Web Series To Watch: 2 Girls | 1 Asian + Season 1 Trailer

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I got an email from the creators (Kelly Colburn + Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin) of a new Web Series called 2 Girls | 1 Asian and wanted to make sure and post up the Season 1 Trailer as well as some info on the show.

We love female-driven comedy, but don't often see ourselves reflected in the entertainment we're offered. As an answer to that, 2 Girls | 1 Asian follows Caela and Kelliye, two half-Asian actresses living together in Brooklyn. Our first season follows the girls through breakups, career trials, apartment troubles, and even fissions within their friendship, but ultimately it's the story of two girls who value each other more than they value the mistakes the other makes. Our perspective on race in America gives us a unique filter through which to view the "single girl in the big city" narrative, so our episodes actively work to subvert Asian American stereotypes we're tired of seeing. Plus, there’s a musical episode! We’re looking forward to sharing our independent production online June 5, 2014.
I watched the Season 1 Trailer and can't wait for this to premiere next month.

Funny, DIY'ing it, and a musical episode?

What's not to love?

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