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Friday, December 22, 2017

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100 AZNS Of 2017, Celebrating Asian America, And A Humble Thank You

Friday, December 22, 2017

A team of awesome people including Leah Nichols (Creator & Designer) and Contributors Vicky Chao, Elisa Gyotoku, Suejean Kim, Lindsay Meyer, Binh Nguyen, Maddie Raffel, Andrew Stenson, and Diana Wu--created a new list, based on The Root 100, documenting and showcasing "the immense talents, creativity, and leadership among Asian Americans in 2017". Here's the full description:

100 AZNS is here to document and showcase the immense talents, creativity, and leadership among Asian-Americans in 2017. Heavily influenced by The Root 100, 100 AZNS was born out of initial skepticism that enough Asian-Americans could even fill a list. The result was the compilation of a wildly long list of many hundreds. The following represents only a selection of many who are putting in the work, livin their best lives, and inspiring positive change. Congratulations to this year's 100!!

Here's a link to the PDF for download and here's the link again to the list page.

A Humble Thank You (For The Full List)

There are some great people on this list (all of them) and all absolutely deserve to be on it and have done a lot in 2017 for the Asian American community (and throughout their whole lives) just by doing what they do and being who they are. Check out the list using the links above (as my screenshot is not great...) and you'll see and recognize a lot of people and hopefully you will be exposed to new people in our community too, and be able to read descriptions about some of the things they've done this year!

You know, putting lists together isn't easy. And putting a list together that also looks great with some great design aesthetics? It takes time. It takes effort. And I can only imagine the decisions in whittling down the list.

A big huge thank you for the team who put this together.

And yes - even if it didn't have me in it - I'd still say it - because it's an awesome list.

A Little Surprised

I am humbled and honored that I was even thought of for this list - and I still can't help but wonder if maybe there was a mistake and it got out before a final edit. But, simply because of the alphabet, you will see me in this list at the beginning - and all I can say (except for another thank you) is that thank damn goodness that I only have so many pics out there, and that I at least look somewhat like I won't break any cameras or computer screens...

Thanks again to everyone who put this together and for making visible so many great Asian Americans in such a cool way (because the lettering, the colors, the fonts - the content of it - all of it - it really is amazing)!

...It Seems George Takei Isn't A Serial Molester After All (Whew!)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

If timelines play into anything - because of what we've already seen - they would suggest that with no more accusations, George Takei is not a serial molester - and I for one am at least breathing a little easier. I'm not gonna say everything is perfect - because there's still that first one - but given the one only - most likely it'll be chalked up to a number of different things (misunderstandings, different recollections, maybe just non-belief overall).

At 80 and with everything that Takei has already done, I don't think this will affect the way he's looked at as much as it could for someone like Al Franken. I don't know if he's going to be offered a plethora of space anymore, and there will always be a mention, or at least a footnote, concerning the allegations - but if you asked me if he could "survive" it - which is an ironic way to think about the terminology - because victims survive - I'd say yes.


I just don't think enough people put out what they normally might have on this topic for anyone else, just because he was George Takei. I have to wonder the reasons for it - and I can take guesses - but in the long run - no matter what the reason I just don't think it's as beneficial to stay quiet. I think you have to talk about in a public forum no matter how big or small. If the Asian American community can't talk about something like this in fear of rocking the boat and giving up what's become good - it just plays into the system that already said our words weren't good enough to send a White Man to jail.

Call me crazy.

From Sen. Mazie Hirono On The President

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The only way to stop this president who has a narcissistic need for attention, he’s a masogynist and admitted sexual predator and a liar. The only thing that will stop him from attacking us—because nobody is safe—is his resignation.

R.I.P Ed Lee, San Francisco's First Asian American Mayor

Tuesday, December 12, 2017


The mayor died at 1:11 a.m. at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Former Mayor Willie Brown said Lee was shopping at his neighborhood Safeway at 625 Monterey Blvd. when he suffered a heart attack. He was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

“It is with profound sadness and terrible grief that we confirm that Mayor Edwin M. Lee passed away on Tuesday, December 12 at 1:11 a.m. at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Family, friends and colleagues were at his side,” his office said in a statement.

Board of Supervisors President London Breed became acting mayor of San Francisco following Lee’s death, in accordance with city charter.

“Our thoughts are prayers are with his wife Anita, his daughters Tania and Brianna, and his entire family,” Breed said at a news conference outside the hospital early Tuesday.

Read more down @ http://www.sfexaminer.com/san-francisco-mayor-ed-lee-dies-age-65/

Seoul Searching Goes To Netflix - Oh Yes!

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

From The Seoul Searching FB Page:

Dear friends, I'm proud to announce that SEOUL SEARCHING the Movie is finally making its world premiere in over 100 countries! Please spread the love. Thank you!
PS. Blu Ray coming in early 2018 — with Uatchet Juch, Nekhebet Kum Juch, Jessika Van, Rosalina Hannah Lee, Teo Yoo 유태오, SeongJin Esteban Ahn and Crystal Kay (クリスタル ケイ).


From Mazie K. Hirono of Hawaii On Al Franken

Thursday, December 07, 2017

We have been in touch with each other. It’s been difficult because I consider Al a friend. I’ve sat with him in two committees, but that doesn’t excuse his behavior. We’re at the point where I think that there can be a cultural change in terms of how women are perceived and treated in this country. This kind of bad behavior has been tolerated and ignored for far too long, but not today.



Wednesday, November 29, 2017

That's it.

Pretty Please? Just Bring Han Back For The Rest Of The Fast And The Furious

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Again (as I've posted on this before) just hear me out.

The Fate of the Furious - while a good movie and member of the franchise - and second in worldwide box office receipts only to Beauty And The Beast this year -- it was the first film without Paul Walker (Rest In Peace). It could still only be what it could be - as good as it was.

I'll probably watch it again this month.

But imagine Han coming back - in my favorite scenario just like "Yeah, you know...I had to lay low for a while..." - are you kidding me (and I still like Roman being the only one who didn't know)?

It helps fill a space not necessarily in place of, but more as a piece of something greater.

And it'd be epic. I mean can you just imagine how much people would love this?

They would LOVE THIS.

Hell - I'll even take Han in the above scenario in one clip at the end of 9 after the credits roll.


I Do Give George Takei A Pass On The Howard Stern Show

Friday, November 17, 2017

For me, he is 80, and playing the dirty grandpa can be funny - that time - maybe not so much in light of the subject matter and clipped for sound-bytes. But he was on the Howard Stern Show...it's not like he was at church.

It just isn't that damming to me. It's a not a real part of the overall narrative versus something that's just "come out". In that way I do think it's taken out of context.

Maybe I get proven wrong on this one and a slew of things come out against George Takei where you have to look back on the clip and say, damn...(god I hope not), but for now, nothing new at least...

So How Come We Haven't Heard From More "AAPI Community Leaders" On George Takei? At Least Something?

Friday, November 17, 2017


Okay - I'll take a stab it....

Let My People Go: Vietnamese Americans Facing Deportation

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The rhetoric from the White House - as we know - spreads to action. Unfortunately this means detainment for around 90-100 Vietnamese American U.S. residents as well as setting a precedent for thousands of others. From the Huffington Post:

Dozens of members of the Vietnamese community, including some who have lived in the U.S. for decades, face an uncertain future in the U.S.

An estimated 95 Vietnamese U.S. residents are expected to be detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and could face deportation, Nancy Nguyen, the executive director of organization Vietlead, told HuffPost. The majority of those are refugees [...]

