Biden, Michigan, Arab Americans, And Yes---CEASEFIRE

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

From the interewbs that you should read, and yes--I'm right there with you, and while the least is not the option, it doesn't mean the other one can't improve because he's still an old White Man who didn't fulfil all of his promises or even try to.

Over the next two hours, the leaders spoke about how they were personally affected by the war in Gaza and criticized President Joe Biden over the growing number of Palestinians killed in the Israeli offensive after Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack. Khanna, a Biden campaign surrogate who organized the meeting independently, listened intently.

It was a rare unfiltered conversation between two sides that have grown further apart. And after a day of meetings, it seemed unlikely that the two sides could come back together unless the administration changes course on a ceasefire in Gaza, which both the White House and Israel oppose.

I Asked ChatGPT To Give Me 25 Ways Asian Americans Can Get More Representation. This Is What It Said...

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Here was my prompt for ChatGPT:

Can you give me 25 ways that Asian Americans can get more representation in the United States where theres still racism and oppression--and doing it in different ways that have not been done before?

This is what it gave me (and I did not delve any deeper). Agree? Disagree? Same old same old?


Certainly! Increasing representation and countering racism and oppression for Asian Americans involves a blend of innovative strategies, community engagement, and policy advocacy. Here are 25 novel ideas:

  1. Virtual Reality Experiences: Develop VR programs that allow users to experience the life and culture of Asian Americans, fostering empathy and understanding.
  2. Interactive Web Series: Create a web series that invites audience participation in shaping storylines, highlighting Asian American experiences.
  3. Asian American Innovation Hubs: Establish community centers focused on Asian American entrepreneurs and artists, showcasing their work and stories.
  4. Cultural Exchange Programs: Set up exchange programs that pair Asian American professionals with counterparts in other communities to share experiences and foster mutual understanding.
  5. Youth Ambassador Programs: Encourage Asian American youth to become ambassadors in their schools, promoting diversity and inclusion.
  6. Collaborative Art Projects: Initiate large-scale art projects that require community involvement, highlighting Asian American themes and artists.
  7. Asian American Story Podcasts: Produce podcasts that tell lesser-known stories of Asian American history and current issues.
  8. Mobile Cultural Exhibits: Create traveling exhibits that visit schools and communities, offering interactive learning about Asian American culture and history.
  9. Diversity Training Workshops: Offer workshops in workplaces and institutions that specifically address stereotypes and challenges faced by Asian Americans.
  10. Community Dialogues: Organize town hall meetings focusing on issues affecting the Asian American community, encouraging participation from wider community members.
  11. Social Media Campaigns: Utilize social media platforms for campaigns that spotlight Asian American achievements and challenges.
  12. Mentorship Programs: Establish mentorship programs where Asian American professionals mentor young people in their community.
  13. Inclusive Curriculum Development: Work with educational institutions to develop and integrate curriculum that accurately represents Asian American history and contributions.
  14. Bilingual Public Services: Advocate for and implement bilingual options in public services to accommodate and represent Asian American communities with language barriers.
  15. Cultural Festivals: Organize and promote festivals that celebrate the diverse cultures within the Asian American community, inviting broad public participation.
  16. Political Leadership Incubators: Develop programs to train and support Asian Americans aspiring to enter politics or community leadership.
  17. Asian American Film and Literature Festivals: Host festivals that exclusively feature Asian American filmmakers and authors.
  18. Collaborations with Other Minorities: Form alliances with other minority groups to jointly address common issues of representation and discrimination.
  19. Technology Access Initiatives: Increase access to technology for underrepresented Asian American communities to bridge the digital divide and amplify their voices.
  20. Community-based Research Projects: Conduct and support research on the specific needs and challenges of the Asian American community.
  21. Representation in Advertising: Advocate for and promote the inclusion of Asian Americans in mainstream media and advertising.
  22. Educational Scholarships: Offer scholarships specifically for Asian American students pursuing studies in fields where they are underrepresented.
  23. Cultural Competency Training for Officials: Provide training for government officials on cultural competency relating to Asian American communities.
  24. Participatory Theater: Develop theater productions that involve audience participation, focusing on Asian American themes.
  25. Heritage Language Classes: Promote and offer classes in Asian languages and cultural practices, preserving heritage and fostering pride in Asian American identities.

Implementing these ideas requires collaboration between community leaders, organizations, government entities, and the broader public. Each initiative offers a unique approach to enhancing representation and reducing racism and oppression against Asian Americans.


I've Passed 7000 Blog Posts This Month!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

I will admit that not every post here on this blog has been long and meaty--like some of the articles and posts I've done for other places throughout the years--absolutely.

But that also hasn't always been the point. 

It's been about exposure.


Just sharing my thoughts from my own Asian American and Vietnamese American/TRA POV and from a community of color, an immigrant.

Small ripples that turn into something bigger, or that have the ability to--because not everything will and not everything does, and not everything has to.

