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Friday, October 29, 2010


Friday, October 29, 2010

While I haven't gotten around to listing out my favorites (and those in-between) from the INTERPRETATIONS Contest quite yet, I wanted to make sure and post up the final five (and I do have a few of them on my list as well).

Kha Do

Aldous Davidson

Keith Eng

Andrew Oh

Joey Yee

Listen: NPR + South Asians

Friday, October 29, 2010

I haven't actually listened to this myself - but it sounds like I should.

It’s an only-in-America scene: An Indian-American candidate shaking hands with Chinese-American voters in a cavernous gymnasium. In the background, an older Chinese couple, in full tux and gown, sways to Tom Jones.

And it’s happening in Wichita, Kansas.

Raj Goyle, who grew up there, now wants to be its Congressman. He says that when people asked him how many Indian-Americans live in his district, he told them it was 10. "They said 10 percent, not bad. I said no, 10 people!"

Wichita. Detroit. The Sacramento suburbs. These are not places you’d expect to be political launching pads for Indian Americans.

Ami Bera is a physician running for Congress from California’s 3rd district. He’s raised more money than his Republican opponent, which he said answered the viability question. "And certainly that got the press interested in this race."

There only been a handful of Indian-Americans elected to congress. The first was Dalip Singh Saund, back in 1956. Then, for almost 50 years, there was no one else until …Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal, who was elected congressman, and then governor.

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Friday, October 29, 2010

Just giving a little love to my neighbors up north (those chilly MF's). Buy tickets and check out the program at the VAFF site.

Roger Shimomura: An American Knowckoff

Friday, October 29, 2010

I don't know about you, but the above pic from Roger Shimomura's exhibition down at The Flomenhaft Gallery and his artists statement tell me all I want to know -- which is that you should really get on down and check this out.

"I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, a city where ethnic diversity is standard fare, however, for over the last 40 years, I have lived my life in the Midwest where the Asian American presence is still somewhat of a rarity. Since living in Kansas, I have found it to be routine to be asked what part of Japan I am from, or how long I have lived in this country. Just as common, subtle references continue to connect me to stereotypical "oriental" traits, both physical and behavioral. Far too many American-born citizens of Asian descent continue to be thought of as only "American knockoffs".

This latest series of paintings is an attempt to ameliorate the outrage of these misconceptions by depicting myself battling those stereotypes, or in tongue-in-cheek fashion, becoming those very same stereotypes."
Get some more information down at the gallery's site.

Mike Honda + Some Democratic Musings

Friday, October 29, 2010

Just thought I'd post up a little from Mike Honda down a the Capital Hill Blue on Asian Americans and voting out Democratic (and even if you're a Republican you still might find it interesting).

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are a community to be reckoned with in American politics, John Feehery correctly posited in The Hill’s Pundit Blog publishing of “Asian American Republicans” on October 25, 2010. There are currently over 16 million Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US, and our community’s rate of naturalization and political participation is drastically increasing. Feehery errs, however, when he argues that the Republican Party is the one that draws the support of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

As vice chair of the Democratic National Committee and chair of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus, I know that he is irrefutably mistaken.

Firstly, AAPIs are trending Democratic by a landslide. In 2008, 62 percent of AAPIs supported President Barack Obama, while 35 percent supported Sen. John McCain, according to national data. These Democratic leanings are even more evident when the community is broken down by ethnic subgroup — for example, more than 90 percent of South Asians voted for President Obama in 2008.
Read it in full.

You Got Cover: Monique Truong + Poets And Writers Managzine

Friday, October 29, 2010

A little Wiki love on Monique Truong.

Monique T.D. Truong (born 1968 in Saigon, South Vietnam) is a Vietnamese American writer living in Brooklyn, New York. Truong left Vietnam for the United States in 1975 and graduated from high school in Houston, Texas. She served in the past as an associate fiction editor for the Asian Pacific American Journal, a literary publication of the Asian American Workshop based in New York City


  • Watermark: Vietnamese American poetry & prose, co-edited with Barbara Tran and Luu Truong Khoi (Asian American Writers’ Workshop, 1998)
  • The Book of Salt (Houghton-Mifflin, 2003)
  • Bitter in the Mouth (Random House, 2010)
The Book of Salt tells the story of Binh, a Vietnamese cook, who, after spending years in Paris working for Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, must decide whether to travel with his employers to the United States, return to Vietnam, or remain in France. The book won the 2004 "Barbara Gittings Book Award in Literature" from the American Library Association.

Truong had the inspiration for this novel in college after she bought a copy of The Alice B. Toklas Cookbook (1954) because she was interested in Toklas' famous hashish brownie recipe. Truong was intrigued to discover that Toklas and Stein had had two "Indo-Chinese" men who cooked for them at two of their French residences.

Taking place in the post WWI years in Paris, Truong uses the novel to explore the themes of sexuality, diaspora, race, and national identity[5].

One of Truong’s co-editors from the anthology Watermark suggested that she apply for a Van Lier fellowship, which allowed her to pay her expenses while taking off two months to write what would become The Book of Salt.

Short fiction and essay publications

  • Vietnam: Identities in Dialogue
  • Bold Words: A Century of Asian American Writing
  • An Interethnic Companion to Asian American Literature
  • "Kelly"; "Notes to Dear Kelly", in Shawn Wong, ed., Asian American Literature: A Brief Introduction and Anthology (New York, Longman, 1995) pp. 288–293.
  • "Kelly", in Amerasia Journal, 17.2 (1991)
  • Yale University's The Vietnam Forum

Because You Too Can Dress Up Like A "Native American"?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Shopping in some random store for some fake blood so I can go to a Halloween Party this coming weekend (and no - I can't dress up as a White Guy) - I saw these craptacular costumes that just made me go WTF.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with getting your Halloween groove on (and who doesn't want to dress up like a kick ass rabbit who's all warm and plushy) -- but that?

That's gotta go.

KSW + Beyond Surface

Friday, October 29, 2010

Here's some info from my folks down at KSW on their new exhibition "Beyond Surface":

Beyond Surface, an exhibition presented by Kearny Street Workshop and curated by Lucy Kalyani Lin, features the works of five artists that explore the visual and somatic layers of space. Through diverse mediums in sound, video, installation, performance, photography, and sculpture, each artist invites viewers to experience multiple dimensions of perception. Featuring the work of Jacqueline Gordon, Jasmin Lim, Michael Namkung, Christine Nguyen, and Imin Yeh.
There'll also be a talk with the artists:

Saturday, Nov. 20
1:00 – 3:00 pm
ARC Gallery, 1246 Folsom St

Go in depth with artists Jacqueline Gordon, Christine Nguyen, Imin Yeh, Jasmin Lim and Michael Namkung along with curator Lucy Kalyani Lin as they discuss the concepts and processes behind the artwork in KSW's exhibition, Beyond Surface.

The LXD Season 2: Episodes 1-3

Friday, October 29, 2010

If you missed any of the episodes, make sure and check out Jon M. Chu's next installment of The LXD.

Episode 1: The Legion

Episode 2: Lessons

Episode 3: Rising

Dyana Liu + Tower Prep + 8 Questions

Friday, October 29, 2010

Head on over to 8Asians where you can get to know a little more about Dyana Liu on Cartoon Network.

