Writing In The Moments + Life And Being Asian American

Thursday, December 01, 2016

As I was posting on my morning on FB this morning, it reminded me of a post I was going to do and the general thought that I do like to write and catalog things in the moment. I keep a lot of things for me, or just between family and close friends, just because they're normal day life, or things you don't need to share with other people, or are thinking about etc. - but I think there's a value in sometimes talking in that moment.

After you reflect on things, sometimes that visceral feeling, which is basic to so much gets lost and you can't always go back to it to truly do something with it. Sometimes there's rationalization versus reflection - at least for me - and I think there's value in sometimes showing those vulnerabilities - because life isn't always a win and sometimes that's what fuels it all. To do better. And sometimes it's those common losses, or hard days, or not out of the ordinary - but unexpected times - saying them - letting them know they exist - I think there is a power to that.

It's not always pretty. May not go as expected. But nothing is perfect. Sometimes you still have to weed. Sometimes it's just a different POV and you can't fix what you can't acknowledge and in a way you can't celebrate either because you haven't acknowledged what you're celebrating for.