It's That Time: The 100 AZNS List Of 2018!

Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Just like for 2017 - it's time for the list of awesome 100 AZNS for 2018!

In case you needed refreshing on where this list came from and why it was created here's the mission (from the inaugural season in 2017).

100 AZNS is here to document and showcase the immense talents, creativity, and leadership among Asian-Americans [...] Heavily influenced by The Root 100, 100 AZNS was born out of initial skepticism that enough Asian-Americans could even fill a list. The result was the compilation of a wildly long list of many hundreds. The following represents only a selection of many who are putting in the work, livin their best lives, and inspiring positive change. Congratulations to this year's 100!!

Created & Designed by Leah Nichols
Contributors: Vicky Chao, Elisa Gyotoku, Suejean Kim, Lindsay Meyer, Binh Nguyen, Maddie Raffel, Andrew Stenson, Diana Wu

This year - for 2018 - here's a little more from creator and designer (and award winning filmmaker) Leah Nichols from "Notes from 100 AZNs":

100 AZNs reclaims “Asian American” on our own terms. The widespread dissociation from “Asian American” on an individual level is a subconscious f*ck you to the uninspiring, at best, and dangerous, at worst, dominant narrative about Asian American identity. White supremacy’s historic perversion of “Asian American” lumps together all Asian subcultures in order to encourage a pro-model minority/anti-Black agenda as well as further inequality between East Asians and Southeast Asians. Overshadowed is the initial intentions of “Asian American” set by Chinese, Filipinx and Japanese students to unify Asians across subcultures during anti-Vietnam War and Civil Rights Movement organizing. Similar to the first call in 1968, this is a time for pan-Asian solidarity.

For the full read go to the Medium post.


Take it in. Feel honored. And definitely check out the official page here where you can download the PDF in full and view some other great info.