CBS's Mike And Molly Ching Chong (And Some Laundry Jokes)

Monday, April 25, 2011

I sat down from a long day at work and decided I just couldn't quite watch the Spurs, so I decided to tune into CBS -- and while I don't watch this show a lot (a few episodes early) Mike & Molly was on - and of the few episodes I have actually seen - they've been cute, they've been funny. And I was definitely with them on that whole Marie Claire blog hoopla from late last year.

So there I was enjoying some of the cute and the funny when out of the blue came full on straight up RACIST SPEAK in the form of CHING CHONG, LAUNDRY JOKES, and "Hey - let's make fun of Korean food while we're at it too" which went something like this * (the premise is that Carl has a key to Mike's apartment, is seeing someone new and takes her over to Mike's apartment to have sex - Mike and Molly stumble in on this and Molly wants Mike to get his key back from Carl):

MIKE: "Why can't you go over to her place?"
CARL: "I can't have sex with the smell of kimchi six feet below me."
MIKE: "She's Korean?"
CARL: "I think so. Is "tum yum boo tam Korean?"
MIKE: "I think it's fake."
CARL: "Why can't you bring her back to your place?"
MIKE: "I can't do that. My Grandma will have her doing the laundry."

And then after another couple of lines Carl is imitating this woman and goes into straight on Ching Chong saying some gibberish that's supposed to be Korean - because you know - what better way to imitate the Asian woman your dating than "Tuk tee tam too mee kam tuk tuk" (aka ching chong ching chong ching chong).

I mean when you sum it up it all kind of comes out like this:

Carl finally has a woman.

She's kind of a kink and likes to tie him up (this news later on in the episode).

He can't stand the smell of her food (because you know, our food is disgusting and smelly) but that doesn't matter because he just wants to fuck her.

His grandma will make her do the laundry if he takes her home (because that's of course what everyone thinks about when they see an Asian woman) but that's okay because he has the key to Mike's place.

So he can fuck her there.

And apparently Carl's new woman also speaks like a MF idiot in a language that absolutely no one can understand.

But that's okay too.

Carl doesn't actually need to hear what she has to say.

Carl just wants to fuck her.

So Let's Recap

Ching Chong? Check.

Dirty Asian Food? Check.

Asian Woman Cum Fuck Me Suckee I Do Anything No Ticky No Washy?

Check that off the list too.

Say No A Priori Say No

It's amazing to me that a show who comes out and makes it a point to talk about not discriminating against people because of their weight - that when it comes to the APA community - apparently - they just don't give a fuck.

* Just For The Record

This was from the episode "Carl Gets A Girl" which aired tonight on CBS 9:30/8:30c. I don't have the actual transcripts - nor do I have it recorded - so the above is paraphrase - but it's pretty damn close to the actual dialogue (and the spirit is definitely there - the spirit of BS racist speak - but a spirit nonetheless).

Hopefully CBS will put this up on their site soon hereafter so you can view it for yourself (or better yet, maybe there's a transcript of it floating around).