Wait...I Still Blog Here? And I'm Starting Some New Asian American Sites? Just A Gosh Darn Minute...(While I Take A Knee)

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

It's true. Looking at some general stats of posts, apparently, I'm still blogging...and sure I have to get some posts up at some other places...but you know what - this year has been a bear - and I'm bear - so I'll take what I can get - and who knew that I'd out-blog some other folks too (everyone must just be getting old and tired...or young and hungover...or just hungover).

But if the posts have seemed slim - especially over summer - they have been.

But fear not (unless you were hoping I was going to die soon).

I'm still here and apparently typing....

And some awesome new sites around Asian America are in the works - you know - ones that don't actually go stale...because stale bread is horrible (and stale White Bread is even worse).

But those come later...or sooner...

Whichever ones comes first.

I feel like there's a saying from Confucius to help me on that last one...but Le Thanh Tong isn't around anymore...