People complain that there aren’t enough Asian Pacific Islanders on TV, and it’s true. So when someone actually makes it, we should celebrate and recognize them. That’s why I’d like to highlight the über talented and beautiful Dyana Liu, the newest star of the Cartoon Network’s second live-action show Tower Prep. Her character, Suki Sato, is NOT the stereotypical dragon lady, geisha, or awkward nerd (although her character is very intelligent). She’s as three dimensional Asian American female as I’ve seen on television for a long time.

Vote For The Slants At The Portland Music Awards

Friday, October 29, 2010

You know The Slants, their music, and their Pacific Northwest feel and if you're so inclined - get on out and vote for them for The Portland Music Awards.

Are you tired of hearing campaign ads from politicians mudslinging their opponents? We might be in the running for the Portland Music Awards, but we're not going to be trashing our competitors (even though they like to club baby seals and waste public tax payer dollars). No, we're just going to say that we deserve to win because our supporters are the absolute coolest, smartest, and sexiest out there. Not that you need it, but here's your voting guide:

Best Album (Indie) - The Slants: Pageantry
Best New Artist - The Slants
Best Band (Indie) -The Slants
Outstanding Achievement in Rock Music - The Slants
Best Live Performance - The Slants

Remember, you don't have to live in Portland to vote! You just need a computer, smartphone, or internet cafe to vote from. The site you'll need to go to is:

After the nominations are tallied and we move onto the final stages of voting, we'll let you know! Remember, supporting the other bands supports terrorism but voting for The Slants will bring us one step closer to world peace!

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Asian Film Festival 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Minneapolis and St. Paul - and the whole state as well - this one's for you. A whole film festival dedicated to Asian and Asian American film -- because it's finally time something like this got off the ground (and I'll be posting more on it later).

Thirty films, over a dozen countries, panels, and some kick ass filmmakers who'll be coming down for some Q & A's - the first one isn't always easy - and from what I understand it came about pretty quick (literally in a few months getting multiple organizations involved and on the same page) - but it's looking like it should be a kick ass time - so Twin Cities, like I said already - this one's for you - so get on out and enjoy it.

Some of the highlights

Definitely want to check out the Asian American program which is going to have the following feature films:

  • The Things We Carry
  • The People I've Slept With
  • The Mikado Project
  • Raspberry Magic
  • Open Season
  • Come Together Home
As well as the short program which will be showing the following:
  • A Song For Ourselves
  • La Petite Salon,
  • Blowout Sale
  • Rumble
  • Good Shot
  • Useless Things
  • Works Of Art
When + Where

Dates: November 3-13
Venue: St. Anthony Main Theatre

I Am Korean American + Entrepreneurs And Musicians

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Got word from Jenny Lee down at the I Am Korean American site about their new redesign as well as some of the new features they've added and wanted to make sure and pass them on your way.

I Am Korean American (, a website that features profiles of Korean Americans, recently launched a new version of its website. Started in October 2009, I Am Korean American (IAKA) currently features over 250 profiles from a diverse range of Korean Americans. These profiles consist of name, location, occupation, photo, and an "own words" section that ranges from general self-descriptions to in-depth stories about identity and culture.

The latest website version of IAKA features two major additions: Entrepreneurs and Musicians. The Entrepreneurs section requires participants to answer specific questions about how they started their business, what they learned, and advice they can share with others. The aggregation of such content will result in a database of knowledge that can inspire and educate potential entrepreneurs. The Musicians section allows musicians to upload their music video and/or up to two tracks to give readers a sampling of their talent. This section will eventually showcase the broad range of musicians in the Korean American community and also help musicians gain more exposure through the site.

Other website enhancements include a Popular Locations sorting function, a new blog, and six random thumbnails of previous profiles at the bottom of every page.

IAKA will continue to encourage new submissions to its website and will also make plans to hold events in New York and in Los Angeles in 2011.
And remember - DIY doesn't happen by itself so get on out, check the new features, and see what you can add.

MAPID + Two Minutes to Save Lives

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just got this sent into my inbox and wanted to make sure and get it out before this week completely swallows me whole (hopefully I taste okay though).

The API community will come together October 31, 2010 at 10-5pm at MAPID Studio 4789 Vineland Ave #110; North Hollywood, CA 91602 to give “Two Minutes to Save Lives.”

The API community will lend their voice to PSAs on

a. Preventing gay teen suicide “APIs for the Trevor project-“It Gets Better”
b. Preventing Anti-Asian violence
c. Get out the API Vote

Spurred on by the recent tragic loss of gay teens due to bullying as well as the rash of anti-Asian violence in Philadelphia and the history of low voter turnout by APIs, Pan Asian Community Together was formed.

Working in less than a week to organize the event, Ken Choy of MAPID and Kelvin Han Yee contacted directors to helm the PSAs which will include recognizable faces of the API community as well as all those who wish to lend their voices to these campaigns.

All those in the API community are welcome to give “Two Minutes to Save Lives” October 31, 2010 at 10-5pm at MAPID Studio 4789 Vineland Ave #110; North Hollywood, CA 91602.
Participants should get confirmation from

Video It: Jay Legaspi + Picture Perfect

Monday, October 25, 2010

Check the video above from Jay Legaspi who had this to say about it:

The video is a jab at movie romance, and how real love can often get interrupted by these perceptions. It was produced, filmed and edited by JR Pena, Angelica Bonus, and Justin Mendoza, better known as the M3 Crew, with co-production by Amanda Yu and myself.
The single and album are available on iTunes and can also be ordered at

Calling all APIs: Get involved with PACT (Pan Asian Community Together)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Check it.


We will be shooting 3 different targeted PSAs next Saturday, October 30, 2010 or Sunday October 30, 2010 from 10 to 5pm in either Los Angeles, CA; or North Hollywood, CA; Details to be confirmed on Tuesday with complete logistics to be detailed.

Focus 1: Preventing gay suicide—APIs for The Trevor Project (“It Gets Better”)
Focus 2: Stop Anti-Asian Violence
Focus 3: Get out the API vote


Recently there have been 4 gay suicides arising out of bullying.
Anti-API violence still occurs, with a rash of attacks in Philadelphia
API voter turnout is dismal, and this election is important.


Calling all interested APIs (as many that we can accommodate in the time period we have)


Filmmakers with equipment to do B roll; behind the scenes

Media of all kinds

Photographers to do back-drop and at-event photography

Celebrities (special devoted time slots available)

Organizations especially with those who have interest in above focus

You do not have to do all the PSAs—only the ones you’d like to do.


Saturday, October 30, 2010 or Sunday October 30, 2010 from 10 to 5pm in


either Los Angeles, CA; or North Hollywood, CA


Prepare up to 2 minutes of what you’d like to say on camera for each of the focus topics you’d like to appear for.

These will be broadcast on Youtube and the Internet. There is no pay, and a signed release of use of appearance is required to participate.

