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Thursday, March 31, 2016

In case you missed the news - or were just slow getting around to check it out - consider this your reminder (or technically first time...).

Get it!

A Little Jen A Little Kwok And A Little SWV

Thursday, March 31, 2016

You may or may not have seen this.

If you are in the latter - consider yourself SWV'd.

Kwok Style.

Questions Answered From The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Investigation On Body Cameras, Video, And The Current Investigation Into The Shooting Of Map Kong

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Even though I wasn't able to uncover much from the Burnsville PD, I left a voicemail and an email for the BCA's Public Information Officer who returned answers to my questions earlier today. While I think some items could have been a little more direct (and in some ways they do illicit other questions), it is an ongoing investigation so I understand that maybe not everything could be revealed at this time (however I hope all the information comes to light at the end of the investigation).

Below are the question and answer portions of my email with the BCA's public information officer (who handles inquiries). My questions are in bold, and the responses from the BCA are in italics.


1. At this point in the investigation does anyone know how many of the body cameras, if any, were on during the shooting?

We have several different recordings from several different sources. The BCA will be reviewing all evidence in this case.

2. If there was video on the body cameras:

The cameras were operational.

a.) Have internal investigators seen this video already?

BCA agents assigned to this incident have seen all of the evidence gathered thus far, but this remains an ongoing investigation.

b.) Is there a time set for when that will be made to the public?

The BCA will follow the law and release the videos and all other public data once the case is closed as we would in any other investigation.

c.) Would there be anything stopping it from being released to the public?

What makes data from a criminal investigation public or not-public when the case is closed is defined in statute.

3. Can you offer a statement on where the investigation currently is and what the next steps are?

The BCA investigation into the incident is ongoing. When it’s investigation is complete, the BCA will present its findings without recommendation to the Dakota County Attorney’s Office for review.

[END OF Q & A]

What? Bambu Versus Chris Brown?

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I just had to post this picture because on one side you have rapper Bambu looking pretty calm, cool, collected, and then on the other side you have Chris Brown who looks like he's really laboring to do the robot circa 1969.

You can read what started it all down here.

And The Burnsville Police Can't Really Tell Me Anything About The Shooting Of Map Kong And The Investigation Almost Two Weeks Later

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I put a call into the Burnsville police today to see if I could get any information about the investigation into the shooting of Map Kong and the first person I talked with I think thought I was calling in about a shooting - so that took some time - but they said they didn't know about the case and took down my number saying that an officer would give me a call back who would be able to answer some questions. I verified twice with the person I was talking with that this officer would have information on the case/investigation.

About 20 minutes later I got a call back and it's a sergeant, but when I ask if he'll be able to answer any questions he said he probably wouldn't be able to help much with any information and directed me back to the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (where I have a call into and am waiting for a callback from their public information officer). When I asked if they should have information on the body cameras he said they may, but if not, the BCA would redirect those questions back to the Burnsville police...

Who don't seem to know much or can offer much.

while I understand not being able to say much during a pending investigation - at the same time you have to have some answers to some questions - or at least a statement on when more information might be getting put out because by tomorrow it will be two weeks since the shooting of Map Kong on March 17th.

The Power Of Bad Journalism: People Are Using The Star Tribune's Bad Reporting Against Map Kong To Fuel Their Bias

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

This is why I won't let the Star Tribune off the hook for their reporting on Map Kong (and if you missed my letter and what issues I have with them, you can check out the post "The Shooting Of Map Kong: Is The Star Tribune Already Trying To Criminalize Map Kong As Someone Who Deserved It Or Is It Just Bad Reporting?").

Because it influences people in a biased way painting Map Kong as a criminal who deserved it.

These four references are just from one article and one thread - remember that the Star Tribune (according to their stats) is read by 1.3 million adults every week and their online presence has 7 million monthly unique visitors.

The power of bad journalism...


I should note that as a whole I've liked the Strib - but this - not this.

They need to take responsibility.


The article writers from the original article in question have still not responded to why they decided - and who led them - to look at Map Kong's criminal history and include only a partial look at his record (if this was integral to the story how come they didn't report on when the last arrest was? How come there wasn't a follow up?).

