XO, Kitty - Holy Hell I LOVED This Way More Than I Thought I Would (For Someone Not In Their Age Demographic AKA I'm Totally On For Season 2 AKA Totally Sucks You In AKA And The Adoptee Story Is Pretty Solid...Well As Much As Can Be)

Friday, July 14, 2023

Btw--because the post title was so long I didn't put it in there, but there's probably some spoilers here. So be warned. 
At first I thought this was going to be another movie and I wanted to check it out, but then I saw it was a series and while I wanted to see it, I didn't know if I wanted to sit through a high-school drama with 8-10 episodes. I'm just not that target group from a marketing demographic, so I get it. 
But just like "Wednesday"--there's a lot to like for all ages, and like other K-Dramas, regardless of content, it sucks you in, and I have to say--I absolutely loved it. I mean they turned everything upside down in a lot of ways--some expected though for sure--and obviously not all realistic--but it's a K-Drama wrapped in an American Teen Drama that plays to both worlds. 
And I think that's what I liked the most--it hit all those notes from so many sides. And the adoption portion of it--while many can lament the fact that this doesn't normally happen in real life percentage wise--neither does Kitty going to a school called KISS. But Peter Thurnwald--who is also an actual Korean Adoptee/KAD/Adopted Korean--I mean he brought all the nuances and real-to-life thoughts/feelings to the part. 
The storyline, filming, editing--what was there not to love? From Anna Cathcart and Gia Kim, to the awesome Yunjim Kim, Choi Min Young, Anthony Keyvan, and Sang Heon Lee, they made this completely worth watching. 
But the ending--loved that, because absolutely--why should Kitty have to get with Dae or any other guy? 
Can't wait for Season 2.