Yet recent detentions don’t just include those who are eligible for deportation under that memorandum; they also include Vietnamese people who arrived in the U.S. before 1995. More than 8,500 Vietnamese U.S. residents who have orders of removal for various reasons, and experts are concerned these detentions will set a dangerous precedent and put thousands of lives in jeopardy

And from the Pacific Standard:

A joint community alert issued Monday by a group of Southeast Asian-American community-rights organizations warned that Vietnamese immigrants with final removal orders are, more than before, "vulnerable to potential arrest, detention, and deportation." Late last month, the notice said, Washington submitted 95 cases to Hanoi to be processed.

The alert, coupled with reports of rampant detentions of Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian-American communities is cause for worry for those who fear seeing their communities become yet another flashpoint in the administration's anti-immigration policy.

"There is urgency now because [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] has ramped up their aggression against immigrant communities," says Dieu Huynh, a community outreach coordinator for San Jose Vice Mayor Magdalena Carrasco and an organizer with the grassroots group VietUnity-PACT.

Here is the link to the Joint Community Alert from SEARAC @ http://www.searac.org/new/joint-community-alert-vietnamese-vulnerable-deportation (below is a portion of the text):

Joint community alert from:
VietLead, APIROC, Mekong-NYC, VietUnity-East Bay, VietUnity-South Bay, Dorchester Organizing Training-Initiative, SEARAC

Vietnamese Vulnerable to Deportation
At this time, we believe that Vietnamese community members with final removal orders are vulnerable to potential arrest, detention, and deportation. ICE has used more aggressive tactics such as threatening community members with self-deportation and forcing folks to sign Vietnamese citizenship applications. Over last several weeks, ICE has re-arrested individuals with final removal orders that they were unable to deport in the past.

We have learned that on on September 21, 2017, the United States submitted 95 cases to the Government of Vietnam for processing and at the end of October 2017 into November 2017, a Vietnamese delegation will arrive in the United States to conduct interviews in Georgia. We know these cases include both pre-1995 and post-1995 cases.

Please be aware:

If you have a final removal order, do not leave the country. Seek immediate legal help if you have traveled outside of the country in the past (see pro bono legal list below).
If you have loved ones who will soon be released from prison, or are currently in detention, seek legal support.

If you are going for a check in, do not go alone - have family, friends, and local organizations accompany you.

If you have a final order of removal and ICE has notified you of a new check-in date, please contact Asian Law Caucus at (415) 896-1701, Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles at (888) 349 9695 or in Vietnamese at (800) 267-7395. They can help you assess the risk that you may be detained and assist you in planning for that possibility.

George Takei, The Asian American Community, Bad Jezebel Headlines, GOP Vs Dems, Am I Just Biased, And Let's Just Call It Like It Is

Sunday, November 12, 2017

I think lot a lot of people, I'm just thinking, pondering, wondering - with a little bit of spinning - about the accusations of sexual assault surrounding George Takei.

I mean George Takei?

Champion of the AAPI, LGBTQ, and Japanese American community?

Star Trek George Takei?

Allegiance George Takei?

This isn't crap ass Harvey Weinstein - who apparently everyone knew about. This isn't USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar - who's now been sued by over 125 women and girls alleging abuse. Or Kevin Spacey - who's pretty much DOA and damn - wow those stories...

It's George Takei.

If you've even done a smidgen of work/volunteering/community organizing - I mean pretty anything in the AAPI community - you have to know someone, or that someone knows someone, or maybe even you yourself is that someone - whose known, worked with, talked with, got advice from - or just casually met George Takei.

He's a part of the community and it's probably even less than six degrees of separation.

Think about all the projects he's been involved with - I mean the Japanese American National Museum just this summer opened New Frontiers: The Many Worlds of George Takei which "explores the life and career of the pioneering actor, activist, and social media icon. The exhibition begins with Takei’s incarceration at the Rohwer and Tule Lake concentration camps as a child during World War II and moves through his career as a Japanese American actor in Hollywood, his public service appointments, his coming out as a gay man, his activism on behalf of both the Japanese American and LGBTQ communities, and his wild popularity as a social media figure."

Think about all the people and organizations associated with that project and then who they know or are affiliated with.

What do you do?

What do you say?

And it's not fair that decisions have to be made. Absolutely - and it's not like I'm trying to put anyone or any organizations into guilt by association - but it speaks to the point about how embedded Takei has been in our community.

I mean the first showing of Allegiance was sold out when I had wanted to see it - but I felt lucky - and I still do - that I got to see it the second time around.

I blogged about it.

I would have been happy to interview Takei on Allegiance if I would have had the chance.

What do you say if you've been quick to talk about other people who've been brought up in other sexual assault/harassment news?

Do we give him slack?

Am I already giving him slack?

Some of me thinks I am if only for the fact that when I heard about it, I thought to myself - well - let's take everything on a case by case basis. If there's more to this story, if it's a pattern - we'll hear about it.

And I do believe that - I think if there's a pattern we'll hear about it.

But once is enough too right?

If you drugged someone to get them to pass out so you could get into their pants and they wake up with you in their pants - that's sexual assault.

That's not consensual.

There's not a lot of gray there and that's what was insinuated by Scott Brunton, a former model.

But Do I Believe? And How Come I Don't Question It About Other People?

When I've heard about the other cases - all of the data together - the allegations, the testimony (even if just "in the press" - because that's a part of the job), the sheer numbers (which doesn't mean one isn't true, but you just can't hide from that many accusations because it's just a lot of fire), and their responses or what they did afterwards - they all just make me believe.

But George Takei?

Even after reading different articles and listening to his interview - there's something in me that just asks questions and says to myself - I don't know. I want to hear more, or I want to see how it plays out.

Because people can lie. They do it all the time. It doesn't mean that they are - and that's what makes this all so complicated - but people can in some instances.

While I'm groomed to believe the majority of accusers and know that people usually don't lie about rape and sexual assault - and I understand at least a little how we do live in a world where accusers don't get believed and swept under the rug - I understand that I'm still more on the defensive versus offensive. I'm asking myself questions or making statements to myself as I process it all like:

1. Just because the guy is big doesn't mean he's a drinker. Two drinks could take him out. He specifically noted that though to allege that Takei put something in his drink.

2. Wouldn't Takei have been farther along? I mean if you're drugging someone to take advantage of them, while I'm no expert or even a beginner (aka I've never done that) - I feel like he would have been farther along and maybe more cloudy when he awoke (but who knows what was in the drink if indeed there was something in there).

3. He just wants an apology? Fuck that. I'd want more than an apology.

But guess what?

I didn't do any of that with Weinstein, Nassar, Spacey, Ratner, or Roy Moore.

I didn't have a dialogue.

I didn't question.

Is it because of race and politics?

I think some of that unequivocally plays a part in it and that's something I have to think about.

On That Jezebel Article With The Headline "George Takei Very Recently Described Groping Men Who Are 'Afraid'" And Others Of That Ilk

I listened to the Stern interview and I do think the title of the article makes it seem like Takei groped scared timid guys in a corner who were "afraid" - and I think it's taken out of context. When you listen to the interview - not the words on a white screen with no tone - I didn't take it that way.

Listen - I'm a shy guy (well...sometimes). When I first met my wife and we had our first hookup date - she kinda made the first moves and helped take things to a new level. I hadn't had sex in a while and honestly - I was a little scared (see afraid). Would I do okay? Or would I just be a fumbling idiot. When it comes to sex and dating, someone has to make the first move - and an encouraging touch by my wife - well - that was okay.

And that's how I took his wording (but judge for yourself and listen to the clip from the Howard Stern show).

I think it's irresponsible to have a site like Jezebel taint that headline in that way at this time...to be fair though - I never would have accused K-Wife of drugging and groping me...

But as the dialogue goes in my head - is it because I'm too defensive for George Takei because of the symbol he's represented in the AAPI community?

Would I be okay with it if it was someone else?

