Fucked Up: Korean American Adoptee Charged With Manslaughter (For Sticking Up For His Sister)

Monday, July 25, 2011

This is just messed the fuck up because we don't even know what really happened and I'm not saying Kevin Kennelly wasn't trying to step on in - but if all his friends were harassing Korean American Adoptee James Kieffer Malecek's little Korean sister (for wearing a red, white, and blue bandanna - because you know - you can't wear it if you're not White) - there's some doubt there that he was actually jumping on in to break it up versus help his friend.

But involuntary manslaughter?

For a racially motivated fight brought on by the White Kids against Asian American Kids?


So let me get this shit straight. If you're a Person Of Color and you're defending yourself (and again we don't know what else was said or if those White Kids touched his sister in any way) you're not supposed to fight back?

You should just sit there and take it otherwise you might get a beat down by the local justice system?

Give me a MF break.

And I Love This Quote

From the NY Times article:

Brian Godfrey, the head golf pro at the Long Beach Country Club where Mr. Malecek worked for a couple of summers, described him as a “golf rat.” “He could sit there and talk about golf forever,” Mr. Godfrey said [...]

But Mr. Godfrey, who has adopted two children from Guatemala said he had never seen any racism directed at his children or the Malecek youth in Long Beach. “Maybe other places, but here, never,” he said.

Godfrey probably should have spent his money on a shiny new car to tout around versus his cute Kids Of Color because he apparently has no MF clue whatsoever.