REQUIRED RSVP with Ken Choy at You may not just show up. Only those CONFIRMED will be filmed and allowed to participate. In case of bounce back emails, use

Random Blue Scholars: The Social Club + Lumière + Big Bank Hank

Monday, October 25, 2010

The Social Club


Big Hank Tank

Melissa Polinar's EP - Kickstarter

Monday, October 25, 2010

Far East Movement: Free Wired Episode 1 - Downtown LA is Home

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gabe Bondoc/Ramiele Malubay: You're It

Monday, October 25, 2010

SDAFF + Resilience

Friday, October 22, 2010

Got sent in some info from filmmaker Tammy Chu on her film Resilience and its showing down at SDAFF and wanted to make sure and pass it along.

"Resilience" screenings at the
San Diego Asian Film Festival!

Mon, October 25 at 6:00pm and Thur, October 28 at 4:00pm


UltraStar Mission Valley at Hazard Center
7510 Harzard Center Drive
San Diego, CA 92108

A story of loss and separation, Resilience takes a unique
look at international adoption from the perspective of a
Korean natural mother and her American son.

For more information:

AFI Fest 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010

Here's a quick list of some of the films you might want to see from an A/AA POV that got sent my way.


13 ASSASSINS will screen in the World Cinema section, which presents new work by many of the world’s most renowned filmmakers. The film, directed by Takashi Miike, is about a band of samurai swordsmen attempt an impossible assassination.
Also screening in World Cinema is OUTRAGE, which is about several yakuza clans who battle for power in the Japanese underworld.

In LITTLEROCK, a Japanese student discovers a different America than the one in her dreams, when her car breaks down on a sightseeing tour of California. The film will screen in the Young Americans section, featuring work by emerging U.S. filmmakers whose stories reflects the distinct American regions in which they are set.

South Korea

Screening in the New Auteurs section, which distinguishes first- and second-time feature film directors from around the world, is BEDEVILLED from director Cheol-soo Jang. In the film, an island vacation turns deadly for Hae-won when she tries to help her abused childhood friend and her daughter escape.

The rest of the South Korean films will screen in the World Cinema section, which presents new work by many of the world’s most renowned filmmakers.

1. HAHAHA: A man and his friend discuss their separate trips to the same small seaside town, on the condition that they only share pleasant memories. From director Hong Sangsoo.

2. THE HOUSEMAID: A remake of the 1960 classic film, where a young housemaid for an upper-class family is impregnated by the father and forced to have an abortion. AFI FEST 2010 will screen both the original film directed by Kim Ki-young, and the new version directed by Im Sang-soo.

3. I SAW THE DEVIL: A secret agent vows to get revenge on the man who murdered his fiancée, even if he must become a monster himself. Directed by Kim Jee-woon.

4. OKI’S MOVIE: From director Hong Sangsoo, three main characters appear in four overlapping short films. In the last, a student makes a film about two men she dated.

5. POETRY: An older woman takes a class and writes poetry for the first time in her life. She begins to notice the everyday beauty of life, until she is faced with a harsh reality. Directed by Lee Chang-dong.


AMIGO is John Sayles’ compelling drama about the moral quandaries facing U.S. soldiers and local cooperators a century ago in the Philippine-American War. The film will have its U.S. premiere in the festival's Special Screening section on November 6.


KARAMAY is about a devastating fire that broke out in a theater, killing more than 300 people, but all government officials and business leaders there that day survived. The film will screen in the World Cinema section.


In UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAN RECALL HIS PAST LIVES (LUNG BOONMEE RALUEK CHAT), a man is on his deathbed when he treks to a mysterious cave with the ghost of his deceased wife and the non-human form of his long-lost son. This film is a part of the World Cinema section.
AFI FEST will take place in Hollywood, California at the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the Mann Chinese 6 theatres, the Egyptian Theatre and the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel from November 4-11, 2010.

Albert Huang And Quotes I Like

Thursday, October 21, 2010

While you can read for yourself the tawdry(?) tale of Albert Huang, I just really felt like posting the following from the article down at the LA Times:

Some in the San Gabriel Valley Chinese community are worried about potential fallout from Huang's case, especially given that former Temple City mayor Judy Wong recently pleaded no contest to soliciting and taking bribes.

"It is definitely embarrassing," said Jason Lee, a lawyer who ran for City Council in Arcadia. "But I don't think this is a fatal setback. It is an isolated individual incident. It doesn't mean that all Asian Americans will act like that."

David Lau, a council member in Monterey Park, said it is premature to condemn Huang before he has his day in court.

"We need to be fair and impartial," said Lau. "We haven't heard his side of the story yet."
I get it. We all do -- but it does bring up the question of if the firsts have more responsibility and if we have a right - especially as people who elect those employees into their positions - to demand more out of them because regardless of what we want to think, what we know is right (that one person doesn't make a community) they still are representatives of the state and in that same vein are somehow representative of the community because of their position.

Sure - you can tell me that asking that question plays into the hands of exactly what we shouldn't - but we all do it - we have those thoughts -- at least sometimes.

We hope the guy selling secrets to a country not named the U.S. doesn't have the last name Wang. We hope the person starring in the the world's largest gang bang doesn't have person dark skin and a slant to their eyes. And we sure as hell hope that the news story doesn't begin with "Police have identified the shooter and kidnapper as Gerald Tannaka".

I'm not saying it's right.

But I'm not saying we don't all do it either.

Adhir Kalyan: You're Getting Laid A Lot On T.V.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm not saying I actually watch this show a lot, so I can't really tell you about any racist jokes that might be directed towards Adhir Kalyan (aka Timmy) - but I do know that at least on last night's episode of Rules Of Engagement - Timmy was having a lot of sex - and while that's not the end all be all - well - it could be worse.

He could be on Outsourced where apparently they still like to make fun of people's names (because that obviously never gets old).


I'll stick with Timmy if I have a choice.

Check out his Bio Rhythm.

RumbaTime: Kourtney Kardashian + Vanessa Hudgens

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I know what some of you are thinking, but really, that just tells us more about you which might be the following:

  • You're mind is in the gutter.
  • You're cynical as hell.
  • You just automatically think I'm going to that very specific place that I actually might have and I just think you should give me more credit than that (even if deep down I don't deserve it).
  • You were me skimming over this e-mail and couldn't help but laugh until you actually read the whole title and realized it was about breast cancer and then couldn't help but think about what an ass you were.
  • All of the above.
So I Give You The Following

During October 2010, watch brand RumbaTime will host its 1st Annual Celebrity Breast Cancer Charity Auction, donating 100% of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Zoe, Lisa Rinna, Laila Ali, Faith Evans, Maria Menounos, Ashlan Gorse and Gretchen Rossi have all lent their signature to help raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.

Each celebrity signed a pink RumbaTime VanDam watch which will be auctioned off online at The first auction began on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 5pm (EST) and features the autographed pink VanDams which will be available for bidding for 10 days after post date.
Don't be like me -- get your mind out of the gutter and support National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Afterschoolspecial: Album Release Party + CD Info

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Earlier this month I told you a little bit about what's going to be happening in the world of music group afterschoolspecial, and I just got word from the man himself on the album release party and the upcoming album.