But We Have To Call It Out And We Have To Tell It Like It Is. We Have To Take Everything Seriously. Even For George Takei

At the end of the day though - if I step outside of myself - I also have to realize this:

1. Takei was a known and famous man at that time (and still is).

2. Regardless of whether or not at work - being that famous - like others who have been accused - that power can still be used.

3. Typically people DO NOT make accusations like that. There may be room for interpretation and gray areas in some cases (see dating and sex), but typically in those situations no ones making accusations - it's just a bad date ("I had too much to drink and I kissed X but when they kissed me back I was freaked out and decided I didn't want to do it and left. Awkward but we're cool.").

4. People in power do deny. They don't always tell the truth.

So Where Am I On This?

I'm going to think about my own bias. My own perches of power and perception that lead me to wonder.

If I feel like he is guilty, either from this accusation, or any more if they come (and it's not fair to say if more - but we have to) - or anything else that points to him lying - I mean - what else can I do?

Gotta call him out.

Tell it like it is.

Which I hope I've done here btw - telling it like it is - because I think it's important on all levels.

I Will Say This Final Word On AAPI Community Members We Look Up To Or Have Done Great Things

Regardless of guilt or not, it's important to make sure we have AAPI role models and community members we can look up to - and where we foster that across all industries because I think some of us - myself included - are hesitant/will be/could be - to convict Takei - even though we may have been swift with others - simply because of his stature in the AAPI community - and we can't do that.

We can't have that.

We have to truly realize that there are so many great AAPI's in our community that we can't be afraid to hold one person accountable for actions they may have done regardless of who they are. No matter what degree of separation they have from us.

One person doesn't make us as a community.

Watch Your Ass Sacramento

Wednesday, November 01, 2017


Robberies, carjackings and home invasions with Asian Americans as victims are up 25 percent year-to-date in District 5, home to the Meadowview and Parkway neighborhoods, and 8 percent in District 4 (Fruitridge Manor, the Pocket). They’re down 40 percent in District 6 south of Highway 50 and east of Stockton Boulevard (Elmhurst and Tahoe Park) after a 25 percent rise in violent crime from 2015 to 2016, according to Sacramento police spokesman Eddie Macaulay.

Members of the Asian-American community in south Sacramento periodically have raised alarms over the past year about a sharp surge in armed robberies in the area. In September 2016, community activists delivered a plea for help to the Sacramento City Council that was signed by 2,000 people.

Wait...I Still Blog Here? And I'm Starting Some New Asian American Sites? Just A Gosh Darn Minute...(While I Take A Knee)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's true. Looking at some general stats of posts, apparently, I'm still blogging...and sure I have to get some posts up at some other places...but you know what - this year has been a bear - and I'm bear - so I'll take what I can get - and who knew that I'd out-blog some other folks too (everyone must just be getting old and tired...or young and hungover...or just hungover).

But if the posts have seemed slim - especially over summer - they have been.

But fear not (unless you were hoping I was going to die soon).

I'm still here and apparently typing....

And some awesome new sites around Asian America are in the works - you know - ones that don't actually go stale...because stale bread is horrible (and stale White Bread is even worse).

But those come later...or sooner...

Whichever ones comes first.

I feel like there's a saying from Confucius to help me on that last one...but Le Thanh Tong isn't around anymore...

P.S. That Slant'd Issue #1 Is Awesome As Fuck

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Seriously - when they said magazine, I was expecting - well - a magazine - but it's like this beautiful booklet of Asian American love and style and when I flipped through it I was blown away.



Random Sun Mee Chomet (IVEY Award Winner)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Quick Links: Tamlyn Tomita Gets Series Regular On The Good Doctor

Friday, September 22, 2017


Read more @ http://deadline.com/2017/09/the-good-doctor-tamlyn-tomita-promoted-series-regular-abc-drama-freddie-highmore-1202174900/

Chamroeun Phan of #ReleaseMN8 Finally Released to His Family

Friday, September 22, 2017

Great news for everyone involved.

After more than 387 days in immigration detention, Chamroeun Phan of Maplewood, MN, came home to his family on Monday. In May, Phan's immigration attorney, Mai Neng Moua, successfully argued that Phan's deportation to Cambodia should be cancelled because of the undue hardship it would cause his family. But the Trump administration appealed the immigration judge's ruling and refused to release him from detention. As part of the #ReleaseMN8 campaign, Phan's release Mondaycame as the result of intense community advocacy and legal challenges.

Montha Chum, Phan's sister and a lead organizer with #ReleaseMN8, stated, "We are so thankful and relieved to have Shorty back home with us." Chum continued, "Chamroeun's release, only by the grace of God, shows the power of community organizing and effective advocacy. The #ReleaseMN8 community, along with our national supporters such as Mijente, Southeast Asian Freedom Network, National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and Southeast Asia Resource Action Center, stood by us every step of the way, and refused to let Chamroeun be deported without a fight."

Phan added, "God never gave up on me. My family never gave up on me. I can't even express how grateful I am for the community support, from the Twin Cities to all across the country, thank you so much. God is so good!"

Ivy Lin + Her Films On Tour: Beauty & The Sea + Bitter Harvest + MOCA + Wing Luke Museum

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Definitely hope if you get a chance you can check out Ivy's films when they play in Stockholm, NYC @ MOCA and in Seattle @ the Wing Luke Museum.

Here's a little from Ivy on her films and the tour!


"Beauty & the Sea" (2015, 10 min.) has been selected to screen at Västerås Filmfestival on September 21st (at 11:00am at Orzone theater) & September 23rd(time TBD at Culturen). This is not only the first time ever that my film has been selected to screen at an overseas film festival but also a joyful occasion for my film to be in the great company of films from literally all over the world! Västerås is a city located 62 miles west of Stockholm.


[New York City]

My most recent work "Bitter Harvest" (2017, 15 min.), a series of three short videos featuring two Chinese hop farmers in the Willamette Valley in the early 1900s, will be screened at Museum of Chinese in America in New York City on September 28th, 6:30pm. This is my third screening at MOCA NYC. For more event info:


Many thanks for MOCA's effort in promoting this screening, "Bitter Harvest" screening has been included in Grub Street (the food/drinks arm of New York Magazine!!) as one of the 13 Excellent Things to Eat, Drink, and Do in New York City this September (scroll down to #8):


"Bitter Harvest" at MOCA NYC trailer: https://vimeo.com/231485670


"Bitter Harvest" (2017, 15 min.) has been selected to be part of an upcoming exhibit, "What's in Your Cup?", at Wing Luke Museum in Seattle from October 13th, 2017 to September 16th, 2018.

"Bitter Harvest" at Wing Luke Museum trailer: https://vimeo.com/231498192

You can read "Bitter Harvest" essay & view "Bitter Harvest" videos here:

#televisionstillwhite AKA On Riz Ahmed And Winners: Honestly...I'm Not That Excited By The Emmys...But Good For The Winners Either Way

Monday, September 18, 2017

I get it. A lot of firsts and a lot of good headlines - and if you're in TV (as in it's your business) obviously a huge deal - and again, I'm not saying people shouldn't be writing these articles.

But fuck.

One South Asian guy from the UK?


How do I know?

Because we get jacked up about one guy from one area (lot's of love for my South Asians).

I don't see any Chinese Americans winning this fucking award.

Some Japanese Americans?

You think you'll ever see a Vietnamese American win that award?

Yeah - let's all clap our hands for at least some diversity - but really - it's kind of a little morsel to get lost in the back of your molars waiting for a toothpick.

Justice for Tommy Le

Friday, September 08, 2017

Unfortunately this has been tracking for a while.

Glad to see the family has filed suit (well...glad isn't quite the right word).

