Yang (“Hawaii 5-0”), Jamie Chung (THE HANGOVER PART II, SUCKER PUNCH), George Takei (“Star Trek,” “Supah Ninjas”), Alec Mapa (“Ugly Betty”), Harry Shum Jr. (“Glee,” “The LXD: League of Extraordinary Dancers”), Leonardo Nam (HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT), C.S. Lee (“Dexter”), Masi Oka (“Hawaii 5-0,” “Heroes”), Kenneth Choi (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, “Sons of Anarchy”), Randall Park (“Supah Ninjas”),Tamlyn Tomita (“Glee,” “Law & Order: LA), Archie Kao (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”), Kelly Hu (“The Vampire Diaries,” “Hawaii 5-0”),Leo Chu (Creator of Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas”), Kelsey Chow (“Pair of Kings”), Carlos Knight (“Supah Ninjas”), Gracie Dzienny (“Supah Ninjas”), James Kyson Lee (“Heroes”), Eric Garcia (Creator of Nickelodeon’s “Supah Ninjas”), Ryan Higa (YouTube Sensation), Jusak Yang Bernhard (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”), Nina Tassler (CBS President), Keiko Agena (“Gilmore Girls”), Peter Lenkov (Executive Producer of “Hawaii 5-0”), Bob Orci (Executive Producer of “Hawaii 5-0”)

You can also follow on Twitter @CAPEusa or fb.com/CAPEusa.

William Tong For Senate

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

I got sent in some e-mail from William Tong's campaign manager and while Hiram Fong was the first Chinese American Senator, if elected, William Tong would be the first Chinese American Senator in the continental United States -- that means stateside.


Here's a little more on Tong from his campaign site.

This is a campaign that began with just 57 cents. That is all William Tong’s father had when he immigrated to Connecticut. Like many Americans, William’s parents believed in the opportunities that this country affords and the principle of giving everyone a fair shot. These beliefs are at the core of William’s campaign for the U.S. Senate today.

William’s parents made every sacrifice for William and his sisters. Their drive and sacrifice enabled William to go to Phillips Academy (Andover) and Brown University. He later completed his law degree at the University of Chicago, where he studied Constitutional Law under Barack Obama.

As an adult, William never forgot the long hours he spent as a child working side-by-side with his parents in their family restaurant. He spent nights and weekends washing dishes, cooking and waiting tables – learning first-hand what it is to struggle, to run a small business, and to confront the challenges that working families face every day.

And he learned to fight and compete.

It was that fight, and that competitive spirit, that drove William in his historic campaign for State Representative in 2006. He soundly beat an entrenched Republican incumbent to make history as the first Democrat ever to represent the 147th District in the General Assembly, and the first Asian Pacific American elected at the state level in Connecticut’s history. In 2008, he was the first elected official in Connecticut to endorse then Senator, Barack Obama for President.

Representative William Tong has been called one of the most exciting and fastest rising stars in the Democratic Party. In Connecticut Magazine, William was voted by his peers from the Connecticut General Assembly as the legislator with the “Best Promise for the Future” and was referred to in the Hartford Courant as the “Asian Obama”.

After the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009, William was appointed Chairman of the committee that oversees and regulates the banking and financial services industries. William has used that leadership position to significantly expand Connecticut’s Foreclosure Mediation program (Public Act No. 11-201), a national model for foreclosure relief that has helped to keep 65% of participating families stay in their homes.

In his first six months of service, William spearheaded the Lost and Stolen Firearms Bill (Public Act No. 07-163), a landmark bill aimed to stop the spread of illegal guns in our cities. He also passed Public Act 10-176, legislation that gives Connecticut’s Attorney General the power to investigate big oil companies and unfair gasoline prices.

Though his service in the state legislature has demanded many sacrifices from his family, William is proud of his work and grateful for the support of his wife, Elizabeth, also an attorney. William and Elizabeth have a growing family that includes two little daughters, Eleanor and Penelope, and a newly born son, Alexander “Sasha” Tong. It is their future and the future of all Connecticut’s families that he’s fighting for.

Fundraiser: We Rock Long Distance in Thailand

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Music, poetry, and Looney Tunes.

This December, acclaimed Hmong hip-hop MC, spoken word artist, and community organizer Tou SaiKo Lee returns to Thailand with documentary filmmaker Justin Schell for the final installment of We Rock Long Distance. This will be Lee's second trip to Thailand since his birth there in 1979 on the Nongkhai Hmong refugee camp, and his first since 2008. That trip is chronicled in Schell and Lee's documentary Travel in Spirals, which recently screened at the Twin Cities Film Fest.

While in Thailand, Lee will reconnect with family members still in the Hmong villages around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, learn about the traditional poetry of kwv txhiaj and paj huam, collaborate and record with singers and poets, conduct workshops, and explore the connections between Hmong hip-hop in Thailand and Hmong hip-hop in America as he explores the global movement of hip-hop amongst the dispersed Hmong people.

To help with production expenses, we're holding a fundraiser for the trip on Friday, November 11 (11/11/11) at CoCo, featuring traditional and contemporary music and poetry from Hmong and non-Hmong performers, including the b-boy crew Looney Tunes, traditional Hmong violin and poetry from Yaj Ceeb, and a set by Fresh Traditions, the collaboration between Tou SaiK and his grandmother, Youa Chang.

What: We Rock Long Distance in Thailand Fundraiser
Where: Coco – 213 E. 4th St., St. Paul, MN 55101 | Map
When: November 11, 2001 - 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Cost: $10 Adults | $5 Youth 16 and Under | Free admission for Elders 60 and above

Please come out, tell your friends, and thank you for your support! You can RSVP on Facebook.

