And Miley Cyrus Goes Chink Eye

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Been hearing a lot about this, reading about this, and getting some info passed my way from a few friends on Miley Cyrus doing the ching chong (click the picture above for a larger image) and obviously I have a few thoughts.

1. If you don't get why this if offensive then you've never had someone make this gesture to you while saying racist things, showing their xenophobia, or just being an ass (which actually goes along with the first two). You can't separate the gesture and the action from everything else that comes with it - even if you want too.

2. If you're not Asian American and you've never even heard of that happening to anyone who's Asian American - just see #1 - and then after that, educate yourself a little more on matters of race and racism because it's not solely our job to do that for you.

3. If you are Asian American and never had that happen to you that's great, because it means we're moving in a better direction, but if you think it's just harmless and you're having some fun, let me just point you to comment #43 down at TMZ which reads:

43. Oh, lighten up people!!!
Geez--I'm SICK of this PC World we live in now.
It's no big freak'n deal. Kids are being kids.
..and there's a chink in the photo anyway.
Posted at 8:30PM on Feb 2nd 2009 by moxy
So if you didn't get it, is it making some more sense now?

4. I just wonder when Disney is going to drop the Miley Train and focus more on Brenda Song, because isn't she just that much better?