From http://reappropriate.co/2017/09/autopsy-tommy-le-shot-twice-in-back-by-police-for-holding-a-pen/

Since the shooting death of Michael Brown in 2014, the nation has been forced to contend with this nation’s long-running epidemic of excessive violence disproportionately committed by law enforcement against people of colour — and in particular Black people. The Guardian reported that in 2016 Black people were more than twice as likely to be killed by police than Whites or Asians; Hispanic and Latinx people, as well as Native people, were also significantly more likely to be killed. Ethnic disaggregation of the data published by The Guardian further show that of Asian Americans who are killed by police, victims are disproportionately South and Southeast Asian Americans, like both Fong Lee (who was Hmong American) and Tommy Le (who was Vietnamese American). Indeed, Middle Eastern and South Asian Americans are 3.5 times more likely — and, Southeast Asian Americans are nearly six times more likely — to be killed by police compared to East Asian Americans.

Go to help donate to the fund: https://www.youcaring.com/tommyle-874946

Oh Hell Yes: Kristina Wong's How To Pick Up Asian Chicks (AKA #HowNotToPickUpAsianChicks) + Asa Akira, Justina Walford, Amy Hill, Erin O’Brien, Lesley Asistio, Helen Hong, Molly Wedgwood, Lianne Lin, Krista Suh, Jenny Yang, Lynn Chen, Miki Yamashita

Thursday, September 07, 2017

And you know what you should be watching...

Get it while you can!

Asian American women read from Dan Cuttle’s self-published book, “Everyman’s Guide to Asian Sex,” a chronicle of his experiences/ delusions of having sex with women throughout Asia.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: In “Kristina Wong’s How to Pick Up Asian Chicks,” Asian American women review self-published books by white men about how to pick up Asian chicks. Check out all six episodes!


Cast: Kristina Wong, Asa Akira, Justina Walford, Amy Hill, Erin O’Brien, Lesley Asistio, Helen Hong, Molly Wedgwood, Lianne Lin, Krista Suh, Jenny Yang, Lynn Chen, Miki Yamashita

Series Creator: Kristina Wong
Director: Jenessa Joffe
Producers: Kristina Wong, Keri Smith, Daresha Kyi, Jenessa Joffe
Cinematographers: Hana Kitasei, Scott Baker
Production Crew: Asher Yap, Penda Diakite, Puppet
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Assistant Editors: Penda Diakite, Charlie Brewer
Colorist: Emilia Mendieta
Post-Production Sound: Izumi Rosas
Re-recording mixers: Izumi Rosas & Chris Morocco
Motion Graphics: Brian Carter
Special Thanks: Jenny Yokobori, Sandra Valde, Caddie Hastings, Daniel Gross, May Yeung

Get all the episodes.

Pittsburgh Get Ready! Silk Screen Asian American Film Festival 2017

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Click on the pic above for a larger image.

Check out all the information down at the Silk Screen site.

Don't Mess With Nydia Han

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Nydia Han, a reporter and anchor at Philadelphia’s 6ABC Action News, took to Facebook on Sunday to describe a moment that made her feel like an outsider in her own city.

Han, a Korean-American with more than two decades of experience in broadcast journalism, was almost hit by a car while crossing a Philadelphia street Friday night on a green light.

“A driver, coming the opposite direction on Locust, flew around the corner to make a left turn — clearly did not see me — screeched to a halt and missed hitting me by about half a foot,” Han says in the video, which currently has over 1.4 million views.

The two exchanged a few words about who had the right of way at the intersection. Then the driver drove off and shouted, “This is America!”

Read it in full here.

Vietnamese Americans Getting Targeted In Fort Worth Neighborhood

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Well this isn't good:

Police are sounding the alarm about a Fort Worth neighborhood being targeted by thieves.

Investigators say two homes have been hit in the past few days, and they’re concerned because they’re seeing a pattern.

Home surveillance video shows a burglary ring in action.

Three men are dressed alike, in what appears to be gardening clothes. They see the homeowner’s surveillance camera and readjust it to avoid being seen, but the camera keeps rolling.

Police say the burglary started with a woman ringing the door bell to a house on Cave Creek Court in North Fort Worth. When no one came to the door, police believe she called or text the men, who arrived in a maroon Chevy pick up.

Hopefully they catch these perps fairly soon.

White Women Are The Scariest Villains: Rosario Dawson, Katherine Heigl, Cheryl Ladd + Unforgettable

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Sure. There's this:

But it’s hard to ignore the fact that the depiction of both Heigl’s character, Tessa, and Rosario Dawson’s Julia seems uncomfortably outdated. “Unforgettable” portrays these women as vicious rivals, both seeking the love and approval of a rich hunk to make them feel validated, complete. But the script from Christina Hodson finds room to explore the origins of their insecurities as well as their feminine strength. And the depiction of perfect, judgmental mommies in a predominately white, wealthy, Pasadena-like town in Southern California isn’t too far off.

And yes it did take me two sittings (thank you Redbox) - but I watched this and damn - between this and Get Out - you know - this is some scary shit they're bringing to life.

Clowns? I mean okay...maybe depending upon what's happening.

Serial Killers?

If you do it right...

But Crazy White Women?

And their moms?

Damn....[shivers down my spine]...

Where's the blanket with the hole in it so I only have to see pieces?

And true - Heigl plays her role - and so good - but she also does so opposite Rosario Dawson, who's equally as amazing.


[still shivering from the White People!]


I need to watch the Furchester Hotel or something...

Get That Money Young Ones - Take It From A 20 Year-Old Who's Doing It

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

What was I doing when I was twenty?

Surely not this...

Submit Now For CAAMFEST 2018!

Friday, August 11, 2017

That time has come again and here we are - submit if you dare....


Submit your work today for the opportunity to have your work presented at the nation’s largest showcase for new Asian and Asian American films, music and food programs and interactive workshops. For 35 years, CAAMFest has been a major launching point for emerging and veteran talent like Ang Lee, Jennifer Phang, Mira Nair, Lena Khan, John Cho, Justin Lin and more. You could be next!

Early Deadline: 24 Oct 2017 $30
Normal Deadline: 14 Nov 2017 $35
Late Deadline: 28 Nov 2017 $40
Extended (WAB): 5 Dec 2017 $45

You can submit online at Withoutabox, FilmFreeway, or by using CAAM's Online Form (email festival@caamedia.org for more details). Learn more and apply here.

Current Sustaining CAAM members receive one free submission. Join or renew your membership online today to bring your stories to light! Memberships start at $50 and include discounts on CAAMFest tickets and invitations to members-only events.

Christina Qiu + The Harvard Crimson + Asian Americans Are Not Tools

Monday, August 07, 2017

Been out under a rock lately...seems fitting to get back into the swing of things with some words on affirmative action from those on the forefront.

The “new focus” of the affirmative action debate on Asian Americans is not new. College admissions is a notoriously emotional subject for Asian Americans. In a country that rarely affords immigrant parents the capability of granting their children cultural capital, economic privilege, or historical pride due to consistent emasculation, erasure, and exoticization, many parents attempt to position their children into American society through education—a tangible accomplishment. Still, the Asian Tax is as quantifiable as the wage gap; holistic approaches are opaque [...]

Asian American achievement is not associated with perceived white “discrimination.” Instead, multiple white failures to adapt to Asian American achievement have resulted in changes to admissions policies or city demographics. White students believe they are discriminated against because of Asian American achievement. Asian Americans have to achieve more because white students believe they are not receiving a fair share for their effort—effort that according even to white parents is not enough to stay competitive among Asian American peers.

Check it out here: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2017/8/4/qiu-asian-americans/

Random Ratings For Karrueche Tran's Claws

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

From the Wikip of the edia:

Please Asian Males: Ejaculate More (AKA Rub It And Scrub It). Because Maybe You'll Ward Off Cancer (?)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Dear Asian Men,

I know sometimes we get stigma - from all sides on many things - and that would include having some self love.

