And On Vietnamese Coffee Shops And The Women That Work There

Monday, June 01, 2009

If you haven't heard by now about all the coverage that some Vietnamese American coffee shops have been getting as of late I just think that you might have to be living under a rock - which is okay, because I myself sleep under that same rock - but this whole round of media coverage has led me to ask one simple thing:

Why is the question of if "There's anything being served not on the menu *wink wink*" always coming up in the coverage and comments of these coffee houses by these television and newspaper reporters?

I mean Hooters - not to offend anyone who works at this fine establishment - imho is just a tad more on the, well, Hooters side of the fence here, but yet I don't really recall any questions ever coming up about if the Hooters' girls serve more than hot wings.

But coverage on Vietnamese coffee houses which have a somewhat similar concept albeit with better taste?

Well then obviously it has to come up.

Because they're Asian.

Because it has to be a front for a prostitution ring.

Because Asian women just can't wear a bikini or something else that's not buttoned up to the neck without wanting to have sex with every person that comes through the door.

I mean seriously.