Protests, George Floyd, Using Our Voices

Saturday, May 30, 2020

I'm out here for George Floyd. And then Eric Garner. And then for Fong Lee. For Map Kong--who died at the hands of police running away and if White would still be alive. The systematic oppression of a system that works against communities of color. To document. To show truth. Send that truth in clipped videos to government officials because you can at least try--George Floyd being brutally MURDERED IN BROAD DAYLIGHT was a tipping point. Another Black Life taken. Honestly, I'm fine with burning down the Police precinct. I'm fine with some chaos. Some fire in the streets. Residential neighborhoods, small businesses, POC owned businesses though--that's bullshit. Opportunists are bullshit. But if the death of George Floyd taught us anything--in order to be heard sometimes there needs to be a different way--because we've been protesting for years. We've been shutting shit down for years. Working to make change on all different fronts. But this still happens. Why were there more cops protecting Derek Chauvin's house then protecting businesses along University Ave--POC owned businesses--from opportunists? We haven't come that far. In the last two days--like many other protesters--I've had weapons pointed at me. Pepper sprayed. Tear gassed. I've seen that look in someone's eyes when they want a piece of you. And for what? Protesting? Because they don't care. So let's see what happens next. Let's see what happens as the WHOLE NATION comes out for George Floyd and for their own city's injustices that have come at the hands of a system against them.


Use your voice. Stand up. Do it any way that you can, no matter what it is.

You don't have to be out in the streets protesting if that's not your thing.

Run for office. Help change laws.

Do work in the community online or offline for racial equity.

Use your voice in your personal life to help work against bias with those you can.

Because we have to take a stand.