Like if we admit to masturbatory goodness in our life, it adds to the stigma that we can't get a date, a steady relationship, a wife, a husband, a partner - that basically we are the nerdy sexual half-wits that some people believe us to be.

Don't fall for it.

Love yourself.

While the article down at ATTN does say some more science needs to be done, and they don't specifically go into the differences on race and ethnicity - the experiments are telling:

Researchers surveyed 32,000 men from 1992 to 2010 and found that participants who reported ejaculating at least 21 times per month during their 20s were 19 percent less likely to develop prostate cancer than those who ejaculated seven times per month or less [...]

Frequent ejaculation during your 40s also appears to reduce your prostate cancer risk by 22 percent, the study found.

If the numbers seem daunting - and you can ejaculate any way you want - just remember that self love can be some of the best love, and if you need to "pump up" the numbers (sorry couldn't resist) - it's for a good cause.

I mean they told me you can help prevent cancer by pricking yourself with a couple of needles for 5 minutes 20 times a month - I just might do it.



A lot less painful than pricking yourself with needles.

And remember - if anyone ever tries to make you feel bad - you're doing it for science.

And your health.

Please try and use some tissues or tp, because a dirty sock is just nasty.

Early Morning 헤이즈 (Heize) - 널 너무 모르고: (Don't know you) MV

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Alfa: Spark And Fury + Longer Posts?

Thursday, June 15, 2017


So much for longer posts...oh wait I said I would still post these types of posts no matter what.

But I'm lazy so maybe nothing changes after all.


P.S.: Prateek Kuhad. Dope As Fuck Out Of New Delhi.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Sorry to say it took me so long.


The Labels Suffice. Longer Posts.

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

I was thinking that I really didn't need to make any list (or I'm just lazy). The labels should suffice for any of the 200/24 posts (aka wth was I thinking): http://www.slanteyefortheroundeye.com/search/label/%23250posts24hrsAAPI

In a completely random note, while I'll still post videos and things like that, I'll probably be doing more long posts for a while and staying away from current event types of posts. I guess it depends on timing, subject matter, etc...but for a while I just want to write random longer posts.



Retro Late Night J Soul Brothers

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Yeah I know...full index of posts is coming..

Monday, May 29, 2017

Probably sometime this week.



No...it's coming.

Celebrate The Asian American Vets Who Fought For This Country

Monday, May 29, 2017

While we should be celebrating all of the veterans who've fought for our country, sometimes our community of Asian Americans gets left out or forgotten - simply because not everyone wants to realize the sacrifices (or the wars..."conflicts").

Remember everyone.

Remember us.

Hyolyn Blue Moon x Taeyon Make Me Love You x Coldplay x Tupac MASHUP (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOA3lYX8wyM)

Monday, May 29, 2017

P.S.: I'm Going To Do An Index Of All 200 Posts (As I Also Seem To Have Maxed Out Something On The Blogger Sidebar)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

But definitely not today...

Wait - what day is it again?

Oh yeah...

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 200: That's A Wrap. I'll Have To Wait Until Next Time...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

While I didn't quite make 250 posts in 24 hours, and not all of my posts are chewy and meaty - but my posts here aren't always chewy and meaty anyway - I feel pretty decent about getting to where I was even if my eyes were a little bit bigger than my stomach.

But for now - that's good enough.

Peace and love.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 199: I'm Capping This Off At 200

Sunday, May 21, 2017

One last post in this quest after this one - and yes again - I'm counting this...

Get your own quest.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 198: Asian Americans With Some College More Likely To Intermarry?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I saw this article down at AsAmNews about this Pew Research study and it just makes me wonder:

Intermarriage among Asians is more common among those with some college, 39%, than those with more education, 29%, and less education, 26%. An Asian-White couple is the second most common interracial marriage,15% after Hispanic-White, 42%.

Glad to see at least that there's a dramatic shift of non-black parents who would oppose a relative marrying someone who is black.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 197: Margaret M. Chin + Conversations + Chinese American Youth

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Kudos to CUNYTV for continuing to put out these videos.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 196: SAALT + South Asian American Killings

Sunday, May 21, 2017


South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), a national South Asian civil rights organization, mourns the loss of life in separate killings of South Asian Americans last week in California and Michigan, and demands that law enforcement investigate whether racial or religious animus motivated any of these incidents.

On May 4, Dr. Ramesh Kumar was found shot dead in his car on a highway near Detroit, Michigan. Hours later in a separate incident in Modesto, California, Jagjeet Singh, a convenience store clerk, was stabbed to death by a customer outside his shop. Racial motivations have been alleged in both cases.

Read it in full.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 195: And In Other Related Deadline News

Sunday, May 21, 2017

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 194: P.S. One Week Left For The Jadin Wong Dance Award Deadline

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I don't know too much about this award - so I'll just post up the info:
The Jadin Wong Award is a tribute to the life and work of renowned Chinese American actress, dancer, and comedienne Jadin Wong. Since her teenage years, Ms. Wong had been a pioneer and innovator of Asian American performing arts.

This year's award is intended to recognize an emerging Asian American choreographer whose work shows strong potential for greater achievement, who hopes to make a significant impact on the New York City artistic community. The award aims to recognize exemplary work that will continue to inspire young artists and the Asian American community for years to come. The winner will receive a cash award of $4,500 to provide educational assistance, training, and support with limited financial means to help them pursue their career as a choreographer.

A little help goes a long way.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 193: Ryka Aoki + Writing

Sunday, May 21, 2017


#250posts24hrsAAPI - 192: This Quest Makes Me Want To Do Some Long Ass Posts Now

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And by now, I mean definitely not today - and that's not saying I haven't set out to do some of what I wanted, but I also do like to just sit and ponder sometimes - which I didn't get to do as much simply because of time - and there are other topics that I really do want to go more in-depth on - but little ripples for now.

And yes - simply because I'm starring at that picture from the last post - I almost typed "nipples".

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 191: A Hot Asian Man Tweet From Hot Asian Men HQ

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Don't tell me you don't want this.

I know you do.

I know you want to get the oil out and get your hands dirty.

Work it.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 190: Will The Tech World Be Run By A Hapa?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Just thinking about Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg I do wonder - because I feel like The Zuck will get past Gates at some point (maybe?) - what the tech world - and possibly more will see in the next 20 years simply because of that - and that's not to say that there aren't other Asian Americans out there who are and will make a dent in that space - but just food for thought.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 189: Because I Just Haven't Made A Bai Ling Post In Quite Some Time

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Yeah I know...

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 188: 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jun Ji Hyun + Drama Mania

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I started watching Legend of The Blue Sea but haven't gotten back to it.

I'll have to give it another shot.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 187: Random Steve Chen Quote

Sunday, May 21, 2017

"In the last 15 years there has been this introspection with Chicago [about] what is magical about Silicon Valley that enables these entrepreneurs and engineers to create companies, and why are they not created here within Chicago," Chen said. "Projects like 1871 are a good demonstration that it is possible to do it within Chicago as well. It doesn't have to be in the Bay Area."

Read the article in full here.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 186: I Guess I Can Ask The Question Of If Blogging Is More Than Writing...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And I know the answer - or at least my answer - or at least my answer from this quest.

And I think it may play into a larger question.

I don't know what that question is right now...but when I ask it - you'll be the first to know.

And by you, I mean me.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 185: Awkwafina + Fuse + The Faces Of Future Asian & Pacific History

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Here's a link as well out to the fuse.tv article.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 184: Nigahiga + The Life Of A YouTuber + Writing A Book

Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's like the stages of the hero.

Except it's the stages of an Asian American youtuber.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 183: P.S. I Know Keni Styles Is Retired But...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I just wanted to make a post in this collection (even though I've posted on him before) because well - you know - he is Keni Styles.

Maybe there's a comeback?

Keni Styles 2.0?

