...It Seems George Takei Isn't A Serial Molester After All (Whew!)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

If timelines play into anything - because of what we've already seen - they would suggest that with no more accusations, George Takei is not a serial molester - and I for one am at least breathing a little easier. I'm not gonna say everything is perfect - because there's still that first one - but given the one only - most likely it'll be chalked up to a number of different things (misunderstandings, different recollections, maybe just non-belief overall).

At 80 and with everything that Takei has already done, I don't think this will affect the way he's looked at as much as it could for someone like Al Franken. I don't know if he's going to be offered a plethora of space anymore, and there will always be a mention, or at least a footnote, concerning the allegations - but if you asked me if he could "survive" it - which is an ironic way to think about the terminology - because victims survive - I'd say yes.


I just don't think enough people put out what they normally might have on this topic for anyone else, just because he was George Takei. I have to wonder the reasons for it - and I can take guesses - but in the long run - no matter what the reason I just don't think it's as beneficial to stay quiet. I think you have to talk about in a public forum no matter how big or small. If the Asian American community can't talk about something like this in fear of rocking the boat and giving up what's become good - it just plays into the system that already said our words weren't good enough to send a White Man to jail.

Call me crazy.