CD Release Party

As a kick off to the halloween weekend, enjoy a night of music video and live performance. Celebrate the release of rap/rock band afterschoolspecial's latest full length album, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD, and music video collaboration by UCSD Alumni/web 2.0 kings Wong Fu Productions. Party to feature performances by afterschoolspecial, Magnetic North, Paul Dateh, hosted by Just Kidding Films, and special screening of Wong Fu Productions Music Video collection w/intros by Philip Wang + David Choi. MORE SPECIAL GUESTS TO BE ANNOUNCED

Friday, October 29
The Loft at UCSD
All Ages
To get on discounted guestlist:
About The Album

afterschoolspecial is proud to announce the release of the band's second album and first full length, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD. A follow up to the band's first 5 track EP, NOT ONE FOR WORDS, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD, takes listeners on a much more complete journey through the mind of afterschoolspecial with 11 tracks that mix rock, rap, folk, and soul.

Less of a diagnosis and more of a statement, IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD, is a message that all the disturbances, distractions, excuses, pressure, and struggle that we all feel is ALL IN OUR HEAD. It's once we realize this and find methods to get beyond, that's when we can truly create, learn, and grow. The album gets inside the heads of the band members and uses the sometimes dark and scattered thoughts in a more positive constructive manner, making music.

afterschoolspecial is blessed to have been joined by some very talented people in the community as guest musicians on the album. Artists that the band has looked up to and shared stages with in the past are featured on multiple tracks. This includes:

Derek Kan of Magnetic North + Taiyo Na are featured on the track BE

Paul Dateh are featured on the track NAME

Pigeon John, Dumbfoundead, Traphik (aka Timothy Delaghetto), Bart and Jo of Just Kidding Films, Verseatile, and IZ (454 Life Entertainment) are featured on the track FR*A (Future rockstars of America)**
Definitely make sure to get on out and pick up a CD and enjoy the show - because it sounds like it should be pretty damn cool.

ARISE: Unchained + Tim Be Told

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Last year I told you about the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda and ARISE: Standing Up Against Domestic Violence, and this year they're putting on their socially aware fundraiser again this time focused on something we should all care about -- Human Trafficking.

ARISE: Unchained
Kappa Phi Lambda's Annual Charity Benefit to fight Human Trafficking

DATE: Saturday, October 30
TIME: 7-9 pm
LOCATION: Roone Arledge auditorium at Columbia University

Kappa Phi Lambda, an Asian-interest sorority, cordially invites you to attend our annual charity benefit dinner, ARISE: Unchained against human trafficking. Unfortunately, this form of modern slavery still persists to a frighteningly large degree. Every year, up to 17,500 people are trafficked into the U.S., of which API women comprise the largest percentage.

Join us for a night of food and entertainment as we fight back against human trafficking. We will have performances from various student groups at Columbia, multi-cultural Greek organizations, as well as the pop-rock sensation Tim Be Told.

Proceeds from ARISE will go to the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, a grassroots and political mobilization group that focuses on anti-human trafficking efforts, and to the Blind Project, a charity that provides rehabilitation to survivors of the Southeast Asian sex trade.
Get more info about the event down at their site and if you can't make it - like I said last year - I'm sure they'll take your donations.

Thanks Yong.

Triangle Offense: TGIF

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The hiptronic trio Triangle Offense has released their long-awaited music video for their lead single from The Courting, 'TGIF.' Sticking close to the message of the song, the video is a fashion show that focuses on individuality.

"I wanted the project to look clean and fun...reminiscent of a Gap commercial," explains TO member Finesse, who contributed on both sides of the camera by directing and performing in the video. "When you see the video, it's a blank canvas and the people provide the imagery. I wanted to show that each person has their own personality and it's cool to be yourself."

Like many past Gap commercials, it features a white backdrop that focuses the attention on the ensemble of 'models' in the video, which include cameos by numerous independent artists and fresh talent. Grammy-winning engineer Jesse Gladstone, singer Lindsay Kaye, "Sensitive Guys with Guitars" Marq Romero and Jay Legaspi, and Filipino hip-hop fixtures Bdubez and Deep Foundation all show off their diverse fashion taste.

Continuing the trend of new artists developing their product without the help of record labels and big budgets, the trio kept everything about TGIF in-house, from the composing and recording of the song to the filming and editing of the music video.

"We've went through it all - meetings with directors, going through reels, and reviewing treatments," says Finesse, "but then we thought to ourselves, 'we produced the song, we wrote it, we recorded it. We might as well shoot the video ourselves.'"

TGIF originally served as the lead single for their free mixtape effort The Courting. Their next project, the second installment of a trilogy of mixtapes entitled The First Love, will include more original music than the first, while still providing the TO treatment to indie and electro hits.

Quality Control? What Quality Control?

Monday, October 18, 2010

I've realized something over the last few weeks that isn't actually that earth shattering - especially if you happen to stumble across this thing I loosely call a blog at somewhat regular internals - but yet I feel compelled to say it:

If you thought the quality control was poor before - apparently it actually can get worse.


Aasif Mandvi + CAAM + New Podcast

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sure, we all say we listen to podcasts, but you know as well as I do that your cast of "I'm Glad I'm Not Miner #21" isn't really getting any play -- well -- actually that one might be at this point - but you know you have those others that are just collecting imaginary dust in your flash memory (and maybe you're just a hoarder).

No matter - here's at least one podcast you should subscribe too:

That’s right friends and fans, CAAM now has a podcast! We’ll be releasing original CAAM podcasts as well as audio material from our film festival panels and other exciting events.

Our first episode is the audio from the live on-stage interview with Aasif Mandvi. This lively and humorous interview was conducted by former Festival Director Chi-Hui Yang, at this year’s San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival. Aasif Mandvi discusses his acting career, touching on everything from working with Jon Stewart to making an indie “food film,” to his role in M. Night Shyamalan’s THE LAST AIRBENDER. Best known to many as the hilariously straight-faced “Senior Foreign-Looking Correspondent” for Comedy Central’s fake news program The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Mandvi is an established stage and screen actor whose credits range from Broadway to Hollywood.
Subscribe to CAAM’s brand new podcast on iTunes.

Pop & Hiss & FM

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Just wanted to post up a quick snippet from the LAT blog interview with FM:

They might not be able to purchase their own Gulfstream yet, but the Downtown Los Angeles-based Far East Movement (FM) are certainly able to buy their fair share of bottles at the club.

After all, “Like a G6,” their platinum paean to the jet-set existence, was the No. 1 digital single last week, racking up sales of 216,000 units to complement its 10,000,000-plus plays on YouTube. The greatest Airplay Gainer on the charts, the song currently sits at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and No. 1 on urban radio powerhouse 105.9-FM.
Check it out in full here.

Secret Identities 2: Shattered!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This has been sitting in my inbox for a few days now and for some odd reason I'm just getting around to posting it - but make no mistake - my penchant for procrastination along with sinking into the deep waters of a meat induced coma and doing research on if rubbing PB & J on my sheets really will get gum out of the sheets - well - those have no bearing on how much I'm already looking forward to Secret Identities: Shattered!

Check It.

Fan-favorite creators from first volume of groundbreaking Asian American comics anthology to return in second — joined by many more leading Asian American lights of mainstream and indie comics; new anthology will extend storylines of many characters from original, while adding all-new tales in an expanded set of pulp genres

New York—

The creators of the pioneering anthology of Asian American comics, SECRET IDENTITIES, are excited to announce that work is now underway on a second volume of all-new tales set in the grand tradition of heroic graphical fiction: SECRET IDENTITIES VOLUME 2: SHATTERED, targeting a 2012 publication date.

