Holy Fuck Georgia. Leonard Cure Killed By Police In Traffic Stop. Exonerated in 2020. Served 16 Years In Wrongful Conviction. WTF.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023


Picture from the Innocence Project of FL @FLA_Innocence

News still needs to come out about this shooting--and that means real news, versus what the GBI, or GSTs want the public to hear--and we need those body cameras.

We definitely need to see the body cameras.

Maybe they figured after the ruling on Manuel Paez Terán--Tortuguita--they were untouchable?

How does speeding turn into killing someone? 

Leonard Cure, after receiving around $800K just this year as part of the settlement, and being out 3.5 years...he went crazy and started attacking the officer?

Sure, maybe there were some triggers--but I'd put my money on Leonard just going to jail and then looking to get out...like he did before.

I just don't see it. 

Show us the body camera.