I've never strived to be anything more than what I am here in regard to the writing and the community--and I'm so happy I've stayed so indie over the years. 

I do other community projects. I try to affect change in different ways outside of this venue. My 9-5s and other eandevors have incorporated these other pieces--like fighting for equity and diversity in these other landscapes, helping to build what I can and work with those that can do that as well--and I wouldn't be where I am without this blog. Without the experiences, internal and external, that have come with it. 

It's been a journey, an impetus to do more, and a piece of my identity that I will always love.

Thanks for reading and supporting over all these years--because yes--1 or 2 views, an email, a message, an invite, et al.,---they all go a long way to inspire someone to keep doing what they do.


Viet Time Roundup

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Some random articles for you to peruse from the last couple of months:

Vu’s View: We Can’t Let American Democracy Crumble

Our world is no stranger to power-hungry leaders who strip citizens of their rights and established governments of their standing. We escaped it in Vietnam. We are witnessing it in Ukraine. And here at home, unless we get it back on track, our democracy risks being lost to authoritarian rule.

Classes help local Vietnamese Americans keep their language alive

In an Arlington classroom decorated with the Vietnamese alphabet on the wall, 20 primary school-age children are learning how to say their favorite ice cream flavors in Vietnamese.

A boy raises his hand. “Vanilla,” he answers as others try to remember words in the language spoken by their parents at home.

“In Vietnamese, please,” says teacher Ngoc Tran. Tran has taught children Vietnamese for the past four years in classes held at Arlington’s Holy Martyrs of Vietnam Church.

Congressional Representatives Correa and Steel Introduce Resolution Honoring Vietnamese Americans

Representatives Lou Correa (CA-46) and Michelle Steel (CA-45) introduced a bipartisan resolution recognizing the contributions of the Vietnamese-American community to the United States on February 8, 2024. Orange County, California, is home to Little Saigon and almost 190,000 Vietnamese Americans, making it the largest Vietnamese diaspora in the world outside of Vietnam.

This New Vietnamese American Cafe Will Blend McDonald’s Breakfast With Pandan Waffles

For those uninitiated, the McDonald’s Big Breakfast consists of a biscuit, scrambled eggs, a sausage patty, and an order of hash browns — the heartiest, non-sandwich morning meal on the McDonald’s breakfast menu. Chef Richard Le (Matta), coffee roaster Kimberly Dam (Portland Ca Phe), and pastry chef Lisa Nguyen (Heyday) all share childhood memories of McDonald’s Big Breakfasts. Their fathers would buy each of them the plate as a treat, taking them to the chain’s PlayPlace as an inexpensive weekend activity. At their forthcoming Vietnamese American breakfast cafe, Mémoire Cà Phê, the owners will serve their own version of the McDonald’s Big Breakfast, swapping the biscuit for a pandan waffle.

“McDonald’s was a very Vietnamese thing,” Nguyen says. “It was a big deal. I think, for them, that American experience was really special.”

Vietnamese-American actress Ali Wong's awards-show dress requires van transport

Vietnamese-American actress and comedian Ali Wong stole the spotlight at the 2024 SAG Awards with her mesmerizing laser-cut dress, a fashion choice that required her to arrive in a van.

Wong, nominated for her role in the TV series "Beef," arrived at the event in a sprinter van, standing up in the back throughout the journey, as revealed by Glamour magazine last week.

Simu Liu - Warm (Official Music Video)

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

 ANXIOUS-AVOIDANT by Simu Liu Out Now! VIDEO CREDITS: Creative Producer: Emily Truong @where.em.i Production Coordinator: Adrian Trejo @breakthruadrian Executive Creative Director: Jane Morledge Creative Director: Cynthia Guo @cynthiaguo Artist Management: Kaden Akahoshi @kadenakahoshi Crew Director: Alexandre Moors @alexandremoors Executive Producer: Mel Roy Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer @freenjoy Executive Producer: Tara Sheree @tarasheree Director Rep: Cheyenne Shannon @cheyennecody @larkcreative Producer: Evan Thicke @evanthicke Production Coordinator: Vlad Ponomar @vladenponomar 1st AD: Max Dean @macsdeen Director of Photography: Ross Richardson @rosscrichardson 1st AC: Chris Slany 2nd AC: Mason Buzzell DIT: Gianennio Salucci @gianennio Gaffer: James Davis BBE: Brandon Alperin Electric/SLT: Ryan French Key Grip: Michael Moeller BBG: Loren Corl Grip: Mark Hyde Production Designer: Leo Johnson @leos_playground Leadman: Quincy Irving @quincyirving Set Dresser: Allison Jensen @allison.portals Set Dresser: Gregory Fawkes Set Dresser: Carter McNeil Groomer (SL) : Mira Hyde @mirachai Stylist (SL): Chloe Takayanagi @chloekeiko Stylist (OCP): Kaitlyn Vitug @kaitlynvitug Make up (OCP): Alexa Hernandez Hair (OCP): Darine Sengseevong @machinedarine Intimacy Coordinator: Jazlyn Lewis @jazlynreneelewis Editor: Alexandre Moors @alexandremoors Production Assistant: Matt Elicone Production Assistant: Kris WadeProduction Assistant: Ben Danielson Talent Female Lead: Megumi Mckenna @megumimckenna LYRICS: Say you need some loving cause it’s been a long time Since anybody brought you to life from the inside You say that you’re freezing You say that you need someone to treat you right Baby I can be that Baby I can be the heat you need tonight I know one way to keep you warm Keep you warm Keep you warm I know one way keep you warm Keep you warm Keep you warm I just wanna show you I just wanna know you I just wanna hold you when you lonely When you’re cold I know one way to keep you warm Keep you warm Keep you warm It feel like you’ve been stuck in winter for too long But I can be the taste of the sunshine if you want You say that you’re freezing You say that you need someone to treat you right Baby I can be that Baby I can be the heat you need tonight I know one way to keep you warm Keep you warm Keep you warm I know one way to keep you warm Keep you warm Keep you warm I just wanna show you I just wanna know you I just wanna hold you when you lonely When you’re cold I know one way to keep you warm Keep you warm Keep you warm (Oh) Keep you warm (Oh) Keep you warm (Oh) Keep you warm (Oh) Keep you warm (Ooo) Follow Simu Liu Instagram: Facebook:   / seems.liu   Twitter:   / simuliu   Tiktok: Youtube:    / @simuliuofficial  