"Sales of the first volume have been far beyond what we could have possibly expected," says Secret Identities ( Editor-in-Chief Jeff Yang. "And the reaction from readers has continued to pour in: We want more. And we wanted more too."


The first volume was one of the year's best-selling books for independent publisher The New Press, which quickly expressed interest in continuing the series. But it was a generous development grant from the Vilcek Foundation that has ultimately made the new volume possible.

"Putting together the first book was a monumental task," says Secret Identities Managing Editor Parry Shen. "And the more we thought about doing a sequel, the more we realized we had to figure out a way to make it even bigger, better and more boundary-breaking than the original."

The Vilcek Foundation, whose mission is to honor and celebrate the outstanding artistic and scientific contributions of immigrant innovators and creators in the United States, profiled the unique role of immigrants in comic books in their Summer 2010 Newsletter ( — and chose to showcase Secret Identities, whose 66 contributors include creators born in Taiwan, Korea, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and the Philippines among their number, as a unique example of the graphic novel art. Upon hearing that the Secret Identities team was thinking of doing a sequel, they offered to support the lengthy editorial and artistic process necessary to make it happen.


"We already had an idea of where we wanted to go," says Education Director and Editor at Large Keith Chow. "In the first volume, we focused on using superheroes as a lens through which to expose and celebrate Asian American history and culture. This time, we wanted to expand our perspective to the darker side of the SI Universe, while also incorporating a broader range of comic genres — from hard-boiled pulp to martial arts, adventure and science fiction."

The idea was originally seeded when, at a 2009 New York Comic Con panel on Secret Identities, an audience member noted that as exciting as the project sounded, it was easy to tell stories about heroes — the real challenge is to tell stories about villains. It was then that the SI team began to consider the possibility of exploring the nefarious, sinister and menacing side of the good guy/bad guy equation in order to upend, reenvision, reimagine — to shatter — distorted or negative images that have shadowed Asian Americans since the earliest days of our arrival in this country.

"The idea of putting a focus on stories that showcased strong and vivid interactions between heroes and villains — even stories with the 'villain' as protagonist — opens up so many interesting ways to question the power of perception to shape reality," says Yang. "It also inspired us to conceive of a narrative that will serve as the framing story for the book — a single long tale whose multiple episodes will introduce each book's chapter, while allowing us to continue the stories of some of our favorite characters from Volume One."


The framing story will follow the aftereffects of an unfortunate mystical accident perpetrated by the protagonists of Volume One's "Driving Steel" — Jimson Fo and his young friend (and future American legend) John Henry — which releases a quintet of archfiends into the world, each with the power to reshape reality to conform to its image: The Manipulator, The Temptress, The Brute, The Brain and The Alien. The immortal Fo then takes it upon himself to pursue the demons across the ages, collaborating with heroes of each time period to defeat and destroy these infernal nemeses.

"The two things people told us they wanted most in a second volume were longer arcs and continuations of the stories of some of the characters they loved in the first book," says Art Director Jerry Ma. "This framing story gives us a way to make that possible. But there'll be plenty of original stories and characters in Volume Two — including characters imagined by readers and audiences at the many places where we've brought Secret Identities in the past few years."


Since the publication of Secret Identities in 2009, the SI Team has presented a unique workshop at schools, colleges and community institutions across the nation — a session called “Build a Hero,” in which they work with audiences to create original superhero characters on the spot, with editors guiding the crowd to collaboratively weave an identity, origin and backstory while an artist sketches and inks the hero on the fly.

"We think bringing the audience into the book is one of the most important things we've been able to do with Secret Identities," says Shen. "Some of the most interesting stories and characters in Volume One came from people who'd never even tried to write for comics before — but had a brilliant vision of something they wanted to bring to life. We just helped them do it!"

In that spirit, the SI Team is once again soliciting contributions — in the form of brief pitches for story ideas and characters (both heroes and villains) emailed to Artists are also invited to submit samples of their work or links to their online portfolios for the editors to evaluate.

These stories/characters will be featured alongside already confirmed contributors such as Cliff Chiang (Justice League: Generation Lost), Greg Pak (Incredible Hercules, World War Hulk) and Bernard Chang (Superman, Wonder Woman).
More kick-ass details on what the team is looking for can be found down at the site along with a downloadable contributors' guide.

And you're waiting for?

The Asian American Arts Alliance, Its 28th Anniversary Benefit Gala, And Defining Moments

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Is it just me or are there a lot of Galas going on more these days? I'm asking you that question because I'm kind of a recluse and only go out for food and water and the occasional lap dance by fuzzy bears who can't even think to themselves how they ever found themselves outside of the forest where they had it all.

The Asian American Arts Alliance (a4) will host its 28th Anniversary Benefit Gala: Defining Moments on November 3rd at CUE Art Foundation in New York City. Showcasing a4’s work on behalf of Asian American artists and arts groups, the gala is also a time to toast the contributions of extraordinary individuals in the arts.

This year, a4 will present awards to four honorees: Tisa Chang, artistic producing director of Pan Asian Repertory Theatre; Mana Hashimoto, dancer and choreographer; Jeffrey Ng (aka jeffstaple), founder and creative director of Staple Design; and Shen Wei, director of Shen Wei Dance Arts and best known for heading the choreography team for the 2008 Olympics opening ceremonies in Beijing. A silent auction rounds out the festivities, featuring exceptional items from the Guggenheim Museum and Manhattan by Sail, among others.

Celebrated arts professionals, leaders and supporters are expected to gather for the highly anticipated annual event. The gala is a4’s main fundraiser and all proceeds will benefit the Asian American Arts Alliance. “While the arts continue to receive cuts in private and public funding, it is arts organizations like a4 that contribute more than $150 billion in spending each year to tax revenues and household incomes.* We rely on events like the gala to raise critical funds needed to serve our community and sustain our work,” a4 board president Rocky Chin said. (*Americans for the Arts, Arts & Economic Prosperity III: The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts and Culture Organizations and Their Audiences)

With philanthropists, elected officials, as well as socialites in attendance, a4 galas have attracted a diverse and culturally savvy crowd. Honorees and presenters have included: Ambassador and Consul General of Japan Motoatsu Sakurai; actor and comedian Margaret Cho; filmmaker Mira Nair; Broadway director and producer Tommy Tune; actor Kal Penn; fashion designer Phillip Lim; actor BD Wong; visual artist Mariko Mori; architect Billie Tsien; fashion designer Peter Som; president of Asia Society Vishakha Desai; Nautica founder David Chu; chef Anita Lo; and author Suketu Mehta.
For tickets to a4’s 28th Anniversary Benefit Gala: Defining Moments, go to or contact event planner Vicki Shu Smolin at (646) 502-5337.


For some reason I saw the word "Nautica" and my first thought was "Damn - they're giving Nautica Thorn an award too? Wow they're progressive as hell."

Obviously - and already known to any real person (because I don't exist) - this wasn't true...

Toshiko Nishikawa: Senbazuru

Thursday, October 14, 2010

So I got invited to this thing - which I can't go to - but it sounds pretty damn cool so I wanted to make sure and post up about it here - because unlike me - you may actually be able to go.