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 182: Now It's Just A Numbers Game

Sunday, May 21, 2017

While I know why I did this quest, I didn't think I'd learn as much about myself as I was doing this, but as I near the end of the 24 hour period and as I know I won't reach 250 unless I just start doing one word posts off the top of my head - I'm still okay with that.

Because sometimes you just have to set the bar and go for it and just let it fly doing whatever it is that means something to you.

It may not resonate with everyone - but in that way, we just have to do what we do because that's what makes us who we are as individuals and as a community.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 181: Presidenttrumpisahump.com (AKA Well You Know What Hump Means)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I really don't know what I'll do with this - but at some point - at least after I eat the shit out of the Asian buffet tonight - I'll do something with it.

Top definition

To grind one's genitalia in a press-and-release pattern against a particular object or surface; usually associated with an inanimate object.

My dog keeps humping my leg.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 180: Judy Chu + Pic + CPAC

Sunday, May 21, 2017

That's all.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 179: Kamala Harris On Obama Care

Sunday, May 21, 2017

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 178: Because You Wanted More From Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi

Sunday, May 21, 2017

May 20, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi, lead Democrat on the Subcommittee on Healthcare, Benefits and Administrative Rules, released the following statement in response to the Trump administration's threats to imperil health care affordability for 7 million Americans through eliminating crucial subsidies:

“President Trump is using the ability of millions of Americans to afford health insurance as a bargaining chip. As part of his attempt to force the Republican health care bill through Congress, the President is threatening to eliminate key subsidies allowing 7 million Americans to afford their health insurance. Slashing these subsidies would lead to a 19 percent surge in premiums and force taxpayers to spend billions more to cover the cost.

The Administration knows eliminating these subsidies would be a health care disaster for our country. If the President goes through with this plan, he’ll be responsible for millions of Americans losing their health insurance.

Our health care system faces serious challenges and making insurance more expensive for millions of Americans will only make those challenges more daunting. Instead, we need to pursue real strategies for reducing costs and improving health care such as reducing the cost of prescription drugs, establishing a public option, and allowing older Americans to buy into Medicare early.”


#250posts24hrsAAPI - 177: A Tweet From Senator Mazie Hirono

Sunday, May 21, 2017

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 176: Random Patsy Mink Bio (Because Why Not?)

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Mink, Patsy (1927-2002), U.S. congresswoman, was born Patsy Matsu Takemoto in Paia, Maui, Hawaii, the daughter of Suematsu Takemoto, a civil engineer, and Mitama Tateyama Takemoto. Both parents were the children of Japanese immigrants who had moved to Hawaii at the turn of the century to work on sugar cane plantations in Maui. An exceptionally bright and engaging child, Patsy did well in school and was popular with her peers, despite frequent encounters with racial prejudice: whites of European ancestry constituted an elite ruling class in Hawaii, at that time a U.S. territory. Moreover, prejudice against Hawaiians of Japanese descent intensified after the 7 December 1941 Japanese bombing of the U.S. naval base at Pearl Harbor, a Hawaiian port city. Nevertheless, encouraged by her family, Patsy used her intelligence and interpersonal skills to advantage: she was elected the first female president of the student body at Maui High School, and she became the valedictorian of her graduating class in 1944.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 175: 2017 Utada featuring KOHH

Sunday, May 21, 2017

When will I see her everywhere?

And by here I mean in the U.S.

Has the time just passed?

Will we ever be ready?

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 174: Because You Wanted More Sneaker Talk From Richie Le (AKA Hypetalk)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 173: Fung Bros + Asian Food Trends 2017 Edition

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Now I'm hungry.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 172: I'm A Fan Of Strictly Dumpling. So Should You

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'd give this a shot.


#250posts24hrsAAPI - 171: Because You Wanted More Kyle Le Dot Net

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sue me.

I like videos of the Motherland.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 170: Retro Tim Be Told

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And by retro I mean from six months ago.

Seriously I could have sworn I posted this up before - but search tells me different.

So here you go.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 169: I'm Just Posting This Video On If Asian Americans Should Hook Up More (Judge It For Yourself)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

From a couple of months ago via Jimmy Zhang.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 168: Will An Asian American Ever Host The Oscars? And Who Would That Be?

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Do you think there will ever be a day when that happens?

I think it will be sometime - and while I think there could be some candidates - poll yourself while you're deep in thought, and better yet ask that question to some non Asian Americans.


What did you say?

Margaret Cho?

Okay - I'll go with that.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 167: P.S. Bruno Mars Will Be On The BBMAs

Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's like a re-tweet?

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 166: 2.5 Hours. Can I Get To At Least 200?

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Maybe not.

And yes - I am counting this as a post because at the end of the day - it's about the archives not necessarily about the quest.

Sometimes we can fail, but still succeed because it really is about the journey and not about the end result.

Or at least that's what I'm telling myself now?

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 165: Will I Die If I My Kids Bring Home White Partners?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

In all reality I'll say no to this question - but at the same time I can't help but ask the question of if they would, was it because they just fell in love, or because they didn't think that brown was beautiful?

While I know that answer as well because as an Asian American parent I try and instill that self love of the community into the next generation - I still can't help but ask myself that question simply because of the racism that we have to endure at times and the thought patterns that go along with it.

I hope I won't be like that.

I think I won't be like that.

I won't be like that.


#250posts24hrsAAPI - 164: Random Bio: Hieu Minh Nguyen

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Hieu Minh Nguyen is the author of This Way to the Sugar (Write Bloody Press, 2014) which was a finalist for both a Minnesota Book Awards and a Lambda Literary Awards. A queer Vietnamese American poet, Hieu is a Kundiman fellow and a poetry editor for Muzzle Magazine. His work has also appeared in the Southern Indiana Review, Guernica, Ninth Letter, Devil's Lake, Bat City Review, the Paris-American, and elsewhere. Hieu is a nationally touring poet, performer, and teaching artist. He lives in Minneapolis where he flails his arms and forgets to take his clothes out of the dryer.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 163: Are Asian American Magazines All But Dead Now?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

You just have to wonder about the viability of print anymore and I wonder if I'll see a day again when the magazine or some other print-form will truly be like it was back in the day. And I guess by using that phrase "back in the day" I kind of have already answered that question. I live in a digital world, but I can't help but still have AAPI magazines around my house because I just like to pick them up, or have them around - because they're already on and I don't have to touch a screen to show someone.

Old school huh?

I don't think it's gonna happen anytime soon - but if it does - I'll pick up a copy.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 162: Maybe Some Of These Are Like Tweets...

Sunday, May 21, 2017

But I was short form blogging for a while (because I'm still lazy sometimes and I just don't have that much to say).

Why you gotta put me in a box?

Get your own quest dammit.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 161: P.S. On That Last Post With That Last Tweet

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I wonder though if it would have had more impact (at least for me) if it wasn't Jonah Hill in the GIF.

Just a random thought.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 160: I'll Just Post This Tweet

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Definitely - but I'll still hold on to Slanty because - well - you know - I'm Slanty.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 159: Vanessa Hudgens Getting Ready To Host The BBMAs

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Work it girl.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 158: Chew-Een Lee - The First Asian American Marine Officer

Sunday, May 21, 2017

In case you didn't know the name.

Or the story.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 157: Can You Call Yourself An Asian American Artist If You Don't Make Any Money?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I think some people might not say yes to this question - or they may say yes, but in all reality don't actually believe it.

Myself I think you can. I think you can toil in obscurity and just do it for the love of the craft.

You don't need money to output love in that way and you don't need money to validate the craft.

Because sometimes the lanes just aren't open for that - and while they should be - sometimes you just can't do anything about it.

So you either do what you do and believe in what you do if you're an artist, or you just try and live up to other people's standards and forever get lost.

Don't get lost.

