You're A First: Damn You, Love You, And Congratulations Erik Spoelstra

Friday, June 22, 2012

As much as I can't stand it in some ways, you gotta give credit where credit is due and getting to the Finals, winning it all - I can respect it no matter who it is.

And I have to admit - I did crack a smile.

I mean how I could not be happy for Erik Spoelstra - first Asian American, Filipino American coach in American pro sports who's reached the pinnacle of the NBA?



And I'm glad I was watching it live when it happened.

Here's what ESPN said from an article today on what an NBA championship would mean for Spoelstra:

Spoelstra, meanwhile, has a chance to join one of the most exclusive groups around: active coaches who have won an NBA championship. Gregg Popovich, Doc Rivers, Rick Carlisle. That's it. That's the list.

Winning championships doesn't necessarily help a player improve. However, it can help a coach be more effective. When a coach diagrams a play his players might pay a little more attention, if they see the light reflecting off his gaudy championship ring. When he discusses his concepts they're a little more likely to take if he can prove that they've worked in the past.

So now it's true:

Erik Spoelstra has joined one of the most exclusive clubs in history - both on and off the court.