THE TRUTH: CBS should let racist comments on Barack Obama stand

Monday, May 07, 2007

There’s been a story circulating around that CBS has turned off comments on articles about Barack Obama because of racist posts - like someone calling Barack a “porch monkey”. CBS has reported that they won’t tolerate it, and that comments like those don’t serve the discussion in any way.

I disagree.

Censoring plays into the hands of those who are making the comments. They hide the true feelings that many people still have in the United States and don’t allow for any dialogue on the topic. In a country where we allow groups like the KKK to stand on state capitols and let them shout their diatribes of hatred and xenophobia - what will censoring comments about Barack do that we don’t already know about this next race for the presidency?

We already know that Barack has to have a Secret Service detail - because he’s black.

We already know he may not win because he’s black.

Like it or not, Obama’s race plays a big part in the election and the dialogue surrounding it. We have to face it and deal with it head on, versus trying to cover it up like it’s not there.