Are You Crazy? AKA To The Comments On The Shooting Of Map Kong

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I was watching this youtube video of the local Fox9 interview with the family of Map Kong which I hadn't watched yet, and couldn't help but read some of the FB comments to see what people were saying and I guess - well - I shouldn't be surprised?

And...All I Can Do Is Shake My Head...

What can you even say to some of these comments? Well - sure - I can say a lot...and probably a lot of adjectives would go along with it...and you can probably guess some of them, but...I'll just leave it at that.

Well...'m going to leave these people's comments alone and just let them stand for the haphazard, untidy, messes that they are (and that description is actually being pretty nice).

Sign The Petition To Prosecute The Murders Of The Vue and Manso-Perez Families As Hate Crimes

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From 18MR:

In response, a coalition of 22 organizations from the Hmong, Latino, and other communities are uniting to urge that local and federal prosecutors pursue a hate crime investigation. As Darryl Morin of the League of United Latin American Citizens stated: “It is important that our community, our city, our state and, in fact, our nation admit that hate does exist and where we see it, we must identify it.”

Join 18MR, League of United Latin American Citizens, and 21 other organizations to ensure that prosecutors investigate the killings of Phia, Ma Vue and Jesus Manso-Perez as hate crimes. We intend to deliver the petition as soon as Wednesday, March 30.
If this isn't prosecuted as a hate crime you it just leaves you shaking your head left wondering...

The Shooting Of Map Kong: Maybe I Hit A Nerve With The Star Tribune?

Friday, March 25, 2016

I don't know how you take it - but when a news organization's reporters can't reply to emails on their coverage - with followup's by your's truly - I can only guess that I hit a nerve because if you can't even defend your own reporting...well - that just says a lot.

On to the editors because I'm guessing I just shouldn't let this one go.

Little Big Shot Evan Duy Quoc Le AKA Torrance California's New Mozart AKA V.C.P. (As In Viet Child Prodigy)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Evan Le (officially Evan Duy Quoc Le) was born on May 31, 2011 in Torrance, California.

Born to parents who do not have any background in music, Evan's musical journey was not initiated.

It just so happened that Evan's older brother, Brandon -- who was around five at the time -- wanted to buy a toy keyboard and was granted his wish. When the boys opened the toy to play Brandon pressed the keys randomly and loudly. To the contrary, Evan -- who was two and a half years old -- pressed the keys one by one with pauses in between, and listened intently to the sounds coming from the toy. He then pressed the keys again, but this time he turned to his dad and asked "What do you call this?" after pressing each key.

When Evan's love for music became too apparent, the toy keyboard was replaced by an electric piano. Almost immediately he became obsessed with the piano and spent much time playing it. By the time Evan was three, he was able to listen to simple nursery rhymes and play very similar tunes on the piano, at first with one hand and then with both.

In December of 2014 Evan received his first piano lesson at VRMA from Ms. Tuong Van Nguyen. He is currently under the tutelage of Miss Claudia Yun Xi (La Palma, CA, USA).

Besides having perfect pitch, Evan reads and memorizes music pieces incredibly fast. In addition, his ability to compose has amazed his teachers.

10 Films To See At The Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

Monday, March 21, 2016

While there are a ton of films to see at the LAAPFF here are a few that specifically piqued my interest (and if I could I would see all of them).



What happens when a 1.5-generation Cambodian American seeks answers about the Khmer Rouge — the reign of terror under Pol Pot’s brutal regime? Michael Siv, a former documentary subject in Spencer Nakasako’s film REFUGEE (2003), finds himself behind the camera as he follows a feisty professor who corrals survivors to travel from California to Cambodia to testify in the Khmer Rouge Trials. The documentary takes an unexpected turn when the son of a high-profile convicted war criminal, who oversaw the killings of thousands, joins the Cambodian American refugees on their journey for justice.


Cameron (Chris Dinh) is a nighttime courier with a heart of gold and a secret. From dusk to dawn, he makes deliveries all over the Los Angeles area. As a skilled chef, he's saving for his food truck but remains too busy taking care of other people to put his dreams first. When his next pickup turns out to be Jasmine (Julie Zhan), the attractive, headstrong daughter of a longtime client, the ensuing chemistry lights up the night sky. Will this chance encounter be just another delivery, or will it change his life forever?