Keep pushing.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 156: On Smoking Rooms In Asian Airports

Sunday, May 21, 2017

While I'm quitting soon (at least that's my plan, but we'll see how truly weak I may be) I have to admit that I really look forward to the smoking rooms in airports if I'm out traveling in Asia.

On my latest trip, as I hadn't been out for a while, I forgot how great they were - if you're a smoker.

At the same time, as with many things in Asia - there's dichotomy.

I didn't have an original pic handy - but this is close to what they are still like now in SE Asia.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 155: Sometimes You Just Have To Be Tiger Dad (Well You Know)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Maybe I should qualify this...I'm not saying I'm a tiger dad - because technically that could be all over the board - but I'm also not saying I'm a pushover.

I mean if you want to help transfer knowledge and make the youth of today ready for the challenges of tomorrow, C+'s just don't cut it.

Being lax doesn't do anything.

Giving out free money like it's water just won't fly because at some point they'll still be thirsty.

Just remember who runs the ship - and true - you don't want a mutiny - but you have to make sure the deck is clean.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 154: White People. I Know Your Networks So Don't Hate

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sometimes I just like to go off on White People - and I've said this before but I'll say it again:

Why do some White People like to take offense to everything not having to do with them?

I mean I've known White Folks who should be more liberal in regard to race and ethnicity, but when Asian Americans they may know speak up from a POC POV, they just can't handle it.

It's like they feel the wounds of their White brothers and sisters even though the target was never even aimed at them and I feel like you have to get over that Whiteness in order to progress.

I'm sure I've lost folks in that way - and while I could lament some thing and say "Oh that's too bad because they did have some nice qualities" at the end of the day, if you're not down for the other POV - if it's just too close to home because you can't separate yourself - it's really not my problem.

Stay White as you want to be.

Just stay away from me.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 153: When Viets Collide

Sunday, May 21, 2017

If there's one thing that binds a lot of Viets I know - it's simply that we say what we want.

When push comes to shove, many of us have a history of war in our past, and that trauma, that history - it can create a state of hypervigilance where world's collide.

Typically it's nothing more than a quick bump or passing in the night, but sometimes, it can result in just not getting out the voices that are needed.

My hope, my thing - at least that's what I try - is to just work past it.

Move on and create.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 152: You May Be KADalicious But It's Still Not All About You

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm just gonna say this because I've said it before, but sometimes I feel like simply because of numbers, some KADs, just aren't inclusive of other communities within the TRA community.

I get it and all - but there are just too many other voices to hear about from the TRA community to get that myopic and sometimes I just have to shake my head and just go back to doing what I do.

Because other TRAs aren't an overlap of KADs (as I've heard this said in that way).

The same.

But not.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 151: Having That Many Viets On Panel Won't Fly?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I remember having a conversation about a panel featuring all Viet Adoptees and the sentiment - at least how I understood it at the time - was that maybe it just wouldn't fly.

That it should be more diverse.

Because you can't have a whole row of Viets together?

Because something is going to happen?

Call me small-minded but it kind of left a bad taste in my mouth.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 150: But Do You Really Support APIAs?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Some people might say they do - but they really only care about their specific communities, and while you can say sure that's what everyone does - in some ways I think if you really support our communities (because it is so vast and deep) you have to go outside of your comfort zone.

See a play if all you like is movies.

See a movie if all you like is theatre.

When I think about truly supporting our communities - in some ways it's as much as you can - not necessarily always what you may be interested in, or even agree with.

And definitely - someone can't do everything for a plethora of reasons - but I think it's a fair question to ask (and I throw myself into that conversation as well at times).

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 149: Archives: ISA Origins Circa 2009

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Glad channelAPA have these videos from back in the day - great to re-listen to some of this.


#250posts24hrsAAPI - 148: Retro Meiko - Leave The Lights On

Sunday, May 21, 2017


#250posts24hrsAAPI - 147: Did You Know #8273

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The first Special Forces Soldier killed in Iraq was a Vietnamese-American

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 146: DDK Stalker Photos

Sunday, May 21, 2017

So these may not be stalker photos, but they're close enough?

I mean if I were DDK - I don't know if I'd be so calm.

Sure, he's probably a nice guy who lets people take pics of him - but - I'd be weary...it's just a hop, skip, and a jump between a photo and wet kiss you didn't ask for.


How does he still look so good?

Oh yeah...that's right...he's not me.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 145: Asian Americans, Christianity And Political Issues

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm a heathen (see recovering Catholic) so I can't claim certain things - but I do find the discourse surrounding Asian American identity and religion a good read.

For Asian American Christians, understanding ethnic identity is necessary to be able to more deeply understand and act on faith, politics, and justice, according to members of a panel who discussed these issues at Fuller Theological Seminary on Thursday. “Historians say context is everything,” said Dr. David K. Yoo, vice provost of the Institute of American Cultures at UCLA, who was one of three panelists. “How can we say we know ourselves without knowing our context?” Yoo posed. “To say that these things don’t matter is kind of deluding yourself.” The panel session, which was hosted alongside other events by Fuller’s Asian American Center in commemoration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, touched upon various topics such as how ethnic identity affects an understanding of theology or faith; social issues that are relevant to the Asian American community; and the need for the Asian American community to speak up and act.

Read it in full.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 144: A Little More Lou. A Little More Hoang. NÃO CÁ VÀNG

Sunday, May 21, 2017

So smooth.

Viet soul.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 143: Did You Hear The Latest Rich Chigga?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Now you have.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 142: P.S. I'm Not Talking About My Balls Anymore

Sunday, May 21, 2017

You know...I'm not a single guy anymore - I have a wife now.

Sometimes I have to take one for the team.

And if there's one thing K-Wife doesn't want me to talk about - it's my balls.

So just as an FYI - while I have smooth silky Asian American balls, there are no more posts about my balls.

I'm not ball-less mind you, but you know...technically they're not post-able.


I'm fondling myself now to give myself some extra energy (metaphorically mind you).

And we're done now.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 141: New Cup Of Coffee 4.5 Hours Left. Let's See How Far I Can Get

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Well I think the title says it all, and while I probably won't have a ton of long ass posts, and I probably won't make the 250 - fuck - I'm still going to work it.

Cause I'm Asian.

And that's what we do.

Toil until the end.

Well - you know.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 140: Apparently I'm Going Down In Flames

Sunday, May 21, 2017

So be it.

Let's see how far the flames can fan me.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 139: Random History: Cambodian American Politics Circa 2009

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Here's a link to an older article via the Lowellsun.com.

Meas says he wants to inspire the immigrant community. His vision: In five years, two Cambodians on the City Council, in 10 years, a Cambodian mayor.

"Cambodians, Vietnamese, Laotians, we all have a stake in this. The political process is not only open to Caucasian Americans."

Cambodian refugees who arrived in the 1980s and 1990s wanted survival in their new homeland, not necessarily a role in politics.

Cambodians in Lowell follow their homeland politics, particularly Cambodia's longtime prime minister, Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge officer before changing sides, and opposition leader Sam Rainsy, who frequently visits Lowell to raise money.

But "to them it is not a priority to say 'I dictate the policy of this city," says Vong Ros of his community's political involvement in Lowell.

Many Cambodians are still not fluent in English. Perhaps most of all, the genocide ingrained deep mistrust of government.

Dahvy Tran recalls walking out of a Market Basket store in Lowell several years ago, where John Kerry was campaigning.

"It was the first time I realized we elected people like we do here," says Tran, 22, who works with the Asian Task Force.

Her mother's escape from Cambodia colored family perceptions of politics.

"In Cambodia, if you spoke out against the government they would kill you," she says. "Out of fear, you just kind of go with whatever happens. And people who came here were afraid that what happened with the Khmer Rouge would happen again. The Khmer Rouge kept endless lists of people, and the older generation gets nervous, and doesn't want information known."