At Senbazuru, a new interactive installation by Toshiko Nishikawa, viewers are drawn to gaze at a world within a world. Debuting October 29, 2010, at the Vilcek Foundation Gallery in New York City, visitors to the exhibit will be met by 1,000 small mirrored orbs, enticingly and purposefully suspended within reach from the gallery ceiling, where they form a reflective web. 
Japanese-born Nishikawa was inspired by a dream she had to create a microcosmic representation of the world. Senbazuru is that dream come true. Each of the 1,000 orbs is connected to those around it, and by peering into the concave mirror contained within each orb, visitors not only see themselves, but become linked to those standing nearby, who are reflected in neighboring orbs. In this way, visitors gain insight into their own tiny universe and inner life, while recognizing themselves as connected to the global community, a concept representative of Ms. Nishikawa's sensibilities as an artist and human being. 

Reflecting on this unique and groundbreaking exhibition, Rick Kinsel, Vilcek Foundation Executive Director, said, "We all can benefit, from time to time, by getting a look at ourselves from a new perspective -- the way it feels when we turn a corner and unexpectedly are met with our own image in a storefront window. That remarkable sensation is magnified hundreds of times over when revolving around and with Toshiko's fascinating creation."

As Ms. Nishikawa explains this exhibition offers a way to see oneself in 1,000 different ways (senbazuru is Japanese for 1,000 origami cranes and refers to a prayer for others' health and happiness). It is also, in part, a commentary on her own immigration experience. When living in Japan (she was born in Yokohama), this peace-loving and community-minded artist says she saw herself in only one particular way. But after moving to the US, and ultimately New York City, where she now lives and works, she began to see herself in 1,000 different ways, as someone connected not just to every other person, but to every living organism around her. She also became aware of her own inner beauty, as well as the beauty that exists in nature and in those around her. This awakening now manifests throughout Ms. Nishikawa's work and informs many of her decisions as an artist.
Check out more down at the Vilcek Foundation.

The Third National Asian American Theater Conference

Thursday, October 14, 2010

From my inbox and now onto you (simply because I'm lazy as MF right now):

The Third National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival To Be Hosted In Los Angeles June 16-26, 2011

Proposals are now being accepted from theatre companies and individual artists from around the country for the Third National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival to be held in Los Angeles, CA from June 16-26, 2011. This event is a continuation of the momentum generated by the National Asian American Theater Conferences and Festivals held in Los Angeles, New York City, and Minneapolis since 2006 and marks the very first time that both conference and festival will be held simultaneously.

As Los Angeles representatives of the Consortium of Asian American Theaters & Artists (CAATA), East West Players and TeAda Productions will co-host this much-anticipated event, titled New Directions, which expects to lay the groundwork for the next five years for the Asian Pacific American (APA) performing arts as a national movement toward a richer and more multicultural America.

CAATA, a newly formed 501c3, is committed to establishing an inclusive, responsible, and relevant national artistic voice for the rapidly diversifying Asian Pacific American collective; and at the Third National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival, CAATA anticipates to host over 180 APA arts leaders, artists, and academics from around the country—shining a light on the diversity of today's performing art forms, addressing the needs of a rapidly shifting cultural landscape, as well as recognizing a well-rounded representation from different ethnic and gender identifications.

Proposals are being accepted right now for Festival productions and Conference registration—so apply to be a part of APA theatrical history! For guidelines, applications, and additional information, please visit

Festival Application Deadline: 11:59pm PST on Saturday, October 30, 2010.
Conference Application Deadline: On-going until capacity is reached.

On Repeat: Far East Movement + Free Wired

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Few Of My Favorites


Probably one of my favorite tracks on the whole album it's got this smooth Electronic R&B Hip Hop Pop Vibe where you just want to roll down the windows, turn it up, and just drive.

So What?

I like the featured guests on the album - don't get me wrong about that - but this track with FM alone?


And a certifiable club hit.

Don't Look Now

Keri Hilson + FM = just exactly what you think it should.

Fighting For Air

If "Rocketeer" seems like that song you play while driving with that someone next to you in the middle of the night just feeling each other out in light tactile steps - because it just feels good, than "Fighting For Air" is its more aggressive steady tempoed cousin waiting to be let grinded down in a back room, random place, or club of your choice - in a way a prequel to "Rocketeer".

White Flag

Straight pop - but catchy as hell.

It's Just That Damn Good

There's really no other way to put.

It just is.

So get on out, pick it up on iTunes and put it on repeat.

No controls necessary.

Retro Daewon Song + Love Child + Almost

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And Because You Still Want It To Be Summer

Brett Favre's Genitals + A Quick Note To The White Guy That Said Excuse Me

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I'm not saying you shouldn't say excuse me when you do certain things, I mean, it's just polite you know? And I do want you White People to be polite.

But being polite and tripping over your White Privilge are two different things.

Polite is saying gazoontite after someone sneezes. Polite is saying "No Comment" after someone asks you about those alleged photos of your genitals instead of something crass like "WTF are you asking me that for you dumbmuther fucker. Do those look like the balls of Brett Favre? Do you think Brett Favre would have his naked little linebackers photographed anywhere except Glamour Shots? And who the fuck are you anyway?"

That's polite.

What's not polite is when you say "Excuse me" but what you really mean is "I don't care if you were standing there already looking at the HDSLR's because I'm an old White Guy with my daughter who asks questions like 'Why would anyone want to have to manual focus anything?' -- so we take precedence over you."

See, that's not polite (and probably not money well spent either btw).

But I think you may have picked up on that when I didn't actually excuse myself from the space that I was in and continued to look at the camera that I was going to buy - because honestly -- I'm just not as polite as you are.

Slant Eye

Jay Legaspi + MV + Dual Launch + Picture Perfect

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Heard from my man Jay Legaspi about the trailer for his new video "Picture Perfect" (one of my favorite songs from him) which you can check out above - and that the full video is going to be released down on his YouTube Channel Monday, October 25th and if you're down in the NYC are you can catch it before the official release down at The Gershwin Hotel.

The first single and the title track of the album, Picture Perfect was shot and produced by JR Pena, Angelica Bonus, and Justin Mendoza, better known as The M3 Crew. The treatment for the video was written by Jay Legaspi and Amanda Yu.

Those in NYC will have a chance to see it early and on the big screen during at "The Dual Launch" event on Saturday, October 23rd. The event is at The Gershwin Hotel in New York City (7 East 27th St., between 5th Ave & Park Ave). Doors open at 6:30 and the premiere will be preceded by a special performance by Jay and his band. Clothing line Manila Gorilla will also be there to highlight select styles from their upcoming clothing lines.

Updates and more information will be posted on in the following days.

A facebook event for The Dual Launch can be found here:

Picture Perfect, Jay's debut full-length album, is available for mail order at and digitally on iTunes.