Every year, on the 2nd Thursday of November, the entire country of South-Korea is put to the test. That day, more than half a million senior high school students take part in the National University Exam, better known as Suneung. ‘Reach for the SKY’ tells the story of several South-Korean high school students, their families and teachers, as they prepare for the annual National Exam. The exam will not only determine where the high school seniors will attend university but ultimately also their status in the Korean hierarchical society.

ALL MEN ARE FLOWERS (모든 남자는 꽃이다.)

Kara, 15, misses an opportunity to ask her first high school crush out before leaving for Korea for summer break. When she returns to her mother’s hometown, she encounters her grandfather’s spirit. The spirit gives Kara a vision of her muses, and says, “I’ll tell them to be pretty for you.” With the support of her grandfather, Kara feels empowered to forgo the traditional thought, that a girl waiting to be pursued by THE ONE, and decides to act up and chase her muse.


After serving over 20 years behind bars for a robbery he committed at age 16, Chinese American community leader Eddy Zheng now faces deportation to China. Since his release from prison, Eddy has dedicated his life to preventing youth violence and delinquency through his work at the Community Youth Center, Community Response Network, and many other SF Bay Area organizations. BREATHIN’: THE EDDY ZHENG STORY is a documentary that provides a complex and honest portrayal of its subject, highlighting a critical human rights issue facing the U.S. today: an alarming increase of Asian immigrants and refugees being incarcerated and deported.




The Shooting Of Map Kong: When Will The Body Camera Video Be Released? Were They Turned On? If Not, Why Not?

Monday, March 21, 2016

It seems like a simple question but as we all know by now - maybe not that simple.

If there were body cameras on, when will the footage be released?

If for some reason the body cameras were not on, why were they not turned on?

When one person has a knife (or possibly a knife as this has not been confirmed by any video footage or physical evidence at this time) and you have multiple police officers on the scene, there is a need to show the videos.

Because you need to justify the killing of a man.

You need to justify the use of force and using a gun and killing someone who may have had a weapon of lesser force, when other options are there to detain a man.

That's how justice is served.

The Shooting Of Map Kong: Is The Star Tribune Already Trying To Criminalize Map Kong As Someone Who Deserved It Or Is It Just Bad Reporting?

Monday, March 21, 2016

In one of the articles on the shooting of Map Kong - an article from the Star Tribune says the following:

Out of all the news coverage I've read up to this point - all of the news articles *do not* talk about this and I question the reasons behind the statement by the Star Tribune.

I have written the two writers of the story Liz Sawyer and Tim Harlow.

Dear Liz Sawyer And Tim Harlow,

Can you please explain why you felt the need to put this piece of text in your article and why you felt it was relevant to the story:

Kong has a criminal history, with at least seven arrests since 1997 on suspicion of narcotics possession, firearm violations and domestic violence, records show.

I question why you put this in your article when it doesn't relate to the actual news story of the shooting, and there is currently no information on whether the police had any knowledge of Map Kong and his past record at the time of the shooting.

Because you decided to not post any of the actual dates of the arrests since 1997, or any other information on those arrests and whether anything more came out of them, etc. it's a blanket statement on the deceased and his past history - in essence painting him as a criminal and some may say, giving the picture that in some ways he deserved to be shot because of any past arrests.

Can you please confirm how you came to decide to look into his past arrests? Was this a tip from local police in Burnsville when interviewing them and did you then look further into it or did you decide on your own to look to see if Map Kong had past arrests?

Thank You,

Let's wait to see if there is a response.

The Shooting Of 38 Year-Old Map Kong: This Is What We Know Now About It

Monday, March 21, 2016

(Map Kong - picture from

Here's what I've been able to find on the police shooting of Map Kong from the different news sources and city and government documents.

What we know for sure

In Burnsville MN, Cambodian American Map Kong (who lived in Chaska MN) was fatally shot by officers who came to a McDonalds based on a call of suspicious activity on March 17 around 6:15 AM.

News Reports

From different reports - CBS Local, Twin (Article 1), Twin (Article 2), Kare 11, Star Tribune - it sounds like Map Kong was in his car waving what was thought to be a knife (different reports talk of a weapon but most seem to all confirm it was again, at least thought to be a knife).