If you can't make it, you can also support the trip by purchasing a DVD of Travel in Spirals or a hand-made "WRLD" kente bracelet from Ghana, or by making a tax-deductible donation to the project through IFP Minnesota.

YOMYOMF, Justin Lin, Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, YouTube, And Some Dude Named Phil

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

From someone doing PR to my inbox and now on to you.

The ‘Fast Five’ director teams-up with top YouTubers Ryan Higa, KevJumba and others on new online channel

(Los Angeles, CA)—Film director Justin Lin (Fast Five) is overseeing the creation of the YOMYOMF Network, scheduled to debut in early 2012 as a launch partner of YouTube’s groundbreaking original channels initiative, announced on October 28. The new channel springs from YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily.com (YOMYOMF), an Asian American pop culture blog founded in 2009 by Lin, whose other directing credits include MTV’s Better Luck Tomorrow, Universal’s Fast & Furious and episodes of the NBC comedy Community.

“YOMYOMF was started so creative and interesting individuals could come together to share their point-of-views in an honest and entertaining way,” says Lin. “Our new channel is the natural evolution of that philosophy and I look forward to working with new and old friends who share that sensibility.”

The YOMYOMF Network is founded by entertainment, technology and web video veterans including Lin, Ryan Higa, Kevin Wu, Abdul Khan, Philip W. Chung, Cash Warren, NBA star Baron Davis and Chester See.

Asian Americans continue to be one of YouTube’s largest demographic. Many of the top YouTube stars are Asian Americans like Kevin Wu (KevJumba) and Ryan Higa (currently the 2nd most subscribed personality on YouTube). Meanwhile, Asian Americans continue to make inroads in Hollywood with films like A Very Harold and Kumar 3-D Christmas and Lin’s own Fast Five, which broke box office records globally and had the biggest opening in Universal Pictures' history. The new channel will bring these two worlds together and tap into the ever-growing audience—both Asian and non-Asian—embracing this new generation of talent.

“The YOMYOMF Network will be about empowering those unique voices that are driven by passion,” explains Lin. “We want to support both established and emerging artists who are not only talented, but have that passion. The young YouTubers like Ryan and Kevin started with nothing, but went out there and created a name and following for their work. It reminds me of what we did on Better Luck Tomorrow and that’s the energy and sensibility that will serve as the foundation to build our online family.”

Lin is overseeing the slate of shows being developed for the channel, which will include both scripted and reality series, and cover a wide range of genres from comedy to animation to music to lifestyle programs.

“I’ve been on YouTube since 2006 and this is one of the most exciting projects I’ve been honored to be a part of,” says Ryan Higa. “To be able to create the type of network that I’ve always wanted to see, to help redefine what an Asian American channel can be in the 21st Century and to showcase the amazing talent out there—this is an unprecedented opportunity.”

The YOMYOMF Network has already attracted a diverse roster of well-known talent including Jessica Alba (Machete), Far East Movement (hip hop quartet, “Like a G6” #1 on the Billboard charts), David Henry Hwang (Tony Award-winning writer, M. Butterfly), Sung Kang (Fast Five), Danny Pudi (Community), Joe & Anthony Russo (Emmy Award-winning directors, Arrested Development), Harry Shum Jr. (Glee) and Iris Yamashita (Academy Award-nominated writer, Letters from Iwo Jima).

Lin will serve as the channel’s Creative Head while the day-to-day operations will be managed by Philip W. Chung (who will oversee the creative content) and Abdul Khan (who will oversee the business affairs). Other members of the management team include producers Cash Warren, Sal Gatdula and the Hawaii International Film Festival’s Anderson Le.

"I've always been a fan of content which springs from a desire to do really interesting and creative work,” says Baron Davis. “So I'm excited that I get to collaborate with artists like Justin Lin, Kevin Wu and Ryan Higa who have that desire and also care about the Asian American community. The YOMYOMF Network will be a place for everyone who shares that collective sensibility whether you're Asian or not--all are welcome."

Most Bullied In Schools: Asian American Kids

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Got this sent in my way and wanted to pass it along because while we all know what we already know - I don't really know if we knew this.

Asian Americans endure far more bullying at US schools than members of other ethnic groups, with teenagers of the community three times as likely to face taunts on the Internet, new data shows. Policymakers see a range of reasons for the harassment, including language barriers faced by some Asian American students and a spike in racial abuse following the September 11, 2001 attacks against children perceived as Muslim.

"This data is absolutely unacceptable and it must change. Our children have to be able to go to school free of fear," US Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Friday during a forum at the Center for American Progress think-tank.

The research, to be released on Saturday, found that 54 percent of Asian American teenagers said they were bullied in the classroom, sharply above the 31.3 percent of whites who reported being picked on.
Lock and load kids. Lock and load.

And by that I simply mean your wit, ability to run like a MF, and most of all, the ability to say something - anything - about what might be going on.

Thanks K-girl.

Patrick Nagatani Magic

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I don't know much - about anything - but I do know that this sounds like a cool exhibit.

Created by the University of New Mexico’s University Art Museum, the Desire for Magic: Patrick Nagatani exhibition was conceived as the first comprehensive look at the many and varied projects the artist has worked on since 1978.

The exhibition is an unique opportunity to see both the extensive range of Nagatani’s directorial approach and the breadth of his color photography as he addresses issues surrounding the human condition; politics and the fragile, ever-changing environment; concerns about identity and self; and the invention and interpretation of history.

Check it out in full.

Word Of The Day: Microinvalidation

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

From the famed Wikipedia:

Characterized by communications that exclude, negate, or nullify the psychological thoughts, feelings, or experiential reality of a person of color.