The Post I Couldn't Believe I Agreed With (At Least In Part) From The Worst Asian American On The Face Of The Earth

Monday, December 21, 2009

"The indelible whiteness of MSNBC" By Michelle Malkin

I'm just going to say this one like it can only be said - it's kinda fucked up - I know it's kinda fucked up. In fact I had to fuck myself up a little just to even think about posting this one for the Year In Review.

But if there's anything I can say about myself, it's that I'm going to tell you like I see it and the way I saw it - and fuck me one more time before I say it - people - I actually agreed with a Michelle Malkin post - at least a few parts of it.

I don't read her blog, I just caught it from a Google alert, but goddamn, and fuck me one more time (just because) - it's true.

I love the lefties down at MSNBC, but shit - they're all fucking White People. And I'm not saying White People can't be down - because you know you can, and you know some of you are - but if you're going to rep for People Of Color - why not also - just an idea here - get some real People Of Color to rep for - you know - People Of Color. I'm not saying we never see journalists who aren't White on MSNBC - but the masthead does kind of say "When push comes to shove - we actually don't want anyone as figureheads for our cable network who aren't White People."

Giving Myself A Pass (And You Should Too)

So this is my thought. I think in part the reason I actually put this post up is because deep down there's a burning question inside of me and that question is this:

Maybe there's some hope for her yet?