Official reports only use the word "weapon".

See more on this below in conjunction with the police scanner information* as this seems to confirm they at least are saying it was a knife (or what could have been thought to be a knife - again - there is no video/physical evidence as to what was actually in Map Kong's hand, and if it was actually a knife in his hand).

How Did Shots Get Fired?

Most news outlets are stating that the officers approached the car and either:

  • Kong came out of the car with the knife - and this is when they shot OR
  • They told Kong to put down the weapon and he didn't and this is when he was shot.

According to police scanner audio* he was coming out of his car when he was shot.

Body Cams

We know all the police officers were wearing body cams (NPR).

Extra Footage

Police looked at video footage from a family owned car dealership next to the McDonalds (KSTP).

Officers Involved In The Shooting

The officers involved in the shooting were: Sgt. Patrick Gast, who has 13 years with the Burnsville Police Department; Sgt. Maksim Yakovlev, 16 years with the BPD; Officer Taylor Jacobs, four years with the BPD; Officer John Mott, eight years with the BPD; and Officer LynRae Tonne, 17 years with the BPD (SavagePacer).

Medical Examiner Report

Here is the press release report from the Hennepin County Medical Examiner (as a PDF) saying that:

This individual died of multiple gunshot wounds. Manner is homicide. BCA is assisting in this investigation.

City of Burnsville Police Report/Press Release

Here is the City Of Burnsville's Official Release. Here is the text from the release:

At approximately 6:15 a.m. on Thursday, March 17, the Burnsville Police Department responded to a report of suspicious activity in the McDonald’s parking lot at the corner of Highway 13 and Washburn Avenue in Burnsville. Five officers responded to the scene, and discovered a single individual brandishing a weapon. The encounter resulted in an officer-involved shooting of the suspect. The suspect is deceased, and all officers are unharmed.

Burnsville Police Chief Eric Gieseke and representatives from the Dakota CountySheriff’s Office will be holding a press conference in the area of Highway 13 and Washburn at approximately 9:30 a.m. today (Thursday, March 17).

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) will be conducting the investigation of the incident. After the press conference, media can contact the BCAat 651-793-2726 for further information

Police Scanner Information

Here is the link to the scanner recording from MN Police Clips.

Note that I cannot say what was and was not recorded from the scanner audio and posted on the site.

The audio seems to confirm around the 2:23 mark that someone was coming out with what was thought to be a knife and shots were fired (the portion before was a little muddled). Campaign

There is a campaign for his funeral expenses. You can contribute here. His funeral services will be held on Thursday March 24,2016. The fund will be closed this Wednesday on March 23, 2016.

Your Random Jiz Lee Tweet For The Day On Coming Out Like A Porn Star

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Indirect Linkin Park Post: Tove Lo Just Speaks To Me?

Monday, March 21, 2016

Consider this my non-Asian American Asian American post.

Stay High, Talking Body, Moments, Heroes (Alesso ft. Tove Lo), Run On Love - just like Linkin Park - Numb, In The End, Bleed It Out, Leave Out The Rest, Waiting For The End - it's self aware frailty mixed with determination to usurp (whatever it may be).

So I Simply Give You Video

Random Friday Big Bang Loser Violin Cover

Friday, March 18, 2016

And that's the way it should be.

Late Night Retro Sơn Tùng M-TP

Friday, March 18, 2016

Awesome Little Chef: Estie Kung + Man vs. Child: Chef Showdown

Thursday, March 17, 2016

From the bio:

At only 8 years old, Estie is the youngest of the group. She enjoys watching Chef Ramsey and took up an interest for cooking when she was just a toddler after watching her mom in the kitchen. Her favorite foods include lobster, steak tartare and caviar. Estie’s mom taught her several cooking techniques and one of her proudest moments in the kitchen thus far was when she made homemade pasta. Able to read at a 6th grade level, this motivated girl scout will do what it takes to compete against the adult chefs.

