Pretty Please? Just Bring Han Back For The Rest Of The Fast And The Furious

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Again (as I've posted on this before) just hear me out.

The Fate of the Furious - while a good movie and member of the franchise - and second in worldwide box office receipts only to Beauty And The Beast this year -- it was the first film without Paul Walker (Rest In Peace). It could still only be what it could be - as good as it was.

I'll probably watch it again this month.

But imagine Han coming back - in my favorite scenario just like "Yeah, you know...I had to lay low for a while..." - are you kidding me (and I still like Roman being the only one who didn't know)?

It helps fill a space not necessarily in place of, but more as a piece of something greater.

And it'd be epic. I mean can you just imagine how much people would love this?

They would LOVE THIS.

Hell - I'll even take Han in the above scenario in one clip at the end of 9 after the credits roll.