Lebron, King Kong, and Eva Longoria's used panties

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Are you people completely on acid tripping the light fantastic and then double dipping again with a side of meth and a complete shot of idiocy? I mean seriously - if you think for one instant that one media image on effing Vogue is something to complain about - that it's racially insensitive - I got some news for you - it's not even close.

But let me try and get this straight for a second. You think Lebron looks like a gorilla (that's telling)? You think it's representative of the stereotypical dangerous black man image that perpetuates the media? Either you haven't met enough of the African American population or your media watchdog hat is on a little too tight.

You know what's representative of the steroetypical dangerous black man image syndrome? It's your local news media which only pictures black suspects - or rather should I say - chooses to not depict white ones (or the Asian ones, or the Hispanic and Latino ones). It's the news media who puts out descriptions of suspects to simply race bait - deft descriptions fit for a blind man like "5'6 African American man with mustache and cap" - you know those great sketches you see - ones that simply say "Stay away from every black man because they're all criminals."

Yeah - I just love those.

Lebron James - he was worth 100 million before he even signed a contract with an NBA team. He's a young cat who's got the world at his fingertips and gets invited to every single star studded gala that there is - he's a franchise player - he's the second coming - he's King James. If Lebron and his game face image are indicative of the every day black man who gets smacked by the system, than I'm the pope dressed in Eva Longoria's used panties which I got second-hand off Ebay courtesy of Tim Duncan.

P.S. to magazine analyst Samir Husni who's been quoted as saying "So when you have a cover that reminds people of King Kong and brings those stereotypes to the front, black man wanting white woman, it's not innocent." - I don't know about you Samir - but black men and white women - black men with any woman of any color - seems quite innocent to me. But then again maybe I just think that because I have opposable thumbs.