Older refugees fear the government turning on them here, too, she says.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 138: Zion.T - ‘노래(THE SONG)’ M/V

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I really do Zion.


But he's just got a good vibe and I think to myself - why can't this translate here in the U.S.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 137: George Takei On Letting Trump Back In The Country, And Rompers. Because We Should Stand Up Against Rompers

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm okay with this.

And that.

Because you will never see me in a Romper.

I feel like Asian American men have enough problems at times without complicating it with a romper.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 136: Move Up Asian Kids In The Picture With Justin Trudeau

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Seriously - I can barely see your faces.

Are those short shorts btw?

I couldn't do those.

I like a little room.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 135: Have I Seen This Target Commercial Before? All Asian?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Is this a show that I missed?

How do I catch the first season?

It's a commercial?


I don't think I've seen this before.

Why don't I remember this?

Did they not play it in my region?

Seriously - I feel like this could be a TV show.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 134: SIFF 2017 Trailer: She's the Boss (Bạn Gái Tôi Là Sếp)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

From Ham Tran (Journey From the Fall, The Anniversary).

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 133: Because You Wanted A Link Top PBN Circa 2010

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thank me later?

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 132: Dear Non Asian POC (AKA Intersectionality Without Erasure)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Dear Non Asian POC,

Just out of curiosity,

for those that don't like us - or seem to have issues with us at times...why might that be?

I mean - we're not White People.

Sure - sometimes the Motherlands want a milkier white skin, but - you know - it's not like wanting to be White White.

And that doesn't mean we here subscribe to that.

We're just the same as you.

Well - not really.

Because we shouldn't compare like that.

And we can't.

But we all do share at least some inequities.

So shouldn't we all be sitting at the table eating the Good Meal together?

And by that I mean Racist White People?


A little tongue in cheek here.

But you get the point. I'm just saying, the more we work together, the better off we'll all be - and yes, I do feel like just like for White People, the bad ones gotta go.


This time I'm really out.

Adam I've Been Up For Way To Damn Long But This Post Really Does Speak To Intersectionality Without Erasure

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 131: Holy Fuck. I Have Like 9 Hours Of Blogging Left

Sunday, May 21, 2017


That's like a full work day. I don't even know...what the hell?

Why did I sign up for this again?

Why was 250 the magic number?

Oh hell.

Okay. I'm done now.

With the post.

The quest it does keep moving.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 130: Asian American Immigration Map

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Because it's just good to have this on file.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 129: Would Dwayne Johnson Beat Trump In An Election? He'd Consider It? Running? What?

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Just let this sink in.

We'll see.

We'll see???

I need to to ponder this one.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 128: Random Viet Nguyen Late Night TV Clips

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Just some good clips featured on late night TV from earlier this year.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 127: Oprah's Pics That Flip The Script

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Loving these pictures especially the one above.

For a moment I wondered if any of the women below in the pic (the White women) were actually really not into the shoot.

Like once they got down there they were like "Did I sign up for this?".

And above them - they just look like they're having the time of their lives.

Just curious...

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 126: Bambu + NPR Music Interview

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Definitely can't sleep on Bambu.

If you do - well - that's on you.


Jonah Deocampo grew up in Los Angeles in the 1990s, one of the estimated 3 million members of the Filipino diaspora in the United States. At 15, he got involved with Filipino street gangs, which eventually led to an arrest for armed robbery. At that point — on what he describes as the "advice" of a judge — he joined the Marines. Today, he's Bambu DePistola: a community activist and rapper with a committed following in underground hip-hop circles. Bambu's message is uncompromising — for some, uncomfortably so — and he's begun to attract more widespread attention through opening shows for Common and collaborating with Killer Mike of Run The Jewels. Bambu spoke with NPR's Michel Martin about his youth in LA, why hip-hop appealed to him as the child of immigrants and how he's responded to critics who say his music is too negative. Hear their full conversation at the audio link, and read on for an edited transcript.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 125: From Hollyannaeree And Being Herself

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jump around to 6:32 to hear more.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 124: NYT + A Radical Redo For Madama Butterfly?

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I don't know...I was reading some of the quotes, and I just don't know...

Better minds probably have something more erudite to say on this - but for me - I just don't know.

Would I go see this?

Probably already guessed my answer...

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 123: CBS, Asian Americans, And Suffering In Silence

Sunday, May 21, 2017


According to Dr. Kevin Nadal, president of the Asian American Psychological Association and professor at John Jay College in New York, many Asian-American families hold a "notion of shame and stigma" around mental illness and that "bringing shame to one's family can be especially detrimental to a person's mental health."

Sara, a 30-year-old Chinese-American who asked that CBS News not use her last name, is one example.

Sara spent much of her adolescence coping with depression and striving to meet her own high academic expectations.

Bullied in school and at home by her older sister, she says her upbringing did not allow her to talk to anyone about her emotional issues, silencing her into isolation and letting her problems fester.

Check out the video @ the CBS website.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 122: Tim Atlas + NPR Tiny Desk Submission

Sunday, May 21, 2017

I can see an older Tim Atlas really taking off.

Just a little bit.

A few years and it's all stars.

Video from earlier this year.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 121: I'm Still Waiting For Shanghai I Love You

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Apparently all of this checking over the years has finally paid off because at least I see some sort of update from IMDB.

Comments: Completion in 2019

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 120: Random Michelle Wie Tweet (AKA Mom Hugs)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

That's sweet.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 119: CÓ EM CHỜ - OFFICIAL MV FULL | MIN FT MR A

Sunday, May 21, 2017

And here's Teaser #3 for KHẮC HƯNG x ERIK x MIN - #GHEN

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 118: Reminder. Watch Sung Kang In Starz Power

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sure, I'll have to get Starz (or maybe see if I can find it online), but I do want to catch this because I'd like to see more Sung Kang.

Everyone wants more Sung Kang.

Don't they?


I know this picture isn't from Power (because it's from Gang Related) - but I still like it and this is my blog, so you know...

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 117: LPGA Tour's Christina Kim And Overcoming Depression

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Definitely read this because I think it's inspiring to hear from an Asian American woman who by all accounts - is living the life.

Kim recounted this in her blog in July 2012. At the time, she couldn’t explain why her mood was so dark, her life so unhappy. She knew what she had — a supportive family, good friends, a well-established professional golf career, legions of fans who delighted in her effervescent personality and chatty presence on and off the course.

In 2011, 2012 and parts of 2013, she said, it was a facade.

She was masking deep mental pain and emotional anguish.

After the incident in Spain, Kim said she felt she had hit “rock bottom and it was OK to ask for medical intervention.”

Medication was prescribed. Slowly, it worked.
Mental health and self care is important - however you phrase it. And as we know - sometimes it can be shamed in our communities.

Hopefully more people talk about it so more people can take action against it without feeling shamed or like they've done something wrong.

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 116: An Open Letter To Michelle Kwan

Sunday, May 21, 2017


I just wanted to say I hope you get the house and everything else that belongs to you because are you kidding me?

From a tweet?

A MF tweet?!!!

You know what I'd do with those ice-skates right?

Yeah - I know you were at least thinking about it...

But don't worry - you'll get yourself something meatier.

And remember. Don't let him take a damn thing!

#250posts24hrsAAPI - 115: Korean Dudes Spit A Lot. No Really

Sunday, May 21, 2017

If there's one thing I noticed when I was in South Korean (well not the only thing of course but enough of it) was that dudes in SK spit a lot.


I thought I spit a lot. No. Korean dudes in Seoul spit a lot.

I even saw one guy in the airport, on one of the moving walks, actually do the throat clear, and log a loogey to the left side on the carpet.


If you did that at the airport in Vietnam - there's a 50/50 chance you're going somewhere.

Because there's a difference.