Random Thoughts On The Film The Social Network And Can I Pick And Choose?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

After I got done watching the Social Network last weekend a few thoughts came to my mind including the following:

  • When there's a movie with a lot of buzz in it and there's someone from the APA community and it has something to do with a huge techno conglomerate - I'm gonna check it out for both reasons.
  • Sometimes.
  • Because let's face it - not all roles are good roles. But from what I saw it seemed like maybe Brenda Song had a decent role.
  • I definitely found myself interested in it on different levels, and I couldn't help but laugh when I kept on hearing phrases like "Don't bother him. He's wired in."
  • I cringed at the Asian girl/Jewish jokes.
  • I wondered about Song's character and I'm still not sure. Good? Bad? Was it just another image we've seen over and over that plays into stereotypes or at what point do I just say - it's one image. If it was played by someone who was White it would be different.
  • But that's the kicker right? It has to creep into my thoughts - but how much?
Is a good Chinese Delivery character ever a good Chinese Delivery character? Is an Asian doctor ever a good Asian doctor on TV?

If a famous politician who's White passes away do I think "Well, it's sad that someone passed away, but if there weren't laws and backroom racism that prevented POC from attaining office, maybe they'd never have made it in office anyway and we'd be mourning someone different so maybe I don't really care that much" (and just for the record I have actually thought this).

I think I go back and forth between asking if anything can live in an ivory tower and asking the question of when it's not an ivory tower and if it can stand alone without the context of what surrounds it (can anything?) - and at the end of the day can I really pick and choose these things, or do I have to lock and load with all of them.

I don't really know - and at least for me it's not always that easy with some things, even though it is with others.

Check out two other posts down at TMM and Reappropriate that give their own opinions on the film.

Ktown Cowboys: And Finally There's The Bonus Episode

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Afterschoolspecial, It's All In Your Head, New MV, And Your Hot Sister Cousins

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I think the video says all you need to know. But just in case you needed it in format you can copy:

It's finally here! October is going to be a huge month for afterschoolspecial and we've been wanting to share all the goodness in a good way to all our good folks. Thanks to local baddass Will Stockwell ( for shooting and editing this video.

We'll be releasing a 10 Track Full Length album at the end of the month titled IT'S ALL IN YOUR HEAD.

We partnered up with Wong Fu Productions over the summer and were blessed they shot a music video for us. We'll be releasing this at the end of October too! It'll be for our song NAME

We partnered up with doppppeee graphic designers IMAGINARY ZEBRA to do 2 Collab special edition t-shirts. We'll release images of them soon- trust'll dig em'- Limited Run!

Condom Collaboration???!
Don't look twice, it's true- a special edition condom release. Thanks to our partners with ONE CONDOM campaign, to celebrate a very special collaboration on the CD (we'll announce that soon) we'll be releasing a special edition Condom, packed in a newly designed tin. LIMITED RUN

ALBUM/T-SHIRT/MUSIC VIDEO release party- October 29
Write that date into your schedules- more info to come but we're throwing a HELL of a party to celebrate all of the amazingness that October is bringing. More on that soon...

That's right folks- October's gonna be good. We can't wait to share all of this with you. Please feel free to message or e-mail us at with any questions.
And Just Because

Mike Shinoda, Linkin Park, And Waiting For The End

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is it just me or can Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin produce one kick ass song?

James Kyson Lee Does John Lennon?

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

That's cool.

An Open Letter To Those White Kids Panhandling On The Side Of The Road

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Dear White Kids Panhandling On The Side Of The Road,

If you're willing to go on the side of the road and put your hand out for money - you might need it - and I'm not going to judge what got you there because at the end of the day sometimes life just gives you what it gives you.

Sometimes you just have to do what you need to do to get by.

But when you're holding a sign that says "Veteran" and you you're not even old enough to have the honor of cupping my balls - and just for the record, there's some good shit down there and everyone should have that honor at least twice in their life - it just begs the question of what the fuck you're doing there in the first place looking like you just stepped out of The Gap all fresh and clean.

I mean did the drive-by in your mom's minivan on the way to Whole Foods not work out like you expected? Did the American Apparel Crew clash with what you were wearing and you decided it just wasn't worth getting gansta on their asses after all?

See - I guess I'm just thinking to myself that when I see two dumbass White Kids on the side of the road - who I understand might not know any better - in a way mocking people who actually need to do that unlike you and your friend with his shit eating grin who probably live in a place called The Suburbs - that I can't help but actually feel sorry for you - because you don't know any better.

And I'm kind of hoping you get it together before someone lets you have sex with them because at least from what I saw of you today I don't think you'd know how to actually put on a condom, and then you'd either be having a little Mini Gap running around (which wouldn't be good for anyone) or you'd be giving someone an infection because you probably don't know how to clean your dick.

But then again - maybe I'm wrong though.

Maybe you really do know how to use a bar of soap.


I'll see you at The Gap when I'm hitting on your mom (because I'm sure she's a freak).


Asian Kaleidoscope Month

Monday, October 11, 2010

There's really not much to say about this besides it sounded like a good time for everyone:

The Asian American Student Union’s Got Talent! talent show, part of Asian Kaleidoscope Month, featured performances by singer-songwriters, step teams and comedians. Jen Kwok, known for her work on Comedy Central and NBC’s Standup for Diversity, was the closing act of the show.

“Even back three, four years ago when I was in school, you would never see a turnout of talent like this,” Kwok said.

Asian Kaleidoscope Month will continue through Nov. 14.

And yes - technically the good time does go on for about another month or so.

Michelle Phan + Kinda Mika Nakashima

Friday, October 08, 2010

When I think of NANA I can't help but think of Mika Nakashima - and while Michelle Phan does have a cool tutorial up - nothing can replace my beloved Mika Nakashima.

Did I just say "my" and "beloved"?


Yes. I did.

We all need dreams people...

Andrew Chung + Millions

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Got this sent in by Canadian filmmaker Andrew Chung and I wanted to make sure and post it out your way:

I just wanted to let you know about a Web Series project I'm developing called MILLIONS. It's about a group of six Asian North American suburbanites that go on a quest to become millionaires after one of their friends dies. It's ultimately about a group of friends that just want to make something of themselves, and how money can fuel or destroy that. I'm currently raising money on Kickstarter for the project with a sample trailer we've put together which we're calling the MILLIONS MIXTAPE.

They just got on the Kickstarter front page and if you're so inclined you can help them reach their goal here.

The official website is or



Thursday, October 07, 2010

Just in case you were wondering (and this is a note to my parole officer)...yeah - it has been a busy week....

Golden State, Jeremy Lin, And Asian Heritage Night

Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm not sure sure who's going to win this game but I'm thinking you might want to be there watch it.

Join the Golden State Warriors for Asian Heritage Night - an evening of fun and exciting Warriors basketball at Oracle Arena! A portion of each ticket will benefit local Asian community organizations, including San Francisco Hep B Free and the AsianWeek Foundation!

See Stephen Curry, Monta Ellis, David Lee, Jeremy Lin and the new-look Warriors take on Baron Davis and the Clippers. Enjoy cultural performances and group seating in our special Asian Heritage sections, plus an exclusive post-game Q&A with Warriors guard Jeremy Lin!

Additional discounts are available for groups of 15-or-more by contacting Troy Corti at (510) 986-5408 or

Paper Call: East Asian (Japanese And Chinese) Literature and Culture

Monday, October 04, 2010

From my inbox and now on to you.

