Are Asian American Men Still Getting The Shaft Post Crazy Rich Asians?

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

I don't want to start the all too familiar war of Asian American men versus Asian American women - but - I do have to wonder if post CRA - Asian American men - at least visually and from an artistic standpoint - aren't getting their due.

Think about all the movies coming out with some hype featuring Asian American men.

And those NOT NAMED KEANU (because let's face it - as much as we love us some KR - he's an outlier).

Tell me.

And I'm talking mainstream.

Like HOW THE FUCK does Randall Park and John Cho not get more play?

Is there actually going to be an Asian Teen Heartthrob in To All The Boys Part Gazillion?

And can you name me an Asian American MALE actor getting as much play as The Wu and the AWKWA?

And - no - don't read into that last statement that they don't deserve it.

But can you do it?

I highly fucking doubt it.