On Ada Tseng

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Just a good article down at OCWeekly:

The 33-year-old Tseng has been reporting and writing on Asian-Americans in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, long before social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter made it easier for people of color to spread awareness on social issues and raise their own voices. Shortly after graduating from college, in 2006 Tseng was named the managing editor of Asia Pacific Arts, an online ethnic arts publication started at UCLA. She and her team navigated a niche in journalism that hadn't been touched since the heyday of A Magazine, YOLK and Giant Robot in the mid-1990s.

"In the beginning, no one was really writing about diversity in Hollywood because it was a pretty rare deal, so it felt like we were a part of a secret club," Tseng says with a laugh. "We thought all these small Asian films and directors and actors were cool, but no one else knew about them."

P.S. I Love You Kinoshita Yuka

Saturday, March 12, 2016

I'm inspired to wake up early and make my own YouTube Channel where I eat in front of the camera.

Oh Yeah (It's Back!): Interpretations 2.0 + YOMYOMF + Get Your Cameras Ready

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The deadline for submission has now been moved (almost a full month) to July 15th.

Lover's of film, filmmakers, Asian Americans who love film, Asian Americans who are filmmakers, Asian Americans who want to be filmmakers but just needed another reason to get on out and make that film - hell - people everywhere - now is your time because Interpretations 2.0 has arrived and if you loved the first film contest and all the great films, panels, and conversations that came out of it - you just know that the second time around - it's just going to up the ante that much more.

If you aren't familiar with the Interpretations film contest from the first time around though - don't worry. I got you covered.

What Is Interpretations 2.0?
From the PR (YOMYOMF.COM), the recently revamped blog and entertainment website devoted to Asian American culture founded by Hollywood director Justin Lin (BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, FAST AND FURIOUS series, STAR TREK BEYOND) will launch the second edition of the highly successful INTERPRETATIONS Initiative that was previously held in 2010 to find the next generation of Asian American filmmakers. Comcast and NBCUniversal are lead sponsors of the initiative.

Where Are The Films?
From the PR

YOMYOMF will host this online initiative at

Give Me More Info On Why This Is Being Held
From the PR

Interpretations is a way of encouraging aspiring filmmakers to develop their own original and unique voice. All participants will “interpret” a four line script, and can produce and shoot it any way they wish. The only caveat is that the lines are static and must be in that order and the actual film itself is no more than 3 minutes long. Therefore, everyone is shooting their films from the same material and leveling the playing field in a way that traditional filmmaking competitions cannot. Three shorts will be selected from the entries and these winning filmmakers will have an opportunity to produce a project for one of the Comcast or NBCUniversal platforms under the mentorship of Justin Lin and other industry professionals.

When Can You Submit Your Film?
From the PR

The official call for entries begins March 31 and ends on June 17. Judging will commence in July and August with the announcement of the Top 15 on September 6, with online voting kicking off that day through October 6. The final 3 winners will be announced online on October 10 and they will be invited to attend the NBCUniversal Short Film Festival on October 19 at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles. Participants must be a resident of the United States of America and at least 13 years old. To submit your film and also view all the entries, head over to

What Did Justin Lin Say?
From the PR

“The first Interpretations Initiative was such a success that I am very excited to be launching it again and with a stronger fortitude to really make this more than just a contest but an opportunity to actually incubate potential careers for budding filmmakers.” says founder Justin Lin, who is currently in post-production on his latest tentpole film, STAR TREK BEYOND (coming out this July). “Interpretations 2016 is a part of the bigger picture of YOMYOMF 2.0, where we want to establish and nurture an Asian American creative community of content creators and enthusiasts where ideas and collaboration is exchanged regularly and we can see what projects we can develop with emerging talent. I never had something like YOMYOMF when I first started my career. It’s an exciting time to be an emerging filmmaker.”

Awesome. I'm In. What's The Four Line I Have To Work With?

- Don’t do that.
- Of course.
- I have my doubts.
- What is it?

And There You Have It

Hopefully this should get you started if you wanted to know more about what is happening surrounding the Interpretations Initiative - and always remember to check out YOMYOMF and the Interpretations film site (which looks to be currently redirected back to the original YOMYOMF post for right now) for full details, rules, and, well - everything else.

Film on!

1.25+: The Seattle Globalist Shines Light On Vivian Vo-Farmer (Not That She Needs It Though)

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Good article down at the Seattle Globalist on Vivian Vo-Farmer who has over 1.25 million YouTube subs.

