CAAM + Watch Reel Midwest: Homegrown on PBS Beginning January 15

Tuesday, January 09, 2024


Watch Reel Midwest: Homegrown on PBS Beginning January 15
“Although Asian American communities are thought of as being more recent and located on the east or west coasts, the Midwest is a region with a long and rich history of Asian Americans."
-- Stephen Gong, Executive Director, CAAM

What comes to mind when you think of the American heartland? Well, think again, as the new PBS series Reel Midwest: Homegrown expands the public consciousness by shining light on BIPOC experiences in this region. CAAM partnered with Firelight Media to produce this limited series featuring eight short documentaries including Native American stories about seed and language preservation; African American and immigrant stories about finding community, and the story of Zee, a nursing student from China pursuing their dreams in a small town. Read about Hao Zhou’s inspiration for telling Zee’s story, on the CAAM blog and watch the series trailer on YouTube. Then get ready to watch the series on PBS, the PBS website and app beginning January 15.