From Representative Judy Chu With Love And Birth Control

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Do Your Part: Put Some Warrior In Your Queue (Or Just Watch It) And Get That Quantum Leap Letter Going!

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

With Warrior getting a new life on Netflix and Quantum Leap (even with the break and new time slot) ready for a Season 3 (but not picked up yet)--you can do your part to help get them new seasons by just watching them, or even just putting them into your queue, star it, thumbs up, double thumbs up--you kind of know the drill.

If you want to write a letter for Quantum Leap check out this link:

Here's the info from the site above for easy reference:

To get Leaping, we have to get writing:

NBC Viewer Relations
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Phone: 212-664-2333
(Recorded comment line)



Get your handwritten or typed letter in the mail today!

George Lee + George Li + Dance, Lin, And Yu (AKA Thank You All For Doing What You Do)

Thursday, February 08, 2024

There's this amazing article down at the NY Times,, and I think it just goes to show us the people who have never been credited or gotten the opportunities that they should have, simply because of their race, and specifically because of being Asian American.

From the article about the documentary:

"...George Lee sits quietly at a blackjack table, dealing cards eight hours a day, five days a week, a job he’s been doing for more than 40 years.

Lee, 88, was likely in his usual spot when the filmmaker Jennifer Lin was sifting through old photos at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts in 2022, wondering what had become of a dancer with a notable place in ballet history. Pictured in a publicity shot for the original production of “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker,” in the role known as Tea, was a young Asian dancer identified as George Li.

For Lin, a veteran newspaper reporter turned documentarian, the picture raised intriguing questions. In 1954, when the photo was taken, it was rare to see dancers of color on the stage of New York City Ballet, the company Balanchine co-founded. Who was this young man, this breaker of racial barriers, this pioneer? Was he still alive? And if so, what was he up to?"

I can't wait to see this documentary and I'm glad George Lee is getting his due and remembrance at 88 years old.

Are You Kidding Me Chloe Kim? What The Almighty Hell! HOW AWESOME ARE YOU?

Thursday, February 01, 2024



At just 23, Chloe Kim has established herself as arguably the most accomplished female snowboarder in the history of the sport, particularly in the halfpipe discipline.

The athlete, a two-time Olympic champion, recently clinched her seventh X Games title in the Women's Superpipe, equaling the record previously held by Kelly Clark.

Kim's triumph at the X Games was more than just a win; it was a momentous occasion in snowboarding history. She achieved a groundbreaking feat by being the first woman to successfully execute a 1260 in a formal competition, as reported by the X Games. This complex maneuver involves three and a half aerial rotations. Despite not landing the cab 1260 flawlessly on her third attempt—using her hands to stabilize her landing—it was nonetheless a significant milestone.

This remarkable 1260 was performed during Kim's victory round, after she had already secured her win with an impressive first-run score of 96.33.

Kim had previously attempted this challenging 1260 move at the 2022 Beijing Olympics but did not succeed in that attempt.

Speaking on the X Games live stream, Kim expressed her long-standing aspiration to complete this trick. She acknowledged her attempt in Beijing and her determination to try again. While she hoped for a cleaner execution, Kim expressed great satisfaction in finally nailing the trick.

Following this latest X Games victory, Kim's impressive collection of accolades now includes two Olympic golds, two world championship titles, seven X Games golds, and 10 World Cup victories from 15 starts. This X Games was her first competitive event since her appearance in Beijing, and she returned to the scene demonstrating her increased skill and resilience.