Vo-Farmer says her family was very supportive of her non-traditional career aspirations. She recalls that the DSLR camera she used to make her videos look more professional was a gift from her uncle and aunt.

“I would show my mom my video as soon as I uploaded it to share with her what I had been working on all day,” she said. “She knew I loved doing it, so I felt like she was just happy to see me happy. No one ever told me I was wasting my time or doubted me which I’m so grateful for.”

In order to keep her channel alive and have a steady income, she and her manager work out deals with prominent brands to feature them in her videos.

Vo-Farmer said these kinds of sponsorships are the key to having YouTube as a full-time job.

She has worked with L’Oreal Paris and Pantene, which have taken her from Seattle to New York City to shoot videos for the YouTube channels of those brands.

Promises Promises: MSNBC Cancels Burmese American Alex Wagner Show That Didn't Even Start

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

I have no idea what's going on with MSNBC but yeezus people - how do you tell someone in October that they're going to have their own weekend show and then pull it back again? I mean I know TV is fickle and so goes the programming - but are they really killing off every person of color including Burmese American Alex Wagner?

Me thinks the answer is yes.

And Just Because I Can

Random Ross Butler (Because If You Didn't Know K.C. Undercover Is On Season 2 And...I Mean That's What I Hear...)

Monday, March 07, 2016

I just like Clifford The Big Red Dog and I think Ross Butler is a great addition to the Young Asian Americans In Hollywood troupe and I thought this post was good from a timing standpoint because apparently (as I hear because I don't watch Disney...well not really...unless it's on...and then it's just there...I mean...) K.C. Undercover is in Season 2 and who knows if Ross (aka Brett) is going to stay in Canada (which you would know if you saw the last episode of last season...which I really didn't...I mean I saw the gunfight...oh hell now...)

Just pimp his Instagram already.

Open Windows Jam: Just Drive + August Rigo

Monday, March 07, 2016

Roll 'em. know what I mean...I mean roll 'em down.

But if you're in the back enjoy the ride?

Feel The Burn Again (Really): The Number Of Times Asian Americans Get Mentioned On The "Issues: Racial Justice" Page From

Saturday, March 05, 2016

When you look at and you do a search for "African-American" (it's hyphenated on the site so yeah - I'm doing it too for coverage) you get 16 matches.

For "Latino" you get 11 matches.

Guess how many times the variation of "Asian" or "AAPI" as in "Asian American" is found?

Here - I'll give you a hint.

Feel The Burn (Really): The One Not Awesome Paragraph On Asian Americans From The "Issues: Bernie Sanders On Racial Justice" Page

Saturday, March 05, 2016

If you wanted to know how many times Asian Americans get mentioned on the Issues: Bernie Sanders on Racial Justice page ( here it is:

Comparing median weekly salaries from the U.S. Population Survey in 2013, we see that a median black male earns 75.1 cents for every dollar a median white male earns. A median Latino male earns only 67 cents. According to the same data, a median white woman makes 78 cents compared to a white male, and black and Latina women follow making 64 cents and 54 cents, respectively. We see that the racial wage gap is large, and that both gender and race are important factors when examining the wage gap.

(On the other hand, Asian men and women make more than anyone in America, also according to the BLS — although this may be explained by the fact they have a higher average educational attainment.)

Ummm - do I even need to say anything on this?

I'm going with no.

Why Does Bernie Sanders Always Focus On China And Vietnam On Trade Talks, And Denmark And "White" Countries For "Good" Models?

Saturday, March 05, 2016

I have my issues with both Dem candidates - one candidate can't be everything - and absolutely I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter (but more on that later...or well again).

But how come Bernie always focuses on China and Vietnam (a lot more on Vietnam now) when it comes to trade and keeping jobs in America, but routinely leaves out Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.?

And conversely, how come he uses Denmark as the utopian society to follow?

Brown is bad and White is good...?


Just a thought.

Shang-Chi + Iron Fist

Friday, March 04, 2016

News across the wire on the IronFist/Finn Jones/#AAIronFist debate.

