The Year In Music Videos By Asian American Artists

Monday, January 11, 2010

Part of the reason I love doing what I do here is that I get exposed to so much great music, so many talented artists who put themselves out there for the world to see - not just as Asian Americans - but as musicians, singers, songwriters, activists - people who have a story to tell, a point to get across, a portrait of what they've felt and what they've been through.

In that way, probably even more so than film this year, the combination of music and images kept on taking me to another place -- and I loved going there. I loved seeing Asian American faces intertwined with each unique style - these palettes of colors and beats from hip hop to slow jams, mainstream to indie, pop to acoustic, all with their own place and their own setting - and hopefully - giving us a view of what's coming next.

This definitely isn't an all inclusive list, just what I liked and what I vibed too, or what came around my way. Feel free to add on or just enjoy the ride.

Sleep By Deep Foundation f/ Jay Legaspi

Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) By Taiyo Na

Keep Pushin By Kero One

Black Wedding By Meg And Dia

Addicted by Kawehi

Feel By Marie Digby

Closer - Ne-Yo (KNY Remix) By Vudoo Soul, Taiyo Na, Magnetic North, Alfa, G*LEE, Marie Choi, and SiC

Leave Me To Dream By Heather Park

Careless by Mud

Wicked Smile By Cast of Thousands

Fetish By Far East Movement

Come Back To Me By Utada

Not One For Words By After School Special

Won't Even Start By David Choi

Bitter Heart By Zee Avi

Got What It Takes By The Upstarts

Pushed Aside, Pulled Apart By Lyrics Born

HI-808 By Blue Scholars

Rapper-O's By Dumbfoundead

Date An Asian By Jen Kwok

Words That Define By Big Phony

Mike Relm vs Zoetrope By Mike Relm

Here's To You By Good Asian Drivers

Lipstick By Nylon Pink