Neighborhood Watch: Are Those Maids Devious?

Sunday, April 20, 2014

So I was doing some work and had the TV on in the background and as the Heat game looked to be done mid 4th quarter, and for some reason turning to golf seeing that this too was over, and being HGTV'd, CNN'd, and MSNBC'd out, for some odd reason (again) saw Lifetime and Devious Maids and said "hmmmm...I was against this when it came out, but maybe it's not that bad?"

It's just background White Noise anyway...right?

Here's the deal. I'm not a Latino man or Latina women, so I can't speak to certain things. But I am a man of color, and in that way, representations of other POC matters in different ways, especially when you consider the oppression of us as a people on a whole.

I don't know.

I still have issues with seeing Latina women seeming to serve all the White People, versus the original telenova which was vastly different because it was an all Latino cast.

And then you can talk about the sexual aspect of it...what is that again? Something like "no language needed as long as the booty shakes"?

Again, I'm not a Latina woman, nor can I tell you what this might do for getting Latina women in the door of Hollywood to change the game from the inside (because sometimes you have to take the job on the bottom first to get ahead) but something still doesn't smell right to me on this one.

And then I wonder what this doesn't do for the Asian American community. Will Hollywood execs use this as an example for a Nail Salon show featuring Asian American women who not only serve wealthy White women but are also the desire of their husbands who come and pick them up?


Thirty minutes later and it's back to the airplane that will never be found...