Shang-Chi is Coming to Netflix(!), Still Doesn’t Negate Need for #AAIronFist

This morning, our friends at MCU Exchange (with help from The Hashtag Show) broke some pretty big news: mainly, that Shang-Chi will be a featured part of the Iron Fist series on Netflix, with the possibility that he may get spun off into his own series! This is definitely some welcome news, especially considering how a lot of folk reacted to the news of Finn Jones. In fact, I can already hear the FistBros1 queuing up in our mentions telling us to finally shut up about #AAIronFist.

Marvel Could Be Adding an Asian Martial Arts Hero to Iron Fist
The reaction to the news that Finn Jones will be playing Danny Rand in Netflix’s Iron Fist series has been mixed at best—with many people feeling disappointed at the decision to not cast a non-white actor in the role. That debate is about to get a bit more complicated, if this new rumor holds true.

Iron Fist May Setup Shang-Chi As Marvel’s Next Netflix Hero
Shang-Chi is a character we suggested last year would make a great Marvel Comics hero for Netflix in our list of 12 Underrated Marvel Superheroes Who Should Get a Netflix TV Series, but more recently, and before Iron Fist was cast in January – where we helped break the news that it was Game of Thrones‘ Finn Jones playing Danny Rand – we were told to look out for Shang-Chi news.

IPAAFF: The Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival (April 15-17)

Friday, March 04, 2016

Hello Ithaca!

Here's some great information on the when's, where's, what's, and how's (as in how can you help!) on the Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival (

Have a film you want to share with us? The Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival is now accepting film submissions for its second festival. Follow the instructions on FilmFreeway for information on film submissions and guidelines. Here are some important dates to keep in mind:

January 22, 2016: Opening date for submissions
March 28, 2016: Deadline for submissions
April 8, 2016: Notification date
April 15 – 17, 2016: Event date

More On The Festival
What began with a small meeting in September of 2014 culminated seven months later with the monumental gathering of campus and community at the opening night gala for the inaugural Ithaca Pan Asian American Film Festival (IPAAFF). We are currently organizing the second annual IPAAFF, engaging once again the greater Ithaca community with the diverse and complex spectrum of Asian American experience. The three-day festival will take place from April 15-17, 2016. It will provide a unique and much-needed space for both local and national artists. In addition to showcasing short and feature-length films that explore the diversity of Asian American experiences, the festival will also host panels, cultural events, and other artistic performances. It is with your help and support that we will make this year’s IPAAFF a success.

What can you do to help? Submit your film electronically at the FilmFreeway website by no later than March 28, 2016.


Sign up at our website at You will meet great people, see our beautiful campus, enjoy multicultural cinema, and all for a great cause.


We need to raise $10,000 in order to fund this year’s festival. You can also help out by donating food, gifts, gift cards/certificates, etc. To thank you for your generous donation, we will acknowledge your organization during our events and have your organization’s name printed on our film festival brochure as sponsors.

The Unbidden Official Festival Trailer (2016) Tamlyn Tomita, Julia Nickson Supernatural Thriller HD

Thursday, March 03, 2016

The Unbidden is a supernatural thriller about four best friends who get together for a spirit-settling seance the night before Halloween and are intruded upon by a young man who claims that one of them is his mother. The intruder unravels a past crime that has been haunting them for two decades. Starring Tamlyn Tomita, Julia Nickson, Amy Hill, Elizabeth Sung, Michelle Krusiec, Karin Anna Cheung, Akemi Look, Kimberly-Rose Wolter, Hayden Szeto and Jason Yee.

Fresh Off The Boat Gets A Season 3 Pickup

Thursday, March 03, 2016


From the Hollywood Reporter

Produced from outside studio 20th Century Fox Television, the third-season renewal for the 1990s Asian-American family comedy should be seen as a vote of confidence from Dungey. The executive has made diversity a top priority, and the renewal for the bubble comedy produced by an outside studio is a key sign that she's open to allowing time for series to find their creative legs. The critical darling is currently part of ABC's Tuesday night comedy block and has had an uphill battle with the low-rated Muppets revival as a lead-in. The series, picked up for a 13-episode sophomore season, received a back-nine pickup after the Nahnatchka Khan-produced comedy built on its freshman ratings.