On Map Kong, Christian Hall, And Do We Really Need Our Hands Up To Stay Alive?

Friday, March 19, 2021

I wrote this article for AsAmnews where I've been doing some more writing. Here's an Excerpt from the article. 

March 17th was 5 years to the day of map kong being killed.

Around 6:15 AM on March 17, 2016 in Burnsville, MN, the police were called on a report of a suspicious man sitting in a car in the parking lot yelling and jumping up and down in his seat waving a knife. As police officers tried to calm him down from outside, trying to get a better look at what was inside the car, they decided to break the window and tase him.

The man in the car, Map Kong, a Cambodian American, tried to flee with his back turned to police running away.

23 bullets were fired in the span of 3 seconds from three officers—with 15 of those bullets hitting Map Kong, killing him instantly.


#FightItWithData #NoGasLighting

Friday, March 19, 2021

Those are all the listings of Strip Clubs that come up in Atlanta in Google. Platinum Gentleman's Club is literally a couple minutes away along with the others pulled up in the search. Young's Asian Massage Parlor was 30 MINUTES AWAY. The shooter traveled far and wide to kill Asian women.

Honestly - Why Now? Why The Uptick In Asian American Hate Because Of COVID-19

Tuesday, March 02, 2021

It truly doesn't make sense to me. We are on the verge - the world is on the verge - of having some sense of normalcy again - sure it'll be a bit - but my god - why now?

Is the hate that deep for us that even though we should be trying to look at COVID-19 in our rearview mirror (well you know what I mean) they still hate us?

Guess so.