64th Annual Kentucky Foreign Language Conference
April 14-16, 2011 – University of Kentucky – Lexington, Kentucky
CALL FOR PAPERS: East Asian (Japanese and Chinese) Literature and Culture
Deadline for submission of abstracts: November 1st

The Kentucky Foreign Language Conference is proud to open sessions devoted to the presentation of scholarly research in the field of East Asian (Japanese and Chinese) Literature and Culture, broadly defined. Abstracts are invited in all areas and aspects of this field, including, but not limited to:

Class, gender, ethnicity/race
Colonialism and Diaspora
Memory, violence and nation
Popular culture in global markets
Performance, agency, and identity
Ethics of literary-cultural studies
Classical literature; new readings
Media studies, music studies, film studies
Social movements – justice, citizenship, and resistance
The avant-garde – arts in contexts
Body, space, and the public sphere
The politics of writing – writing within/against culture

Each presentation is 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute questions & answers period. Individually submitted abstracts for paper presentations will be grouped into panels under common themes. In addition, proposals will be considered for complete panels of five papers organized around common themes.

The KFLC has a tradition of attracting scholars from a broad range of languages and specializations. This year's conference will have sessions in Arabic Studies, East Asian Studies, French and Francophone Studies, German-Austrian-Swiss Studies, Italian Studies, Luso-Afro-Brazilian Studies, Language Technology, Second Language Acquisition and Hispanic Studies, and will feature Mary Louise Pratt of New York University as keynote speaker, who will present a paper entitled “Globalization as Linguistic Force Field.” Abstracts should be no more than one page in length (approx. 200-250 words) and should include author's name, affiliation and contact coordinates. Panel proposals are also limited to one page in length and should include the theme of the panel, the organizer's name and contact information, and the names and affiliations of the panel participants (each abstract must be submitted individually with the organizer’s name and affiliation at the end of the abstract). In view of the multi-lingual audience, the language of presentation is English.

Deadline for submission of abstracts and panel proposals is November 1, 2010.

Please visit the following website for more information and to submit:

Acceptance of a paper or complete panel implies a commitment on the part of participants to register and attend the conference. All presenters must pay the appropriate registration fee by February 15, 2011 to be included in the program.

For specific questions regarding the East Asian sessions, please contact the East Asian Studies Executive Committee member, Masamichi (“Marro”) Inoue (

More information here.

A Big Thank You

Monday, October 04, 2010

I wanted to make a quick post and thank everyone out there who's been helping to spread the word about the Fong Lee case here in the MSP area and the recent rally and press conference that happened over the weekend -- whether by e-mail, FB, Twitter, blog posts, links, or just word of mouth - it was great to see and hear about all the people outside of the Cities talking about it -- and again -- I can't thank everyone enough.


Getting Your Crimes Of The Heart On

Friday, October 01, 2010

Directed by Leslie Ishii, with a cast featuring Maya Erskine, Kimiko Gelman (pictured above), Elizabeth Liang, Hiwa Bourne, Tim Chiou, and Jason Sino - this just sounds like one hell of a show.

Check it

East West Players (EWP), the nation’s premier Asian American theatre, continues its 45th Anniversary season, themed Shake It Up, with the Pulitzer Prize-winning play CRIMES OF THE HEART by Beth Henley. This production will be directed by Leslie Ishii. The cast of the production includes Maya Erskine, Kimiko Gelman, Elizabeth Liang, Hiwa Bourne, Tim Chiou, and Jason Sino.

In CRIMES OF THE HEART we meet three delightfully dysfunctional sisters: Babe has just shot her husband, Meg is fresh from the loony bin, and Lenny celebrates her birthday alone by sticking a candle in a cookie. This Southern classic with an Asian American cast will be an unforgettable night of laughter and tears in East West Players style.

“East West Players’ tradition of taking a classic play and casting it with an all Asian cast shows three vital objectives of our mission,” says EWP producing Artistic Director Tim Dang. “We give opportunities to APA actors who would not normally be cast in these roles, we enlighten audiences of the universal themes and the specific cultural responses of the APA community, and most of all, we shatter stereotypes—Asians do live in the South, Asians do speak with Southern accents and Asians historically have been part of the American landscape for well over a century.”

Beth Henley’s (Playwright) plays have been produced internationally and translated into over ten languages. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in Drama and the New York Drama Critics Circle Award for Best American Play for CRIMES OF THE HEART. Other awards include: American Theatre Wing 1998 Award for Distinguished Achievement in Playwrighting; Susan Smith Blackburn Finalist for CRIMES OF THE HEART and RIDICULOUS FRAUD; Richard Wright Literary Excellence Award 2000, New York Stage and Film Honoree, 2007. Ms. Henley’s newest work THE JACKSONIAN had a staged reading at New York Stage and Film. Jonathan Demme directed her play FAMILY WEEK at MCC this spring. Ms. Henley has the honor of serving as Theatre Arts Presidential Professor at LMU, Los Angeles. She is a board member of The Fellowship of Southern Writers and serves on Pen/Faulkner’s Writer’s Advisory Council. Represented by: Peter Hagan, Abrams Artists Agency, 275 7th Avenue, 26th Floor, New York, NY 10001, (646) 461-9383,

Leslie Ishii (Director) has created and taught acting and voice curriculum for artists for 17 years at East West Players. She directed six of EWP’s Studio Lab Projects and DAWN’S LIGHT: THE JOURNEY OF GORDON HIRABAYASHI for their Theatre for Youth educational tour. Leslie also directed Julia Cho’s POST-IT in the Thumping Claw Asian American Playwright Festival, and NYC Japanese American Day of Remembrance performance programs, poetry festivals, and PEELING THE BANANA, an Asian men's piece within a new works festival all at The Joseph Papp Public Theatre. She works for Center Theater Group’s Young Audiences Program and is a Fitzmaurice Voicework Associate presenting workshops in Mexico City, Spain, Budapest, and Austria.

The design team consists of set designer Shigeru Yaji, lighting designer Lonnie Alcarez, costumer designer Garry Lennon, sound designer Peter Erskine and property master Ken Takemoto. The stage manager is Daniel Reano Koven.

CRIMES OF THE HEART is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York. Generous support for this production is provided by the California Community Foundation, Shubert Foundation, The LA Board of Supervisors through the LA County Arts Commission, City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation.

All performances of CRIMES OF THE HEART will be staged at the David Henry Hwang Theater at the Union Center for the Arts at 120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, CA 90012. CRIMES OF THE HEART opens Wednesday, November 10, 2010 and closes on Sunday, December 5, 2010. Opening night will be accompanied by a pre-performance cocktail reception and a post show reception with the cast and creative team sponsored by Southern California Edison. Performances are Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm. Previews are Thursday - Saturday, November 4 – November 6 at 8pm and Sunday, November 7 at 2pm. The Pay-What-You-Can Performance will be held Wednesday, November 24 at 8 pm with a suggested $5 minimum donation.

General Tickets range from $35 - $45. Preview tickets are $20 for all seats. Opening night tickets are $65 for all seats. Tickets are currently on sale. For ticket purchases or more information, please call East West Players at (213) 625-7000 or visit Senior, student and group discounts are available. Dates and details are subject to change.

Remember: Brenda Song + The Social Network = Movie You Want To See

Friday, October 01, 2010

Need I say more?


No I do not.

Random Friday Night Vibe: Just A Dream

Friday, October 01, 2010