White Women: You Have Some Work To Do!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

I'm just going to use excerpts from an article down at Yahoo Finance.

But Siyonbola’s experience highlights the fact that white women play a role in encounters between the police and black Americans, too. Again and again, the news cycle highlights stories of white women who felt threatened by the mere presence of a black person in a public space, and called the cops [...]

Jessie Daniels, a professor at The City University Of New York, notes in the Huffington Post that these incidents follow a well-established blueprint in the US. When the Starbucks employee called the police, Daniels writes, “she was deploying a technology that was designed to protect white women from men like Nelson and Robinson ― one that relies on the constant surveillance, threatened incarceration and oppression of black men.” [...]

White women’s recent choices in the voting booth have also demonstrated how they prop up racial injustice. Exit polls showed that 52% of white women backed Donald Trump [...] Republican Roy Moore, who was accused of child molestation, white women voted overwhelmingly for Moore.

Like I said...

You have some work to do...